I Get Real

Because this is my own blog, and titled “My Very Own Point of View” one would naturally assume that I would be feeling rather free to go ahead and STATE my very own point of view.  Well, this is not the case.  I have tried to be considerate of the sensibilities of my regular readers, …  now that I have some.

But damnit, I have read some things over on FreeRepublic (blog) that just piss me off.  I am reluctant to go into detail.  One reason is that I will swear like the saltiest longshoreman, thereby offending some of my “listeners”, and also outing a few “bloggers, errr. commentaters” that I don’t think are quite on the up and up.

Certain things tip one off to that possibility.  And as a person who has spent their own cash dollars and MANY MANY hours just to try and get the truth surrounding this whole crap about obamas birth situation squared away, well, baby, I hate to see some of the things that are going on.  I may or may not elaborate further on this.  I may wait until after the election, just cuz.  But this is really PISSING ME OFF!


~ by ladysforest on October 24, 2010.

5 Responses to “I Get Real”

  1. terrible shame that on your OWN blog, one has to fear a$$holes!
    maybe you could private blog your faithful readers. I for one wait for news from you. You have never been anything but honest and a very dedicated truth searcher!

    • I don’t really worry too much about the replies that would pop up on my blog. What bothers me is these shit-heads that are supposedly on the same side of those of us trying to get to the real facts about the whole COLB thing. Listen, whatever the facts are, I’ll accept because regardless obama is not a natural born citizen. Period. But when you have a former birther “blogger” essentially calling a person a liar, and another birther blogger jumping in to double team, something doesn’t smell right. The former blogger had led her considerable readership down a fricken yellow brick road, which brought a lot of ridicule to the cause that harmed everyone that participated in that weirdness. Then she unexpectedly closed her blog, removed it comments and all, and went silent for a bit. Bad form, but as I suspected her motives anyway, I was not sorry to see it go.
      Now she’s over on FreeRe bashing the hell out of the woman that posted her recently obtained Hawaiian long form BC. And a birther “blogger” who should f-ing know better, has jumped int there to help her slander that person. Shame on them, they are both acting exactly like the most devoted obots. Well, as far as I’m concerned they have outed themselves completely now.

      There is more, but I’ll hold back for now.

      I done good. I didn’t swear as much in my comment as I was inclined to do.

  2. You sure did done good!
    It sickens me when people who are working for truth end up being idiots who seem to be as lame as a true obot. It is indicative of half the resons nothing gets done. selish, egotistical, shits. bs is a perfect example of true narcisism and unfortunately theat comes in all shapes and all poltical leanings. If people can’t put that aside, I fear we have little hope. We need to disagree, granted, but attacks- no way will that help.
    Keep up your honest and hard working devotion to the truth. Truth will prevail. Hopefully before more damn damgae is done……

    • Thanks.
      One thing I have always tried to do is to separate my personal take on things from my research. I do not like to draw conclusions or engage in speculation, just let the research be the focus. People are smart enough to make up their own minds, at least I trust that this is so. Some of these suspect bloggers court readers, then go off on whacky ass conspiracies. I don’t do that and I have no patience with those that do. I decided to do the research the way we have because these ass hats were posting crap as fact, and no one was even trying to go directly to the source to see what they could come away with.
      So, I arranged for that to happen. I did some of it myself, and what I could not do myself a few known and trusted friends assisted with. In the end we have facts that are not disputable because we completely controlled the conditions under which the info was gathered. And I retain the proof that we did in fact gather our info in person.
      So to the moles out there……….screw you! You can’t cover the truth for much longer.

  3. I need to clearly state that I give all due credit and thanks to the few but trusted friends that did the hard travel, and the gutsy work in HI. They will always have my gratitude for the wonderful work that they did.

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