Keepin’ Em Guessing

UPDATE:  I looked up as much on the history of Polks as could easily be found online.  In the mid fifties the Polks had just the single year range, example: 1955.  Not 1955-1956.  And the copyright (print date) was for that year.  Example, Polk City Directory 1955, copyright 1955.  The data was collected as a result of canvassing.

The Polk Co. did have computers installed (1958-1959) and by 1961 they were used for data compilation of automobile VIN numbers, and for direct mail campaigns.  I could not find any indication that the canvassed City Directory info was processed in any way with any computer system in use by Polk Co. at that time.


When you look through the Polks I have recently posted, you notice that married women are listed as Mrs..  It was unthinkable to do otherwise back in the early sixties.  Especially for a young girl who is JUST married and pregnant.

The Honolulu HI, Polk directory listing for obama’s mother, printed for the time range 1961-1962, shows obama, Ann, S (WND image)

Here is a crop of my own copy of the Ann obama Polk listing :

The Seattle Washington Polk directory listing for obama’s mother, printed for the same time range, 1961-1962, shows obama, Anna, Mrs.

Well, aside from the spelling in the Seattle Washington Polk for (Stanley) Ann being “Anna”, we also should note that she did not self identify as a “Mrs.” in the Hawaii Polk.

Quite unusual as she had a shotgun wedding at three months pregnant, presumably to legitimize her condition.  That was the way it was done back then.

So, here we have a girl who is a teenager, who is pregnant with a virtual stranger.  Who is pregnant by a man of a different race – a huge social issue, even for the most forward thinking back then.

She gets a fast wedding, goes so far as to list herself in the Polk under her married last name, but not as a Mrs.

Goes so far to list herself with her bright and shiny new name, legitimizing her baby-on-the-way, but stubbornly refuses to list herself and her brand new husband at the same address.  Even if it was only done for the sake of appearances – you know, just like getting married.

Goes away almost immediately after being released from the hospital (a week on average back then).  Travels all the way to Washington with a new little baby, then she does list herself as a Mrs..

The other little question that I have with the Polks is that the 1961-1962 Polks have been published exactly when?  According to the WND article on it, they were “likely” published in September 1962.  Well, I guess it somehow makes sense to publish a directory that contains info that is already over a year old.  That would mean the Polk in Hawaii wasn’t even published until a year after Ann(a) S. moved away.


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  1. Someone else entered that name in the Hawaii Polk during that time…just like a census worker would. Same in Washington. These were not the type of people that kept fastidious records. They gave no attention to details or ceremony or custom. Every document they touch is flawed with fake names or dates and other crap. They are manipulators that told perpetual “white lies” to gain what thay wanted from the system. I would not read too much into these.

    • It’s not that I read TOO much into each thing – it’s that nearly everything surrounding that “family”, no matter how small, is notable because there is always something a bit askew. I mean that it seems NOTHING has been nice and neat and sans anomalies.

      Yes, someone employed by the Polk Directories took the info off of what ever form it had been filled in on, but if she had identified herself as a Mrs., it would have been printed up that way. I could understand the occasional misspelled name, but to overlook “Mrs” is odd.
      So, the most likely way for that to have happened is if Stanley A. filled out the information that way herself. Which seems strange if you are newly married and expecting.

      The Polks only print what is provided to them to print.

      • i guess i meant to say that i dont think this crew thinks at all. i really dont. i also dont believe she was ever mortified by her situation. this was a woman who appeard to have the same disease she passed on to her son, narcissism. it was reported that her parents were never married, and there is a rumor that her father had a child with another woman. so here we have her mother using an assumed name. they just called themselves whatever they wanted. i wasn’t implying that you were hung up on anything, it was the universal reference to “dont get too hung up on it”. and yes i agree that nothing adds up with this crew because they simply never lived by any rules. they just threw down whatever they wanted onto a piece of paper. i know some narcissists and a few bipolar. one minute it’s one way, the next another without a second thought. it’s amazing.

        • I see. Well, regardless, if one is trying to make sense out of the history of obama and his parents – leaving the grandparents completely out – everywhere you look, things don’t look right.

          I mean if a person who knew absolutely nothing about the controversy, and was completely neutral, were to try and look this stuff over with even a slight attention to details……..the first thing they notice is the one common denominator. That is that there is an anomaly attached to EVERY piece of anything to do with obama’s birth and early life.

          Everywhere you look, even if you’re not trying to find anything weird, there is something weird looking back at you. Sure, most may be small, but it’s the unlikelihood of having so many damn anomalies with this guy and his parents. It seems statistically impossible.

  2. The fact that the discovery of the Seattle residence and attendance at the U of W was not made until January of 2009 should be cited as confirmation that there was no vetting of Obama before the election.

