Teachers Of Anarchy


noun \ˈa-nər-kē, -ˌnär-\

Definition of ANARCHY

a : absence of government
b : a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority
c : a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government
a : absence or denial of any authority or established order (DING DING DING)
b : absence of order : disorder <not manicured plots but a wild anarchy of nature — Israel Shenker>

What is the Tea Party?

The Tea Party movement is a grassroots movement of millions of like-minded Americans from all backgrounds and political parties. Tea Party members share similar core principles supporting the United States Constitution as the Founders intended, such as:•  Limited federal government
•  Individual freedoms
•  Personal responsibility
•  Free markets
•  Returning political power to the states and the people_

Today, at noon, The Tea Party notables and some of the regulars are planning to show their support of Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker. We all know how that hornets nest has been a gettin stirred up by our very own president obama.  We all know that is an unseemly and heretofore unheard of action to be taken by a sitting US President.  It is a dangerous thing to do.  Throwing the support of the White house behind a bunch of anarchists who are barely able to keep themselves in control.

The potential for real violence has just grown limitless with obamas blessing on this crowd. I mean, if the president of the United States says you are good to go, that your violence towards your state government and your fellow citizen is A-OK, then there is nothing at all wrong with taking it one step further.  If the president of the United States says it’s A-OK, then anything goes, and no repercussions can be expected.  obama has sanctioned a mini civil war.  It even has the seal of approval from Pelosi.  That bitch said she will stand in solidarity.   This has the stench of being manipulated into a “man caused event”.

These people aren’t there with concern for themselves and their neighbors, they aren’t there out of concern for the students they teach, they aren’t there to peacefully demonstrate. They are there to demand and terrify.  They believe, truly believe, that they have a RIGHT to have the general population pay for their future lifestyle.  The believe they have a RIGHT to have the general population pay 100% of their health-care.  And brother man, if we don’t pony up, they’s gonna MAKE us.  They are going to have help shipped in. Obama for America/Organizing for America-obama’s campaign arm, is supporting and organizing this terrorist attack on the general population of Wisconsin.

Yes the president of the United States is organizing, aiding and abetting, violence and terror.  Right here at home. But lets turn our minds away from that for a moment Kittens, lets think on what would have occurred had the president let the state of Wisconsin deal with it’s own business. The teachers and drafted students would have hollered for a couple of days, then they would have read the proposed action, and they would have settled down.  It sure is preferable to NO FUC*ING JOB AT ALL. And if the teachers hadn’t gone back to work by Monday next, the parents, the people who are paying for these terrorists to be out there on strike, would be putting the fear of the Lord on these “teachers”.

You see, these taxpaying parents, the real employers of the “teachers”, have schedules to keep and jobs to go to.  Do you have any idea how disruptive it is when your entire schedule is dismantled by a school closure?   Now, listen, you got little Joey and Sammy ready for school so’s you can go to work.  But now you gotta find a babysitter at the last minute!  Crap!  Had to call your boss and tell him you’d be late..then you had no luck with a sitter, so you had to miss a day of work and a day of pay.  Then it continues the next day, and the next!  Your boss has given you warning that you can NOT MISS ANOTHER DAY, or you are fired. Parents plan their lives around the fact that their children attend school.  Fact.  If this hadn’t gotten stirred up and supplemented by the White House, the parents would have handled the situation peacefully and effectively after just a few more days of this.  The majority of those parents do not have back-up sitters.  I personally know how that works. Those parents would get fed up with this shit and would have shamed those malcontents back to their classrooms or to the unemployment line.  And that’s how it should have been.

Frankly, I think the Governor should charge each teacher an equal portion of the cost of this terrorist action.  The parents should submit the unplanned for child-care costs, the lost wages, ect. The cost of the forces to keep the politicians safe and protected throughout this, any damages to property – all of these bills should be divided equally between every “teacher” that called out sick, and deducted from their salary.  Additionally, they should be docked for each day that they fraudulently claimed to be ill.

I will finish up by saying that I hope and pray to God that the Tea Party people that will be in Wisconsin to show support of the Governor, will not be attacked by those lunatics that I have seen over the past few days.


