They’ve Been Disappeared !!

Confirmed.   It seems that our erstwhile friend at the Department of Health in Honolulu is no longer employed there.  I refer to the Director that was, Dr. Chiyome Fukino.  At  least that’s the word goin’ round. While some incoming administrations make changes to appointed positions, it isn’t common for so many to be given the mitten all at once.  And it’s weird to me that the new Dem Governor wouldn’t keep this very  helpful Director in her position.  Shouldn’t those with their finger in the pie be kept where they can be watched?  I will say this, Fukino never ACTUALLY committed perjury.  Her releases were very carefully parsed.

Maybe it was time for someone with more nerve, ready to put their neck on the line, to step in and take over from her.  It is time for the campaigning for 2012 to ramp up after all.

I expect a nice new, authentic, Hussein obama long form birth certificate to be “leaked” during the change of guard.  Or shortly thereafter.

Check it out:


Keith R. Ridley interim director, Fukino


Vacancies in Hawaii Health Dept,

Witness protection program?

Keith R. Ridley interim director, Fukino out, Vacancies in Hawaii Health Dept, Witness protection program?, Stalinist purge?

As reported at Citizen Wells this morning, December 7, 2010, Dr. Chiyome Fukino is no longer director of the Hawaii Department of Health. Keith R. Ridley is now listed as the  interim director. What is interesting is that all of the positions below Ridley are now listed as vacant.

And from the WTPOTUS blog, MissTickley (cross posting)


Shocking…Dr. Fukino Departs DOH

in Hawaii!

By Miss Tickly

No Rhyme, No Reason?

SEVEN minutes after I sent Dr. Fukino a UIPA request this evening, I got an autoreply that made my stomach sick. It is with a heavy heart that I announce to you that I received this from Dr. Fukino’s former email account:

“From: “Fukino, Chiyome L.”
To: [Redacted]
Sent: Mon, December 6, 2010 8:53:00 PM
Subject: Out of Office AutoReply: UIPA Request – State and National guidelines etc. pertaining to seal

“Out of Office AutoReply: UIPA Request – State and National guidelines etc. pertaining to seal

I am no longer with the Department of Health.  Please send emails to  Thank you.

And yes, if you visit the official Hawaii Dept. Of Health website, you will find this:

Administration Directory
1250 Punchbowl St.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Phone (808) 586-4400
Fax (808) 586-4444

Interim Director – Keith R. Ridley
Phone (808) 586-4400
Fax (808) 586-4444

Deputy Director
Deputy Director – Vacant
Phone (808) 586-4412

Health Resources Administration
Deputy Director – Vacant
Phone (808) 586-4433

Environmental Health Administration
Deputy Director – Vacant
Phone (808) 586-4424

Behavioral Health Administration
Deputy Director – Vacant
Phone (808) 586-4416



~ by ladysforest on December 7, 2010.

28 Responses to “They’ve Been Disappeared !!”

  1. Now would be a good time for the good doc to come clean and do some explaining.

  2. Ladysforest,

    Howdy today! I have a question for you, just for your own opinion. You’ve seen the photos of BO’s life growing up. Don’t you think that some things are kind of photoshopped? I have asked someone who says that it’s impossible to tell from online photos whether they have been tinkered with or not, but I disagree, however, I’m just an onlooker, not an expert by any means.

  3. Well, I was looking at that stuff, but (and this sounds crazy as hell), I was thinking that possibly the younger pictures of BO, possibly some of them, may look like two different people. So I’ve wondered before if we’re looking at two different people altogether.

    And here’s what made me think about this fact. Regardless, I know it sounds nuts. One time when Stephen Pidgeon, the attorney, was talking, I heard him say that through his research, that he had found that around in the 1980s (don’t remember the date now), he had found a Barack Obama died in a plane crash. Here’s what I can’t remember: Pakistan or Afghanistan. It’s just that I can’t remember for the life of me which place. Pakistan sounds more familiar.

    But what struck me was the time frame that the person called Barack Obama was killed in a plane crash that BO, as we know him, may have been over there.

  4. Well, it was listening to Stephen Pidgeon on radio. What was that place we used to listen to, some of us? Was it Plains Radio or something? Whatever. He was talking one night on it, and he was talking about another Barack Obama dying in a plane crash, and I know it was back in the 1980s. I just can’t really remember the date or the place, but Pakistan rings a huge bell. Yeah, Stephen Pidgeon was talking about some of his research. Which that part he found so interesting.

  5. I tried to write to Stephen Pidgeon once, and he never wrote me back. I was trying to get the dates and such. I thought, well, that’s a good tidbit to know. Especially considering BO.

  6. Here’s what I thought at that time, now that is an interesting tidbit of information, and the way that Pidgeon talked, it was very interesting to him. Then think about the time frame too, knowing what we know about BO.

    So I thought to myself at the time (and may sound crazy), we may be dealing with two different people.

  7. No, I have not. But then a while after that, he was tied up with Leo Donofrio and their case. But I’m 100 percent sure that he said it. My husband heard it also. We both did. It’s just that I for the life of me can’t remember the dates.

    See, I thought it might be kind of important, and I guess that he did since he mentioned it on Plains Radio and was talking about it and his investigation.