    It also took till July of 2008 for the fact that his father was a polygamist to surface. And remember that the ‘standard story’ on the Soetoro marriage was that it was in ’67 or ’68 until the FOIA passport records came out only in 2010. Only then is it confirmed that the marriage was in 1965. When Barack was less than 5 years old and easily adopted under international law. So was the vetting and cover-up process by the MSM.

    The real story here is when exactly did Stanley Ann arrive in Washington and from where. It would seem there are 3 possibilities.

    1. She arrived from Hawaii after giving birth to Obama Jr. in Hawaii. But that has not surfaced and we all know there is nothing other that fabricated internet images and carefully parsed statements generated by Okubo.

    2. She arrived long before the birth and stayed with friends during the later stages of her pregnancy and only moved out into an apartment on her own after the birth. Thus Obama would have been home birthed by the Mercer Island leftist community or maybe gone across the border into Canada for the actual birth since she was married to UK citizen and may have been able to leverage that in Canada. After the birth, Grandma Dunham registers the event in Hawaii.

    3. She was in Kenya during the later stages of her pregnancy and after giving birth in Kenya and after her recovery she went straight to Seattle. Again, after the event Grandma registers the birth in Hawaii.

    After looking at this subject for over a year my guess here is door #2. Door #1 is a complete fraud at this point. Door #3 is interesting and I believe that before 2006 Obama even embraced that door and the associated story. It would have given him a much stronger sense of tie to a father who was so in name and sperm donation only. It would have grounded him to that missing father figure.

    But Kenya, really? There is no evidence or record of Obama Sr. going to Kenya in 1961. So Stanley Ann, against the obvious desires of her parents, by herself, without her supposed ‘husband’ goes to Kenya after the supposed marriage in February to hang out with the ‘other wife’ and the inlaws without her new husband? Someone pays for what must have been expensive flights? Travel logistics with an infant must have difficult for a domestic flight, even harder for a US to Europe flight, but can you imagine these logistics from Kenya to the US? So I continue to find it difficult to go with door #3.

    With Door #2 the support of the Grand parents would still be available. The Mercer Island gang were family friends and given their non-confirmist lifestyles unmarried pregnancies were probably a routine event to deal with. So it seems to make more sense.

    But a lot could be answered by knowing when and how Stanley Ann got to Washington. Here is a question. What sort of medical records would be kept for an infant or a pregnant woman during that time? What sort of doctor visits were normal for an expecting mother or a newborn and mother in 1961? Along with a Polk listing there most be some other official foot prints of mama and baby Barack in Washington in 1961 and 1962….

    • Yes, I lean more towards #2 also – provided he was not in fact born in HI. There is a lot of circumstantial/common sense “evidence” that would point towards WA, which may be one reason he does not sweat the non-release of his long form BC.
      Say it gets released and lo and behold it says WA! Well, we still have the big ole fight to get an official ruling on NBC. We know that the SCOTUS will NOT do that prior to 2012.
      I wonder if Canada would permit the use of “African” as a “race”?? That could be interesting in regard to the COLB.

      I don’t know if women had to go to the Dr. as often during pregnancy back then as they do now, but I suspect not. I mean, they even prescribed sedatives, ect. to women back then – and that would never happen now.

      There are a couple of iffy vids of “friends” and of baby obama’s “babysitter” fondly remember the amazing Stanley Ann obama ( Seattle Washington ), but very little other than that. And of course those are somewhat contradictory.

  3. Throw into the mix the other birth dates that have been floating around. The Free Republic one someone was talking about that they saw in an African journal gave BO the birthday of July 18th, 1961. Then it was about a year ago, I think, that his Myspace page had him as 52. I think it’s been corrected.

    So therefore, we could ask what year he was really born.

  4. Off topic and you may not want to post this.

    Next time you or someone you know is looking at Honolulu newspapers, it might be interesting and informative to check out the dates during which Obama Sr. was visiting Hawaii in 1971. What was he doing there? Why was he there? Was the visit to the II’s school reported? Probably there was another reason for his presence on the island than to visit Jr.

    • I’m thinking some others have looked into that, but I can’t lay my hands right on it.

    • I did some checking around in regards to Obama Senior’s visit. It seems it was a ‘month long visit’ in December of 1971 and part of January 1972. There are photos from that period at the airport and a Christmas photo with SAD and the two BHOs.

      Remember Obama II and SAD/SAS came from Indonesia on Pan Am flight 812 on October 21st in 1971. Apparently the goal of the trip was hand off Obama II to the grandparents. But maybe the international adoption created a problem and the father or named father needed to make an appearance to undo the Soetoro adoption.

      See this link and see the section ‘Correcting the Adoption’

      This creates a strong legal reason for the 1971 visit by Obama Senior.

