Know Your Facts – I Go On Record

Normally I do not blog while angry.  Today is different.

Today my credibility was put into question by another blogger.  I don’t mean one of those misguided obama followers, but by a “law student” who has a blog that is generally considered to be a resource for well researched information.

That blogger has gone off track a bit in insisting  information on the obama newspaper birth announcements must be phony as she cannot find on the “.gov” link, where the two libraries in Honolulu house the 1961 issues of the Honolulu Advertiser, and the Honolulu Star Bulletin.  In any form.  Including the micro-films.  The micro-films which I have actual (paper) copies from.  That were made in early March 2010, in person and NOT provided to me by some stranger, nor did I lift them from some other blog.

In my post, “Extra, Extra Announcing obama’s Birth”, I uploaded pdf scans of these copies.  Also the ones that I collected at the Library of Congress in Feb. 2010.  Not ALL of them, but the dates most related to the material in the post.

I later did supporting posts with more information and added more uploaded pdf copies from my collection.

I tried to give the other blogger a pass.  I know that the .gov links do not always provide accurate information as to what is actually at each library.  I found that out prior to planning the trip to Honolulu.  I left a comment politely suggesting to the mistaken blogger that they try contacting the libraries directly, as I did, to find out for certain what they do and do not actually have.  Before you infer that other individuals are lying.

Here is the email exchange from when I contacted the State Library in Honolulu prior to booking the trip to HI.  She is welcome to dispute this if she likes.

click image to enhance

OK, here the the exchange with “jbjd”.  For the life of me I cannot figure out what this individual is claiming to have proven.  She needs to simply personally contact the libraries and get the answer herself.  Instead of relying on a link.  Yes, jbjd, do the rest of the leg work if you want the facts.  You discredit yourself when you blog irresponsibility.

  1. Hello jbjd,

    You stated: “As I already reported, no HI libraries hold 1961 issues of the now-defunct Honolulu Advertiser, in any form.”

    Are you intending to include the micro-films in that statement? As of March 2010 the State Library Honolulu, and the Hamilton Library at the University, Honolulu, did each have the Honolulu Advertiser for July, August and September 1961 on micro-film. That would include the entire issue for each day.

    ladysforest: Apparently you missed the fact that I supported my statement by including a link to the HI state library holdings in the original article. I trust that by now, readers of this blog can accurately infer the reason you failed provide a .gov link to information that would support your claim. ADMINISTRATOR

  2. I have copies from those two libraries. Collected in person. Have the flight receipts, have the hotel receipts, have the car rental receipts. Parking receipts. I even have some emails buried somewhere from the Hamiliton library, and I believe also the State Library.
    Now, before you are willing to flat out call me a liar, you might try emailing either of those libraries, or giving them a phone call.
    I found that the .gov links are not always accurate. I phoned and emailed prior to the visit to be certain that those films were indeed housed there. I have the physical copies, and I have receipts. I had to make sure of the furlough dates prior to booking the trip.

    ladysforest: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! (See previous responses for more detailed rebuttal.) ADMINISTRATOR

  3. (THIS IS jbjd) To the Readers of “jbjd”:

    I am posting this comment in its entirety, with my reply following. (and an interesting reply it is)

    Here is a the first email exchange I sent out looking for info on these micro films:

    Good Morning:

    In answer to your questions.

    The Library & Archives hours of public operation are as follows:

    Wednesday through Friday: 12noon to 4pm

    Saturday: 9am to 12noon

    CLOSED Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, all holidays and holiday weekends.

    The collection does not contain any microfilm of the Star Bulletin. Our

    Holding for the Honolulu Advertiser only go up to 1920. Therefore, might

    I suggest you visit the Hamilton Library at the University of Hawaii, or the

    State Library. Both of these repositories should have copies of the

    Newspapers you would like to view. These sources are not shared by

    libraries, so should you need them you will have to go to those individual

    libraries. We will not be able to assist you at the Bishop Museum Library

    & Archives.

    Thank you for your interest in the Bishop Museum collections.


