The Wild, Wild Waste

11/05 Update:  The WH is now stating that there are not 34 military ships heading to India.  They are also trying to play down the daily cost.  But pay attention to how this is worded:

Although the United States is known for taking elaborate precautions when it comes to presidential trips, the accounts out of India described a massive naval fleet steaming towards Mumbai and an astounding price-tag of 200 million dollars a day for security.

The White House bluntly dismissed the cost estimate, and said that the price tag for security was similar to trips for previous presidents, without offering a specific figure.

“I think there’s been a lot of creative writing that’s been done on this trip over the last few days. I’ve seen other reports with some astronomical figures in terms of what it costs to take these trips,” Morrell said.

Ummm, no one claimed that the $200 MILLION PER DAY is solely for security, you spinning little bastards, it’s the total per day including accommodations, travel, salaries, and security.  They truly think that all of the citizens of this country are just dumb.  Scratch that, they just don’t care what you think, what you know.  They will mock us in this manner because we have allowed it for generations.

I am seriously troubled in my mind as I write this.  I like to dislike obama as much as the next kitten, but now I am so overwhelmed that my feelings are getting all confused.

Part of me wants to lash out.  Part of me wants to yell into the air, part of me wants to pretend like it’s all a dream or a joke.

They have removed the coconuts from the trees for obama.

They are building a mile long bomb proof tunnel so that obama can visit a museum.

There are THIRTY-FOUR  US war ships to guard them as they have chosen to stay where they have a view of the water.

Now they are up to EIGHT-HUNDRED rooms booked for his entourage.  Here is a recent post that I did on the Taj and the costs per room.

Two jets, armed with advanced communication and security systems, and a fleet of over 40 cars will be part of Obama’s convoy.

Around 800 rooms have been booked for the President and his entourage in Taj Hotel and Hyatt.

The President will have a security ring of American elite Secret Service, which are tasked to guard the President, along with National Security Guards (NSG) and personnel from central paramilitary forces and local police in Mumbai and Delhi.


Apart from Obama’s Air Force One, a few private luxury jets carrying top American corporate leaders, who are part of Obama’s entourage, are also expected to arrive in India in the next 2-3 days.

Yes, of course.  American corporate leaders, are part of the entourage.  Sure, why not?  All told there are roughly THREE THOUSAND people traveling with them.

See what I mean?  What do you say about such lavishness?  What do you believe about persons that do such extravagant nonsense when so many mainstreet everyday citizens in our country are being asked to give up more and more of their earnings to support welfare recipients?  When so many are out of work.  When small beloved family businesses have to close their doors?  When families are being foreclosed on and are homeless?

How do we believe that there is any understanding of the plight of so much of our population when it’s leader behaves as though he is King of the World.

I mean they actually removed the coconuts from the trees so there would be no chance of one falling out of the sky at the precise moment obama was directly under it.  I hope they at least handed out those coconuts to the huge population of Indians living in destitution.

How do you reconcile this wild waste?

How do you stuff all of this immense transfer of assets into your mind and then convince yourself that something about this trip must certainly warrant this massive  pageantry?

I can’t.  It’s like a weird joke.  Speaking of joke, I was reading a thread of comments on some article about this voyage of the gods, and one ass actually had the stupidity to claim that “Bush had likely taken trips that were even more expensive, but nobody complained about him !!!”

TWO BILLION DOLLARS.  Now the WH is pushing back, making a claim that it is not costing that much.  Really?  Then when do we get to see a breakdown of costs?

What, for example does building a mile long bomb proof tunnel run these days?  Did that go out for contact bids?  No?  No the US Military will take care of it.  Here is the actual profile of this beaut.  I believe it is a pre-fab type of deal.

The tunnel would be a kilometre long and measure 12ft by 12ft — enough to let Obama’s cavalcade pass through. The tunnel would be centrally air-conditioned, fitted with close-circuit television cameras, and will be heavily guarded at every point, including, of course, its entry and exit.

And, what pray tell, did they do to all of the occupants of these buildings?

All high-rise buildings in the vicinity of Mumbai’s Taj Mahal hotel and Delhi’s Maurya Sheraton hotel, where the US President will stay, are being sanitised and security personnel will be positioned on rooftops to prevent any air-borne attack.

I want me some of that action.

The only thing that to me is more shocking and ridiculous than this pompous, arrogant display is the pitiful defense of it by those who support obama.

Friday, Nov. 5—Obama leaves Washington.

Saturday, Nov. 6—Arrives Mumbai, India; holds meetings with business leaders, others.

Sunday, Nov. 7—Travels to New Delhi.

Monday, Nov. 8—Meetings with Indian government officials in New Delhi.

Tuesday, Nov. 9—Travels to Jakarta, Indonesia.

Wednesday, Nov. 10—Speech in Indonesia; travels to Seoul, South Korea.