      Also of interest in this section is an interesting observation – the use if II vs. Junior. I never thought of it before. But the tradition of II is to name someone for someone who is not their son. It is almost a declaration – this is not my biological son. In looking into this more in detail it is the custom to use II vs. Junior when naming someone who is not a child of the one named.

      “The suffix II is used when the child has an identical name to a relative, but who is not the child’s father.”

      So that would support that BHO Sr. was a stand-in in 1961.

      If Obama was adopted by Soetoro and the possibly legally adopted again by his grandparents in 1971 then you would have 2 layers of legally sealed records to get through. Adoptions are the worm hole of the legal system. You go in end as one name and out the other as another name. And the previous records are legally erased, sealed or hidden. And the standard purpose is clear – prevent the previous identity from being used or abused or re-entering the legal system. ‘Privacy’ is interesting but the legal system does not want a person with two completely different identities floating around.

      Adoption or multiple adoptions also explain why some say – there is no long form. Adoption(s) would shred that original document in a legal sense since it is sealed. If that long form from Hawaii, Washington, Canada or Kenya? Who knows but if there were adoption is it true gone – by design and legally. Hence why Mr. Abercrombie (and no one else) can find it!

      • The adoption had to have been set aside (it can be done once a step-parent and birth parent divorce) in order for that COLB to have barack Sr.’s name as the father.

        Even if he was adopted by his grandparents, he could have had that set aside as a grown man. Considering how invested his self image is in his “relationship” to his father, I don’t doubt that he would have had any adoptions set aside.

        BUT, if he didn’t, and that COLB had been floating around all this time with his endorsement – that’s going to cause him a big fat problem.

        I don’t know about the “II” being a conundrum, maybe that’s the way they did it in Sr.’s culture, or perhaps SAD did that on her own simply because she didn’t like the sound of Jr. I don’t think baby daddy was present when the birth paperwork was being completed, LOL.

      • Keep in mind that Barry was adopted not once, but twice.

        First, by Lolo Soetoro.

        Second, by Hartford and Mary Black Eagle in May 2008.

        Mary did not want to do it, but was forced to do so. Why?

        Mary first learned that her family was about to grow as she was on a long drive to Arizona. Her son, Cedric, vice chairman of the tribe, was on the cellphone.

        “I was already around Wyoming someplace. He called me and said we’re going to have to rush right back,” Mary said. “He said, ‘You’re going to have to adopt Barack Obama.’

        They were tentative about taking on the sudden responsibility. “I couldn’t comprehend it for a while,” Mary said.

        On the day Obama arrived at the reservation, she froze.

        “When my alarm came on, I didn’t want to go through with it. ‘I would like to go sleep another eight hours,’ I said. ‘Not me. I don’t want to go,’ ” she recalled telling Hartford. But, “my husband got after me.”

        She couldn’t eat. Waiting for Obama in the Secret Service’s security area, “we were so nervous my mouth dried up,” she said. No purses were allowed. “I needed ChapStick so bad.”

        Then Obama walked in and greeted the dignitaries, before the room was mostly cleared out.

        “He started walking toward me. Oh man, I was kind of tongue-tied, and he said, ‘Are you my new mother, Mary?‘ And I said ‘Yes.’ He just gave me a hug.”

        At the private adoption, Hartford waved smoke from burning cedar needles over Obama, twice in the front and twice in the back, with a bald eagle fan.

        Why was Mary told she “had to” adopt Barack Obama?

        (Washington Post article permanently archived here.)

        • But was paperwork ever filed? A ceremonial adoption as an adult would not stand in court. You could say you were adopting me, and wave burning pine needles over me, and it wouldn’t make me your kid. At least I don’t think it would 🙂 .
          I’ve always thought he arranged all that to get in good with the tribes, so he could work out those deals that Dr Kate and Lame Cherry have written about. Scary stuff.

      • Adoption would not and never could “shred” the original vital records. The originals REMAIN. They are sealed but remain. This is FACT and any vital records office would tell you so. Original vital records are NEVER destroyed. EVER. In addition, any court could ORDER the records unsealed. They exist; a court could order them unsealed; they could be revealed. At least to a finder of fact in a court of law. Even if there were multiple adoptions, that paper trail would remain. It IS discoverable, unless someone like Sandy Berger got to it all first.

  5. This is off topic, but have you seen the newest story going around about this person who witnessed Donald Young and BO “together” before BO became prez? It helps support the Larry Sinclair story.

    It may be a biggie!

  6. ladysforest,

    Oh, crud, you say “taxes,” a dirty word in our house right now.

