Co-Dependency Co-Presidents

Yes, I am finally weighing in on the whole thing.

It’s not that I didn’t know that it had happened.  It’s not that I haven’t read the various accounts about it.  It’s just that I’ve been searching for a certain word and I’ve been stumped.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t watch a press conference unless it was a critical topic.  I can’t stand obama’s voice droning on in abject insincerity.   Shudder.  But when I had heard that obama bounced and Bill took over the Presidency, I perked up and paid attention!  I caught a rerun.

Bill looked like a cat licking cream, he was so smug in his coup.  Hehehe.  obama didn’t seem to realize or even care what he had just done.

The remarkable thing to me, aside from this even happening at all, was the look on obama’s face.  That is what I’ve been stumped on.  There is a word or phrase that captures exactly that look.  Or rather his demeanor.  I can’t get that word to present itself to my searching mind.

So now we have co-Presidents.  I expected this was coming when the press started trying to soften us up by introducing the idea that the office’s duties were too much for one man.  For the very first time in history.

Maybe he could borrow some staff from his wife.  Reportedly she has between 22~26 personal staff, and NO OFFICIAL DUTIES, so she could probably spare him a couple to lighten his load.

Then maybe we wouldn’t have to get all confused about which President we have now.  I mean, what’s next?

One thing that surprises me the most is that obama is such an ego maniac yet he let Clinton play President.  In fact it seems he ducked out to lessen the perception of his own connection to the “deal” worked out with the Republicans, and made Bill Clinton the face of it.

obama stood off to the side for a few moments, with a look of polite disinterest – or perhaps it was disassociation, you see, I’m still searching for that word.  There was a THING going on there that I found so weird.

Anyway, yes, I feel obama is making Bill the face of this “compromise” to save face with his own base.


~ by ladysforest on December 14, 2010.

12 Responses to “Co-Dependency Co-Presidents”

  1. I think BS is being medicated. That may account for the stranger than usual demeanor.

    • I think he’s just lazy, but a ton of people DO think he is on meds. It sure wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

  2. BTW, Hello.

  3. Maybe he’s doing his coke again?

    • I honestly think he is just in it for the perks. He’s a know-nothing joke. He doesn’t even “report” in until NINE o’clock AM.

      Seriously, he’s the sock puppet extraordinaire.

      Who can say what his drug of choice is, just know that he can get away with anything that he chooses.

      History will one day write a true tale of this common con artist who pulled off an uncommon coup, under the guidance of a shadow government.

      • bingo..i agree with you totally. did you see muchelle’s face when he blundered the name of MITCH and called him MIKE…pray for our safety…this is getting serious.

        • Oh tdr, it is past serious I am thinking. I am, well, heartbroken.

          And our darling Rhinos just roll on and on. Sh*t.

  4. When BHO took office, he “donned the mantle” of Lincoln. In some of his speeches, he has “donned the mantle” of Reagan or FDR. Friday, he “donned the mantle” of Clinton and let the original, who is the only surrogate figure still living, do the talking for him. Alas, not only do we not know who Mr. O is, I doubt that he knows who he is.

    It is interesting that Mr. Clinton would extend a hand to Mr. O after BHO’s (and the DNC’s) treatment of Hillary in 2008. Why is he doing it? He was already mentioned as a go between for the Sestak deal. Is it for the party? Is it for the power? Will Mr. Clinton himself run again? Is he being pressured by other countries through his foundation to bail out Mr. O?

    • That whole Lincoln act used to annoy me thoroughly. But hey, if you are a made up creation, as obama is, then I guess you need to “don a mantle” to give yourself some sort of substance.

      Either he (Bill) is being pressured by the Saudi’s, or he may run as VP instead of Joe, because the WH used wikileaks to sink Hillary’s chances, so she’s out.

      The only way obama has a chance in 2012 is with someone like Bill. And with Bill as VP, obama could golf all day long or vacation the whole four years and no one would pay any attention to it.

  5. As Dr. Manning says, BO is a long-legged Mack Daddy!

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