Skeletons In My Closet – kinda

I’ve decided to invite you, my Kittens, into my private life just in time for Halloween.

I have a great fondness for this holiday, although sadly, I no longer array myself in costume.

I have instead taken to making “characters”, all of which I have built from scraps of this and that.   Clothes hangers, plastic bags filled with balled up newspaper, cheap plastic skulls, staples, ect.

My most recent character, Ghoul, you will have to come back this evening to view.  I have to have some help getting his picture off of my phone…..I only know how to do 50% of the required steps to preform that miracle. 🙂  HE’S UP NOW.

My first creation, this witch.  There have been three attempts to steal her, all resulted in failure.  Since moving to this neighborhood, she has enjoyed relative peace.  The weird thing is that at my last home, I could always arrange her so that she looked very malevolent.  I mean, her face would make you shudder.  Children were too afraid of her to come up on my porch and trick or treat me.

Since moving, I just can’t seem to get her to “look” as frightening.  Next year she may get a make over before she goes out, as she seems to be missing the ability to convince people that she is malicious and nasty.  She almost looks……friendly.

In the evening I have a special “flickering fire” (created by yours truly) that goes under the cauldron, then I also place a glow stick in the cauldron, which is filled with “spiderweb” smoke.  The glow stick creates a fantastic green glowing smoke effect.  And, yes, she does have special lighting.  Once lit up at night, she takes on a much different look!

Next is my Ghost.  Ghost was the third character that I built, and is a neighborhood favorite.  The ladies LOVE him.

Here is my son, as a Zombie, posing with  Ghost

Next is the Imp.  He has a little lantern that has a flickering candle, and he is easy to overlook as he is only about three feet high.


~ by ladysforest on October 29, 2010.

5 Responses to “Skeletons In My Closet – kinda”

  1. Very Cool! Thx for sharing!
    Did you make the witch to look just like nancy on purpose?????
    The Imp= Algore?????

    • That resemblance is just a happy accident. 🙂

      Actually, my son’s Zombie would get my vote for Al Gore. Huhhh? Pretty darn close!

  2. The Imp is ….. Harry Reid!

  3. Glad your feeling better. Halloween looks like alot of fun at your house!

    • Thanks Kathy.

      I enjoy working on these guys, and the responses that we get. The neighborhood folks start checking with me bout mid-way through Sept. to make sure I’ll be setting up every year.

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