The Unsinkable Donald-OPEN THREAD

I am delighted with The Donald.  I am over the moon for him!  What poise, what grace under fire, what focus.  What savoir-faire.

Now, if we could just do something about that hair……….nevermind, it’s really not that important.

If you haven’t seen this WONDERFUL video, do take the time.  I was clapping so hard my fingers still hurt.  Comments encouraged!

update: WHOOPS! The embedded link isn’t working……wonder if I can find it elsewhere.  I’ll try. (Nah-wordpress is acting up again.  The embeddeds won’t play right now – so just click the line links)

The below link will work for you:


An OMEN !  Watch this vid:


~ by ladysforest on March 23, 2011.

46 Responses to “The Unsinkable Donald-OPEN THREAD”

  1. McCain had to show his birth certificate and gladly did so to the
    Congress when he ran for President because there was a question
    about his birth. Why has Obama worked so hard to hide something if he has nothing to hide?
    I would rather have Herman Cain run, because then the black
    community would have to make a choice between two candidates
    with black skin. They would be exposed to the wisdom of Herman
    Cain and possibly we could win. With Trump there will probably
    be a shut-out vote for Obama just because of his skin color.
    I also like Allen West. We need another black, intelligent,
    forceful speaking, uplifting person to run. Someone who can
    force the black community to wake up and see that the Democrat
    party has not been good for them. The book Unfounded Loyalty
    by Wayne Perryman (was a life-long Democrat before he started
    his research) addresses this issue of voting against their own
    interests but continually block voting with the Dems.
    Herman Cain would give Obama a run for his money. Don’t mind
    having Trump in the primaries as I think he is very intelligent
    also and it’s wonderful having him ask “The Question.”

    • Do you think The Donald has a method to his madness (birtherism LOL)? If he puts in a little time fine tuning himself (politically), he could make a serious go of it.

      I like Herman C. well enough, but I’ve seen Alan West speak, and he’s terrific. I like Christy also.

  2. That was a good video with Trump, and I came on here to bring up McCain, the issue about him having to show his BC. Those libs have forgotten all about McCain. They raised a stink about McCain, and it sidetracked the issue with BO.

    • Those racist didn’t forget it. They just do that to direct the conversation the way that suits them. Donald handed ti to them!! Hahaahha.

      I agree that it did help to sidetrack the nbC issue for obama, but that cats out of the bag now – and with Trump rolling this out there in such a way, the issue will grow rapidly now.

  3. I like Christie a lot, and so does my hubby. He’d make a good president. I also like Herman C. & Allen West. Shoot, put them all in there.

    • See, LOL, I always misspell Christie. I don’t like the way Herman C. does the preacher cadence when he speaks-it reminds me of obama :).

      Boy, run Christie and West and that would be the thing. I wouldn’t care which one ran for President, I’d just love to have the combo. Actually – Christie was for the ground zero mosque………so I think I’d rather see West run for President. Christie can be vice, as long as he repents about the ground zero thing.

  4. All of those women talking at the same time and Whoopi saying that a white guy doesn’t have to show his BC?
    Too funny!
    Is that all they’ve got?
    McCain is white and he had to show his BC.
    Obama has more records hidden than only the BC, any record that could support his digital image (aka COLB).

    Even the most ignorant public can see that something is wrong when the simple question for a long form birth certificate can cause such a response LOL!

    • I wonder if that is how the term “haggle” was born – hags in a gaggle talking all at once.

      I loved the applause Donald got, it was surprising to me considering how liberal that audience must be.

    • Yeah, and I’d be more happy with BO showing much of his papers. No telling what else that person is hiding because just his BC. Besides, he would already have had a false BC printed up just waiting to whip it out. We need to see his papers, his school papers, college papers and passport.

      • The thing most need to keep in mind is that a contemporary copy of any long form birth certificate will be on nice new fresh paper, with nice new fresh ink. It’s the info that must match.
        The cert number and that fathers race as “African” look to be big ass problems.
        He could very easily require an independent auditor be present when the “original” record is pulled to be copied, and the same auditor could inspect the original Birth Index Data book. That would likely present problems…….otherwise why would the 1960-1964 Birth Index book available to the public have no date range in the header? So, then we would all point right to the nbC issue – which is the true problem for obama and indeed every filthy socialist progressive democrat in this country. They desperately desire that requirement to be amended.

