Ugly Michelle’s Ugliness-(live blogging)

The horrid thing that is Michelle obama, was standing at the Arizona event, this ridiculous  bitch stood there looking pissed as the National Anthem was about to be performed.  Everyone else had their hand on their heart, even that phony president husband of hers, and she, with very obvious reluctance and resentment, slowly dragged her hand up to where her heart is supposed to be located.  What a total lack of grace and class.  What an ugly moment in our national history.

Just what sort of an event is this?

Why is everyone cheering and whistling?  The attending are acting as though this is a concert or something.  This is the least reverent event that I have ever witnessed.  Do the people attending have any idea that people died?  Isn’t this intended as a MEMORIAL event?

This is not an awards ceremony is it?

It sounds like the speeches for each speaker were provided for them-no joke.  Everyone is screaming so loudly that you can barely hear the speakers.  How bizarre. ” We are all together, we are all Americans. “

Obama, meanwhile, looks like he’s chomping at the bit to git on up there.  These are his opening acts.  Sound phony.

What a dog and pony show this thing is.  This makes me embarrassed.

There is nothing soulful  or somber, or respectful.  It is an obama glory-fest.  It’s the weirdest thing I have seen yet.

OK>>>>>EWWWWWWWWWW   obama just said that when he was in the room at the hospital, “Gabby opened her eyes for the first time! ”  Just so you know he really is the messiah.

God, this is embarrassing – is it just me, or is this some circus/revival tent meeting?

It’s clap-tastic !!!

“Only a more civil discourse”——–you knew he was gonna do it.  He was going to use this as a platform.

“I believe we can be better-I know that how we treat one another………………………..”

“Forces that divide us are not as strong as those that unite us us”  Then he mentions the deceased child.  Goes on … now he IS USING THE LITTLE GIRLS DEATH AS A PLATFORM !!  EWWWWWWWWWW.

That is the phoniest thing that I have ever witnessed.

Oh, wait, it gets even better.  Lets comfort the mourners with a event inspired T-shirt !  Never let a tragedy go to waste !

screenshot-click on image to enhance:

Michelle Malkin gets it right:

Bottom line:

Speeches and leadership are not the same thing.

Obama delivered one tonight, but failed at the other over the past three days as Pima County Sheriff Dupnik, Democrat Party leaders, and media abettors poisoned the public square with the very vitriol the president now condemns.

Right speech. Too late. Awful, awful venue.



LOOKY HERE ……….. It turns out that obama used a theme from his campaign for the branding of the Arizona Memorial.  That’s right, he recycled and reused.  And his speech was written by someone else, only spoken by him.  But I hope no one out there was besotted  enough to think that obama could write such a speech.

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~ by ladysforest on January 12, 2011.

26 Responses to “Ugly Michelle’s Ugliness-(live blogging)”

  1. unbelievable? wish it was….. They are just too much. Maybe Michelle has her brain wrapped around the fact hey will soon be moving out of DC???
    I heard the Supremes met yesturday regarding elegibility. Anyone know if this is true?

  2. 2012 has begun

    Wonder if any of the attendees were bussed in or pre-screened.

    I know it sounds crass, but I wouldn’t put it past him.

    • Neither would I.. And what could possibly be more crass than branding the event and distributing T-shirts?

  3. I didn’t watch the speech. Actually I can’t stand to watch him or listen to him. My husband was telling me all the stuff that was there like the T-shirts. Well, he didn’t watch the speech either, but he saw it on the news. It’s very tacky in my opinion. And it’s also fake, phony. It’s more like a political rally.

    • I had a difficult time watching it – I had to keep the volume a bit on the low side to get through. I didn’t listen to Naps, ect.
      It was just the weirdest thing. People were yelling, whistling, hooting. At a memorial service. I didn’t expect that sort of behavior. It really did come across as a campaign rally atmosphere. Sad to say, but it is the truth. I was crossing my fingers that this one time, out of the whole stint in the WH, obama could get something really right. Uggh. I wonder if people in other countries think Americans are stupid for this untoward behavior?
      They could have asked the crowd to be less rowdy.
      If obama had kept the references to “rhetoric” out of his speech, it would have been much more appropriate. Or, if he just had to do it, and we know he wouldn’t let this opportunity pass him by, he should not have done it while speaking of the little girl. I found that sleazy as hell. That’s the only transparency he has brought to the game.

  4. Well, it’s just so terribly sad what happened, but that happens all the time. It’s just that usually it’s not a Federal judge nor a congressperson. So that’s going to make it stand out more.

    Then I can’t understand why people can’t see how fake and phony all of that is. This country has just gone nuts is all I can say.

    • Rush is carrying on about it. LOL. This will be used in the State of the Union speech. How strangely convenient.

  5. I’ve been busy working. What did Rush say, was he talking about how tacky it was too?

    • Mostly about how wild the crowd got, and that obama is going to use this as part of the State of the Union speech. The talk show hosts seem to be trying to be low key for the most part. I mean – I understand that because people died and it’s something to be respectful of. So, they are not going to town. I felt obama was spinning the situation to his own ends. That was pointed out, but not focused on to any great extent.

      What cracked me up a while ago was a comment thread where the libs were going nuts because those event T-shirts were getting criticized. Those freaks can’t handle T-shirts being remarked upon. What a bunch of crazies !!

  6. Oh, they are crazies. Later this afternoon, my husband showed me something that I think was on Rush to watch. It had an old clip of Bill Clinton this afternoon. It’s here:

    You have to notice how Clinton was just laughing it all up, then he noticed the cameras and had to ACT like he was shedding tears. So pitiful. He wasn’t even good acting when he was doing this.

    They are all FAKES, totally!

