It’s Free, But It’ll Cost Ya

I’ve watched a bit of the live stream of the Stewart/Colbert rally.  It looks to be a good turn out. (update: roughly 50% the size of Beck’s)  The weather there is pretty nice today, couldn’t ask for better.

And they had some very well known talent – Ozzie Ozbourn for one, though he’s not my kind of guy, it would certainly appeal to this crowd.

Now to be fair, I don’t recall any big name performer at any of the DC Tea Party rallies that we attended.  I didn’t recognize a single name except that really old dude that sang comedy type songs.  But there weren’t any comedy routines. Just a few songs.  Not whole sets by whole bands.  This rally had whole bands.

Maybe I have party envy.  You know what I mean.  Like when you are a little kid, and you have a birthday party.

Your mom decorates the yard, bakes a layer cake, you whack a pinata and pin a tail on a donkey or two.  All the kids have a lot of fun.  Well, a few days later “Nellie Olsen” (some of you will get the reference) has her birthday party.  Her parents rent a bounce house, hire a clown and a magician, have a few ponies trailered in, all the kids get goodie bags, and Duff from Charm City Cakes made the most awesome cake a kid could ever lay eyes on.

All the other kids keep saying how much better Nellie’s party is.  Duh.

Hehehe.  Yeah, I guess if you have big name entertainers, totally free admission, people will show up and really enjoy the event.

I guess if they get free bus rides (200 buses were reported to be provided by Huffington Post) and there is no admission, even more people will go.

I guess if the president of the United States appears on the show of the Host of the event just days  before the “rally”, it could be considered an endorsement, an encouragement even.  And that might just help attendance numbers.

Wait, I forgot, this is not a political event.  Hunh?

“For all the frivolity, there were political undertones, too, pushing back against conservatives ahead of Tuesday’s election.

“I hate signs,” said one sign. “Have you seen my keys?” said another.

Slogans urged people to “relax.” But also: “Righties, don’t stomp on my head,” a reference to an incident before a Senate debate in Kentucky at which a liberal activist was pulled to the ground and stepped on. And, “I wouldn’t care if the president was Muslim.”

Organizers insisted the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear wasn’t about politics. Still, supporters and left-leaning advocacy groups hoped it would rekindle some of the voter enthusiasm for Democrats seen in 2008, particularly among young adults.

The Jerusalem Post

“Organizing for America, Obama’s political operation based at Democratic National Committee headquarters, was setting up a “Phone Bank for Sanity” after the rally to urge people to vote on Tuesday.

Saturday’s event mirrors the “Restoring Honor” rally held in August by Glenn Beck, the Fox News commentator popular among conservatives. Beck, too, played down his event as a political rally; Stewart has described his simply as an alternative format for the mock-news humor seen by millions of Comedy Central viewers each night on “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report.”

From a NY Times blog article:

October 30, 2010, 10:25 am

Democrats Recruit Volunteers Outside Stewart-Colbert Rally


Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert may not want an overtly political rally on Saturday, but the Democratic National Committee is doing everything it can to capitalize on the event.

Volunteers and staff members from the headquarters are greeting people as they get off of the buses or arrive in Washington on trains, armed with sign-up sheets for canvassing efforts in districts across the country.

And for those rally attendees who have not gotten enough of politics by the end of the rally, they can head over to the the committee’s headquarters a few blocks away, where there will be a phone bank. Committee officials said they expected to get at least 100 people there.

The rally had been a subject of concern for some Democrats, who said it would siphon the most active Democrats from around the country away from the get-out-the-vote efforts in their home states and districts.

But a spokeswoman for the Democratic committee’s Organizing for America said Saturday that the party is supportive of the Comedy Central hosts’ event.

“We think having people energized and enthusiastic in the final days before Election Day is great,” said the spokeswoman, Lynda Tran. “OFA is urging people to head from the rally to a phone bank or to pick up a canvass and go door to door to urge their friends, neighbors, and communities to head to the polls on Tuesday.”

OK, OK, I get it!  It wasn’t political, but the Dems were there in force hoping to use the attendees to go to the obama campaign organization, Organization for America, and make campaign calls.  While they were still all warm and fuzzy from the free bus rides, and the high profile entertainers.  Before they forgot to whom they owed thanks for their fun day outing.

It is actually a very old, standard political staple.  LOL, I first became aware of it the first time I read “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn”….wonderful classic.  The family, a very poor family, goes on a day trip where everything is provided at no cost by the political party the father was registered to.  The transportation, the food, the beer, and the goodies and rides for the children.  All free.

The only thing is, says the father, that they expect you to vote the party line.

Other notable performers and a big ole puppet.

Kidd Rock

Sheryl Crow

the Roots

John Legend

Tony Bennett

and even R2-D2.

“It’s a perfect demographic sampling of the American people,” Stewart cracked to a crowd filled with mostly younger whites. “As you know, if you have too many white people at a rally, your cause is racist. If you have too many people of color, then you must be asking for something — special rights, like eating at restaurants or piggyback rides.”
As you can clearly see from the photo at the top of this post, it appears to be perfectly fine for liberals to carry signs depicting  conservatives with Hilter mustaches.  Really?  Smells like a big ole pile of double standards here.

And Stewart concedes that his crowd is a racist crowd because it is made of too many white people.
Non-political?  Not according to the leftist!  These progressives have it spelled out:
The Politico
Left-wing groups such as Amnesty International, Public Citizen and Feminist Majority Foundation handed out buttons, signs and fliers outside a Metro station near the Mall. Activists were hoping that the young people who turned out in force for President Barack Obama in 2008 — and who form the core of “The Daily Show” audience — would be jolted into action to help stave off expected big losses by Democrats next week.
The rally message
so cool and mellow…….
Size ~YES IT IS SMALLER THAN BECK”S…..I don’t mean that that in a manly male sort of a way.

Thousands gather to see comedians Jon Stewart ...



Now this is classic!!!


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