Riddle Me This…..

OK, so today I was listening to the local radio show “host”, and he asked callers to chime in on their opinions about the trip obama is currently soaking us for at a reported $200 million a day.

You see, I say “reported” because the initial figures came from reports out of India.  It was about ten days before the White House came out to the contrary.  Well, sort of.  They did a general denial, couched in a spin of the security costs.  You saw through that right?

They never said it was a false number.  They never gave an estimated figure.

The host of that radio show made good points about the president of the US needing solid security.  I agree, EVERYONE agrees with that.

If this trip is so very dangerous as to require the arrangements that have been made, at the exorbitant expense being reported, then kinda “denied”,  why did this man and HUNDREDS of US corporate executives travel there?

Why did the obama’s bring their children?

Yes, why would one take ones children unnecessarily into such clear and present danger?

I wouldn’t even let my children in the car with me if I had a dayquil tablet.  Are you kidding me?

Yet they take these young, helpless children to a place that they themselves fear so greatly as to require unheard of security details, and the literal shutdown of a great portion of the local community.

And the WH tells us that they can not confirm the cost due to security reasons.


If they were to admit , say, even $100 million a day would everyone in the world know just what security arrangements had been made?  NO.

What?  What?


~ by ladysforest on November 8, 2010.

5 Responses to “Riddle Me This…..”

  1. Well, if I’m understanding correctly, I still think the $200 million per day is a cheap amount. It’s obvious that they want to spin it to make it not so. I don’t buy their spin. Ever! Plus they took their kids. Wait, do they really care about the kids? Well, that, I do not know. But still even $200 million per day seems cheap when you add up a tab of security, hotels, food, everything.

    They are crazy, in my honest opinion.

  2. Sorry, but this is so terribly pitiful, and Peelousy is guilty:


  3. So many of those creeps and criminals are totally guilty because of this. It’s common sense, A, B, C stuff. I guess that they think Americans could just ignore the Constitution. Well, BO has probably been freaking out because it’s still in the news about his sorry a$$. He should have known, if he was an American, that we ain’t gonna forget it. What an absolute idiot!

    That dog manure needs to be thrown out of the WH on his you-know-what, well, really locked up in jail for life in breaking the supreme law of our land.

  4. Hah

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