    Regardless, please read the people’s comments too. So very informative. Especially this from one lady:

    Posted February 13, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    When I started making my documentary about voter fraud, all of this was WAY out in the open in 2008. Everyone knew about Donald Young being murdered, Obama’s coke and sex parties with Larry Sinclair, and the connection between Young and Sinclair, who was immediately murdered after contacting Sinclair.

    We worked with many black women from Obama’s district and Trinity Church on our film. What they told me about him was beyond horrifying, and they all laugh back there about how stupid everyone is for falling for his BS and phony person. In short, they all say it’s absolutely true.

    My friend’s husband is a detective in the Chicago PD. He says they KNOW it’s true, but they can’t prove it. I would imagine they could prove some of it, but the Chicago toilet, and filthy sewer Obama crawled out of wouldn’t allow anyone to get to the truth about him. When Obama was running, we all had hope that Patrick Fitzgerld would take the reins and expose Obama for the criminal and liar that he is. Then no one heard anything from Fitzgerald again. Even though I was told that they had FBI files on Obama that were a foot thick.

    I cried for two weeks when this criminal and fraud got “elected.” It’s a joke and embarrassment to our country. Why anyone voted for him I will never know, but then again I did have the benefit of doing deep research on him and most others were watching MSDNC and Tingles getting a man love “thrill” up his leg over this jerk,

    Read more:

    I don’t like spreading rumors, but if this is like a second or a third witness against BO in regards to Larry Sinclair, then it’s extremely serious.

  7. For what it’s worth, Stanley Ann had a paternal half-aunt living in Canada in the late 1950s and possibly into the 1960s. Her name was Eleanor Belle Dunham Berkebile. Her husband Ralph (aka Richard) was in the Air Force, stationed in Canada. The story goes that Eleanor had twin sons (Michael and Stephan) in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada; the sons died as infants in 1959 and were said to be buried in Wichita, Kansas.

    • Do you have any links/supporting data? That would be very appreciated as I hadn’t heard this before.

      • I saw SapphireSunday’s and kj’s comments today, and spent the afternoon researching Eleanor Belle Dunham Berkebile and Ralph L. Berkebile. Stanley Armour Dunham’s (Obama’s ‘Gramps’) mother died when he was 8 years old. His father married again, and Eleanor was born in 1932 of that marriage – so she was “Gramps'” half-sister. She married Ralph L. Berkebile. He was an Airman 2nd Class stationed with the Air Force in Newfoundland when their twin sons born Jan. 5, 1959 died within a week of their [premature] birth:

        At there is an article about Obama’s ‘enhancement’ story of his grandfather’s WWII service, re: liberating a concentration camp. Other military relatives are mentioned in the article – in particular this reference to a veteran’s genealogy web site item: “That tree also names includes (sic) two sisters; Eleanor (m. Ralph L. Berkebile – only one in the NARA database enlisted in 1945 in AK)…”

        So we can piece together that in 1945 Stanley Ann’s Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Ralph Berkebile lived in Alaska; in 1959 he was stationed/they lived in Newfoundland. Eleanor’s obit at gives her death as Dec.21,2003 at Castle Rock, and states she had moved there 6 months previously from Washington State. It also lists some survivors: children Teresea Berkebile, Ralph D. Berkebile and his wife Jacque, and Lorrie A. Berkebile – she of Alaska. Additionally, she is identified as the daughter of Ralph Waldo [Emerson] Dunham – so is Stanley Ann’s grandfather, and Barry Obama’s great-grandfather.

        At [“Find public records at the number 1 people search site!”], known relatives for one Eleanor Berkebile include Lorrie Ann Berkebile, Ralph D. Berkebile, Teresa Marie Berkebile, and Jaque E. Berkebile. So the identity of this listed person is confirmed to be Stanley Ann Dunham Obama’s paternal aunt.

        Also at the above ‘…’ entry is a list of known addresses for Eleanor Belle Dunham Berkebile. There are no reference dates. We know she started her life in Kansas – not listed – so it’s apparently ‘as an adult’ addresses: Maumelle, AR [where her sister lives], Castle Rock, CO [ where she was in a nursing care home when she died].

        The interesting addresses are Bellingham Washington and Blaine, Washington. All things considered, it’s just about impossible to believe anything other than that the pregnant [and unmarried] Stanley Ann was shipped off post-haste to her father’s sister – and that Aunt Eleanor’s address at that time was Blaine, WA.

        The AMAZING thing – the OMG! thing – of this likliest scenario is that the northern boundary line of the city of Blaine WA is also the southern boundary line of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada! Barry won’t/can’t produce his long form hospital birth certificate — On which side of that boundary line is it most probable he was born?!

        And three weeks later, Stanley Ann hopped on down to Seattle to set up residence and start classes – and visits to her high school friends.

        • I found your comment in spam. (?)