    Matthew Yim, Librarian

    Bishop Museum Library & Archives

    From:************ [mailto:***********]
    Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2010 7:39 AM
    To: Bishop Museum Library
    Subject: Question regarding hours of operation


    Could you please tell me the hours of operation for the Library and Archive? Days of the week closed (Sunday?) ect.

    I was also wondering about the procedures to view the microfiche copies of the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star Bulletin for the entire month of August, 1961. Also likely for the period published June 1961-both papers.

    Most specifically, are the microfiche permanently housed there or would an appointment to view and copy them be required?

    Additionally, what costs are associated with making the copies.

    Thank you very much for your assistance,



    ladysforest: I will reply to this comment with a riddle. Given that this submission from ladysforest purports to respond to a challenge as to the credibility of prior claims she had obtained an image of a newspaper publication showing a contemporaneous announcement of Barack Obama’s birth, what is missing from this subsequent documentation? ADMINISTRATOR

I suggest that if this individual expects to be taken seriously, that they first stop acting like a teen-aged ass, second, accept that other people have done hands-on research and can indeed prove it.  Thirdly, grasp the understanding that the .gov link does not always lead you to the promised land.

Get over yourself.


~ by ladysforest on December 28, 2010.

38 Responses to “Know Your Facts – I Go On Record”

  1. I’ve read that blog once or twice. They seemed like a one trick pony to me. Seemed like he/she was usually putting down other bloggers that did research on other topics concerning Obama’s eligibility. jbjd=Loser. People like jbjd shouldn’t even bother to try to be taken seriously.

    Everyone can tell that your research is completely genuine, and far more thorough than any other blogger has on the same topic.

    Seriously, you have the most complete, largest collection of information on the Obama newspaper announ. in the country. No one even comes close to you. You’ve done a fantastic job with this, I have to say.

    This jbjd sounds like a jealous punk. Like I said, a one trick pony. Definitely.

  2. This jbjd is so outclassed by your work. No contest at all. “She” just can’t seem to accept that “she” is wrong.

    Hey, you were right – “she” does sound like a teen aged ass.

  3. Ladysforest,

    Wow! I always found jbjd’s eligibility work, whatever its merits, very hard to get through. She made a very unjustified attack on Buttdezillion’s original research

    and I never went back to jbjd.

    Now she does it to your original research, too? Pathetic.

    • Yes, it is just strange. Not just BZ and myself, but another fantastic researcher also. The Investigator that most recently traveled to HI and collected the image of obama’s index data book “entry” came under attack from jbjd also. She even insulted Sharon at The Post & Email. She is on a bender of some sort, LOL.

      Some people just get weird about being in the spotlight – maybe that’s it. I don’t really know, or frankly care.

      I offered to forward her the actual email from the State Library, the one I put up on this post, and she simply deleted my comment. Shows what her real intent is I think.

      Mustn’t have the truth if it doesn’t coincide with her know-it-all spin and nonsense, no no no!

  4. Wow, that jbjd just doesn’t even make sense at all. She should just give up and go live under a rock.

    Your posts on the newspaper announcements are so fantastic, and it’s been great to have your research to learn from. More “researchers” should understand the true value of doing the real work like you obviously did.

    Thanks so much for your hard work.

    • Thank you for the kind words.

      But I understand that doing this type of research IN PERSON is expensive and very difficult to arrange. Not all “researchers” are up for the challenges. 🙂

      Shame that some can’t be at least intellectually honest about it.

  5. I’m here lady forest. But not to argue, you obviously jbjd giving you a hard way to go at the moment. I am only here to lay down the gloves.

    But, I hope you will give me a bit more credit in the future. Peace.

    • I don’t know what jbjd is about, I just know that she ignored my offer to forward the email from the State Library in Honolulu. Why do that if she is after the facts?

      • We all need to stay skeptical. Don’t take it personally. There’s no harm in her discounting the newspaper announcements. Real or fake they prove nothing anyway.

        Jbjd may just think you could unwittingly be peddling planted or bad evidence…or on purpose. Either way, the time for playing nice is over. The other side has been too ruthless.

        Obama’s vital records a bogus. That is a fact I myself know for certain. Putting out info that supports them at this point is going to garner backlash. There’s plenty of evidence to uncover that discredits them. No matter what you have to send jbjd, none of it is proof of anything especially the big question.

