Dupnik Mania

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~ by ladysforest on January 17, 2011.

4 Responses to “Dupnik Mania”

  1. Wanted to tell you, which I come here to read all the time, but tonight I am so saddened and sick at heart. One of my little kitty friends that I’ve had since late summer of ’97, passed away as I was petting him. We knew that he was sick for a couple of days and tried to make him better, but he was worse this morning, and so much worse later. I was petting him when he took his last breath. He was a special little friend. I know that he was just a little animal, but he brought me comfort when I was alone. We still have his brother left, who is the same age.

    It’s just a sad day to me, and guess that I just wanted to tell you, ladysforest.

    • Kittycat, I am so sorry to hear this. I do know exactly how hard this is to go through, the loss of ones little friends.

      Having been through this, sadly, many times myself, most recently early last spring when we lost our dober-girl, Pallas Athena (Pallarina), my heart goes out to you.

      These losses are significant to those of us with “furkids”, and are always so hard to bear.

      Know that my heart goes out to you, and that I understand the depth of pain one feels when they lose a beloved pet.

  2. Thanks, ladysforest, and it means a lot to me what you said. Today has been a better day, but I’m still going to miss my little friend. He was so sweet, but was a stinker at the same time. So hard-headed. Still sweet. He was a tailless Manx, black and white with long hair. Well, those Manx are so different from other cats. They love dogs. When we had our doggy that died a few years ago, our kitty used to love all over her. They would kiss all the time.

    • Haha. Listen, I used to have the worst pisser of a cat you ever saw. She was mean, and would attack anything. She would tear things apart. And she ruined all of my plants by peeing in them-I couldn’t deter her from that no matter what I tried. She used to hang out on TOP of the door into the kitchen, and when you walked past she would reach down and snatch at your head.
      So, when I got the first dobe, our male, who is a moderately “hard” dog, she wound up having to be an outside cat. Which meant she had to be spayed. And the most amazing transformation took place in that she gradually became nice. Even to the dog.
      So, I thought that we could re-introduce her to the interior of the house. Thing is the dog was still resistant, but now the cat wanted to cuddle up to the dog. The dog got really upset by this……it was the funniest thing you ever saw. He was like, “What the hell, what the hell?” He was used to her viciously attacking him as soon as she saw him.
      Well, he would act seriously confused when she would first start snuggling up, then after a bit he would start to poke at her hard, then the original cat would assert herself – and he’d yelp and look like he didn’t know what the hell to do next. She was regulated back to the outdoors.
      Ah, memories!

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