Yoga Panties

Yes, I said Yoga Panties.

I do not know why, but these things bug me.  Are so many people (women) out there doing yoga that they required a whole special category of panty to be developed?

I can understand the yoga pants.  I doubt they need to be tight as all that, but I concede that when a human twists themselves into these positions a stretchy, well fitted pair of pants is a good idea.  But what is up with the “Yoga Panty”?  I saw these in the window at the Victoria Secrets store.

I stopped and stared at them trying to figure out what made them, specifically, “Yoga Panties”.  I mean they looked like what we used to call “bikini underwear”, or pretty nearly.

Some years ago I brought a DVD of beginning Yoga type stuff.  I never made it all of the way through the damn thing.  I gave up after a half dozen attempts.  I mean, I liked it, i did try, but if that’s a gentle intro for beginners – I was a failure before I ever started.

Must have worn the wrong panties.



~ by ladysforest on December 4, 2010.

11 Responses to “Yoga Panties”

  1. ROLMAO!

  2. Do you remember Miss Tickly (aka Terri K)? She’s back showing off her HDOH embossed seal that she received from them. Guess what? It is inconsistent with the seal on BO’s COLB. Who would have thought that?

    • Yes, I’d been tipped off that she is back. I haven’t looked at the seal yet. I’ll do that later today, thanks!

  3. ladysforest,
    I don’t guess that you know any way to contact Miss Tickly, do you? Someone named GVA over at the WND Forums has several questions to ask her. I have his/her questions saved.

    Terri K has her comment section turned off.


    • No, I don’t know how to contact her. Perhaps you can leave that question over on the blog “” as I’ve seen her leave comments there. I think she also comments on FreeRepublic. But Butterdzillion may know how to get your message to her.

    • Post your questions on the WTPOTUS site. She has been answering questions there. Read through the comments on the current thread first though, because your answers may be there.

    • She says with her new blog, that she is going to LameCherry it. She is not going to repeatedly hash it out with the bots.

      • Huh. Invoking the Lame Cherry is she? Pwffff.

        I will keep my opinions to myself. BTW, I love Lame Cherry very much.

        Kathy, you know what a true hard-ass I am when it comes to certain things……..LOL.

      • Hey Lady. Speaking of Hard Ass, you never said if you picked up yourself one of those new spiffy pairs of yoga panties…..Still….ROLMAO….. 🙂

        • Ha! No, I figured they aren’t like Superman’s cape ~ I likely wouldn’t get any special super power from donning them that would enable me to actually be able to do Yoga.

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