    Doesn’t it make you think kind of something strange like I was saying? With BO, anything is possible and then everything too!

  8. Then later when I heard about Dr. Manning talking about BO and the time he was in Pakistan (was it?), then the CIA crap, I thought, heck, maybe what Stephen Pidgeon was saying is right. It’s kind of interesting. And I know Pidgeon said the 1980s sometime. I just can’t remember the dates, but I know it was in the 1980s.

  9. Ladysforest,

    I know that many others heard it, also. I remember talking to people about it because there was tons of people on there that night with Pidgeon on. So you might could ask around. I really heard a few others say something, it’s just now that I can’t remember who. Heck, I’m old, I guess, but I surely didn’t dream it. I’ve thought about that for a long time now. Just one of those things that I keep in the back of my mind saying, maybe!

  10. Oh, early on before BO was elected, I was on Ann Coulter’s message board and talked to a lady who asked me if I heard that BO was possibly born on July 18th. This was something that she shared with me, and this was back in 2008, I think it was. There’s a FR place that was talking about the July 18th birth date which was supposed to be in an African journal. Someone even said that a person, a year before, had posted a screen shot of it in the springtime. I may still have the FR link about that July 18th birth date.

  11. Ooh, I did save it. Look here at post #2,140 and 2,141:;page=2101

  12. Thanks kittycat, I’ll probably look it over tomorrow – I’m done in for the day!

  13. Well, I went back and looked, that screenshot that was posted was in 2004 in the springtime, they said. Wonder if FR has archives?

  14. Yeah, I know that I was rambling last night, but I can’t forget that July 18th date, which is a very interesting date and different from what we’ve heard. Also that story by Stephen Pidgeon. Wish someone else would come forward and tell about it. They might have taken notes. I know that I should have.

  15. Well, someone from CW’s remembered it, and they say 1978. I still think it was in the ’80s, but I could be wrong. It was Nancy who said this:

    (cross posting)

    Nancy Peacock | December 8, 2010 at 6:30 pm |

    kittycat77, I remember about the Stephen Pidgeon investigation about another Barack Obama dying in a plane crash. However, I thought the other Barack Obama died in 1978. Could be wrong, though.

  16. You don’t have to post that, if you wish. Just keep it in mind. It may be important, which is what I thought several years ago.

    • OK.
      Remember that he had his name changed at ….what age? I can’t remember now, LOL. There was something about him going to a Judge on Thanksgiving, then after that visit, saying something about “No more Barry”. See, too much stuff.

  17. Yes, I didn’t post all the stuff from CW’s. I had something about a name change, but I don’t know the date. Second.

  18. I’m not privy to Obama File anymore, but this is what Cabby posted for me from 2009. Like I say, I’ve been mentally working on it.

    kittycat77 | January 20, 2009 at 1:19 pm |
    I want to throw something out there. You guys know how we’ve seen so many crazy addresses, names and stuff on BO’s mom and on him from Dr. Orly’s? Now, keep in mind that this is just a thought, but I was thinking about it the other night. I don’t know if anyone else here heard Stephen Pidgeon say this or not, but he said that he had found out that in ’79 there was a Barack Obama that died in a plane crash either in or near Pakistan.

    This is in ’79, so keep that date in mind now.

    Next, we know BO went to Pakistan when? Was it in ’81 or ’80? I’m thinking that at Obamafile that I saw that in 1980 is when he had people start calling him Barack Obama. Before that, he was known as Barry.

    Like I said, I know this may sound crazy. Maybe we have two different people. I was thinking of this when Stephen said what he did about an Obama dying in a plane crash. Next thing we know, Barry is going by that name.

    Well, I don’t know how it could be. I’ll have to go and look at his younger pictures again and young teenage pictures. I saw some pictures the other day that I though, hey, this doesn’t look anything like BO looks now at all, even the lips, forehead, etc. All that I know is there is too much mystery in that guy’s life.
    Mary C | January 20, 2009 at 2:38 pm |
The photo (copyright by Daphne Barak) of BO and his mom and dad at Christmas exchanging gifts, has a young boy that is supposed to be BO and looks absolutely nothing like the BO man. Nothing similar at all. I have seen this photo all over the place.

    Rose | January 20, 2009 at 5:35 pm |
    Maybe the real BO had died, and this one impersonating him is actually the son of Malcolm X! Whatta!! Try to look at their pics and the uncanny resemblance! It’s scary to say the least…. BO Sr does NOT have an iota of resemblance to the one playing BO Jr now…
    The above may jog your memory. I have been observing for some time that the pics of Obama just from recent years seem to have noticeable discrepancies in them….

  19. Ladysforest,

    I didn’t think about this, but from what I’m seeing, there are many others thinking the same as me, that BO is a different person, and that there is more than one BO. Hmm….I’m not the only one, so I don’t guess that I’m 100 percent nuts right now.

  20. Truth is, I hate to think crap like that, but his life takes so many turns, who knows who & what he really is?

    We don’t know, and that’s the thing.

    And this is wonderful, Mike Huckabee said, if you want to file any state secrets, file them the same place that BO keeps his birth certificate.

    Well, that ought to do it!

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