          This is pretty fascinating – good work. I have always felt, primarily because of the social climate back in the early 60’s, that there is a solid likelihood of S.Ann having her mixed-race baby in an out of the way place. Canada or WA makes the most sense.

          On a personal note, I found out about 20 years ago that I had a half-sister. She was born in 1959, to a single mother that my father had a brief affair with.
          His story (after she appeared) was that her mother had never told him that she was pregnant – -her birth mother never contradicted that story.
          So, this 19 year old woman got pregnant (by my father) unmarried, was sent away to an unwed mothers home, and the resulting daughter was adopted by a nice family.
          That was the reality of the day. I know that even in the late sixties this was still being done, as I am acquainted with a woman who got pregnant while unmarried, at 24 years old, and was sent away to a unwed mothers home. That was in ’67. That kid went up for adoption also.
          For unmarried women, it was the most common outcome.
          Other than S.Ann using the last name obama, and having divorce papers – there is no other “proof” of her marriage.

          But, as much as I enjoy the mystery, the bottom line, as we all know, is:
          obama was born subject to British rule through his father, he is not a natural born Citizen.

      • Blaine WA is a very small town. I could not find a hospital there on Google Maps. That does not mean that there wasn’t one there in 1961.

        Blaine is a settlement on the border and not very close to other US towns/cities. There is a hospital about 3 miles away in White Rock BC. If a woman is in labor, generally the hospital chosen for her delivery would be a close one.

        White Rock BC and/ or Blaine WA might be interesting places to check out and search for records.


      Eleanor Belle Dunham Berkebile apparently died in 2003 after six months in Colorado. Previously, she was in Washington State (Polk info?).

      Would her husband’s service record be available? (Ralph Lee Berkebile)

      An aunt in a remote location would be a perfect place to send a pregnant teenager. Newfoundland doesn’t sound right, but maybe there was a base (or Boeing) on the other side of North America.

      Virginia Goeldner is Eleanor’s sister and was alive in 2008. Is this odd? “Goeldner said she told only a few close friends about her nephew, for fear that someone might do something that would hurt his chances to get elected.”

      • i know the berkebile family. eleanor and ralph lee never lived in washington state or british columbia together. once they left newfoundland they went overseas to france, morocco, germany etc. and he also served in vietnam during that war. eleanor and ralph lee were divorced in the late 70’s. he retired from military service in the mid 80’s and has been married twice since he and eleanor divorced. he is currently living happily with his third wife in the midwest of the united states. eleanor never remarried. in the early 2000’s eleanor’s oldest son and daughter in law lived in blaine washington and eleanor followed them there from bowie maryland where she had been living for several years after she left arkansas (that would have spanned years 1990’s to early 2000’s). ralph and his wife moved back to california in 2003 and eleanor went to colorado to be with her daughter teresa. she was there until her death in december 2004.

  8. GGMac,

    This is the strongest tie to the sudden appearance of SAD and BHOII in Washington in September of 1961.

    SAD did not get shipped off to the older Mercer Island gang or to Kenya with the supposed other wife and inlaws. But to blood family members in (at that time) a remote part of Washington State.

    Talk about a missing link!

  9. If the missing link is a fact…then where would a woman have a baby in BC, Canada…

    Try Peace Arch Hospital

    “The old maternity ward opened in 1960 and required seven women to share one shower, with no place for new dads to sleep except the floor.”

    Read more:

    • There is an Peace Arch Hospital in White Rock BC, across the border from Blaine WA.

      Anybody know anything about Canadian privacy policies?

      • I think I know someone who tried to look into a different Canadian obama birth angle, I can try to double check, but I think she found out their regs to release even simple info where tough, and very time consuming.

    • so if there was no hospital in blaine and the pregnant women go to peace arch hospital in BC to give birth…i am wondering if this is possible or what the arrangement would be. If both your parents were us citizens then it could be accepted that the child would still be considered a NBC??? but what if your father is not, and especially if he was a british subject, a birth in canada would surely mean british citizenship??? I am asking because i still don’t know why the grandparents would have regitered the birth in hawaii if it was normal practice for those living in this part of washington to give birth in canada and register in washington. should be easy to find someone there that would know how it’s done.

      but i agree that this is the most likely scenario. i still remember the WND rumor that they were going to release the evidence he was born in canada.

  10. Poke anyone?

  11. I had heard of the BO Canadian birth several years ago, and I thought someone was researching it as well.

    • If I remember it correctly, the person I know said the response they had back from Canada was, well stupid. Kind of along the lines of: send us what you are interested in, we will look it over, discuss it amongst ourselves for up to one year, and likely find that we can not release anything to you that you are requesting. And, by the way, we may not ever respond to you to tell you that even after the year passes. Send your money order to…………..

