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“Besides the high-level security apparatus in place for US President Barack Obama’s visit here tomorrow, dog and monkey catchers are also being roped in to avert any ‘animal invasion’ on his route.”

Uhhhhhhh, they missed one…


The following quote from yet another article on michelle o’s haute couture, is a prime example of where people go wrong when they are on the cult of personality bus.  Actually, I believe it is just more of the ole naked emperor syndrome.  People who like her very much, for whatever reason, are inclined to like what ever she does.  She is the first lady of the United States, and as such is awarded the status of fashion icon regardless of what she wears.  Some articles I’ve read have worked very hard to justify that title.  Usually by writing something of the sort in the quote that follows.  By the way, if Jackie were still alive I doubt they would dare have the nerve!

Since her arrival in India on Saturday, US First Lady Michelle Obama’s 1960s look has become the talk of the town. On Sunday morning, Michelle visited a school in Mumbai with husband, President Barack Obama, wearing an outfit reminiscent of 1960s style icon, former first lady, Jackie Kennedy.

I will likely move this photo of mo to my little photo gallery later today (11/8) and delete this post.  I don’t often indulge in bashing folks for superficial reasons, except a odd Walmart shopper or two, but who can blame me there, but this whole lemming over the cliff nonsense about mo’s fashion sense…..!

My mother used to say that if you weren’t blessed with the wherewithal to always dress in the latest fashion, one should invest in classic pieces.  Jackie O knew fashion, she knew the power of classic pieces although she could wear anything she would have chosen regardless of price.  She also possessed taste.  No writer ever had to struggle or compare her to some other lady in order to pass off an unattractive outfit as fashion.


~ by ladysforest on November 6, 2010.

10 Responses to “Sophisticated Mama”

  1. The Husband of mine, who rarely knows what I am about with my blogging, actually looked at this post.

    I’m ROARING!!! He’s like “What the F*** !”, It’s like “Clash Day” at high school! None of the colors even go together.”

  2. Dear LF,

    Like a lot of ordinary people First Lady Elenore Roosevelt was plug ugly, too. I don’t like Michelle Obama for a lot of reasons, but her looks are irrelevant to that opinion. Mocking her anatomy or bad taste in clothes seems somehow tawdry and counterproductive. I would recommend that you resist that temptation.

    That said, I enjoy your blog and support what you do. 🙂

    • I appreciate your position on this, although getting a spanking is never fun.
      See, where I am really coming from is that she is an ugly person. Through and through. This wasn’t directed solely at her appearance. I feel that she is undignified, ungracious, and hasn’t a sincere bone in her body. I am not generally given to trashing other women, but with her I confess that I have indulged once or twice. :).

      And when it comes to the wardrobe, well – that’s fair game! LOL. She has all the resources in the world at her disposal, a personal styler, tailors, designers, and yet she usually wears things that are ill fitted and just plain ugly. These things she wears make me wince.

      There is just so little about her that says “First Lady”.

  3. LOL! Pretty funny, Ladysforest.

    Appreciate your recent posts, too.

    Of course we could have wished for more, but a great victory Tuesday. Now for the next round. No let up.

    btw, did they ever say how many ships accompanied Zero to India?

  4. With so many wins at the state levels, redistricting will be sooo helpful. I believe God had his hand in this as the wins come at just the right moment to address gerrymandering.

  5. ladysforest,

    I haven’t been here much because I’m on dial-up right now. Our main Internet is down, so dial-up just is the total pits. Anyway, I’ve been laughing like crazy at Moochelle and her dancing. You can’t go to Drudge without all their dancing. I’m thinking, who the heck cares if they dance all night?

    But as far as making fun of her looks, I think the key is this, she thinks that she’s something that she’s not. Arrogant, and one of the so-called “Elites.” Pretty is as pretty does. If we put her and Laura Bush side by side, it’s easy to see who is the “pretty” one and that’s because of Laura Bush’s mannerisms, character, honor, integrity, etc. Her beauty shows through from her innermost self.

    Now, I’ve seen some very mean and ugly looks on Moochelle’s face against people. I remember once when I was watching Hillary giving the speech about bowing out of the race, the whole time Moochelle was in the audience giving her a look like she’d love to murder her, clenching her jaw, anger in her face. It was bad. And I’m not a Hillary person either.

    Then I was reading an article once of an attorney that used to work in the same firm as she did. The other attorney said that you couldn’t even say hi and introduce yourself to Moochelle, because she was snotty and would walk away not saying a word to you. Just totally rude to people, and she really didn’t have any friends there because of the way that she treated all the attorneys.

    So Moochelle definitely has a problem, I would say, and all of that shows through on her face and making her ugly.

    • Sorry about the dial-up situation! That can be a headache.
      I think it was michelle’s look at the French first lady that stunned me the most. I didn’t see the Hillary speech thingy. But boy, the look she gave the lovely French FL was stunning! Evil.
      I do wish obama wouldn’t run around in his shirt sleeves all the time, but put on his suit jacket. I mean, really? They just act so weird and disrespectful of that office.

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