I could not resist sharing these.  I suspect that with the new resolution passed today that will fine the “Wisconsin 14” per each day that they continue to shirk their duties as ELECTED OFFICIALS, we shall be seeing new developments real damn soon.  I’m guessing their union masters are preparing the press releases now. 

Hopefully the salt of the earth that has been occupying the once lovely Capitol Building, will soon have their bundles tied to the ends of their sticks, sling that over their shoulder, and shuffle on down the line.

Those dozen or so of Wisconsin’s “finest” who have been standing around supporting the union sympathetic  hobos crawling about in their own filth on the floor of the Capitol may just have to pretend to give a shit about all of the citizens soon, not just the union members.

Here are some images that capture the moment-hold your nose because I’m bettin these freaks are so ripe you can probably smell them vicariously.


















~ by ladysforest on March 2, 2011.

8 Responses to “Smell-A-Vision.”

  1. It’s pretty disgusting!

    • One of the Republicans said that the stench was overwhelming, and that you had to cover your face with your sleeve.
      Although they finally got all the overnight squatters out, they haven’t removed the signs and things yet.
      Those people are despicable hogs.

  2. I wonder if you would think differently if one of those despicable hogs who “play” fireman” saved your home, or your life. Or when a policeman helps find the person who’s hurt one of your loved ones. I ask you for just a few minutes to imagine wrecking your car and no ambulance arrives and no policeman block the road and keep you from getting hit by yet another car. The community you are going to be living in if you all succeed, is one I wish you could live in without creating the same awful place for those of us who value the services public employees provide. What is your goal here, to have only minimum wage workers and millionaires in our country?

    • Well, lets see asshole. It’s very rare that houses catch fire, but when they do, my husband, being a union firefighter DOES HIS JOB to protect the taxpayers, not terrorize them. He is appalled by what these jerks are doing, as am I. They are using their leverage as first responders against the general public to extort them and “shame” them. Plain and simple.
      As to cops – just fu*king try to get one to really help you instead of treating you like the criminal. I know about this too, because a brother in law is a union police officer. So, this rather lends support to how I feel on this topic….first hand knowledge. Oh, but you’ll brush that away as insignificant because you don’t believe anyone could have a clearer understanding than you do. Pig!
      You clearly are a desperately envious person earning low wages. You want to bring everyone down to your level because you are jealous that others have the discipline, focus, drive and motivation that you so clearly lack.
      You are of the ilk that demands the “right” to free food, free transportation, free housing, and free healthcare, is yours just for having been born. That makes you the quintessential welfare recipient. You recipients love to be told by the disgusting Michel Moores of this world that you have had all of your goodies stolen from you by the “rich” people. The fact is that you are just a simpleton who is unwilling to try to reach their own best potential, but rather looks to denigrate someone who has earned their place in life above yours by working hard and not making lame excuses.
      Shame on people like you that convince themselves they can’t achieve anything simply because the guy next to them has more money in his pocket and bank account.
      It’s like claiming that if I earn a dollar an hour more than you do, I am keeping you from earning more. You are appallingly ignorant and greedy.
      And just what do you think will happen when you communists succeed? And no, most union workers are not communists, but I can tell that you are, and what if your grand plan succeeds? You take away all of the money from the “rich”, meaning anyone that you are envious of, and give it to those drum beating freaks in the Wisconsin Capitol building. The “rich” say – “screw you lazy fu*ks!” “I am not working my ass off to feed freaks and commie punks, I’ll become a recipient too.” Where will you all be then? The producers will quit producing. You will have no one to extort anymore.
      You will have to descend from your soap box of assumed superiority and make do with a whole lot less than you have now, dumbass.

  3. From my differing view, you have discovered that i am an asshole pig envious entitled ignorant greedy low wage earing communist extortianist dumbass. I’d feel insulted if it came from someone with a clearer grasp of reason and communiction.

    Time to up your meds ladyforest.

    • See, you don’t even have a differing point of view, what you have is a false sense of victim hood, fed to you by your union leaders and the socialist progressive party. And yes, that does make you an asshole and an ignorant, extortionist nincompoop. You are not rational enough to work through the lies inherent in communism, nor have you enough individuality to be able to think for yourself, but must have even your talking points provided for you.

      What upsets chattel such as yourselves is finding out that the majority of Americans are against you and your brethren. What drives you all to the brink is knowing that people don’t buy your “logic” that every one who has worked and sacrificed need to hand over the fruit of their labor to be distributed to the recipient class.

      Hey, why do you want so very much to be nothing more than a recipient? Why do you want to wait in a line for your one-cup-of-dry-rice-per-person per day? Why do you want to give up the chance to purchase land or a home and embrace your own dream? Have you ceased to dream altogether? Did you replace your dream of personal achievement with a knowledge of your own shortcomings, and being so bereft of a vision for your own future, have decided to have government decide it for you?

      You know that you are free to move to a communist country and live out your ultimate dream, right?

      Thank God for Americans who will stand against you, and the socialist/progressive movement. There are more of us than there are of you.

      And we aren’t going to be nice anymore.

  4. “Since there is ONLY one (type) of registrar in Honolulu at all – the State Registrar”

    Just stopped by to address this LF. It’s incorrect, the Late and Foreign BC forms clearly delineate between the two. And then so do the alleged COLBs online.

    And also, initiating some BCs requires a person to do at the state health department. Before Onake can accept any BC on behalf of the state, another Registrar would initiate it.

    And of course this is evident on the Late BC form. Honolulu or not, they still have registrars to handle a BC before the State takes custody.

    Furthermore, even if Danae had an authentic “Date Filed Registrar” COLB, she has already stated hers is with the State Registrar. She said she phoned Onaka about copies she ordered.

    Whereas the Director of the HDOH said the Obama’s original BC was on file with the Registrar. And not in accordance with the laws and regulations, in accordance to policy and procedure.

    So, Danae’s COLB bears ZERO relevance to Obama’s. According to Danae, her COLB is in the custody of the Hawaii State Registrar. And this news SHOULD BE great news to you because now Obama’s COLB is not legitimized just because it LOOKS like Danae’s, the fact is they are in different people’s custody now.

    This let’s Danae off the hook of always having to lend credibility to Obama’s. She THOUGHT they were just the same. Turns out they are not.

    And it’s not the only form that lists TWO types of Registrar. The State Registrar doesn’t come on the scene until step 15. And he will reject incomplete, insufficient and fraudulently filed Late BCs upon review.

    • There are “two types” of registrars on the forms because the forms must be relevant both in Honolulu, and for the other islands. So, for example, a kid born on a diff island must have it’s birth info filed by the Local Reg. on that island before it is sent on to Honolulu to be “accepted” by the State Registrar at Honolulu. Honolulu did not have a Local Registrar as that would have been superfluous. They had a singular Registrar – the State Registrar, who served as the local registrar on Oahu. That’s historically correct as far as my research shows.
      Have you asked Honolulu if they have both a Local and a State Registrar? A different person for each position?
      I suppose we could try that on Monday.

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