Support For My Video (woman ordering her long form BC in HI)

Hi Kittens,

Someone on the FreeRepublic blog thought perhaps that the woman in my video (ordering her long form BC in Honolulu) was the woman who did provide a redacted copy of BOTH the order form receipt AND her recently issued  long form birth certificate from Hawaii.   Let me state that IT IS NOT the same woman.  I did not know that there was a bet about it at FreeRe, nor anything about this woman, nic: Danae.  I can prove that my video was taken in mid-July 2010, and Danae applied for her copy initially back in May, although it took Hawaii until the end of September to comply with her request.

Danae added even more material (proof) because there were still folks (obots) who were claiming that her documents were fakes.  So, the bet was settled, the $200.00 was paid, and there is a treasure trove of photos that Danae provided.

Danae has very graciously given permission for me to cross post the birth certificate documents that she had posted on FreeRepublic.  I will also leave the direct link to her post at FreeRepublic up in case you want to read the very lively discussion :).


12/19 NOTE: the above are screenshots.  Don’t know what happened to the links, but they all expired it seems.

I do have more of these, in fact I have the screenshots of all the photos originally posted – since I had been given permission to post them I felt it was not out of line.


If this black and white is just something I photocopied from something I already had, tell me where did I get the additional information from? While you are at it, where are the water marks that are clearly there in the color copy, which isn’t a part of the original, its a mark on the paper you see in the picture. Where is the staple? It is PHYSICALLY present on my copy! WHERE ARE THE FOLD MARKS?

It is OBVIOUS. The black and white photo copy was NOT made from mine. It was sent to me by HDOH after THEY photocopied my Long Form which is in their possession.”

My post with the YouTube vid, Some Tropical Truth:


~ by ladysforest on October 20, 2010.

5 Responses to “Support For My Video (woman ordering her long form BC in HI)”

  1. Haahaa…this is great! I’m enjoying every minute of it.

  2. Thank you so very much! I sent it to all my contacts as well as putting it on my blog.

    Aristotle the Hun
    The Steady Drip

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