While The Heirs Apparent Squabble

I think we all know that the whole idea of a new world order is the most chilling future imaginable.

What is so incredible to me is that any United States citizens, natural, native and naturalized alike – would embrace the whole fallacy.  Sure, a bunch of officials, all from vastly different cultures, are going to smilingly agree on what is best for all the little citizens of the world.  Just like they are doing with Libya.

What also will happen, count on it, is officials from similar cultures ganging up against countries like the US.  Well, the US in particular.

It reminds me of what happens when someone dies leaving behind property without naming a sole heir.

So everyone that can attach themselves to this estate wants in on the action.  The property gets argued over for months, standing empty, slipping into disrepair.  They could rent it out, or a family member could reside there to look after it, but they can’t even agree on allowing someone to preform maintenance on the place.

Eventually they agree to sell the place. Then the fight begins on who gets how much of the pie.

Roof already has begun to leak.  Mold has begun to grow.  Weeds have taken over the once lush lawn.

The place goes on the market, the heirs apparent insisting that the agent list it for a price which would have been high even when the place was at it’s best.  A few offers come in, very reasonable considering the actual condition of the property, but the heirs arrogantly refuse.  They have the power to sit back and “control” something and they intend to exercise that power.

Like the situation at the UN with Libya.  Here we are a month out and there is no “vote” from the UN on taking some sort of action with Libya. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/03/17/seeks-

Meanwhile, back at our rhetorical ranch, the situation at the property becomes desperate, because once the downward spiral had begun without check, it progressed rapidly.

The house is ready to cave in, and still the relatives refuse to take steps to protect it – or at least halt the pace of the decay, and have refused every reasonable offer which would have resolved the problem for everyone.  They all wanted to play with their individual power to affect the outcome in their own favor, never minding what was occurring while they squabbled.

Again, it is like the situation with Libya and the UN.

The UN will serve as the model of why the new world order will be Chaos, in fact can be nothing other than Chaos.

Established at the end of WWII to foster international security and cooperation (192 member states), the UN has spent the past month asking each other what to do with Libya.  Wonder how thats going?

Here is one definition of the term New World Order:

“a term used to describe the uniting of the world’s superpowers to secure and maintain global peace, safety, and security.”

Wait, that sounds just like the definition of the UN.


~ by ladysforest on March 17, 2011.

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