Mealy Mouth Megyn

“Megyn Kelly hosted a debate on the issue on America Live and kicked things off by noting that Gov. Abercrombie has said he was in Hawaii at the time of President Obama’s birth and knew the family. Kelly said the governor had taken an issue that was “quieting down” is jumped it right back to the front burner, which guest Dan Gerstein said threatened to irritate both Democrats and Republicans:”

I saw this train wreak a-coming months ago.

By now most of you have had the experience of watching Megyn Kelly on fox news make a complete ass of herself, and expose that all she brings to the discussion are fine facial features and big boobs.

And speaking of boobs…those two guests she had, goons hired to bash the real American citizens, displayed an excruciating disdain for thinking people all over this country.  Oh, they crushed us, they did.  They called us names, they stuffed us right where we belonged.  I am so ashamed of myself for not believing in an image displayed on a obama-is-God campaign website that I am beside myself !

I didn’t realize that I believed obama was born in Kenya.  How did that get past me?  I guess it is so because, as ole Mealy Mouth Megyn sez,

“Birthers, these are folks who say president obama not legitimately the president since they believe that he was not really born in the United States.”

So, now that this proclaimation has been made by a person who is clearly an expert on the beliefs and motives of 50% plus of the citizens in this United States, I suppose I must rethink my personal position.

I have been fooling myself all along it seems. I had though that I, and most other “Birthers” were concerning ourselves with the fact that obama is a dual citizen.  As obama,  himself has shared with the world,

I guess Mealy Mouth didn’t research her subject.  If she had she would have found the above website, which carefully explained that obama was a british subject at birth.  At best he was a dual ctizen as is generally considered to be the condition he was born under.

How does this:

“Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children.

translate to “every person who considers obama Constitutionally ineligible thinks he was born in Kenya? “

Criminal ignorance.  Can you say collusion?

You’ll have to view it on HotAir, as usual I can’t get the embedded :).


Below is a letter that I wrote to send round to Congresspersons.  A simple letter with a simple question.  I had originally meant to send it to 100 Congresspeople, but after sending it round to about 30, I waited for responses.  After a couple of months went by I received only 2 responses.  I may scan those in later.  One was nonsense that just thanked me for writing a letter, went around in a circle, then signed off, without once even mentioning the subject that I had written about.  The second response was from Hinchey, (D) NY.  Which must have been written for him by the WH.  I swear.  What a fabulous little commie that man is. Feel free to borrow this an send to as many politic ans as you’d like.


[redacted name/address/email address]


Dear Congressperson ………..(fill in the blank)

I will be brief as I know that you (and the staff person reading this) are very busy.

The State Department recently went on record stating that President Obama was born a dual citizen.

My first question to you is simple. Can a dual citizen be the President of the United States?

I had understood that only a natural born citizen was eligible, per the Constitution.

My second question is just as simple. Is a “dual citizen” the exact same thing as a “natural born” citizen?

Reason dictates that a persons birth status does not “expire”, it would be ridiculous to suggest that it does. Perhaps an option to select one of multiple citizenship’s that one was born with would expire, but not the CONDITION that a person was born under.

I am looking forward to your enlightened and illuminating response to my simple questions.



The message of this missive?

You Can’t Change History.


~ by ladysforest on January 1, 2011.

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