Ya Don’t Know What Ya Don’t Know-UPDATE!

Ok.  My Donald provided a official birth certificate to be published online.

I need to have you all realize one simple thing – although this is not the form he would be given were he to go to the Vital Stats office today and order a fresh certified copy, THIS IS A COPY FROM 1946 – IT IS OLD AND AUTHENTIC.  HAS OBAMA RELEASED ANYTHING AT ALL THAT IS PERIOD AND AUTHENTIC?  Answer: NO


CUE: The Doubters

Do you realize that Mr. Trump was born in 1946?  And that in 1946 the hospital issued a copy signed by the doctor that was suitable for framing?

You all have GOT to quit thinking in today’s terms.

Look, until just around that point in the United States history, birth certificates were not standardized.  Have you ever seen an older marriage certificate?  They were pretty.  So, does the Donald’s BC look like the modern day certified copies?  Nope.  But the one he rolled out is what was issued to the parents back when Trump was born.

I was born in 1962, at home, delivered by a MD, and my original BC had little more info on it than Trump’s does.  It did have my weight though.  And it wasn’t as pretty – the certificate I mean.

OH YE OF LITTLE FAITH !!!  H/T Kittycat77




~ by ladysforest on March 28, 2011.

35 Responses to “Ya Don’t Know What Ya Don’t Know-UPDATE!”

  1. Where is the Jamaica Hospital located at?
    Frequently there are two “records” of birth. The official county/city/state record/BC for passport applications, and a ceremonial hospital memento, sometimes with footprints.
    The record shown here seems to be the latter and perhaps more like a snub: you weren’t born in a hospital like you claimed, were you? Trump should show the former also.
    BC’s were not issued until relatively recently. My grandparents born around the turn of the twentieth century had to have BC’s made (like Ike) to be able to collect SS and go on Medicare.

    • Yep. From the research I did – quickie – BC’s were not the norm until around WW2. Prior to that it was kind of up to the individual state/district or county, what have you, to mandate how to RECORD the births/marriages/deaths.

      There was nothing standardized even about that in the US until about 1905 ish, when RECORDING the births became more common. But it was still rare for any sort of a certificate to be issued. Geeze, I used to speak with people that didn’t have to show one to get a drivers license, they just had to go to the post office and pay fifty cents, and they got a drivers license. That was about eight years ago, and I know that I talked to several dozen people over the course of four years that shared that same story. Everyone thinks of things in modern terms, little realizing how much has changed – and in how many ways.

      I believe Jamaica Hospital is in NYC, I think that’s where Trump said he was born. If he were to apply for the more complete form, he may get the same info, but typed onto a modern form, with a impressed seal. They simply did not harvest the same info back them that they did years later.

  2. let’s put it this way, it has a hospital and attending physician (i think, hard to read). that’s enough to trace it to whatever other documentation exists.

  3. I was born in ’53, and I remember that I had two like kj is talking about. One was fancier and had my footprint on it. It had some information and the doctor’s signature. Then I had another one, more detailed, and that’s one that looks like many do today.

    • I was a home birth. My birth was attended by a Dr., so he filed the cert. info. My original cert. is somewhere between the really detailed ones the Nordyke twins have and Trumps. But no little foot prints. Mine has my weight and length in addition to the info that Donald has on his. Mine also had a foil seal. Didn’t have the pretty scrollwork, but the 60’s were more austere.

  4. Check this out, Donald has released the hospital one and the long-form BC:


    • Thank You! It’s up at the bottom of the post. I wonder what the obots will say about this one. Heh!

  5. ladysforest,

    You’re so very welcome, friend!

  6. http://www.khon2.com/mostpopular/story/Donald-Trump-calls-for-Abercrombie-investigation/xt0Z-0Hbq02xuocV3nnHPA.cspx

    It looks like the poker game will go out west….

    And the new player at the table is… Abercrombie…

    “You know what I get a kick out of the governor of Hawaii says, ‘Oh I remember when he was born 50 years ago.’ I doubt it. I think this guy should be investigated. I doubt he remembers when Obama was born give me a break.”

    I would love to see the script that is laid out. But it might ruin the story. Get some popcorn and pull up a chair as they say…

  7. “I discovered this article, folded away among my birth certificate and old vaccination forms, when I was in high school,”…

    Just a thought and a question. I was born in ’55 and remember being vaccinated as a child. I do not however remember getting any forms. But if you were coming here from outside the country wouldn’t you need something to show you were vaccinated?

  8. Well, and school records do have proof of being vaccinated.

    • That’s right. And the kindergarten records for this one individual are mysteriously “missing” aren’t they.

  9. Good morning, ladysforest,

    Before I get to work, just wanted to leave this link here: http://shouldtrumprun.com/contact-us/

    It would be good for people to write into Donald and give this link. I’m sure he’s gotten a lot of stuff to study lately regarding BO, but your blog would also be good so he can see the anomalies regarding those birth announcements.

  10. This is good, and he definitely tries to keep from those guys interrupting him while he’s talking, meaning Donald:


    • I love how Teflon he is. They are going right at him with the same garbage and nonsense we have all dealt with. It’s not like any of those plastic idiots have done a bit of actual research. Yet they sit there and smugly ridicule other people that have. There you have it. Idiots convinced that their fantasy’s are more real than truth and facts.

      And they are “better” than every one else. Good Lord.

