The Art Of “Pushing” Democrat Senators

The decision to  refresh their endorphins, perhaps to alleviate the stress of  living out of their suitcases while on the lam, found the Wisconsin 14 at the Clock Tower Resort’s Chocoholic Frolic in Rockford, Ill.

It turned out to be a bad move on their part, as David Hale, coordinator of the Rockford Tea Party, and his camera began stalking the resort pestering the senators.

I LOVE this story about these fine Tea Party persons chasing the fleebagging democrats.  No really!  They really are, and I admire and thank them for this.

They aren’t just chasing them, they are “pushing” them.  That’s kind of a hunting term where groups of hunters walk forward, pushing deer toward other hunters.  Although it doesn’t precisely apply here, it did bring that to mind.

What has happened is that, in short, it has set the 14 on the run.  They became uncomfortable being filmed and asked questions by a Tea Party member while at their original hide-out, so they scrammed.  The call went out, a posse was formed, and now the journeying Senators are trying to evade the vexatious Tea Party folk who are tracking them even into the little podunk towns where they try to hole up.

The Ill Tea Party members who are engaged in helping the Wisconsin 14 to get a wider tour of Ill, do this in a clever, yet respectful way.  And they are certainly having quite the impact on the comfort level of these travelers, hehehe, although it may just help stave off cabin fever for the Democrats ~ moving around, evading capture, and all that.

Here is the link, I believe you’ll like this story ~ I got a huge laugh!

Here is whom what they are working/vacationing for:





~ by ladysforest on March 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Art Of “Pushing” Democrat Senators”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyable. Go tea party! Get those slackers!

    • I tell you, I wish I could be part of that team!
      As it is I carry my Flip camera almost everywhere with me. I even have a special customized handbag that allows me to “conceal carry” LOL. I have some other video recording devices, which is how The Interrogator was able to get the video of “The Lady In Brown” in the Honolulu Dept. of Health. I outfitted her with my gadgets, LOL, rather, I overloaded her with my gadgets!
      I love spy stuff – it’s so much fun. Gotta know the laws though.

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