The Hot Potato War

When it comes to waging war – I know nothing.  It is clear that I am in good company.

I have been trying to follow this current “action” in Libya, but frankly it is making me dizzy.  There is more action involved in passing the hot potato of “who’s in charge” around than there is actually taking place in Libya.

I do not feel in favor of this war.  Yes, I feel that any time a country is having missiles and planes flying and crashing all over it, it is having war made on it by someone.  In other words, if it looks, sounds and feels like a war, it’s a damn war.

So, why are these UN “actions” occurring ? Supposedly to help out the little guy.  The little guy who happens to have a antiaircraft gun set up in his backyard.  Who’s cousin has a Isuzu Pup pick-up with a massive gun permanently mounted in the bed. Those little guys.

Every time the question is asked, “who are these revolutionaries ?” , the military mighty just shrug and admit that they do not know.

“But obviously Qadhafi is a dictator, and since the revolutionaries look so sincere, we will commit the might of our country to….., well, uh, blowing stuff up at the direction of……, well, uh, not really sure who right now…..we’ll have to get back to you on that one.  Meanwhile we will keep blowing stuff up.  Sure some innocents will be killed, but we have to do that to help them.  Uh.”

Latest Drudge headlines :

Germans pull forces out of NATO; Libyan coalition falls apart...
Allies in disarray...
DER SPIEGEL: Coalition of the Unwilling...
OBAMA: No ground troops, no matter what happens...
Redefines 'exit strategy'...
French PM: 'We are not at war'...
Costs, mission unclear...
Also backing the rebels -- al Qaeda...

See what I mean?  Oh yes, I also think that if al-Qaeda is backing the rebels…….al Qaeda are the rebels.   Now I have outed myself as a clairvoyant.

I’ve decided to wonder if obama’s usurpery has steered his decision to have gone into this war through the UN, or to appear to have the US be the consummate non-leader in any way? So far, the narrative has been that “the UN did it” since this thing started, with a little “Hillary made me do it” on top.

I admit it’s a weird little idea, but so far he has, in my opinion, protected himself from certain types of perjury straight along.   He’s pranced along the razors edge since mid-way through his campaign.

If he, as President, makes the call to go to war, sends it along to Congress for approval, then he owns it in all his illegitimate Presidency glory.
Sending soldiers off to die in a war that you called for, while knowing you were usurping the office and powers as President of the United States, has to carry an unimaginable potential for implosion.  Self-ruination.  What have you.   Hence the hands off, non-commander, weird spin the bottle thingy going on with this particular war.

Doing even this thing, the Libyan war thing, will bring more scrutiny on obama’s background, and I don’t just mean his damn birth certificate, but all aspects of his past.   Hence the mad scramble back from vacation number thirty-something.

So, French political steering committee to the rescue! I don’t think it will get obama off the hook to toss this hot potato into the lap of the French.  It’s the French for pete’s sake.



~ by ladysforest on March 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Hot Potato War”

  1. If we save or support al Qaeda, do suppose that we could get them to leave us alone?

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