Lifetime Achievement Award

Glenn Beck, whom I rarely bother to watch since his caviler birther bashing episodes, had the third show in his series on Soros tonight.

I watched a bit of it because the TV was on when I came into the room, the part where he played a vid of Soros saying that the US needed a foreign voice in our Congress, or whatever,  instead of it being made up solely of Dems and conservative Republicans.  In other, more clearly stated words, of actual Americans and no foreign nationals.

I wandered back out of the room rather than listen to Glenn some more.  But then, after a little bit, it occurred to me that Soros had pulled off what he was talking about wanting to arrange.  He put someone, who is technically of a different country, in the White House.

obama is a British subject.  He was born that way, and a condition at birth NEVER can change.  It is what it is and cannot be denied.

So, he did it.  Soros got a Brit in our White House.  A man who owes his heart and soul and mind to a father he never knew, from a land he dreamed of as a magical land of wonder because it produced the evasive noble wonder that he imagined his own father to be.

Can anyone conceive  how many lies the young obama told himself to explain away his fathers absence in his life?  What an impossibly grand pedestal that kid built for that worthless drunkard?

When Factcheck, obama’s very own campaign website, backed by George Soros, declared that obama was born a British subject due to his fathers nationality in 1961, and our own Nancy Pelosi signed the DNC certificates stating obama was eligible, the stage was set.

When the RINO McCain was chosen to run against obama (a turnip would have a better shot) everyone knew that McCain had no chance.  In fact, he didn’t even seem too f**king interested or sincere.  Then along came Palin.  She pulled McCain kicking and screaming, in sight of a win.

We all knew what would happen though, and so did Soros.

He didn’t bother with the House or the Senate, he went straight for the jugular.  Sumofabitch got it too.

He is running out of time.  He is an old, old man.  He wants this last feather in his cap.  He wants to unmake the single most unique and stubborn government in the the world.

He has well begun.

The “new” FactCheck page on obama’s citizenship (screenshot), it has the same words it has always had on this topic, just an updated look. Clarifies Barack’s Citizenship

“When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children.

Since Sen. Obama has neither renounced his U.S. citizenship nor sworn an oath of allegiance to Kenya, his Kenyan citizenship automatically expired on Aug. 4,1982.”

This is the most recent up date on Fight the Smears website.  Shameless.

Now, Mr. Beck can’t point any of this out can he?  I mean, it might be too much like saying obama was born under a Kenyan Keebler Tree.

But hey, don’t let the little matter of a guy born a BRITISH SUBJECT, which has been plastered all over the internet since 2007, trouble you Mr. Beck.  Don’t pay any attention to that.

This is one of the things that gave birth to the Tea Party.  This intellectual dishonesty by some who are simple cowards, and treason by others who are outrageously daring, and would lose nothing by trying.  The facts were out in the open all the time, weren’t they?

PS:  I notice that some “former” PUMA blogs, posing as converts, have all of a sudden started to turn back to praising Hillary Clinton.  Are you all fricken insane?  Do you not have a grain of sense?  Not only have you dumb asses just totally outed yourselves – having freaked about the ass kicking you got in the elections – you are just plain wrong about that power mad Hillary.  Stop it now!  Stop wanting to advance an agenda.  Go after what you have been pretending to want for these past two years…go after freedom.  For God’s sake, don’t sell yourselves down the river.

I have sat on the fence and watched you all, I have been skeptical.  You have rewarded my unease of your glib words and “changed” loyalties with your true agenda.  We see your frantic scrambling to justify your renewed support of Hillary.

You have won distrust.

We have no leader because we desire no limits to be placed on our successes.


~ by ladysforest on November 11, 2010.

11 Responses to “Lifetime Achievement Award”

  1. Great post filled with salient observations. Positively inspirational, in fact! I swear that I could hear “God Bless America” playing in a gentle crescendo in the background in accompaniment to the rising tone of the voice of your resolve.

    By the way, to which PUMA blogs are you referring? How could anyone who has come to realize the evil that is Obama give a free pass to his willing Secretary of State and ideological twin? The only conflict between these two sorry Soros puppets is that they both want to be the one dancing on center stage. But the strings from Soros’ fingers to their souls are hopeless intertwined so they can’t help but spasmodically lunging at each other now and then as Soros jerks the chains of these two anti-American jerks. I hope to both of them in irons some day.

    • Thank you Thinkwell.

