Meanwhile, Back At The Kabuki Theatre

So, most of the drummers and tambourine shakers have meandered on out of the WI Capitol.  They have left behind their usual legacy of parti-colored poster boards covered with inspiring union talking points, and empty pizza boxes.

There are still a few there, protesters I mean, sitting on their pillows, or perhaps a box, while tap-tap-tapping away at a little drum.  I will tell you that I have a suspicion that the few remaining protesters are actually, and in fact, simply homeless people who are taking advantage of a warm and dry place to sleep.  They will be there until the warm Spring weather establishes itself, and then we shall see them no more.

I also suspect that when the fleebagging Democrats decide it is time to revisit the state that elected them – to faithfully discharge their duties to ALL of the people in that state – they, the protesters I mean, will be back like a tidal wave of screaming,  inarticulate,  talking point empowered, frenzied flash-mob freaks.

I am certain that the union is working out the grand plan with the truant democrats. And the union is carefully gauging the mood and intent of each of those ex-pats.  Once they know that one or more of those chicken shit bastards is ready to break and slip back over the state line, they will take control of the way the dems are to début onto the scene.  It will be something to see I’ll bet.  Oh yeah – the union will be pulling the strings on the dems reemergence unto the bosom of their unappreciated, under-paid, tragically misrepresented union constituents.

Those union goons will call all of the rent-a-protesters, the homeless hippies, the teachers due for a sudden “relapse”,  the cops who don’t seem to realize that they work for the state (not “the people”), and the MSM, and tip them off as to the coming martyrdom of the fleebaggers.  They will all magically appear at just the right moment to have the most visual impact for the cameras.

That’s when we should see some real good stuff Kittens.


~ by ladysforest on February 28, 2011.

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