        Not to be rude, but that’s how i feel these days, too. I have been burned by ‘plants.’ And I am angry about that. You would be, too. It wouldn’t surprise me if jbjd feels just like me on this issue.

        • You know what? I don’t give a skinny rats ass what jbjd thinks of me, but my material is 100% straight and I KNOW for a fact that I am one of the only researchers that can prove this – prove it. As in actual PROOF. Dissing my material ain’t gonna happen. Stupid obots can have at, they can’t see the forest for having their heads shoved up obama’s ass anyway, but my material can be DOCUMENTED as fact.
          Now, were the micro-films altered? I do not know as I do not have hard evidence of this happening. This is one reason that I never draw conclusions about the research.
          I do not have evidence that obama’s records are bogus. I do have evidence that he is a dual citizen, born under Brit rule through his father. obama caused that to be posted online, and on the state dept. website. That we can all agree is a fact. That is the fact that concerns me. A dual citizen is NOT identical to a “natural born citizen”.
          When someone like jbjd doesn’t even bother to email the Libraries in question, but just makes a statement as fact that is patently false, and can be easily proven to be false, it should be exposed. I have done this.
          We are all welcome to our own opinions, but hey, proof wins out. I have made certain that every single thing I have and have done on this research can be proven beyond any doubt. Anything less is a waste of time, money and effort.

      • “I do not have evidence that obama’s records are bogus.”

        Well, since the seal on Obama’s alleged COLB does not match the official seal released directly by the HDOH, we all have evidence.

        But, obviously you don’t give that evidence any regard so why should anyone believe in your proof or research?

        It’s probably best not to pick on anyone else’s skepticism when it appears you have your own doubts.

        I did not pull that seal outta my arse. Ah well…

        • Sigh…….when I say “I”, I mean that literally.

          I do not own such proof.

          I don’t know why you have such thin skin. It’s like you want to be offended or something.

      • I wasn’t offended. I am talking WITH you. I responded honestly. I am upfront, not offended. I went to art school and sat through five years of critiques. Trust that I can take it and provide my own critique.

        However, I was offended by your post about the ‘Danae’ situation, because you outright ignored the evidence i presented entirely to paint the picture I just flew off the handle with no thought or regard. It took me a lot of going back and forth with another blogger privately before I had the nerve to speak up.

        Then a gang-up ensued. I was better off leaving and just getting the evidence i needed to prove you all wrong. So that’s what I did.

        I am just saying you are better off to cool it on jbjd. Everyone has been scrutinized by her, including myself, and that’s the way it should be. She doesn’t doubt that you have the records you say you have, she just doesn’t believe they make any difference to the bottom line: Obama’s narrative is a paid political advertisement.

        Not to speak for her, she can speak for herself just fine…

        • Jbjd is misrepresenting the availability of the micro-films to make her point her own way. It is intellectually dishonest at best.

          Thank you for telling me to cool it on jbjd. Not likely. When bloggers are insulting legitimate researchers, not just myself, but many others as well, as jbjd does – then jbjd invites scrutiny. And on this particular topic, jbjd was off base and demonstrably doesn’t give a damn. So, jbjd loses credibility. I offered to forward the proof to her, but that would have blown her narrative, so she deleted the comment. Her call. Then she had the awful manners to insult myself and others.

          If you and persons like jbjd think it’s OK to dismiss the work of others – people that have genuine hard proof – because it is different than your own take on a thing, at least make the effort to debate the thing on it’s merits, not just go on a “HAHAHAHAHAHA” fest or a slander rant.

          Calling people names and using wild insults and innuendo is fine theater, but does not further the discussion.

      • Go back and read what you wrote about me in October and tell me again that I have a thin skin.

        It was pretty ugly.

        • Go read what you have said about “danae” and lots of other folks. That is way uglier.

      • I guess that doesn’t make me feel too much better. But that’s fine…

  6. This is the thing that you do. You refute the research of many other people, while insisting that yours is legit. Then you get all angry, and offended. Then you insult other people.

    “But, obviously you don’t give that evidence any regard so why should anyone believe in your proof or research?

