Pencil Me In !

The Taj, Baby! The US President will be traveling to India shortly after the Nov 2. elections.  So, while the Dems are jumping from high-rises, obama and baby mama will be living high on the hog!

The latest 11/04:

They have booked……you guessed it, all 560 570 rooms in this grand hotel for two nights.  I take you inside for a little peep at what glories your tax dollars provide.  Enjoy.

So, The luxury suite is 63,750 INR per night:

$1,437.14 USD per night for the MID-GRADE room.  That’s right.  Now, I wonder, are all 570 rooms, (Including 40 suites) to be occupied?  And if so, are they occupied by security type persons?  Not to mention that there are buildings around/near this hotel that have been “sanitized” of regular occupants and will be peopled by security forces during the obamas’ vacation stay.  Did the MATH:  $820,000.00 PER night IF all the 570 rooms averaged out at that mid-room price.  But I suspect you could safely add 10% to that figure.  THEN add on top the cost to reserve the restaurants and ballrooms, ect.  Whoa, ya could git some nice Christmas gifts for those dollars!

Here’s a cute article in The Times of India:

NEW DELHI: As Parliament gets spruced up to welcome US President Barack Obama, who will address a joint session in Central Hall on the evening of November 8, even parliamentary staff have reasons to celebrate.The uniformed service staff, who have been asked to turn out in their best outfits, are likely to get a whole new look for the Obama function. Designers could be consulted to make changes in the traditional uniforms, it is learnt. 

For the first time, “speech prompters” will be used in Parliament, sources said. The prompters will make it look as if Obama is delivering an extempore speech, when he will actually be reading out from a transparent plate kept in front of him.

(boring political mention of dignitaries, which I deleted)The PM, the V-P and the Speaker will be the only ones accompanying Obama on the dias. Obama’s wife Michelle will be seated on a special chair in the front rows, it has been decided. 

Obama will be given a visitor’s book to write his comments, which is being called the `Golden Book’.

As part of sprucing up, Parliament House is not just getting a fresh coat of paint but even carpets are going to be changed and new woodwork and polishing is being finished at a fast pace. The lounges around Central Hall are being jazzed up for the occasion. If tiles are being changed for the fountain beds in the central courtyard, to look bright and chirpy, so are the flowerbeds.

Read more: Parliament being spruced up for Obama visit – The Times of India

And there is this:

Obama is going to Pakistan. India is not amused.

The announcement Thursday that President Obama would visit Pakistan next year has sapped enthusiasm in India for his visit in early November. The timing of was insensitive to India, critics say.


~ by ladysforest on October 25, 2010.

6 Responses to “Pencil Me In !”

  1. This just totally ticks me off, and yes, I should have used a different word than “ticks.” My husband and I are totally out of funds, we’re scrounging, and we work extremely hard. Yet nothing? BO has killed his business, just about. I don’t mind people being rich, ever. I just mind the Obama’s total disregard for those who are suffering in the US, which is what he caused and his cronies.

    • And he’s gone and pissed India off by announcing that he’s going to Pakistan next year. They didn’t like that a whole lot.
      He and his hag are going to live soooo large off of the US people for the remainder of their time in Washington. I can’t wait to see what is next. Every trip gets more outlandishly extravagant.
      I hope the people that voted for him can be happy living vicariously through the obamas grand lifestyle. Cause those people (most of them) sure as hell can’t get a vacation any other way. You know, I bet there are a bunch of folks that are poor as dirt, that are cheering on the obamas’ in taking all of these extraordinarily lux trips and vacations. I’m betting they feed on it as though they themselves were there with the obamas. If they get rid of these frauds, they could likely improve their own circumstances, and have their very own vacations.

  2. ladysforest,

    I read that he’s taking his “chef” also. Why is that? To keep his food from being spiked in some manner. Gee, hope his chef likes him too.

    Also, my husband I surely didn’t vote for that sucker. Never would we. Right now we’re just grasping for air. It’s really killed my husband’s business, so maybe next we’re going to tent city Obama.

    Oh, wait, maybe we just just soak in a bunch of welfare and sit on our front porch and drink beer. Yeah, maybe our thinking is totally wrong. We need to stop working and worrying about it, then let BO take care of us.

    Gee, why didn’t our parents teach us that way back in the ’50s? Darn, they must have been stupid for teaching us to work.

    • Though our area isn’t too bad in the unemployment stats, likely it is because about 20% of the permanent residents ( originally from NYC ) just sign up for welfare and NEVER look for work. Second and third generation “recipients” are hunkered down in this community. It is very easy to get on welfare here. And to “re-up” is apparently a breeze. I know that the bulk of the jobs here are under $12.00 per hour.

      BTW. I wonder if obama has a “taster” also, I mean he says the chef(s) is going so’s to protect against his food being spiked, so it follows that he should have an official taster like the kings of old. What happens if the Indian hosts want to throw a dinner for him? Does he accept but only if his own chef and kitchen staff prepare his and michelles food?

  3. Oh, I was just mouthing off earlier. I always plan on working because I like to work and will work as long as I’m physically able. I know that I’m getting older, but I think it also helps your mind to keep it active. I do editing, and it takes mental focus to do it. So in ways it’s like doing crossword puzzles to keep you going mentally. But I don’t sit around and covet what those elites have. They have a really sucky lifestyle. Imagine, no true friends, people ready to pounce on you. So pitiful. Whereas, people who are just normal everyday people enjoy what they have, even if it’s a little bit.

    Also, doesn’t BO having to use his chef remind you of kings? I’m pretty sure that he must think of himself as a king. Even my husband says that maybe he has tasters too. So much for his popularity, right?

    So crazy!

  4. […] Two jets, armed with advanced communication and security systems, and a fleet of over 40 cars will be part of Obama’s convoy. […]

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