Dr. Kate on The Court Martial of LTC Lakin

Hello Kittens,

Dr. Kate traveled to MD and was present for LTC Lakin’s “trial”.

She will be discussing it LIVE on Revolution Radio at 9:00 EST.  20 minutes from now. That was yesterday.  Check for the archived show.



When you are on that site scroll to this section, and click on the PLAY/CHAT tab

Relevant articles and blog posts:








~ by ladysforest on December 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Dr. Kate on The Court Martial of LTC Lakin”

  1. hi lf…did you ever hear back on your request for certain issues of the star bulliten that were unavailable in the libraries?

    • Nope.
      You know, just today , I was thinking about looking into some of that again. There is such a huge amount of info to follow up on that it’ll take some time to sort through it all.
      But I think I may just begin with your question, and see where I can get.

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