      The blogs, well I won’t mention the names of the blogs, they are entitled to their own point of view. 🙂 Who they are will become very apparent over the next six months. The change I have noticed is rooted more in the blog followers at the moment. The bloggers themselves haven’t started to praise Hillary very openly again, most notably are silent when their followers now begin to praise her. That wouldn’t have happened before the mid-term. Like many of my readers, I visit many blogs a day, so I see trends emerging. I look for this stuff though. Tells me which way the wind blows.

      Soros wanted a non-American, he said it himself. He has achieved that end. He couldn’t count on a genuine American, no matter how corrupt and power mad, to be a puppet of his. The Clinton’s moved to the center once, and Soros knew that he’d face that again. obama would be the perfect puppet for Soros. obama agrees with Soros ideology, obama has no love of this country. His administration seeks to further strip away our national pride, to make even the children ashamed of America. The better to welcome in the New World Order.

  2. Great stuff you’ve got there, ladysforest. And as far as Beck, I can’t hardly listen to him. On the one hand he talks about the founding fathers, blah, blah, blah, how he loves the constitution, and then he trashes people who doesn’t think BO is legit citizen. I used to think that maybe he was threatened if he mentioned it, but I don’t think so. I don’t know what his problem is.

  3. Another thing about Soros, and I didn’t watch the Beck thing on Soros, but it’s my opinion that when all this financial crises started up, I wouldn’t doubt that it was Soros that manipulated the money market in some manner to cause it. Of course, I can’t prove it, but I’m not the only person who thought this.

    • Thanks Kittycat.
      Soros has his hand in many financial markets. I haven’t studied him to any extent, but go primarily on the words issuing from his own mouth. I’ve watched some of the shorter vids of some of his talks, and it’s shocking. He’s an evil dude.

  4. My husband was telling me this, and I’ve forgotten it. Soros manipulated the money market once and caused the Brits to lose tons upon tons of money, something in the billions, I think. He’s evil. Lots of these people are just totally arrogant, and they think that they can do anything.

    • It’s a sick sort of God game to them. They have all the money they could ever want, they have power and position. Most everyone shows them the greatest deference. Next is nation breaking. That is the fruit at the top of the tree.

  5. i like beck at times but you cannot continually be someone who reports what he does and never offer a solution. i have been listening to him and forever waiting for him to provide his plan as he keeps saying that he’s done with talking. but actualluy that’s all he does…he waits for others to act. no problem….just dont keep telling me your going to do something.

    • LOL.

      Yes. It is a cliff hanger sort of a thing with him, isn’t it? I think he addresses important issues, investigates critical topics, exposes corruption. You are correct in that he does not follow through in the way that he implies he will.

      It’s weird. He’d probably pass it off like; “Hey, I give you the tools, set you in the right direction, you guys must complete the “mission”.”
      I don’t buy that crap though.

      You don’t start the ball rolling, then jump out of the way and run in the opposite direction. That’s Beck’s style though ~ he does it every time.

  6. Oh, ladysforest, I know. Shoot, I’ve been so sick this week, no joke, totally wiped out from whatever the mess is that I have. Now I think that it’s turned into bronchitis. Not fun at all! I have coughing fits, bad ones!

    Anyway, every thing that we do will catch up with us in one way or another. I’m not talking “karma.” I’m talking the fact that we reap what we sow. Somehow it will catch up. It doesn’t mean that if we do it this week, it’s going to catch up with us next week. Even when we’re at our best, we are still reaping what we sow.
    Some things may not catch up to us until later in life, but it will happen in one form or another, whether good or bad. What I’m speaking of is the Scriptures and life. I feel those will happen.

    But Soros, look at him, so rich, and not only that, seems arrogant too. No doubt that he doesn’t understand that he is just a lowly person, made of dust like the rest of us, one whose body will rot in the grave, etc., like the rest of us.

    Soros, plus BO, are just like the rest of mankind (Adam in the Bible which can mean generic mankind), he will undergo the same process as we do when he dies. Well, that should humble him, you’d think? I guess he thinks that his money will save him.

    • I don’t know, nor can I begin to imagine, what they think of the afterlife. It is clear that they consider themselves so elevated in their privileged lives, that while on this earth they must manipulate our humble paths.

      I respectfully decline their assistance and guidance through my human toils.

      I hope you recover rapidly and gently my friend. Bronchial issues are a nasty thing to deal with.

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