Barack’s Baggage

How can the progressives not see one obvious piece of poo?

It’s been staring them all in the face for the longest time.

They keep claiming that obama’s grandparents could not have provided the birth announcement information for little obama ll.  Every time the question is brought up, they become sarcastic as all and say, “Sure, his grandparents planted it there because they knew one day he would run for President”.  HAHAHAHA-stoopid birthers !

So, if they didn’t plant it there – who the hell did?

I wonder why the address in the obama newspaper birth announcements was the wrong address for obama’s father?  The FATHER of the infant being announced.   obama’s father never lived at that address, and that has been proven by the Polk Directories that are at the Honolulu State Library.  That is very strange.

Obama Sr. was in HI at the time ll was born.  Abercrombie said so.  Abercrombie has stated that the married couple ran around lugging that barack baggage baby around everywhere with them.  By that we can presume that he meant the coffeehouses, and like places, as that is where those collage kids most congregated.

But lets get back to that address.  The birth announcement address.  Why did the Dept. of Health submit an address that Obama Sr. never lived at to the newspaper to be printed in the announcement?  Were they also in on the “future President” conspiracy theory?  Damn scamps !

Wouldn’t a Proud Luo Tribesman insist that his baby baggage bundle have the same address as baby-daddy?  He gave him his name, up to and including making him a “ll”. He married the mamma.  He ran around to all the coolest hangout spots to show show Abercrombie the fruit of his loins, over and over.  But he let the baby live any ole place?  That Proud Lolo (Luo {MT})Tribesman didn’t appear to give a hoot to proclaim to the world that his own wife and little son lived somewhere else entirely?

So, mama obama is in the hospital a week, which is plenty of time for daddy O to sign on the dotted line listing his address proudly, but clearly he never did. He declined to participate????  WTF????

That is very strange.  It also makes one wonder how this “newspaper birth announcement” can be taken as proof by any judge…..SINCE THE ADDRESS LISTED FOR MR. OBAMA SR. IS NOT FACTUAL !!   SHOULDN’T THE INFORMATION IN THE ANNOUNCEMENT HAVE TO BE 100% CORRECT IN ORDER FOR THIS THING TO HAVE ANY VALIDITY AT ALL?

In case you are wondering about The Proud Luo Tribesman’s race being listed as “African” on that COLB – there was NO CODE in 1961 for “African”.  African is not a race.

Page 231 contains the requirements for “Race and color.”

“Births in the United States in 1961 are classified for vital statistics into white, Negro, American Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Aleut, Eskimo, Hawaiian and Part-Hawaiian (combined), and “other nonwhite.”

There was NO classification for “African” (or African-American)

This is part of the CURRENT“code” page: Notice no value for “African” exists…..

FRACE1 White checkbox Y Box for race checked
N Box for race not checked
FRACE2 Black or African American Y Box for race checked
checkbox N Box for race not checked
FRACE3 American Indian or Y Box for race checked
Alaska Native checkbox N Box for race not checked
FRACE4 Asian Indian checkbox Y Box for race checked
N Box for race not checked
FRACE5 Chinese checkbox Y Box for race checked
N Box for race not checked
FRACE6 Filipino checkbox Y Box for race checked
N Box



~ by ladysforest on January 2, 2011.

12 Responses to “Barack’s Baggage”

  1. Not Hawaii, not Kenya but…
    **A birth in the Seattle area fits what we actually know about Stanley Anne’s location, the medical condition of a new mother, and the travel options available at that time. A remote location with trusted friends was a convenient way to handle an “out of wedlock” birth that would spare the family embarrassment (and other possible problems) and provide a new start for the errant teenager who was apparently quite open about her mixed race son. Not as exotic as Kenya, but not Hawaii either.
    **Remember how Mr. Obama claimed his grandmother was a pioneer as a female bank officer? Madelyn was apparently the steady income for the family and her job was critical. When Stanley Anne’s pregnancy was discovered, Madelyn could not have been in her Hawaiian job for more than 6 months. Banks are very staid institutions and very sensitive about reputation; there no EEOC in the early 60s. The possibility that “Toots” could be fired was very real, and her previous work reference would have not had any reason to withhold why she was fired. If Madelyn was fired from one bank, could she have quickly landed another job at another bank?
    **Stanley Anne apparently didn’t care who knew about or was proud of her mixed race baby. She did not try to hide her baby when in Washington; she took the 2 week old baby with her when visiting her Mercer Island friends in her mother’s friend’s car instead of leaving him with her mother’s friend to babysit. Would she have been so open if she was in Hawaii? Could her illegitimate child and a lack of discretion endanger the family’s main income source, or did Madelyn fear such a possibility?
    **There is no evidence that the marriage license with Barack Obama Sr. was executed. He had a wife in Africa and, as a Muslim he was entitled to four wives by the Koran, but only one wife in the United States. Stanley Dunham was part of the welcoming committee when Barack Obama Sr. arrived in Hawaii by boat. Did Stanley Dunham know about the wife in Africa?
    **Why would the pregnant teen be sent to Africa to have her baby among strangers and a possibly hostile Obama family (mixed race children didn’t fit anywhere then)? She couldn’t stay in Hawaii. Luckily Madelyn had trusted friends on Mercer Island.
    Note in the birth announcement the remote location of the “Obamas’ address.” Note that there is no mention of the name Dunham, only the exotic and unfamiliar name Obama. Birth submitted to the health department for registration and announced without any obvious connection to the Dunham family. Problem successfully hidden.
    **As to the birth certificate, it does not exist. The only thing that exists is the COLB posted online, unless there is as yet uncovered documentation in Washington State or Canada. The COLB reveals that birth information was filed but never accepted probably because the paperwork was incomplete. If the Stanley Anne was in Washington for the birth, she could not have visited the appropriate Hawaii office to complete the process that could be started with a phone call to Madelyn. The birth record file for Mr. Obama in Hawaii contains more than one record: only one would be needed if a long form birth certificate exists and/or he was not adopted in Hawaii by Lolo Soetoro.