  5. I was reading about this yesterday, and it is making the libs go through the roof! They are going nuts I tell you.

    Stuff about how they have lost respect for him, and how they will never vote for him now. Hahaha. Like they would have voted for him if he didn’t say it?

    He is just about the only person out there that can discuss this topic with impunity. It’s about time someone of consequence stood tall and said what everyone has been thinking .. the Emperor has no clothes!

    Already the floodgates have opened and even Sean Hannity, that wimp, is backtracking on his long time stance that it’s a radical fringe kooks topic. So now all of the scaredy cats are going to finally grow a pair and discuss this. Can’t wait to see what O’Rielly spins this into.

    • LOL-that should be pretty interesting indeed!

    • And what about Beck, he won’t talk about it either. I would love to see many of these guys be eating their words.

      • Beck, Kenyan Keebler Tree Beck. Now he CAN’T talk about it even if he wants to because he made himself into a rabid anti-birther.

        If you hear that he brings it up, let me know please. I rarely watch him anymore.

  6. i was listening to micheal savage and he was saying that his friends in congress say bho is much worse than anyone can imagine. word is bho has made it public that he doesnt care if he is a one term president as long as he accomplishes his goal of fundamentally changing america. i never expected him to run again and i bet he wont.

  7. Donald was on Fox & Friends early this morning. He’s not letting the issue die either. Don’t you just love it? I didn’t catch all of it this morning, but here is Donald talking on Fox.

    • I positivity LOATH that Geraldo ass. “You seemed to join the most radical fringe element of the right wing activists.”

      What a total phony mess of a human that loser is. Well, who can forget that whole vault thing – and it was as empty as Geraldo’s integrity. And we should also mention that whole nightmare when he gave away the location our troops were at when he was “reporting”. That guy is all about race politics anyway.

      Thanks for sending me the link anyway 🙂 . I’ll look around for the am show.

  8. How can we write to Trump? What if we give him this link, meaning yours, ladyforest, and all the wonderful tidbits that you have on these newspaper announcements and other things?

    Also, maybe this one too:

    He said that he’s already been hearing on tons of people about BO.

    • I think the poor man has probably had a deluge of well intended correspondence. I guess it’s best to wait a bit and see how things play out.

      • the post and email put together a really great letter and sent it to trump. Go read it, it has the whole ball of wax. It should give Trump enough to go one if he wants to pursue all the other issues. We can all send in our info separately. I think the research here on the newspaper announcements is definitely something he should be aware of.

        • Yep, I read it.

          Maybe one of Donald’s people has read my stuff. You know, I heard that he spoke with Jack Cashill recently. And Jack left a comment for me after I posted that research, and he said that he was doing a book and would like to speak with me about the material in the post. I replied, “OK”, but never heard back from him. Seeing how his book is focused, I figure he decided to stay away from “birth record issues”.

          But, LOL, maybe he mentioned it to Trump.

  9. Oh, I don’t give a hoot about Geraldo. He’s just his usual obnoxious self.

  10. ladysforest,

    That link from Fox that I gave you, I don’t think it’s what I heard this morning that I only heard a little of. I wasn’t out of bed yet, and my husband was watching it. I’m still looking. Anyway, what I heard this morning when I heard a little bit of it, Geraldo wasn’t on it.

    Also, I’m thinking that people at the P&E are right about not concentrating on the BC. Donald needs to understand that BO already said his father was British and never was a US citizen. I don’t think Donald understands that. He probably needs places to read like Donofrio’s, etc.

    Regardless, he’s still stirring up things, which is good.

    • Kittycat, it has gone past focusing on just the nbC issue alone. obama’s past and his birth records need to be part of the focus. The reason that I say this is because the nbC issue has been brought in court already and no one will touch it, and since the meaning in the Constitution is not spelled out in the Constitution itself, some one – some Judge – will have to make a ruling on that. As of right now there is a ton of compelling research/records that suggest exactly what it means – but we don’t have the “official” definition from that period. Since we don’t have that (yet) a Judge would have to make that decision, and that will not happen while he is in office or running in the next campaign.