But Sasha and her older sister, Malia, are skiing in Colorado this weekend with their mother and some friends. It appears that the obama family is off on yet another little jaunt.  Awww, ain’t it sweet.  I wonder what this one is costing us?


~ by ladysforest on February 19, 2011.

4 Responses to “Teachers Of Anarchy”

  1. I don’t sweat the ursurper’s family going on a skiing jaunt somewhere in the United States. Sure, the adult Obamas are crass, arrogant and vengeful to traditional-values Americans, but presidential and first family vacations are not illegal and are hardly a drop in the huge monetary bucket of fiscal damage Obama has been drowning the country in. As you know, in my opinion, Obama is probably guilty of high treason for a lot of reasons (and deserving of a full course of unmentionable justice), but the evil one’s vacations aren’t anywhere close to being on my list.

    But getting back to your main point — what I find stupefyingly depressing about the Wisconsin situation is that when boiled down to its essence, so very many of our fellow Americans seem to think that they have a right to take other peoples money at the point of a government gun. And they are completely shameless about it.

    Maybe that lack of shame is because they don’t have the ability to fully think through the consequences and implications of their actions – I can somewhat forgive stupidity – or maybe (and more likely) it is a complete absence of any higher moral fiber – they just want their goodies and are willing to steal to get them. Their only worry seems to be that they might not have enough power to get away with it.

    The school teachers are a good example. They completely gloss over the fact that they are a state run monopoly, yet they scream bloody murder because the Governor recognizes that the people are hurting in down economic times and can’t afford to pay the teachers their normal extortion rates. Allowing the teachers unfettered collective bargaining backed up by union thug tactics is like approving a state run shakedown racket – it’s a Mafia bleeding a host with nowhere else to go.

    I say, if the teachers want their unions, then give the parents (and other non parent taxpayers) a chance to vote with their wallets and feet. Let them opt out of the state system and designate that their children and/or their portion of the school tax pie go to a competitive system of their choice. Better still, just abolish the state run Marxist indoctrination system altogether and simply don’t collect the taxes in the first place.


    • Good comment!

      PS. I think the lack of shame stems purely from greed. I believe many of them do know that they are being unreasonable, but they simply don’t care.

  2. It’s very simple to put things in their proper perspective. It has been reported that the AVERAGE salary for the teachers in Wisconsin INCLUDING benefits is around $86,000. These teachers get three months off in the summer. They get accrued benefits for time away from the job attending union functions and training.

    Now tell me, what is the AVERAGE income incl benefits for a citizen in Wisconsin. It is reported to be anout $25,000 less than the teachers. But the average citizen has to work 12 months with a few weeks paid holiday.

    Government workers used to be paid modestly but in return had job security. Now these public sector workers make more than the private citizen, they get incredible beenfits, and job security. The producing class is a beast of burden. The beast is exhausted.

    • Oh, I agree completely. The only exception that I feel merits consideration are the Police and Firefighters. Reason being, they have very dangerous jobs.

      Obviously teaching has gotten more “dangerous” over the years, but when a cop goes on a call, usually the bad guy has an aggressive attitude towards the officer from the git. Anything can happen, and that is getting much worse for them out there.

      Firefighters do a lot more than get kitties out of trees. They do a lot of support work with the Police, which not many people realize. Most of them do Paramedic/EMT work as well as fight fires. And I have heard stories, man alive, about what happens when they go to residences to try to assist people. Sometimes they get attacked, often they are verbally abused by the family or friends of the person who needs medical attention (drugs and booze often a factor). And, LOL (I shouldn’t laugh) they have to frequently transport HUGE people, and the stories I’ve heard about that!!! These guys, well, there is a lot more to those jobs than most people know. I have a lot of first-hand stories from both police and fire people. Did you know that the average Firefighter lives ten years less than the average person? It’s because of the exposure to smoke and chems/hazardous materials. So, although they get pension bennies, they likely won’t be paid out for as long.

      Those jobs are hell, and I sure wouldn’t want to do them. It’s too bad though that the police have gradually becoming scary rather than providing a sense of comfortable security.

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