      Thank you for the link! I think Donald needs to read “Extra, Extra” – it’ll help him respond to the newspaper issue. 🙂

  11. They are always holding up the newspaper announcements like that is the legit thing that makes BO born in Hawaii. That is so stupid. And it seems that the announcements are tampered with too.

    He does hold up very well with those libs. It’s amazing.

    • I’ve been doing a lot of online research into microfilming. I’ll be putting together a page on it soon. 🙂

  12. I’ll look forward to that. It will be interesting, I’m sure.

    • Well, not so much as interesting, more along the lines of a resource. I hope to weed through techie stuff and get some specific answers to my own oddball type questions, and put it all together for those who wonder about microfilms and how they are copied.

      I am hoping that having dyslexia will actually work in my favor once again. I have to ask questions in a way that is a bit difference than the “plain people” (LOL), and that often has provided me with tons of answers that I never even thought I had questions for.

  13. the more i listen to trump the more i like him. he has a way of saying things such that the media can’t shut him down. he knows how to be heard. go to the Obama release your records site and listen to some of the videos. he is driving the left crazy.

    • I have been following it.

      They can’t get a handle on him – and it is freaking them out.

      • lol..roflmao…now we know how it’s done.

        And then I listen to those wet noodles from the republican party….you just want to ask yourself if you can stand another day of this dribble.

        I mean let’s get this show on the road and move on…time to call it like it is and let the chips fall where thay may…

        funny, i have some of my out of town friends calling me now…they used to not give a damn but when they hear trump going at it they listen…..lol.

        • Send ’em some links tdr. 🙂

          Listen, I am so irritated by these floppy republicans and “conservative” commentators. What a crock. “Oh, don’t raise that question, we might be thought of as radical”, “oh, be polite – we don’t want people to think we are like those dems”. Horseshit I say! Step up, speak your piece like ya mean it, and if someone pushes you, punch the SOB. Fricken HARD!

    • I know, isn’t he something? It’s unbelievable from what we have heard from anyone, and he says that he “embraces this,” when asked. I just love it. He’s not afraid of them, he doesn’t cow down to them in any way. And yet at the same time, he’s diplomatic about it. Simply amazing! I just hope that he stays on this. He’s a plus to have around for sure…

  14. http://lamecherry.blogspot.com/2011/03/their-fathers-legacy.html

    Confirmation, I said under whatever name I used 3 months ago, Lame Cherry sounded a bit like G. Gordon Liddy, I do think this latest article proves it is someone who was a big fan of Nixon and maybe even had some sorts of connection with Nixon.

    You don’t need to publish this as it is off topic but I had to say.

    • Yes, I read that today. Lame Cherry is strong for Nixon. I was a youngin’ when he was President.

  15. I found this very intriguing…if you listen to the interview the two hybrids ask trump how the announcements got in the paper…and trump tels them the newpaper announcements could have been planted there…now where did he get that idea?


    Trump says he has witnessed more serious manipulation of documents than the newspapers articles ……p.s. i hope i copied the right segment…i have been all over that sight today but i think it’s in this clip

    • Yep. I think it’s interesting how Trump keeps mentioning fraud. “Listen, I’ve seen so much fraud!” I do wish he would just be dismissive of the announcements instead of saying that they were “three days after”, or “nobody puts those things in the paper”. He would be doing me a personal favor if he would just – for the time being – point out that those are ridiculous to hold up as evidence of birth. I am guessing that with all of the “fraud” statements, he actually has some facts that the rest of us don’t. Ya don’t ride this pony without knowing how to fall off.

  16. Somebody named Jonah posted this over at CW’s:

    “Jonah | April 1, 2011 at 10:19 am |


    In regard to the birth announcements…….

    As an amateur genealogist, I have spent hours, even days, viewing newspaper archives. I will tell you that the possibility of someone replacing a microfilm with another “doctored” microfilm is relatively simple.

    I can’t speak for the National archives but in the libraries and genealogy societies where I’ve visited, researchers remove the microfilm box from the drawer, run it through the viewing machine and return it to a table where it is later returned to its original location by staff members.

    A person could easily remove the microfilm, hide it in their pocket, replace a blank fake in the box, and come back the next day with an altered microfilm. What needs to be examined are the microfilms, previous and following the August 4, 1961 microfilm. There should be similar wear and tear on all three microfilms and the scratch marks on the Obama one should be actual scratches and not copied images of scratches.”

    • Yep, I was just reading over there – saw incoming links stats.

      I’ll say that I don’t know if the fine scratches that you see on the screen would be visible to the eye. Except for the film that I took the picture of, the one on Extra, Extra with the visible scratch down the middle, I didn’t notice that the film itself was all scratched up. That film (Star Bulletin) that has obama’s birth announcement that I viewed at the Lib. of Congress, had shown the damage (deep scratch) on the viewer screen – right up until you got to the page before obama’s announcement – then it was gone. It was very noticeable. On the page obama is on in the film – it was a super clear page.
      The last time I looked at that same film it had a second scratch alongside of the one I had seen when I first viewed the films.

      You can still buy rolls of the “old” undeveloped films by the way-hehehe. They are very easy to get. I have found quite a few sources.

  17. […] Don’t Know What Ya Don’t Know-UPDATE! •March 28, 2011 • 34 Comments Ok.  My Donald provided a official birth certificate to be published online.I need to have you […]

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