      Since there are irregularities in his COLB – “African”, and flat out lies in his “Dreams” about his whole fricken life, there most probably is something in the birth records that would prove more than a bit embarrassing.

      There is no way to effectively shift the entire focus to the nbC issue I am afraid. I do believe in the end it will be about that, but not until obama is out of office.
      I think Trump has the whole picture, and is working the angle that will keep the focus on the issue, because there really are two distinct sides to this problem. A non-past and Constitutional ineligibility.

  11. ladysforest,

    This is the one. I found it at CW’s.

  12. The racist Whoopie Goldberg thinks it’s racist to ask a “black man” to produce his long-form birth certificate.

    The racist Whoopie Goldberg thinks that no “white man” has ever been asked to produce his birth certificate.

    The racist Whoopie Goldberg is wrong, and she needs to apologize.

    “General’s birth certificate officially filed”

    Ike Had Nothing To Hide

    • I remember hearing this quite some time ago. What a lot of people don’t realize – on both sides of this issue – is that birth certificates, as we know them, were not common back when. It wasn’t until the very early 1900’s that birth’s in the US began to be recorded in a more (or less) standard way. It wasn’t until WW2 that it became very standardized, and birth certificates were issued. So, for all of the US presidents to have had to show their birth certificates would have been unlikely. But, generally speaking, these people were so well known to their public, that in most cases it was not a question anyway. Persons born before birth certificates were the norm, could have one generated for them based on witnesses. I believe that is what happened with Eisenhower.

      Yes, here is a very good little article about Ike:

  13. Old Whoopi on The View needs to read this:

    “Saturday, March 26, 2011
    President Dwight Eisenhower Had to File a Birth Certificate to Run for President – Unlike Obama, Ike had nothing to hide!
    Via Sonoran News; – Ike needed birth certificate to run for president – ‘Ike had nothing to hide!’”

    It’s from Mario Apuzzo’s blog. Don’t you just love it?

  14. It is hard to say what is really up here. But something, and something big seems to be in play. DT would not go off half cocked on something like this.

    I think regardless of the Constitutional issue at hand there is now a tremendous frustration with Obama leadership or complete lack there of. That frustration is almost universal now and no one is defending Obama. Where are Pelosi and Reed? Nowhere. Who is supporting him? He just step in it big time in Libya by taking action without any Congressional approval. Even Bush got formal approval before acting. Through ignorance or malicious intent backed by Soro and co. he is not even playing by the rules at all now.

    Maybe he wants to go and George will not let him. Maybe he is a ideologue who will not give up. But when Abercrombie did not find the infamous BC in January that seemed to be another poker-like tell as to what was up. That seemed to be the shot across the bow that Obama was going be taken down. When that shot was ignored it seems that Trump was tapped to ‘go nuclear’ on the issue and force the issue. Obviously this is not a passing comment or a drive-by topic for Trump. He is making the rounds, he is turning up the heat – way up. And other than the sorry MSM no one is coming to Obama’s defense here – again, where is Nancy and Harry?

    So what is up? Hard to say. But this is a concerted effort. And it is not just Trump. He is just the front man. He does not want to be President IMHO. But he was what all powerful businessmen want – influence and input to the leaders. He also seems to truly care for the American way of life. I have heard him talk about ‘buying American’ in his projects even when it was more expensive – because he seems to understand that we are an integrated society and sometimes it is not just about the bottom line. He is one the few high level executives to do so.

    Here is what to look for in this high stakes political poker game where not all the cards on the table. Somewhere it has been decided Obama must go. For what reason? Could be any number of things or a combination that has broken the back of remaining supporters in the power broker circle – the constitutional issue, his connection to Muslim radicals, his connection to Soros/Ayers, his pathetic leadership internationally on Libya or the Japan crisis. But he appears isolated at this point.