    It’s probably best not to pick on anyone else’s skepticism when it appears you have your own doubts.”

    Again, I will make the very important point that the material I own has been collected IN PERSON. I have actual PROOF. I like ACTUAL proof, because it cannot be disputed by any reasonable person who has an actual interest in the research.

    I do not own the things that you have collected, but I do not personally attack you or your material over the validity of those things. I do not call you names and go out of my way to try and belittle you. That is not an activity that I care to engage in.

    • I didn’t come here to argue. I didn’t refute YOUR research or anyone’s really.

      I came here to call a truce and extend my hand. Like I did at Hillbuzz and you ignored. I confronted you on what you wrote because I had hoped you would retract maybe some of your over the top reaction.

      Why do you feel so personally offended by what I say/said about ‘Danae?’ This really does strike me as odd. Most people online will not go to such lengths to defend joe blow that they just met online. I wouldn’t defend even my favorite blogger because when it comes down to it–I don’t KNOW them.

      If you trust an anonymous person online so much, I have to question you or your judgment. That’s just how I am.

      I guess that’s the thing I do.

      • Whatever. And you begin by “not arguing”, then work yourself quickly into doing exactly that-arguing and insulting.

        Sure, it’s OK for you to do it? And insipid little snarks like:

        “If you trust an anonymous person online so much, I have to question you or your judgment.”

        You are welcome to forgo worrying about my judgment, miss. Better that you worry about your friend jbjd’s judgment. If she felt disinclined to accept a forwarded email directly from the State Library, Honolulu as proof, she simply should have taken the step of emailing them herself for her own personal proof. As I politely suggested she do. Then she would be acting as a person should when researching a topic. That is if they want the real answer, and not some ginned up “expose”.

      • I am sorry you felt insulted…

        Anyway, try to relax and have a nice day, LF…

  7. “If you and persons like jbjd think it’s OK to dismiss the work of others – people that have genuine hard proof”

    Genuine hard proof comes first hand. Not through an anonymous blogger. No way.


    That said, the stuff I have brought to the table can be EASILY duplicated. AND IT SHOULD BE BY A MILLION PEOPLE. Anyone can write a UIPA request. Anyone. It doesn’t take a plane ticket to Hawaii.

    I still say truce LF, but I need to TCOB at home. Cheers!

    • You made my point.

      Genuine hard proof I have and it was collected first hand.

      In Hawaii. At the source.

      • Yes, but people don’t KNOW you.

        None of us KNOW each other. See what I mean? It would not insult me one bit if you were skeptical of me and so you duplicated my UIPA requests.

        That wouldn’t bother me. I WANT people to duplicate them…

        As for Danae’s COLB, every bit of evidence from Hawaii themselves, says it is not authentic or official: rules, regulations, laws and the HDOH and state seals. So there’s that.

        I cannot really speak on your work. Evidently, it was your work I read about at the P&E and at the time I thought, “well, if they wanted to plant a birth announcement in a dozen microfiches they could and would. They have those resources.”

        And I hadn’t thought about it again until today. I am not knocking your research or your credibility. It’s just not ‘the issue’ I am into, I have enough on my plate.

        • I don’t need to have met a person face to face to feel that they are a creep or an ass, nor to trust that information they have shared is credible. Notice that I use the word “credible”.

          I guess someone like danae forged her own documents for a specific reason, other than to point out that the long form birth certificate can still be obtained from the HI DOH. Which I had know about for months, and have a video of – for months before I posted it.
          I guess she did it to be famous – for having a long form birth certificate – because that will prove…………..?? So, she went through the trouble to physically forge these things…..maybe to make a lot of new friends on FreeRepublic, maybe to get a book deal, maybe to get a job offer from HI to come and forge obama’s long form BC………….??

          I rarely allow my opinion to be affected by what other people say on the topic. Opinions are worth listening to and sharing, but attacks and slander disrupt the exchange. That’s a tactic I do not approve of, nor do I engage in.

      • You are going to let my comment through moderation, eh? Thanks!

        • Didn’t realize I had to arrange my personal schedule around your comments. So sorry you have been inconvenienced.

