Does This Make My Butt Look Fat?

What if, what if, EVERY woman that desires to fly within the USA in the next six  months wears a “burka”?

We know that CAIR is attempting to strong arm the USA government and the TSA into limiting any pre-fight boarding search on muslim women clad in a burka to JUST the head and neck.

My suggestion is that all women in this USA hop up onto the bus.  Get yourself a burka, toss it over yourself just before entering the airport, and you too can breeze right through the search process with no stress or waiting.  You will not have to be x-rayed for your nakedness to be enjoyed by the TSA staff.  You will not be groped and squeezed by strangers with god knows what going on in their minds.

Let the real American women find out what it is like to be  the “protected” class for once.  Let us have carte blanche for a ficken minute of our lives, eh?

No!  We have to manage the screaming, vomiting children, lug the bags, remember the tickets, and stand there and get felt up by TSA perverts.  Then we watch them grope our toddlers.

I will not fly ever again unless it is a dire emergency, and I do mean dire.

Boycott air travel my friends.  It’s gotten too damn expensive and uncomfortable anyway.  Just say NO!

Here is something to ponder over as it is your future if you do not put your feminine foot down decisively and do it now.

The woman on the left is not exactly immodest.  Her breasts are completely covered, her skirt is long and voluminous, her footwear is no where near sexy.  But the mammal next to her is completely fricken ludicrous.

This could be a campaign that we could win.

Use your enemies  strength against them.

You know you want to…..

The “junk” man cometh.

Read the post at this link, it will bring you much enlightenment.  AND, after reading it, you will run right out and buy yourself that burka I was suggesting.


~ by ladysforest on November 15, 2010.

7 Responses to “Does This Make My Butt Look Fat?”

  1. The TSA is strip searching everyone they can, and the TSA is controlling how much of you is seen by the scanner review agent. Since some TSA agent up in booth will be looking at you naked, why not strip down as a protest? It’s been done in Europe already.
    A bikini under something easy to remove (and put through the shoe scanner) would allow an open visual “search.” Would any agent have the guts to demand touching someone with so much skin exposed? If so, he/she is sick.
    What happened to the wands, anyway?

    • At this point they are still randomizing the passengers that will go through the nudie booth. It did crack me up when I read about the group in the EU that protested nude. You’d think with all the wackos we have in this country that there would have been a similar protest, but I guess they are too busy complaining that Sarah Palin was in a boat, in the middle of a creek and bears appeared. They felt Sarah was in the wrong and was traumatizing the bears.

      None of the progressives complained about the little toddler getting fondled by the TSA agent. They say, “You have a right not to fly if you don’t like it, hehe.” Well, when the man, John Tyner refused, and then tried to leave the airport ~ he was detained. They didn’t want him to leave and have threatened him with a $10,000. fine.

      And yes, I’m pretty sure they would still grope a naked or near naked person – cause it’s in the rules.

      When we flew back out of London (Heathrow) there was almost no security check. This was about four years ago. I was stunned, as were several others whom I overheard in the duty free shop. This one man was on his cell telling all about how there was virtually no security measures taken, and he didn’t sound happy about it.

      I think folks were fine with the baggage scanner, wand, shoe scanner, and the metal detector that you walk through. Yeah, it could be irritating, but it was something that we felt we were going through for the benefit of all of our fellow passengers. This new stuff is too much. The fact that the government would set this in place, then tell us we have no recourse if we wish to fly, is too much.

  2. The TSA stuff is totally crazy. It’s so unnecessary. I was reading stuff like at Israel and other places that has great security and they don’t do this.

    Also, consider what all we’ve had crossing our borders. Do they care? No! How much sense does it make to go through this at airports and allow who knows whatever to cross our borders?

    • Lordy, I can tell you a story or three about illegal aliens in my local area. Funny thing is that you wouldn’t expect them to be drawn to this area for any reason. There are no crops, there are no farm jobs. There are no “plants” that would employ them.

      Drugs, prostitution, human trafficking ~ including newborn babies. This I know for a fact and have persons who can testify to these facts. When I say I know this I am not shitting around.

      They are protected, we are not, and this must change.

  3. Check this out from WND. Pretty good.

  4. you’re too funny. one of the best “jokes” i’ve seen in awhile was a post of someone taking a picture of a guy taking a picture of a group of women standing together “smiling?” for the camera in full “burka” garb at the airport…not sure what the whole blackout thing is called…anyway there weren’t even any eyeballs showing…laughed my arse was probably true.

    • Here is a snip;

      “Most people typically associate the burqa, often blue in color, with the Taliban reign in Afghanistan. Women under the Taliban’s rule were required to wear the burqa. Prior to Taliban rule, many Muslim women in Afghanistan wore western-style clothing. For some, having to don the burqa again was oppressive.”
      “In Afghanistan, continued control of certain factions in some regions has forced women who do not voluntarily wear the burqa to don it again, even though they would choose not to wear it otherwise. Not wearing the burqa can be a threat to personal safety due to the possibility of punishment.”

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