  7. Well, can’t get mine to work now, but it could be our Internet. Sometimes at nighttime it’s terribly slow nowadays. It’s worth a watch. Shows how happy and smiling and laughing he was until the camera hit him. Wham, just fake acting in crying. So sick.

    • Yep, I’ve seen it. It’s pretty famous now. What troubles me most is that people laugh off this stuff with our “politicians”, and don’t DEMAND sincere and genuine representatives. We just have a bunch of phony shits like Clinton and Clinton ll.

  8. That phony stuff makes me totally ill. It’s been going on forever. It’s all just a huge show to them. And you can tell their religious actions are fake, just something to let others see. Also, I don’t know why a lot of people don’t notice that.

    • I think most decent conservatives/moderates/Tea Party folks decided to take the “speeches”, ect. at face value. It’s the decent thing to do. Does it mean that we don’t see the contradictions and the hypocrisy? Well kinda.
      I see them, because I am that sort of person. However, I think a lot of people were so invested in being polite, respectful to those who were killed, that they only listened to the fact that nothing obviously hyper political was spoken….out loud.
      It certainly was a show. The cheering crowd, the event T-shirts – I’m just glad they stopped short of having a dance troop.

  9. Get this. My daughter has a friend that voted for BO. Well, at this certain event that she was at, at Ft. Hood, BO was to speak there after the shooting a couple of years ago. Remember that? My daughter’s friend was in that building, hiding under a desk or something. Anyway, she told my daughter that had she known what she knows now, she would never have voted for him. That’s because she saw him and Michelle before they came out to speak. He was totally a cold fish. Both were, actually. They walked separately, didn’t even act like they knew each other. Then right before they walked out on stage, they put the act on, smiling, holding hands, etc. She said that it made her sick.

    • Well, I’m surprised the SS didn’t catch her :).

      But I do believe that would happen. Crap, I mean Mo-Ugly doesn’t even pretend, half of the time, about appearing to give a shit. That’s how we have so very many UGLY face photos of her.

      I think LameCherry did a post once about how when obama was running, Mo gave a wonderful lead in speech for him. She poured it on thick and convincing. He came out and walked right past her like she was a sign post.

  10. I think it was BO, though, that my daughter’s friend was talking about being the really cold fish. I know that she felt that he should have walked up to her and held her hand, but it was like two people that never knew each other. Do you think they could have been hired to be husband and wife, but they can’t actually stand each other? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

    • LOL – I think she was convenient. They were heading for divorce before he started to run, I don’t think much has really changed.

  11. Besides being a narcissistic sociopath who isn’t really capable of anything but self love, Obama is probably homo- or at least bi-sexual, so it is not surprising that there is zero spark in the zero’s marriage. Plus, he probably misrepresented himself to Michelle during their courtship, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t a sense of seething betrayal on her part.

    Obama’s likely sexual orientation is not a legal disqualifier to the office he holds, but I (and I suspect a whole lot of Americans) consider homosexuality to be a big red warning flag for an anti-family bias and built-in destructive agenda to normal society. Being homosexual would not be an absolute deal breaker if such a politician were otherwise a great candidate, but it would be imperative that he or she not hide their orientation (to prevent the risk of blackmail) while at the same time not at all dwell on it. Of course, he or she would also have to fully, openly and sincerely recognize the superior value of a normal heterosexuality, marriage and family to the propagation of a free and civil society.

    Obama’s sexual orientation is among the least of his defects, and certainly, unlike his being a usurper fraud, is not treasonous and no reason to throw him out (but being a premeditated usurper fraud most certainly is high treason well worthy of the death penalty, IMO).

  12. Does anyone know why this was held at U of A? It seems an odd location. Also, why have the president of the university act like it was arranged by him? I would have thought the governor would have been the first to speak. It looks like it was not organized by the governor’s office. DOes anyone have any info on this?

    • I will go out on a limb and speculate that it was because of expected (desired) turnout. And the better to have BIG turnout if the venue is handy to the student body, who can be counted on to attend exactly this sort of event. If for no other reason than to see a real live “President”.
      The Prez of the U was in his GLORY was he not? He was all but giggling and pinching himself. He was the MC. The narrative is that the University put this thing on, but really, with the security, ect. required – that is impossible. Also,it was attempted to blame the T-Shirt’s on the University, but it has been discovered that the theme came from 2008, Organizing for Obama ( or whatever his campaign site is 🙂 ). And guess what? The overhead screens even had the PROMPT to applause. Gah.
      No, I have seen no information that this was organized by the Gov’s office. In fact, I think they would have excluded her entirely if at all possible. The only grace shown by any speaker, was by the Governor. And she got boos. Go figure.

      Here is the link to the jumbotron photo – it’s priceless:

  13. It has been reported on that in Tuscon Obama high fived Michelle when he went backstage after his speech and they both shared a laugh. Someone may have gottan a picture of it so hopefully it will be released.

    • Thanks for the link ! Frankly, I think most politicians, especially the DC variety, have little to no human connection.

  14. I saw “Arizona Memorial” in the last segment on the theme being from 2008. I have to say my thoughts went to a sunken battleship in Pearl Harbor, not the shooting memorial ceremony.

    While the shooting was tragedy, I really have not followed the frenzy associated with it. It is sad, but it the work of mentally disturbed person and had nothing to do with politics or beliefs. The frenzy and accusations in the MSM have be way overplayed.

    • The frenzy hasn’t quite let up yet. Sarah Palin is still being blamed, and also being blamed for standing up for herself.
      My feeling is that this tragic event will be used as an attempt to regulate speech even further – to use strong censorship measures.
      That my friend, will be the ultimate tragedy.

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