Citizenship – The World !

I was pondering how it could have happened that the single piece of obama’s childhood history, the school registration from Jakarta Indonesia, was snatched up by a Birther before the word went out to seal any and all records pertaining to baby Barry baggage obama Hussien.

I don’t believe that bam-bam Hussien really wanted these particular records sealed away from public view.

I believe these were made available to be”discovered” purposely and with his secret blessing.

To assure the fellow Muslims that he was indeed a Muslim from wayyyy back, and…….. here’s the proof fella’s !!!

Street cred accomplished.

And this info about ann signing up for collage three weeks after obama’s birth, lots of available documents to support her being in WA, provides good COVER FOR WHY NO ONE IN HAWAII REMEMBERS SEEING A BABY NAMED BARACK.

There is a video of a friend of Stanley Ann who gave an interview, saying she chatted with ann and baby around the time ann showed up in WA.  The thing is that the interview sounds pretty damn scripted, and of course, one has to take this woman at her word since no one else has come forward to give interviews about Ann and baby.  I think it’s strange, because in college, one would expect the girls attending classes with stanley ann to be wild over a newborn, chicks love babies.

Then the whole thing where he chants the muslim call to prayer with a first rate accent.  Refers to himself as a muslim, ooooops, I mean a Christian.

No, it was surely no accident that these were the only records not sealed conveniently away.

These were, and are, a clear message to his Muslim brothers.

I know that a very small segment of the Birthers tend to focus on the adoption by Lolo Soetoro, and claim that because obama was adopted he lost his US citizenship.  I don’t know if that would necessarily apply as he had no say in the matter, being a very young child.  Doesn’t matter in one sense.  If you are BORN a natural born citizen, that condition never changed.  Unless as an adult you emigrated, or as a child you were moved to a different country, as obama was, and stayed there as a citizen permanently.

But hey,  being born a dual citizen, subject to British Rule would never change in obama’s case regardless of what happened in his adoption.

Some claim that obama can NOT release his original long form birth certificate because it would have been sealed due to the adoption.

How could his original BC be ‘sealed’ from the supposed adoption by Lolo Soetoro, and yet obama Sr.’s name appears on the COLB?

Indonesian school registration:


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  1. Sr. shows up in Hawaii after Ann returns home. Sr. gives a presentation at Jr’s school. There is a photo of all three (Sr. Jr. and Ann) in an airport with San Francisco in the background.

    That visit was the only time that Barack remembered seeing his claimed “father.”

    Could Sr. and Ann have done something to “set the BC back?” Could Sr. have officially acknowledged paternity to the Department of Health? Could something have been done to modify the official records during that visit?

    • I think the die was cast before that. There would have been no reason for obama Sr. to do squat by then. Not in his mind, I’m guessing. He never kept in contact before or after – why trouble himself?

      He does not look very fatherly in the photo you refer to, does he? He looks like a dude uncomfortably hugging a strangers kid for a photo.

      • Sr.’s visit to the Dunham household so soon after Anne returned from Indonesia doesn’t make much sense; what was its purpose? Was story of Sr.’s Hawaii visit a lie also? Think of the San Francisco sign in the airport photo. Was there a sign like that in the Honolulu airport? What would Anne and Jr. have been doing in San Francisco? Did Stanley Ann take Jr. to San Francisco to see Sr. between his flights and get the photo? The photo was taken at security.

        • Yeah, I’ve been mulling that over since you left the first comment.

          I haven’t thought about that photo at all. Do you have a link to the story about his visit? I remember few details about what I’ve read on it.

      • I don’t have a link to the former teacher’s account of Sr.’s presentation to Jr.’s class.

        I believe there is a section in Dreams that refers to the visit. Perhaps the visit was a dream also…

        • Dreams. I wonder if I could stand to read that thing? I doubt it. I will make a note to myself to look for online references to that visit – other than obama’s dream of it :).

  2. I personally don’t think BO, Sr. is the true papa. That’s my opinion, I know.

    Also, about birth certificates with adopted children. I can tell you about my daughter’s. We adopted her when she was about 4 1/2 months old. She was born in a different state. But on the BC, the court changed the biological mom and dad’s name to ours. It is not sealed. It still has the hospital that she was born in, the doctors, everything else, just our names were put on there. And I don’t know that they do this in every state or case, but it was in ours.