  12. I just wish that I could remember exactly where I heard it from. You guys remember back when there was some place that listed all of the places in Hawaii that they checked out at hospitals and such? I’m thinking it was some college people, if I’m not mistaken. Well, I kind of think that this is where I heard about Barky being born in Canada from, which was from a post. It was such a post that said that they were checking on it. That same post may have been on Texas Darlin too. I just do remember the post or posts that it was. It was Canada!

  13. It also could have been at the right side of life, that could have been it. I do remember Canada from several places. But there was someone who was really into it, yet I can’t remember which place. Wish that I had saved it. I do remember something going on about it, and it was at the same time that Stephen Pidgeon had his lawsuit going on. That, I do remember.

  14. Today’s research reveals that the Canadian town “attached” to Blaine, WA is called White Rock. Surrey is a bit NNW of White Rock. It also appears that Blaine WA had no hospital. White Rock, however, did – and it’s maternity ward opened in 1960. Link is http/;//

    Today at Free Republic [“Earth to Birthers…” thread] commenter ‘bluecat6’ posted a link to this thread, so I reposted my comment over there, as well.

    If this scenario is what took place, I’d bet on grandma being the one who wrangled a Hawaiian birth registration for Barry. It’s always struck me that she was probably the brains of that outfit.

    Wouldn’t it be comical – if the actual father was Frank Marshall Davis, and Barry was born in that hospital in White Rock – he’d be nothing but a Canadian anchor baby. “Nothing” – because although it would mean he’d had two American citizen parents, he’d still be ineligible due to being born on foreign soil.

    Your blog is very impressive, by the way! I’ve been reading through the threads, and have also been favorably impressed with the quality of the comments; I’ve learned a lot – from you, and the posters!

    • Thank you for the kind words and for the great information!

      I’ve always thought that if he was not born in HI, Grandma D filed. I doubt a very young SAD would have had the motivation. Just part of the legitimizing process.

    • GGMac,

      I am bluecat6.

      FMD could be the father. But legally it is BHO. That was ‘legally’ established via the documented divorce. That documented divorce is missing one page BTW.

      So regardless of the real biology, the legal father is non-American, transient visitor BHO I.

      I am at a point where I really believe that Obama was born in one of three places – Hawaii (yes, I will explain…), Washington State somewhere or Canada at Peace Arch. I continue to rule out Kenya and think that the ‘Born in Kenya’ was a story line that BHO adopted to create a linkage to an absentee father. But that storyline was a problem once the WH aspirations kicked in.

      The problem in finding real records anywhere is that I also now believe that there was at least one and maybe two ‘closed adoptions’ ob Obama. One when SAD married LS in 1965 and maybe another when Obama moved in with the grandparents in 1971. The MSM bent over backwards to protect the 1965 date…just go check old articles. The marriage was always stated to be in 1967 or 1968. But in 1965 Obama would have been almost automatically adopted under international law. And he is listed an Indonesian citizen in the few school records that have been found. Adoption by the GPs makes sense since SAD apparent was cutting the strings in 1971. If that is the case then permanent guardianship needed to be given the GPs. So you may very well have at least 1 if not 2 ‘closed adoptions’ in place. If that is the case then the birth records and hospital records and divorce records (remember that missing page!) have been LEGALLY scrubbed of birth and identity documents and identifiers. ‘Closed adoptions’ create a legal ‘worm-hole’ where you go in as one person and come out another. And legally, the old identity is scrubbed from public record. That may be the case here. And if so, no one has to work to hard to hide old 1961 documents. If there was an adoption a judge has already done that!

      With all that I will go back to why I say Hawaii may be in play as the actual birth place. If an adoption occurred, the 1961 records really ARE sealed (as was at times stated in 2008).

      So this may be a messy, very messy situation. It does not relieve the administration of providing the facts to put the concern of usurpation or eligibility to rest or address them up front.

      Regardless of birth place the foreign father is still an issue. And legally he is stuck with that albatross. The other potential issue is claiming to be a foreign national after age 18. That could also be a serious problem to Obama. Until we get unfiltered facts we will not know though.

      • Don’t forget that Obama Sr. made a visit and stayed with the Dunhams about December 1971. If he was the father and the grandparents adopted Jr., wouldn’t Sr have to give up his parental rights after he was relisted as the father.

        • Not sure on that.
          I had never heard that he stayed with the Dunhams, just that he made a quick tour givings speeches.

  15. Related to possible adoption but also just plain strange.

    This entry in rootsweb…

    Why does it appear SAD has 3 children? And why 2 under Obama? If anything should there not be 2 under Seotoro? If a child is legally adopted do they show up under both the birth father and the adoptive father? If so, is it just that the fathers are swapped and there should be 2 under Seotoro and only 1 under Obama?