Thursday, Nov. 11—In Seoul, speaks to U.S. troops for Veterans Day; Opening ceremonies for Group of 20 economic summit.

Friday, Nov. 12—G20 working sessions, news conference; Departs Seoul for Yokohama, Japan.

Saturday, Nov. 13—Attends meetings for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Yokohama, Japan.

Sunday, Nov. 14—Visits Great Buddha statue before departing Japan and returning to Washington.


~ by ladysforest on November 4, 2010.

18 Responses to “The Wild, Wild Waste”

  1. Yeah, isn’t this something? I wonder what the cost of those rooms are. How much do you think that Taj Mahal Hotel is per night in American dollars?

    • 63750. Indian Rupee = $1437. USD as of 10/25.

      That is for a mid-grade room/suite. The website didn’t give the rates for the most exclusive suites.

  2. “Bush had likely taken trips that were even more expensive, but nobody complained about him !!!”

    I saw that stupid comment too. Let’s see, how many times did Pres. Bush go to his ranch for a working vacation, then the libs totally pitched a fit? I think if Bush had taken a trip like BO’s, we would still be hearing about it daily on the Lamestream Media.

    • Well, aren’t we still hearing about his trips to his own fricken ranch? The hypocrisy is stunning.

  3. I did a post on the cost of the Taj – a MID_GRADE room runs approx $1500.00 per night.

  4. Thanks, ladysforest. I found and it posted it and quoted it from you at CW’s. All of this makes me ill. It’s beyond ridiculous. I’m not against people being rich, it’s just that since people are struggling so, we need to have a president that understands their pain and is setting an example himself. We don’t have one. As a matter of fact, he’s probably a usurper and not a president.

    • “we need to have a president that understands their pain and is setting an example himself”

      Very well said kittycat.

      It actually makes me feel a bit sad, it’s like a massive tumbling down of our image. We all appear as ridiculous and arrogantly extravagant when the president of the United States engages in such a conspicuous and pompous display

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  6. I know, ladysforest, many people from other countries think all the people in America are rich! This is no joke because back years ago when I went to other countries, they have this idea that we’re all that way. Hah! Most of us are just working every day of our lives like people in other countries are. They have this false image of us.

    Now with BO pulling this, I’m sure they probably think so even more. There is so much bull out in the whole world.

  7. This was on Drudge: Warning Issued For Entire NYC Water Supply; Elevated Lead Levels Detected…

    But you may not be in that area, however, you may have friends or family in that area.

    • Thanks. No, we don’t know anyone there anymore. But this could explain the way those people voted!

  8. Oh, you’re so funny! Haahaa….that fits it, I’m sure. At least you’re not CA!

  9. I don’t trust them anyway. Just looking up the costs of those rooms in the Taj Mahal Hotel is a huge amount of money, unless they got some kind of group discount. Even with a discount, I bet it’s still extremely expensive. Then the security that he’s having is really a lot too.

    And if it wasn’t an embarrassing amount of money, they should just come out with the amount. But they won’t because it’s an embarrassing amount.

    • Don’t overlook the fact that US security has been there for well over a week already, getting things in order. The expense of all of the planes, no one disputed those numbers, has to be huge. Chuck in 800 hotel rooms, not to mention the special food bills. If he is so scared of eating food prepared there, and so brought along his chefs – multiple – I’m guessing the food is being shipped from the states as well.

      They are just trying to take the focus of the total cost off, by implying “security” is what the articles are referring to. I’ve not heard anyone say that the 200. million a day was just for security. So, that little ruse won’t hold up.

  10. You know, I’m just exhausted. I didn’t sleep good last night. Stomach was not well, then one of my cats was in a romping mood, running around the house like an idiot. So I got to sleep around 4:30 a.m. Then I’ve been up working on a hearing today that is so slow. But I was thinking about these liberals, they cannot absolutely face any reality. I guess they are in a different reality, you think? Because how on earth could Pelosi want to be there when all the people can’t stand her? Does she think that they like her? I’ve been reading that many of the Dems can’t stand her.

    Also consider Barky, he’s not with it either. My guess is that he doesn’t really care anyway. Sometimes this is like a nightmare, a never-ending one, then we have a little light at the end of a tunnel, then wham again.

    • I hope you get feeling better. It’s a coincidence, but my stomach was twirly yesterday also. I hope tomorrow I’m over this ick.

      Frankly, I don’t understand how people that have been given a clear message, and by MILLIONS of people, cling to their delusions. Go figure.

  11. Read this at the P&E:

    Well, you may have already read it. He really does think that he’s king of the world. And Moochelle is his queen. Or maybe he’s the queen and she’s the king. LOL!

    I’m thinking that $200 mil per day is probably in the low figure. I bet this is costing way more than that.

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