Get It While It’s Hot Kittens !!

This is too perfect to be real.  I mean……….a good buddy of Neil Appleass, the Hawaiian Governor, is on a radio stating emphatically that Neil Ambercrumby determined THAT THERE IS NO BIRTH CERTIFICATE AT ALL in the Hawaii Dept. of Health for barack Hussein obama.

Can someone verify for me that this conversation actually did take place on air?  I think this must be a set up!

Rep. John Bingham of Ohio, considered the father of the Fourteenth Amendment, confirms the understanding and construction the framers used in regards to birthright and jurisdiction while speaking on civil rights of citizens in the House on March 9, 1866:

[I] find no fault with the introductory clause [S 61 Bill], which is simply declaratory of what is written in the Constitution, that every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen…[6] — Source:


that every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen


During an interview on the KQRS morning radio show on January 20, Mike Evans, a long-time friend of Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie, shared a conversation he had with the governor the day prior. The reader is advised to judge for himself the credibility of Evans’ account, but he sounds convincing.

When Evans spoke to Abercrombie on January 19, Abercrombie reportedly told him that he searched the relevant Hawaii hospitals using his powers as governor, and concluded, according to Evans, “There is no Barack Obama birth certificate in Hawaii, absolutely no proof at all that Obama was born in Hawaii.” After Abercrombie made such a fuss about finding the birth certificate, Evans concluded of his friend that he has “got some egg in the face.”

Direct link to podcast-fast loading audio-towards the end of podcast


~ by ladysforest on January 24, 2011.

10 Responses to “Get It While It’s Hot Kittens !!”

  1. hmm…it must be true…why would anyone put it out there…i am telling you that hawaii is going to be the one that fesses up. could it be obama’s useful days are over and they are going to throw him under the bus? look at how many democrats he threw under the bus and caused them to lose the house…interesting.

    • Good Lord, I hope Hawaii fesses up — it’ll save some of us researchers some money !!

      I just got a link from AttilasDaughter that seems to verify the vid. I may still email the station tomorrow cause I get all hung up on official verifactions.

  2. Transplanting comment to correct post:

    Hi Ladyforest,
    here is the archive of the “morning show”.
    I think YouTube clip was from the 24th of january.
    The person talking about Abercrombie could have been a caller.

    attilasdaughter said this on January 24, 2011 at 6:25 pm | Reply (edit)

    • Thank you AttilasDaughter! I don’t know which section it would be in, so I may go ahead and contact them tomorrow to see if they can hook me up with that info and their OFFICIAL verification.

      Thanks again!


  4. link to Stations live stream

    1/20/2011 Part 1


    Friend says Abercrombie told him, ‘There is no birth certificate!’
    American Thinker ^ | Jan. 24, 2011 | Jack Cashill

    Breaking: On air Interview of Gov Abercrombie long time friend “There is no birth certificate!”
    Hollywood Insider Radio Interview ^ | 1-25-2011 | Mike Evans
    Obama story about Hawaii past and lost birth certificate(KQRS Mike Evans- No Hawaiian Obama BC)
    Youtube ^ | January 20, 2011 | Mike Evans

  7. Mike Evans take 2.

    [audio src="" /]

    I think they are a little hard on Mike Evans in saying he ‘backed off’ his story. His story was off the cuff and not meant to be serious journalism. The guy is a ‘hollywood reporter’ not an Dan Rather (ok, bad example) investigative reporter. Evans says he did not talk directly to Abercrombie but does not ‘back off’ anything else. He sounds genuine. But he has certainly stepped in it.

    • I believe he DID get that straight from the horses mouth. His words are statements, not opinions. I think he probably got a lot of heat on it and is looking for a way to distance himself. He did say that he spoke with Neil A. He was too specific, and too natural and quick with his responses to have been making that stuff up at the moment, which he would have had to do if he had not gotten it from Neil A.

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