    Maybe this is just another anomaly in this mess of genealogy. Maybe not.

  16. Remember that Stanley Ann’s friend said that when she visited with pink, little, baby Barry, Stanley Ann was staying with “a friend” of her mother’s? And didn’t her friend also say that she and the baby arrived via a car borrowed from the friend? The easiest way for a girl staying in a small town in WA to get to Seattle might be to borrow a car from her hostess.

  17. Another Michelle confirmation?

    Source article referenced above.

    “African Press International is supposed to support Africans and African-American view,” she reportedly said. “It is strange that API has chosen to support the racists against my husband. There is no shame in being adopted by a stepfather. All dirt has been thrown onto my husband’s face and yet he loves this country. My husband and I know that there is no law that will stop him from becoming the president, just because some American white racists are bringing up the issue of my husband’s adoption by his stepfather. The important thing here is where my husband’s heart is at the moment. I can tell the American people that my husband loves this country and his adoption never changed his love for this country. He was born in Hawaii, yes, and that gives him all the right to be an American citizen even though he was adopted by a foreigner.”

    Lets pullout the key phrases here:

    “There is no shame in being adopted by a stepfather.”

    “…the issue of my husband’s adoption by his stepfather…”

    “…even though he was adopted by a foreigner.”

    Then if you go dig around in API…

    “In a secret meeting held in Radison SAS hotel in Oslo yesterday night between Mr Korir and Mr Gregory Burns, it became clear that the President elect did not wish the story be kept alive any longer, especially because there are now issues with the Governor of Illinois coming up that may place a new burden on Obama.

    The President elect in the words of his emissary wants API to stop circulating the story about his Wife’s call to API.”

    “API has gone through all articles published between the 15th of October and the 17th of November when the Michelle Obama story broke out…”

    • Whoa dude! Gotta come back to read through it all-lots of interesting stuff you’ve brought to me.
      Thank you so much!

  18. Screen shots of API article that has been deleted.

  19. I agree that there’s a lot of interesting exchange going on here. I’m listening. Great stuff!

  20. This story is great! I had often wondered about API and what happened to them. Oh, crap!

  21. I apologize for more post but I am on a roll today.

    Was Barak/Barry Soetoro an official Muslim in Indonesia. The answer was absolutely yes.

    In the comments:

    “Here’s the interesting point that if the marriage and adoption process were legal then he according to Indonesian law must be an Indonesian citizen. ”

    Here is ‘the law’ on Indonesian Citizenship:,,,LEGISLATION,IDN,4562d8cf2,3ae6b4ec8,0.html

    Lots of interesting elements here that come or could come into play.

    Obama gained Indonesian Citizenship under Article 1 Section b (since this was a Muslim marriage, see below). Or Article 2 (there is that magical under the age of 5 thing).

    He could (should) have lost in under a number of clauses. An interesting one is Article 17.c. That clause provides an explanation by BHO I may have had to make an appearance in 1971. The be the ‘alien’ (in regards to Indonesia) that would reclaim ‘his’ child so that Indonesia citizenship would be discontinued. Just a possible theory.

    Article 17.k and Article 18 are interesting. 17.k says if you have been outside the country for 5 years and turn 18 you are no longer a citizen. In that case Obama should NOT have been Indonesian Citizen after he turned 18. … Unless Article 18 is used.

    Remember the 1981 trip…where was the FIRST stop on that trip….Indonesia…to visit Mom and step-sister…supposedly.

    “Apparently, according to the Obama campaign, In 1981 — the year Obama transferred from Occidental College to Columbia University — Obama visited his mother and sister Maya in Indonesia. After that visit, Obama traveled to Pakistan with a friend from college whose family was from there. The Obama campaign says Obama was in Pakistan for about three weeks, staying with his friend’s family in Karachi and also visiting Hyderabad in Southern India.”

    Finally, Could Stanley Ann maintained her religion and that of her child in a Muslim marriage in Indonesia? The answer there is – no.

    About in middle of page above:

    “…If religious law forbids inter-religious marriage, for example the marriage between a Muslim man and a non-Muslim woman, then the marriage cannot go ahead. “In Islam, this principle is non-negotiable”

    • OK, I shall have to devote my day tomorrow to going through all of this.
      And, NEVER APOLOGIZE for supplying us with research and information. We need all the participation that we can get.
      Thank you for the work you are doing.

    • Just posted this at Hannity (I assume I am allowed to copy my own words).

      This is why Sr is needed in Hawaii in 1971.

