Another One Bites The Dust !!

Lookie here Kittens !!

WHOOPS !!!  MAJOR UPDATE-I think they just showed their hand.  This must be what all the weird stuff had been about lately.  Smells like a set-up…….and I don’t mean for obama.  I expect this is how they will introduce the magical long form birth certificate.

Hawaii lawmakers want release of Obama birth info

Jan. 27, 2011

Hawaii Gov. Abercrombie’s Health Director Quits

AP) HONOLULU – Interim Hawaii Health Director Dr. Neal Palafox abruptly quit Wednesday, the first of new Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s Cabinet appointees to leave.

The reason for Palafox’s resignation was a mystery, and he wouldn’t say whether he was asked to resign.

Abercrombie’s office said Palafox asked the Democratic governor to withdraw his nomination.

“Gov. Abercrombie accepted Dr. Palafox’s request and will make a new appointment for the Health Director as soon as possible,” spokeswoman Donalyn Dela Cruz said in a statement.

balance of article at above link

So, lets do a little time line, shall we?

1)Abercrombie gets rid of experienced admin. staff the instant he is sworn in.
2)Neil A. goes on the search for obama’s birth records and makes it public that he is searching.
3) Neil makes it public in a bumbling way that he can’t find obama’s records.
4)Neil mentions a mysterious “handwritten” record located in a STATE archive rather than the DOH where it should be.
5) Neil’s buddy of many years goes on the air(1/20), and clearly, concisely, emphatically STATES that Neil himself told him that he searched the DOH, both hospitals, everywhere it could possibly be, everywhere it should be-and there is NO record of a hospital birth for obama in Hawaii. He didn’t say, “I think what Neil was saying was….”
6)The next day Neil releases a statement that he’s been informed that HI laws prohibit him from releasing vital stat info on obama.
7)The audio of the radio show with Mike blabbing away is put on YouTube after Neil makes the last statement.
8) Original YouTube vid is pulled after it goes viral.

#9 will be that Mike Evens is trying to walk back his comments – saying (unconvincingly) that he “misspoke” and that Neils office told him that stuff, not Neil himself.

#10 is this sudden leave-taking of the interim Director of Health, who was put in to replace the former one, Chiyome Fukino.

In fact, here is how the rouster looked there as of yesterday:

1/28 Update;

I read the following in a comment thread over on the TEXASDARLIN blog this am.  It was about this same topic, and I thought the commenter (marylou) made some good points. Food for thought.

1. If the law doesn’t specifically limit the privacy law change to Obama only, it will be immediately challenged (probably by the DOJ) and Barry can claim that he wants to release the B.C. but can’t because it’s being tied up by a court case that affects all Hawaiian citizens.

2. The law will be worded to unlock the original B.C. that was sealed when Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetoro. Assuming there’s nothing damaging to Obama on that B.C., then the media need never let the public know that Obama was adopted and, at best, had dual citizenship at one time.

3. There’s a plausible fake B.C. ready to go and this is just the impetus to make it public without Obama coming forward to do so. This is necessary because there are other records that Obama doesn’t want to release (like school records), but if HE releases the B.C. then those are likely be asked for and expected also. With the release of this fake B.C. he can claim umbrage that so many people caused a ruckus about it and he’s not going to kowtow to them by releasing anything else for their benefit. Should anyone question the validity of this fake B.C., it only reinforces his meme that he’s the victim of a segment of the public who will never be happy no matter how he tries to appease them


~ by ladysforest on January 27, 2011.

42 Responses to “Another One Bites The Dust !!”

  1. uh oh….so no one’s home…hmmm. maybe they can’t fill the position based on the new job description…oh dear.

    • I can’t reply from my command center – most weird.


      These are fricken DEMS, and mentioning a stupid fee, to offset the 10 or less inquires they get a week? Are they fuc*ing kidding me? How bout the thing just gets published after all info is vetted by an impartial panel, then the request STOP, no money to worry about collecting.

      It’s transparent BULLSHIT.

      It’s a set up. The whole Neil Appleass and his erstwhile buddy, Mike, are part of the game.

  2. I don’t should have happened way before now. If they try to issue a long form with everything blacked out, I dont think it will accomplish much. Everything that has been released from the COLB to the passport files to the passport, nothing has worked. They obviously thought that by releasing all that other stuff that things would slow down but it keeps picking up steam because it just isn’t that easy to manipulate documents, too many people are too smart for just anything to fly.

    I mean all someone has to do is conclusively is say thet they saw the birth certificate, he was born in Hawaii, he was not a registered foreign birth, they would take an oath to stand behing their statement, end of story, everyone would go home, but they can’t get anyone to do it. I don’t even believe they would have to give the parent’s names to satify the “bither” claims. They could just say I gave you what you wanted to know that’s all I’m giving.

