I’m Only Here To Help Obama

The bear serves it!  A lighthearted take on the MISSING LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE problem facing our country.


Sorry – can’t import the embedded, the above link is all good though.




~ by ladysforest on January 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “I’m Only Here To Help Obama”

  1. Im curious where you were during the 2004 electon cycle when Bush first refused to produce his military record and when it was produced most of it was blacked out. Since Bush was being accused of failing to report to duty and dereliction of duty, both of which are felonies, I would say it was very important to make sure we did not have a convicted felon in the oval office. Or how abouth the truckloads of paperwork connecting him to the Bin Laden family?
    Here is why. For 8 years the republican party held the US as hostages while they looted the country. Critisize them and you get ostrasized, like the Dixie Chicks did. They were led by a band of criminals who stole an election. Republicans blindly accept anything their party says no matter how ridculous as long as they “say” they are the good guys and liberals are evil tools of Satan who want to turn every one gay.
    You, and your kind, now have a blasted economy given to you by a party that cant even balance the books of the RNC. You now have a huge loss of civil rights and your paying 3 times as much for fuel.
    Maybe you might think about turning your awesome investigative powers to look at the REAL criminals and stop chasing the monsters the Repubs put in our closets.

    • Hey Carlo – WHY ARE YOU BUSH BASHING ON MY BLOG? Are you mental or something? Have you read a single word that is written on this blog?
      No, I don’t think that you have.
      If you had, you worthless little obama clinger, you would know that I am a Libertarian, and I have never written a supportive word about Bush.
      If you had you wouldn’t waste anyone’s time with your pathetic support of this phony president who is destroying our country.
      If you love communism so well, I suggest that you move over to a country where it is established and see how successfully your life goes along. Go ahead, I dare you.
      No, you won’t, will you? You like to eat. You like to go to movies. You like to buy nice clothes. You like to have THE RIGHT to be a punk and say your piece even if you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground.
      You know what I wish for people like yourself? I wish you would be forced to live as the average citizen in a communist country has to exist for a month. You will come crying home to mamma, you dumb punk. Oh, but they wouldn’t do that to you would they? They wouldn’t treat you like all the rest would they? Because you are a good little commie, and support them, they will look out for you.
      You will never own up that the government you WANTED so damn badly is delivering the coup d’etat to this once great nation, and filthy little you is responsible.
      So the poor un-American Dixie-chicks get a bad rap? They did that to themselves. They had to know that people who listen of that type of music would be the least likely to forgive their brand of treason.
      By the way, Bush 1 is the guy who stood and told Americans that he wanted to take them into the NWO. You must have adored that guy-he should be your biggest hero for getting that ball rolling.

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