      1. He reclaims Obama as his and thus terminates Indonesian citizenship under Article 17.c – “being recognized by an alien as his/her child if the person concerned has not reached the age of 18,…”. Mom can not legally terminate the Indonesian citizenship status on her own. She is now an Indonesian in the eyes of Indonesia. They need the “alien father” to formally claim Obama Jr. again. This is needed to ensure Obama is never caught up in the lack of dual citizenship status in Indonesia. Mom will still be there and he needs the ability to come and go from that country in the future if wanted/needed. And the grandparent probably do not want that issue hanging around.

      2. At this point he is a Kenyan/UK citizen for sure. Does he still have US Citizenship? I will not go there for now. Remember, his mother is now an Indonesian in the eyes of Indonesia so she can not/did not terminate his Indonesian on her own. If there are any doubts if Obama was formally a Kenyan/UK citizen this erases them. At least for a few minutes or days or weeks he had to be a formal Kenyan/UK citizen and the formal child of BHO Sr. – again.

      3. Then the Dunhams formally adopt Barry. He is now a US citizen (again?), his legal guardians are the grandparents and everyone can now go and lead a normal American life. Barak Obama Sr. is then freed of his parental responsibilities and goes back home. But the who process with approvals, typewriters, embassies, etc. takes time. Hence why Barack Sr. hangs out in Hawaii for around a month and hangs with his family.

      4. When the process is complete – SAD/SAS goes back to Lolo in Indonesia no longer the legal guardian/parent of Obama Jr. Obama Sr. is gone and you have a somewhat standard family situation.

      Think about it. If you were the grandparents and you were take responsibility for this child do you just flaunt the law and risk running into Citizenship and legal guardian issues later? Hell no. You do all of this by the book. You know your daughter is a flake and you know daddy was daddy in name only. You run into guardian/citizenship issues down the road and its a nightmare. So I bet the grandparents made sure everything was done by the book and legal in December 1971-January 1972 while they had SAD and BHO Sr. there. They had to if they were to continue raising their grandchild.

  22. After I posted above, I contacted a friend of mine that lives on the canadian border. She said that there was never an incident where a canadian came to give birth in her hometown even though it was the closest hospital to anything in Canada. There was no crossing the border for that kind of thing. But I think it was mentioned somewhere that the aunt actually lived in Canada at some point a couple of years earlier. If the birth occured in canada it would have to be when the aunt lived in canada.

    Nothing is outside the realm of possibility but as a normal course of action, you did not cross the border to give birth.

    • Only thing is – we don’t know what was in SAD’s mind. And if you just so happened to be out for a little drive, getting some fresh air, then you are very close to having bouncing barack – you dash into the nearest hospital – it’s Canandian – have the kid, then stick Canada with the bill and skip back over the border.

      • Right, that’s what she said. Like I said in my first comment, with this crew who knows and yes she could have even had friends there given the proximity. It certainly was not difficult to cross the border, actually I am not even sure there was a border “crossing” but there was no sharing of facilities.

      • If Stanley Ann were staying in Blaine WA, there wouldn’t be a hospital other than White Rock, BC for miles. Have the baby at home? or in Canada?

        Blaine WA sounds so inviting for a possible birth story. *When the aunt was living in Blaine would have to be established.* Many air force installations in the Seattle area could have served as a base for her uncle, and they are not close to the border.

        If someone could only examine the service locations and dates for the uncle….

  23. “There was no crossing the border for that kind of thing. But I think it was mentioned somewhere that the aunt actually lived in Canada at some point a couple of years earlier. If the birth occured in canada it would have to be when the aunt lived in canada.”

    And this could have made him be born a couple of years earlier, which we don’t really know his birth date at all. It was on MySpace or something, that he was several years older than he was really supposed to be, unless that was planted too. Could have been. What is he supposed to be, age? Well, a couple of years ago, they had him at 52. That b-date was like in 2008 or 2009.

  24. Perhaps you already know this, but in Dreams From My Father, Obama (or his ghostwriter) quotes his grandfather telling a anecdote about Barack Sr. in which he refers to Stanley Ann as “Anna”:

    And don’t you know, that’s how your dad acted for the rest of the tour–like nothing happened. Of course, your mother was still pretty upset when they got home. In fact, she was barely talking to your dad. Barack wasn’t helping matters any, either, ’cause when your mother tried to tell us what had happened he just shook his head and started to laugh. ‘Relax, Anna,’ he said to her–your dad had this deep baritone, see, and this British accent.” My grandfather tucks his chin into his neck at this point, to capture the full effect. “‘Relax, Anna,’ he said. ‘I only wanted to teach the chap a lesson about the proper care of other people’s property!’”

  25. I have been unable to find much of anything on any of the three!.I was able to find that Orland graduated from Urbana High School in Indiana in 1932. I also received verification from UW at Madison that he received his Masters in 1940..Then it gets interesting.

  26. Some truly interesting details you have written.Helped me a lot, just what I was searching for : D.

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