    But NO ON DOES. It’s incredible. Why didn’t Applecrummy? Why say he couldn’t find it? I mean WTH? You know that even the birth announcement looks fishy for pete’s sake, I mean what’s up with that?

    • This smells like a set-up. It’s all dems.

      I think it is because he can’t get through the 2012 election without doing something convincing. Add to that the states that are putting together laws regarding this…………it’s a set up to try to establish proof now, have it accepted….ect. and then he gets a pass in 1012. There is something going on with this, count on it.

      • Where’s Mike!!! What was that card game? If we play cards, the two cards down didn’t provide enough cover for any statement that any official was willing to stand behind. OK…now we suspect that there will appear the document that no one would vouch for. I don’t know…. I bet there are alot of people that wish this guy never showed up.

        • LOL! Yes, I thought of Mike as well.

          I think this is the cover for the laws that so many states are trying to pass, and maybe something else. Something is tickling at me, but I can’t quite get it. Remember, he is just now starting to campaign. The timing is key.

      • I am here.

        The card game is Texas Hold-em Poker. Its on ESPN and other channels a lot.

        If someone goes ‘all-in’ (that is bets all their chips at the table) then you should be worried. That would mean they have aces in those hidden ‘hole-cards’. May be forged aces but they have them. But just like a real poker game. If you do that its too easy to validate. In the poker game check all the cards – if you have 6 aces in the deck, its a bad deck. And that is the problem anyone trying to forge a long form would have. It would might work for a hand or 2. But just like the fake COLB it will be outed eventually.

        When this was Lingles shop it seems there some level of risk taking – at least by Fukino, Okubo, CEO Kevin Cronin and Schatz. Schatz should be brought up fraud charges since he KNOWINGLY submitted an document that he KNEW was not acceptable to the CEO (Cronin). His ‘bluff’ was also an attempt to defraud. Had it been accepted by Cronin then Pelosi does nothing unusual and there is no ‘tell’ to the hold-cards (actual birth records or lack of).

        The question is did Schatz really attempt to defraud the office of the CEO or was this a pre-orchestrated dance? At the current time it is hard to tell. But this dance of OCONs is the indication that there is a line that the locals in the islands will not cross. They will get close and maybe hang a toe or 2 across it, but they seem to KNOW that the music will stop eventually and they will not be without a chair when it does. And now the guy who would be on the hot seat on this issue for the next years resigns. Is this his ‘tell’? It sure seems like it. Did he look at the ‘hole card’ and chose to ‘fold’ instead of playing hand after hand and trying to bluff for 2 or more years? Is the billing record issue legitimate? Is it a smear in retribution? Is it generated ‘reason’ for him to leave without indicating it has anything to do with the Obama BC issue? These are legitimate questions that need legitimate answers.

        I think the work here and at other blogs is simply outstanding. But it is time for the media to get a backbone. Where is the real Bob Woodward on this with the resources of a major news outlet? Where is a Ben Bradley who will make stand? There are many cowards in this sad affair. And they are not just in Hawaii and the White House. They are in the newsrooms of TV stations and newspapers.

        Now in close tonight. I will switching card games to Blackjack. It is time to ‘double down’. Double your bet when the cards are in your favor. It is time to wright congress representatives and wright Abercrombie and even wright direct personal emails to Schatz and ask this simple question – why did HDP not certify Obama in 2008? It is time to pick on this question until it bleeds out. Schatz can not hide behind privacy laws on this one like Fukino did on the records. Schatz has to provide the background to that document.

  3. I thought this was pretty well stated:

  4. what do you make of this?

    maybe “dreams” is

  5. Ladyforest,
    Obama was adopted by the Crow Nation tribal leader, Hartford Black Eagle, and his wife Mary in May 2008. This has always struck me as very odd and I have wondered what was his purpose in doing this.

    His adoption by this Crow family is reported to be a formal adoption with honorary tribal membership according to this article. Obama made sure to reward the Crow Nation with a $462 million water rights settlement and is pushing for indian sovereignty and plenty of financial aid.

    Wouldn’t his Hawaiian birth certificate be sealed due to his adoption into the Black Eagle family? Does anyone know whether indian tribes have birth certificates for adoptees and if they contain any of the original birth information? Could the indian’s new found sovereignty protect Obama from his fraud and crimes in some way? This is all so bizarre.

    • No, the “adoption” was symbolic and as he was “adopted” as an adult it would not be reflected in his birth records. I suspect it was all part of what is going on in how the tribes are being hoodwinked and subjected to being sold a pig in a polk.