    • I concede that most of what you have written is plausible. It is at least as plausible as a Hawaiian birth. :). Actually, when one REALLY considers the social climate of the times it is very plausible.

      The only correction is that the first known mention/PROVABLE physical manifestation (LOL) of Stanley Ann in WA state was three weeks after the obama infant was supposed to have been born.

      I parse it that way because as of this time better than 50% of the US public is still uncertain of where this dude was whelped, notwithstanding that COLB. (cough)

      The actual “Obama” address was different than the one listed in the newspaper birth announcements, and I have a tough time believing that a Luo Tribesman, a Proud African, duly married to the mama of his American baby BOY would consent to being left out of the equation altogether.

      He was such a Proud African that he forced the Hawaiian Dept. of Health to accept the value of “African” as his race on the birth certificate. When such an option did not even exist in 1961. But that Senior obama pulled it off. He didn’t insist to have his address listed in the birth announcements as such a strong willed man clearly could have done. But he managed to FORCE the hospital staff and the Department of Health to list his race as “African”.

      • Jack Cashill at American Thinker states that an out of county marriage would not be noted in Honolulu papers. A marriage notice would have contained Stanley Anne’s maiden name, where a birth announcement would not. Consistent with keeping the situation under wraps.

        Imagine traveling by air in 1961 from Hawaii to Seattle with a newborn. No disposable diapers, no baby carrier, moving to start school at UW. Stanley was reported as nursing, the easiest way to fed a baby while traveling. Probably no direct flights from Honolulu to Seattle. Where were the connections and how long were the layovers? How long did the trip take? She was young and inexperienced with baby care.

        As Susan Blake told the story, Stanley Anne didn’t know how to change a dirty diaper; Stanley Anne claimed that her doctor had given her permission to get out and about and she had borrowed her mother’s friend’s car for the visit.

        Your take on the African label is interesting.

        • Jack is good. Jack don’t know everything.

          Please, please, please EVERYONE GET ON THE SAME PAGE THOUGH !!!! (I’m not yelling at you KJ)

          The born outside of the US, specifically “Kenyan” thing, ONLY has legs if the long form BC is exposed and on it the birth is listed as having occurred in Kenya. Or Canada.

          What has legs EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY is the fact that obama is (at best – and admittedly) a dual citizen. With birth allegiance to Great Britain. Through his daddy. Even those most focused on believing that obama was born in Kenya know this.

          Some swear obama Sr. isn’t the daddy. Well, by law Sr. is – it doesn’t matter who obama looks like, it matters only that obama Sr. swore to being the daddy. That MAKES him the daddy no matter what. Hum, maybe his name was forged on the hospital BC docs, and that’s what would come to light-that would be funny.

          Why good, smart, Patriots don’t focus on the Constitutional FACT that a dual citizen, born a subject to Great Britain, is ineligible is beyond me sometimes.

          It’s like they want to prove their point regardless – even if the elusive BC may not support that. What will all these great souls do if that damn BC is legit and that dude was born in HI? Will they go away? Will they suddenly become focused on the NBC issue? Why wait for a grand reveal?

          The only value the long form has at this point is to take that red herring out of the picture. Get the phony bastard politicians who use that to bash us around to shut their commie mouths.

          We MUST all get the right focus right now. This is a no brainer. This is the one thing we all agree on. Lets get on the same page, and pull in the same direction. Sorry – I got preachy there. (not at you KJ-but for everyone who reads the comments)

          The “African” race code is a solid fact. And may possibly be the one mitten in the pocket that obama is trying to hide. If it is not on the long form, and I don’t see how it could be, then it “outs” that COLB definitely and beyond all doubt, as having been fraudulently constructed.

          How would all these good people feel if the REAL deal turned just that little thing up? And now nobody in power would listen to the NBC issue, saying that we had all cried wolf?

          RED HERRINGS may swim in circles.

  2. This is wonderful, and is on Drudge right now in red.

    “Protester shouts ‘What about Obama?’ as congressman reads section of Constitution on presidential eligibility…developing…”

    • LOL, I heard Rush “talking” about it. Rush is apparently UNCONCERNED about the eligibility requirements.

  3. Hi LF:

    Hope all is well, you do not have to publish this comment, it’s just a correction for you:

    “Proud Lolo Tribesman”

    It should ‘Luo’ Tribesman…not that I didn’t know what you meant. You must have Lolo on the brain.=)

    Take Care–MT

  4. Ladysforest,

    This is one great analysis! Small but packs a great punch. And it was lying in front of our faces for a while, with no one noticing. Bravo!

    Someone else left a link to your post at WZ here:

    and described some key points (no link this time) here:

    Thanks for your remarkable work, and Keep Rollin’.

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