In Great Specificity

I have, for quite some, felt that Sean Hannity is an apologist masquerading as a reasonable man.

There is something whiny in his voice that gets under my skin. And, there is something in how he is so impatient with the callers to his show who’s views oppose his own.  It’s weird in that if you are so whiny, how do you suddenly get all tough?  Unless it was those calling about that New York City 9/11 Victory Mosque, he was rather more patient with those people.  Obsequious.  Then he tries to cover by acting outraged about the imam.

And then yesterday, sigh, he up and sets aside an hour of his show for just the liberals to call in and express their opinions. On the Arizona tragedy.  I guess he’s not waiting for the fairness “decree” to be signed by the king, and distributed to all of the jesters.  He’s gettin on in there early to show what a good boy he is.

I did not care for his soft and snuggly critique of the Arizona Memorial Awards Event.  I did not think he was being straightforward when he said he didn’t have a problem with how the people in the audience were whistling and yelling and behaving like they were at a rally rather than a memorial for the dead.

Some lame parallel was drawn to how people sometimes behave at a Irish wake.  How they laugh and cry, tell stories, sometimes get rowdy. He said, not all people mourn the same way.  While this is completely true….

most of the people that attended were not there to mourn.  They were there to attend an event.

I know that at many Irish wakes, liquor is available – may have something to do with why those gatherings get a bit raucous.  A big difference is that at most memorials/wakes/dinners, those attending are almost always family or friends of the deceased.  This was not the case at this memorial.

Enough of this “memorial” coverage now.  We all know it was used to launch obama’s 2012 campaign.

This is about Hannity and others bowing to their masters, and getting all “fair” and wishywashy.

Watch what happens folks, and be prepared to get real disgusted with these guys.


~ by ladysforest on January 15, 2011.

6 Responses to “In Great Specificity”

  1. I myself am not a huge Hannity fan. I do like Rush the most. I know that a lot of people don’t. At least Rush will come out and say things that others won’t say. Sean is kind of whiny too. And I do firmly agree with that.

    • I enjoy listening to Savage the most. Or that one British Mark guy that subs for Rush sometimes. That dude is lightening fast. I love listening to him.
      Savage, is no nonsense and not affiliated with a party. I love how he calls people out for not answering the questions, he doesn’t screw around with being all gentle and PC.

  2. Well, when and if I get to listen to anyone, I do like Rush, and my husband tries to listen to him when he’s out working, which hasn’t been too much lately. I do think that I remember who you’re talking about on Rush, which my husband says is Mark Stein (sp?). He likes him too.

    • That’s the dude. He’s great.
      Rush, well…he gets a lot of his talking points from the blogs and Drudge these days. Like he’s riding the coat tails of others – just adding his own spin on the work they have done.

      • I don’t agree, Rush is as sharp as always, he’s gotten better in the years too. I’ve listened to him since about 1994. Rush has a staff. Yes, he reads Drudge but everyone does.

        I listen to this Cunningham fellow out of Cincinatti on Sunday nights but it is a National Show. He had Bob Unruh on, I guess Unruh is one of the big wheels for WND. It’s funny because I knew of Unruh decades ago in Southern California. I did not know now what he was doing.

  3. I concur, Rush really knows what he is talking about politically, now exercise and diet, he might be right but take it with a grain of salt. I tend to like Sean to an extent, I rarely watch his night show but often listen to his daily show: my quarrels with that is the radio show is often a plug for his Fox show and how many bloody times did Sean repeat what the President said in using that quote from the Untouchables, “If they bring a knife, we’ll bring a gun”, Okay, good quote still, works the first 3 or 4 times… but my gosh, he’s been a broken record with it, saying it every day, Rush would never do that and I think in turn it’s made Sean look a bit superficial. Maybe something is bothering him, it’s a possibility. Maybe they told him to tone it down or there is just something, I don’t think he’s been as much on the mark for the past month or so. I mean anyone could roll out that quote every day. Also, I think it was Hannity’s show where he seemed to get upset and say “Clinton was impeached” and “because he committed crimes” or words to that effect. Then, in the past few days, Britt Hume was on air, possibly Hannity but Hume seemed to say that impeaching President Clinton was probably a mistake by the Republicans. On this issue, I’m not here to get political but I kind of agree with Hume, Impeachment should probably be used for really serious crimes. Maybe I’m missing something. I will say for Hannity, he defends Sarah valiantly, so I do give him that. Okay, I ranted on but Savage is great too and people out there have done some damage to him like being barred from going to the UK or England. I’ve got to listen to his show at 2:00 AM if I want to hear him but Savage is right on the mark, check his website with his 37 points to make or save this country better which is what his new book is about. That is an important matter, a lot more important than some tirade on gays which I think is what he’s gotten in trouble for. Like I said, it’s not always easy to listen to his show but I definitely would say the best are 1. El Rushbo of course, 2. Savage, 3. Beck. Levin is good, Cunningham on Sunday nights is good but overall, the rest kind of blend together.

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