  6. Thanks Mike. I am with you in that I don’t believe anyone in Hawaii is willing to incriminate themselves. So then the question is how do you get a document issued from Hawaii if no one from Hawaii is willing to issue it?

  7. I guess this is the card game…you’re probably a better player than me but I am betting not. Check this out:

    Let’s see where it goes.

    • WOW-I’ll have to read it all tomorrow – off to bed now. Thanks for sending that!

      • whoops…i meant this to say that you are probably a better player but i am still betting they wont vouch for him…i scipped a few words

  8. Excellent work, Ladysforest!

    I gave a to this link at WZ:

    You know something smells when the same jokers who passed a vexatious requester law last year NOW want to make the “records” available.

    Beware Hawaiians bearing gifts! Especially Dem’s connected to Zero.

    • Oh yes, absolutely. They are trying to play a deeper game here, but when more and more people get involved, there is more of a chance for sh*t to go wrong. I suspect the Dems know nothing, but were “cued” to do this to “help” out for the 2012 campaigning.

      Thanks for putting me on WZ, I go there most every day.

  9. Abercrombie has apparently removed or scared off all of the top positions at the DOH. Have the other state departments lost all of their top people also, or is the situation at the DOH unique?

    • Abblerabble fired all of the admin the day he was sworn in. I have to wonder if they saw that coming. I kinda don’t think they expected what they got.

      And that last question-that’s a very excellent question. If I have time today, I will check some of the websites for the other departments and see if the contact info looks like the screenshot from the Dept. of Health. Makes one wonder what those people did if the whole top admin staff can be vacant for over a month and there isn’t total chaos.

  10. If ladysforest will allow me to ‘theorize’ why it appears the local Hawaii Democrats may be letting this issue gain new life I would like to so here.

    Keep these two phrases in mind – “plausible deniability” and “power of subpoena”.

    The “power of subpoena” is the fact that the opposition party took the House of Representatives. With control of either houses comes the ability issue subpoenas. With the Democrats in control of both houses there was never a chance of subpoenas being issued on this subject. Even now, the Republicans, especially those in office in 2008, will tread lightly here. But at least the possibility of a hearing on this issue is now far stronger than before November.

    The “plausible deniablity” comes from the fact that now Abercrombie is Governor and not 5,000 miles away being a Representative and Brian Schatz is Lt. Gov. and not just the HDP party head. They were not responsible for “being in the loop” in their old roles. Now, as the administration leaders of the state they are or can be considered “in the loop” on this issue. Their ability to claim “plausible deniablity” of what ever facts emerge shrinks every day now that they are actual office holders.

    It certainly appears everyone knows everyone in Hawaii and the comments from Mike Evans and Tim Adams seem to indicate that locally there is no secret. It is a Democratic dominated state that happened to have a Republican administration in charge at the critical time. But now, its back in the Democrats hands and its their watch.

    Remember that Schatz would not provide a OCON that was valid. Also, remember that they attorney that represented Stanley Ann Dunham in her divorce and has been (and may still be) an attorney for HDP is William H. Gilardy. Talk about seeing the ‘hole cards’ in this game of political Texas Hold-em. Mr. Gilardy should have had full view of those hold cards in 1980 during the divorce. He may be the person who provided the input to Schatz.

    See towards the bottom here.

    • Ohhh, nice. I had forgotten about SAD’s attorney.
      You’ve make some very good points Mike. Thank you.

  11. Obots are bashing Birthers-on a CBS comment thread about that “new law” HI wants to pass to sell souvenir copies of obama’s COLB.

    If anyone wants some action:

  12. Interesting analysis in a post at FR:

    See the long entry by SteveH to Red Steal – post 5.

    “As events transpired, they fit the hypothesis that the latter conjecture happened, that the Obama camp was insufficiently pleased by Abercrombie’s latest back-off and wanted a more politically convenient story told to the media and the public by Abercrombie’s new HDOH Director, Palafox, and when Palafox refused to play ball, the Obama camp came up with anonymous rumors to threaten his good name. The scenario would continue that Palafox instead of taking directions from the Obama camp, simply refused, and when the allegations surfaced, simply resigned.

    The guy is probably lucky to be alive given the stakes involved.”

    • Hum, very good theory, it sure fits the timing. I’ve always felt that everyone (HI officials) that ever made a statement, had it carefully parsed by the attorneys first. They seem to edge around outright perjury.
      But hey, if I am wrong, I am wrong. I don’t believe I am.
      None of that is as important to me as the nbC factor, I admit. That I am absolutely on solid ground with.
      I’ll pop over to FR and read up as soon as I get my chores done.

