Imagine The Possibilities

What if….now that all of the Honolulu Dept. of Health big wigs are dismissed and disinterred…..Governor Neil Applebutter sneaks in and purges the records of all sign that obama ever was fraudulently or otherwise registered there?

Imagine the fun kittens !!  The mind just whirls and we are giddy.

What if he holds that stuff hostage for some saggy old hippy man reason known only to himself?

Maybe he decided to expand his moral imagination ?



~ by ladysforest on January 21, 2011.

12 Responses to “Imagine The Possibilities”

  1. Sorry, must say this. Rush made some good points in that video that I heard of him on WND. Something doesn’t smell right to me at all. We take that administration and think that they can tell the truth about anything? Heck no! Something is terribly rotten about all of Abercrombie (sp?)!!! Maybe they had a huge party in HI and all met, discussing how they would handle all this crap while BO ate his snowcone or whatever it was.

    • Something is goofy, that is certain. Seems we will have to wait for the big reveal.

      My crew still has a few tidbits hidden away though.

      • I listened to the Rush clip and all this was discussed before, everyone thought there was some grand plan to make the “birthers” look like fools. But nothing has materialized yet. It seems it would have been more prudent to have already released the information. We all know the main objective with the BC was to fool the american people that the criteria for NBC was to be born in this country. Because they never released the information to prove that, everyone has had two years of reading what really constituted NBC and now we all know it is not being born in this country. The BC has lost its power.

        • Yes. Rush edged around the words in the article also. He was selective in what he read, which I feel is dishonest as he was trying to shape the narrative – something he accuses the MSM of doing. Go figure.

          The COLB stuff started in the campaign, so if the jackass had never been elected, what game could have been played with it? And since such a tiny number of people are convinced he was born in Kenya, how can that REALLY be used – four years later to discredit Republicans, much less Tea Partiers, who didn’t even exist when this game was supposedly developed to smear them and make them look racist? If Chrissy Tingles is unashamedly asking about it, I don’t think it means what they think it means. I think it was a gamble, a very calculated risk. It has paid off so far.

  2. In 2008 HDP would not and has never since confirmed Obama as Constitutionally eligible. Who in 2008 signed the document that DID NOT confirm Constitutional eligibility for Obama – Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz. Brian is not HDP old timer like Abercrombie. He seems young, energetic, has a family and probably does not want to see the inside of jail cell with all that going for him. And in 2008 the document he signed lacked the normal edibility wording the HDP and all state democratic parties provide presidential candidates. Thus, should it be conclusively determined that Obama was not born in Hawaii, Mr. Schatz will not be facing fraud charges for his formal actions as head of the DHP in 2008.

    The cloaking curtain has been raised with the actions of Schatz and Pelosi in 2008. In poker this would be called a ‘tell’. You may not see the cards. But through a player’s demeanor change you can tell what they are holding. Mr. Schatz’s ‘tell’ is the HDP candidate document that he formally signed. That ‘tell’ indicates the BC hand is not a couple of aces, but a couple of jokers.

    • Can you expand on your last sentence for me?

      • Using Texas Hold-em terms. Each player is dealt 2 cards down, these are ‘hole cards’ that only the players sees. Then 5 cards are dealt face for all to see. Best hand using the 2 hole cards and the 5 community cards wins. The best hole cards in this position are a pair of aces.

        If a solid document exists that shows Obama was born IN HAWAII I think Schatz runs with it and executes the state level candidate declaration with standard language because he has seen the hole cards (actual H-DOH records or documents). He could probably make a case for the British father/Dual Citizenship enough to not worry about being found guilty of fraud. But if Obama was not born in Hawaii and there is not a document or documents that knowingly stands up in court. Then Schatz is not going play poker with the possibility of jail time for fraud. That because the hole cards that still yet unseen by most are more like jokers.

        He seems like a smart guy. So, like in Texas Hold-em, he did what you do with a pair of weak hole cards. He did a weak bluff by at least submitting a legally worthless document. Why do I say bluff? Because the document HAS to have constitutional eligibility language to perform its function. The document submitted by Schatz was effectively worthless and that forced the DNC and Pelosi into action. So knowing he either has a) to play a very high stake poker game and play it all the way out regardless of what happens (as you have to do in cards when you bluff with a bad hand) or b) submits a worthless document staying ‘in the game’ but not raising the stakes.

        If he chose a) above he would have to play the bluff every day for the rest of his life. A smart man knows this is not the way to go through life. So Mr. Schatz gives us a perfect poker-like ‘tell’ to the hole cards that he must have seen or had an attorney see before he played this hand.

        • Cool breakdown ! Thank you for that. It follows along with what I’ve felt to be the case with most of the minor players.

  3. Mike…thanks, what a very simple way to explain what logically happened. What is interesting about every official in Hawaii is that none of them have gone out on a limb for BHO. Everyone of them has had their statements approved by the attorney general. Meaning? They are not loyal to him…look at the last report in the Honolulu paper where all the msm had to follow-up with some cover-up statement trying to make it appear that Applebutter can go no further. Interestingly enough it was Lingle that made the most outrageous claim, the one republican.

    • I think they are/were loyal to their jobs and fearful of future perjury charges. So, I feel that the few who did “participate”, did so carefully, just skirting the law. Everything was carefully laid out for them, and none of them said a word unless it came from the attorney general.
      Appleblossom’s blunder on 12/24 was no blunder. I haven’t quite figured out what the game is yet-it’s an onion.

      • After some digging this morning….

        Roads seem to lead Cronin as the key player.

        He was appointed in December of 2007. In July of 2008 he ran afoul of Lingle for playing loose with state-level candidate registrations. AND…he was not a registered voter in Hawaii in violation of state law until July 2008.

        Cronin’s actions, along with those of Speaker Pelosi based on the lack of certification by Schatz are the key.

        • I don’t know a ton on this particular end of this. Of course I have read about it, but haven’t followed it through.

          It’s excellent info to have, thanks Mike !

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