    • Well, kittycat, I want to check with my cousin about her daughters adoption. She had a similar situation to obama in that the adoption was done due to a marriage, when the child knew all about the natural father. I don’t know if those are handled differently – as in the records being more open. Also what happened after divorce, because she eventually was divorced from the dude that “adopted” her daughter from the first marriage.

      I know it may have been different back when, but again, if obama Sr. appears as obama’s dad on the COLB, something had to be diddled with if obama was actually adopted as a young child. I don’t know if a judge will restore a child’s natural parent to a birth record on the request of that child on the divorce of his mother and the adopted parent.

      WEIRD stuff to look into.

  3. The ‘birther’ issue has its roots in the ‘Muslim’ issue.

    Here are some highlights of the time line.

    The ‘Muslim issue’ seems to have taken root with this 12/18/2006 with this article:

    Within 2 days ‘independent’ Mediamatters quickly countered….

    Gibbs had to make this statement on January 24, 2007. “To be clear, Senator Obama has never been a Muslim, was not raised a Muslim…”

    Then the issue banters around until LA Times writes an interesting (and apparently unfiltered) article on March 15, 2007.,0,6230642.story

    From the article:

    “”At that time, Barry was also praying in a Catholic way, but Barry was Muslim,” Dharmawan said in Obama’s old classroom, where she still teaches 39 years later. “He was registered as a Muslim because his father, Lolo Soetoro, was Muslim.”

    Bugs have eaten Obama’s file in the school’s archive, said Vice Principal Hardi Priyono. But two of his teachers, former Vice Principal Tine Hahiyari and third-grade teacher Effendi, said they remember clearly that at this school too, he was registered as a Muslim, which determined what class he attended during weekly religion lessons.”

    Interestingly the issue seems to be squashed in the MSM until Clinton starts firing workers for emails in late 2007.

    Then this January 7th Article seems to re-ignite the issue.

    What is interesting is that Mediamatters also oountered this article here:

    But they countered in on January 2nd…Time travel?

    January 8, 2008 was the date of the first State Department break-in.

    On June 9th Jim Geraghty says the whole Muslim issue can go away with showing the BC. That seems to the ‘birth’ of the birther movement and seems to be linkage to the ‘Muslim issue’.

    The main worry from December of 2006 to June 2008 was ‘the Muslim issue’. The BC issue came from this intense cover-up of Obama’s religious background.

    I hope this helpful.

    • I think the “Birther” issue really has it’s roots in the “Kenyan” issue. Just the roots :).

      I don’t have time to really read your comment-I will do so tomorrow, and hopefully give a more developed and informed response.

      • My use of the term “Birther” is done proudly. Sort of like Kennedy…Ich bin ein Birther! And proud of it.

        But my point was there was lots and lots of focus on the “Obama is/was a Muslim problem” after the December 2006 posting by Debbie Schlussel. The focus by the early Obots seems to have been completely on covering any hint of a ‘Muslim past’ and that was centered in Indonesia.

        I continue to find what appears to be a deliberate attempt to hide the date of Stanley Ann’s and Lolo actual wedding date. We now know it was March 1965. NOT 1967 or 1968 as reported by major MSM functions like Time and others.

        The LA Time seems to have stuck their foot in it when they printed the March 2007 article.

        From the January 2, 2008 Mediamatters posting:

        However, key aspects of the March 16 Los Angeles Times article were later challenged by the Chicago Tribune, which reported that Adi said he “was not certain” about his statements regarding Obama’s childhood and that he “only knew Obama for a few months.” Additionally, the Tribune reported that “[i]nterviews with dozens of former classmates, teachers, neighbors and friends show that Obama was not a regular practicing Muslim when he was in Indonesia.”

        You can find no real focus on the Hawaii BC until Jim Geraghty’s article here:

        Then 2 days later Daily KOS and FTS post the initial COLB images. A photoshop image created on a Mac.

  4. I thought the Kenyan birth issue really started with Corsi going to Kenya and hearing that BO was born there.

    • Could very well be. I didn’t know anything about any of this when it first began. I only learned of it about a year and a half back, and picked up from that point. I read about some of the initial claims, concerns and investigations, but with so much being scrubbed from the net every day, it was difficult to piece it all together. That’s why I now do screen shots, and zip things.

      One fantastic source is Nobarack08 – I’ve been looking over material there a bit more in the past few days. In my spare minutes 🙂

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