Who’s Got Balls?

Bush throws the first ball –

George Bush 41 and George Bush 43 entered the stadium together tonight to throw out the first ball at the World Series.

obama throws the first ball –

But hey, what can you expect from THIS guy?

Since we are into fair comparisons:


~ by ladysforest on October 31, 2010.

6 Responses to “Who’s Got Balls?”

  1. George Bush really thew it too. He did good. No girly-guy throw. Just a throw like a man does.

    • Yep. There is another, older vid of him nailing the throw the same way. You know, I never cared much for Bush when he was in office, but he sure as hell is more of a man than this fainting Lilly we have in there now. Puffed up POS.

  2. good one. the problem with bho isnt so much that he cant throw the ball, it’s that he really looks like he hates the ceremony of what normal presidents do. he doesnt want any part of being presidential. he’s all agenda driven, not councerned about running a country.

    • He wants to PARADE as a President. He wants to be admired and fawned over. He wants people to beware his power.

      He doesn’t connect on a common level, at all, ever. And he doesn’t care about respect. I think he’s fine having celebrity instead. Power and fake celebrity, throw in going down in history for being a FAKE black president, and he’s all good.
      Now we will begin to see the most outrageous abuse of the taxpayers in the trips he and his hag will take on our dime in the next two years. Beginning with the trip in a few days. I saw this coming when michelle did Spain.
      They know they have no chance of staying in the WH, so they are going to squeeze all they can. Party, thy name is obama.
      Did you notice that in the bike photo, his one arm looks REALLY thin, like it’s a girl arm? Must be a trick of the light, but it is weird. Or maybe that’s why he can’t throw a ball.

      • you’re right about the photo. it seems every photo of him doesnt look quite right. in terms of the spending, you betcha. he’s a disgrace. he’s going all out, the last hurrah. he wants to take the country down, why cant anyone see that. there is still this discussion about coming to the middle. hello, he hates this country. everyone one needs to accept it, its the truth.

  3. BDZ-I’ll contact you tomorrow.

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