  13. So what evidence do you have for any of this?

    Whay have EIGHTY plus judges dismissed your cases, followed by THIRTY plus appeals courts UPHOLDING the prior judges?
    Whay has the SCOTUS ignore all of your Cert requests and denied them without comment?

    Why is that?


    • Hey douche-bag, I have never brought a court case. You’re posting on the wrong blog you putz!

      LOL-you are a sad loser, aren’t you dipshit?

  14. i’m curious if you ever found the cover of “dreams” odd? why a picture of your father as an infant on the lap of his mother? this is not the image that everyone has of senior…

  15. I took it as fgh said this towards the entire birther movement and not you personally, ladysforest.

    • Don’t really give a shit. Seriously.
      If some douche-pickle wants to attack me on MY blog they better bring it based on MY material.
      I am not an obot clinger. Nor am I of the opinion that obama was born in some clandestine location. I don’t really give a damn where he was born, not really.
      I care about the true meaning of natural born Citizen. If some loose cannon looser runs around to every respectable blog mouthing off, then that person will get told off.
      Worthless fgh putz!
      I’m not a Republican – I don’t let asses push me around.
      I’m not a democrat, I don’t sell out my beloved country.
      That simple.

  16. this blog has some good stuff…when i see something new i like to post it somewhere…do you think a little too much of connect the dots?

    BTW i think i have a post in moderation…did you get it?

  17. I looked up some info on the doctor that supposedly delivered obo:

    here is some background:

    Rodney T. West, M.D. was born on the island of Maui in the then Territory of Hawaii. He graduated from the Punahou School in Honolulu and attended Northwestern University in Chicago, where he earned his Medical Degree. He returned to the Islands, spent 18 months as an intern and resident at the Queen’s Hospital and then went into a private practice in Honolulu.

    Strange…everyone in hawaii ends up in chicgo or visa versa..and was that the only school on the island?

    • He’s been ruled out long ago. I didn’t save the info. WTPOTUS or Dr.Kate may have quick reference.

      Ans yes-there are many connections between HI and Chicago. I know of a few that are not publicly on the radar.

  18. Back in the early 60’s, I’d bet there was only one decent civilian maternity hospital on Hawaii or Oahu.
    I really don’t know, but the population of the islands didn’t explode until it was made a state in mid 1959.
    No idea what connection there is to Chicago.
    Maybe just coincidence?
    If *I* was in Chicago, I know I’d rather be in Hawaii too.
    But the other way around?
    Not so much.
    Why leave paradise for a dirty city?

    Btw, if one calls someone a douche-bag, a putz, a loser (AND a looser), a dipshit and a douche-pickle (cute one, btw), I think it’s a little difficult to maintain that they really don’t care. 😉
    But to each their own.
    Your blog is entertaining, but if you really didn’t care, I don’t see why you’d bother writing so much.
    Perhaps just ignore him instead? 🙂

    • Sometimes I vent. I VERY rarely get such comments, maybe one every couple of months. Typically I do just ignore them and delete, but when someone posts on this blog about something random and not related to any work I’ve done, lumping me in with things I have no connection to, and attempting to insult myself and my readers – sometimes I vent.
      Ignoring bullies encourages them. If he/she/it had commented on a bit of my work in a rude way, I’d delete. If they come on here to insult with a broad brush, they don’t get a pass.
      LOL-didn’t realize I typed “looser” – it was late.
      As I said, it is extremely rare that I have a comment from a jerk, and I don’t suffer obama clingers gladly.
      And seriously, I really don’t care in the important sense. The opinions of bullies and fools will not sway me from my work or my position on this topic. Ever.

  19. You all have been talking about LameCherry a bit, I went ahead and googled “Who writes LC” and they did not know, no specific name was mentioned. To me, it sounds a bit like G. Gordon Liddy, so I think it could be someone like that if not him. That blog mentions Hannity a lot, what is the infatuation?? And as you put the Drudge Report up on your blog sometimes, man, headline floored me what’s up now, “Wikileaks: …..”

    • I confess to being quite fascinated by Lame Cherry. (Her) writing style is compelling, and insight into many complex, elusive issues is provocative.
      LC used to be all for Hannity, but lately is disenchanted, as are many of us. Fox, et al, have become to similar to the LSM, while marching around shouting how they are so different. Really, not so very different at all anymore. In a couple more months, they will have softly segued into MSNBC lite. Hannity is all empty outrage these days I’m afraid.
      Hey, he’s gotta earn a living I guess. Maybe it gnaws at him, I hope it does.
      I do have to look into the new Wikileaks thingy, been reading cool musty Constitutional stuff last three or four days when able. I think I need a bitty break from that.

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