  8. ladysforest,

    I for one appreciate your research, and it seems that you have someone else helping, a him or a her. Well, whatever, tell them that I appreciate them too.

    Also, just ignore jdjb or whatever her name is.

    • Thank you so much kittycat. So nice to hear from a good, reasonable soul.

      I offered to forward that email to jbjd, but she chose to ignore and delete the offer. I hope that she at least took the step of emailing the Libraries to get the facts.
      I had first contacted the Bishop Library because the .gov link showed that the micro-films for 1961, both Honolulu papers were housed there.
      After hearing back from them, I decided to directly email the other libraries, including the Lib. of Congress, to confirm the holdings. That is how I came to have an email exchange from the State Library, Honolulu. I save all of that stuff. LOL, just a shame I am not very organized.

      Yes, tsunamiGeno did go to HI on the first trip. I was/am unable to fly on long flights. Since he has been my best buddy for 20 years, a Gov. employee, and a former regional manager, I knew he could and would get the job done.

      He still takes every opportunity to bitch at me because copying the micro-films was so tedious. Especially the State Lib., he had to put coins in the attached copier for each of roughly a hundred copies. I felt so bad when he told me about that.

  9. Well, you definitely have a good friend. Tell him that he did so good, and I love your research. Honestly, it is tedious, and I can see how you’d get kind of exhausted trying to go through it, but you have done so well. Sometimes it’s tedious things that can bring the best results.

    Another thing that I don’t understand is with some people who are trying to prove something about BO, which may be different is, why can’t they join in with someone else who has proven a different thing? I mean, people are seeking the same goal, but it’s like there are others who want the “glory.” I don’t look at it that way. All the stuff that y’all have done, that tedious work, others should want to put apply beside your work. What I’m saying is, is that looking at different angles.

    So whatever the case may be, I think that you and tsunamiGeno have done great work.

    And I can tell, ladysforest, you’re not a “glory-seeker.”

    Take care,

    • Thank you kittycat.
      It’s weird, but there are those of us that work well together, and there are those that do their own thing and seem to want to diss the work others are doing. I don’t get it, as I don’t seek accolades.
      It takes all kinds of course. It’s all fine, as long as nobody gets hurt. And by nobody, I refer to the material :).
      Like I said, I am one of the few that has absolute proof of the material that is posted on their blog. It can’t be disputed as false.
      Sure, a handful of obots have tried to explain away the anomalies, but they haven’t been successful. In fact, they usually don’t say anything, and in the silence I hear their teeth gnashing.

  10. I know, ladysforest, and you’d think that others want to maybe say, oh, heck, we’re working on this end, and someone else is working another angle, let’s just look at it as combined effort. I think that it could help the cause of “the truth.” I look for the truth, and your and geno’s stuff is great. I see no problem with it. Also, I’m thinking that y’all may have more there than you realize. Well, it’s possible considering the anomalies that you have found. Personally I think it’s worth an investigator to check out.

    • I fixed it ;).

      There is more to it than a lot of people realize. But even just scraping the surface, even just the screaming obvious stuff, is enough to make ya sit up and take it seriously. LOL. I really didn’t expect to find anything, other than that the two papers publishing the lists in the same order didn’t happen more than maybe once a week or so. Turns out it rarely happened at all. And that the condition of the films was different than was first published online. We all kind of knew about that before I began to go after my collection. I had no idea how different the films from each location would turn out to be.

  11. Phil @ The Right Side of Life never explained exactly what happened between him and jbjd, but Phil did announce that there was a problem and that all reference to jbjd’s work would be removed from his site. Phil is a straight up kind of cat; jbjd would have had to been an ass for Phil to remove material from his site.

    Just sayin’, it’s not you.

    • Thank you Elspeth. I didn’t know that Phil had trouble also! I know of at least four other bloggers, and even more researchers that jbjd has attacked for one thing or another. She is making a lot of enemies, which is not the way to go if you expect your research to be taken seriously. People may still read her, but they won’t promote her work or her blog. So what is the point of having a research blog if no one can mention it, link it, or read it without getting freaked out on?
      Time will tell with that “person”.

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