    The next set of ‘tells’ will be this:
    – Biden suddenly resigns. He was part of unconstitutional ticket. He can not be allowed to be in the line of succession. So he must go first. Likely, ‘health reasons’.
    – Hillary is named VP. Trump likes her. She maybe left but she is not radical and is far more American than Obama.

    If those things fall into place then the end game will be at hand. Obama then resigns citing some bogus issue, again – ‘health reasons’. If he does not then he is just completely outed on the constitutional issues but he is then pardoned to avoid the nightmare of any formal trials or hearings in Congress (they are looking for an out at this point since they let this all happen). Hillary is president and the nightmare is ended as she puts in a real administration. Hopefully in this process the Soros/Ayers team is neutralized and we get rid of their radical and dangerous influence.

    All conjecture here. But something is up, really up. All the cards will not be laid on the table. At least not at once. So keep looking for those poker-like tells. The ones that are obvious now are a) Abercrombie inability to ‘find’ the BC, b) Trump raising the states on the constitutional issue and not letting go and c)lack of anyone from congress coming to Obama’s defense against Trumps attacks.

    • I feel in my gut that it is something more than just Trump preparing to run.

    • Hi Mike,

      We all know obo is a puppet. It was bound to all fall apart. Everyone but him is running the country. He cant talk without a teleprompter because he has no idea what’s going on. All I can say is that it looks like since someone like trump took it on, all the cowards can start to come out of hiding. Trump doesn’t need obo for anything, unlike the rest of the media and the politicians.

  15. And here’s another thought, Trump has the funds to have done some serious investigating on BO, or maybe he’s in the process, I don’t know. Do y’all think that it’s possible that he’s investigating him now?

    Mike, and you may be right, something big is happening.

    • I think he seems too convinced to be just going on faith. I don’t know what all he could cause to have done, but at the least he’s checked into the COLB thing I’m betting. He did mention something about “african” being on the COLB. He did say that it had only been online. He did mention (kinda) the birth announcements. I think he probably has a pretty complete idea of the whole picture, and I’m betting he is savvy enough to have a reason to go after that part of the issue.

    • I think ‘the investigation’ by Trump, or rather his people, is done and complete. Though he is very ‘off the cuff’ he would not wander into these woods so strongly without the homework being done, reviewed, questioned by him personally and approved by him personally. That is how serious executives work. Especially on difficult issues. He is laying out serious charges. If this were to blow up in his face he could be sued for libel and slander. He does not seem to be worried about that. He has dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s.

      • You are likely correct.

        I don’t believe he could just shrug this (damage to his reputation) off if he had totally nothing but a bunch of “right wing kooks” whispering in his ear, “Kenya, Kenya,Kenya!”, and nothing else.

        Nah, guys like Trump are thorough. And I seriously doubt it’s got anything to do with trying to appeal to the Birthers because he’s running (maybe) for office. The number of Birthers, true Birthers of all persuasions, is quite small when you consider it. Although the number of people with questions is enormous.


      • well he hasnt brought up the real issue which is the father’s citizenship. he keeps saying you have to be born in this country to be president. but that’s only half the story. i dont know if he has all the research on the nbc issue but it would sure be cool if he had enough to know he wasnt born here. that’s a total nail in the coffin, the two citizen parent’s is way too confusing for most of the people.

        • It’s because he keeps saying that about being born in the US that I think he’s leading to the nbC issue.
          Notice how he went from, “I think the guy probably was born in the US”, to “You have to be born in the US”? I don’t think it’s by accident.

          I just wonder what is REALLY behind what he is doing. He could crash and smash the issue worse than anyone else out there – in other words, after doing this, if he suddenly changes tune and does an about face, it’ll be a tremendous setback.

  16. lf, that so cool about cashill…kudos. but you know it’s out there and believe me it is researchers like you that these guys are reading and they are testing the waters. very murky i might add.

    • Lets say this – if Trumps people were doing their preliminary research, they likely would have found “Extra, Extra”. It’s linked all over the place. It is the only thing like it out there.

  17. btw, with all the publicity on the bc issue on fox, the leprechan is silent. he is also beating the drum that we should be in libya. not one of his normally complicit guests agrees and he is in a real lather over it.

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