A Heckling We Will Go….

10/13 UPDATE:   If you google ~    Cinton gets heckled in NY   ~ you’ll find that this stunt has gotten tons of mention.  The guys (hecklers) are thrilled with that.  I was getting texts into the wee hours last night/this morning about the coverage.

10/12: Last evening I had the pleasure of conferencing with two Tea Party activists who were able to attend the Hinchey and (former President) Clinton clap-a-long in Binghamton, NY.  I had been supplied with a lively stream of text messages during the performance, which was quite amusing as well as enlightening.   Here is just a sample:

@ 6:15:  “We got inside”!

@ 6:20  “200 in room”.

@ 6:25  ” 2 buses from Binghamton University.”    NOTE:  Event was due to begin at 6:30

@ 6:50  “Reached max capacity.”   NOTE:  See above note

@ 7:15  “Clinton and Hinchey now.  Someone just farted….puke”.  NOTE:  Sorry, but it is what he said.

I was contacted at one point by phone and told that a person had “fainted”…..I found out a few hours later that at another Clinton stump stop just hours before in WV, a woman had fainted there too!  Wow, first obama, now Clinton.  It’s like the whole “Elvis thing” going on Kittens.

On to today.  I spoke with one of the attendees.  He told me that when he arrived at work this morning he was pulled aside by a “supervisory” type that was at the event.

He got told that although he had a “right” to free speech, this sort of action could be …….. you get the idea.  He got a warning/soft threat.

He was on personal time when he attended that event.  Sure, the secret service people came and stood near him after he tuned up, but he wasn’t asked to be quiet or to leave.  EXCEPT by the “superior” from his place of employment who happened to be there also.  Welcome to the new America.

I attached the You Tube vid he sent me.  My contacts didn’t shoot this, but knew it would likely be on You Tube today .. sure enough!  Begin listening at 7:40 – you can’t quite hear what they are yelling (unless you listen closely), but you can tell Clinton gets a bit pissy.

They said that they had a great time!

When we were conferencing after the show, the one feller (one yelling the loudest, but words are inaudible), expressed his frustration at the fact that all of the reasoned and rational arguments he had been making – his conservative message – has been ridiculed and brushed aside as “radical extremism.”  He stated that he had given it a good go, but that the time had arrived to play by the same rules as the other side.

The other fellow, the one who hollered “Where’s Monica”? and “You Lie”,  he went to the event ~

Just to protest Hinchey.  I didn’t think they’d let us in but luckily we did get in.  There were about a dozen protesters there, some with “Phillips'” signs, and a small group of 9/11 truthers.

What set us off was Clinton saying; “If you’re here you must support Hinchey”.  We looked at each other then and started laughing.

Then the one man started shouting, and I joined right in.

It was just the lies, they got to me.  These liberals are living in a fantasy land.

Screen print:

“Clinton was heckled during this appearance, finally telling the heckler that he is the only President who balanced the budget in modern times, and that, “you need to listen to me.””

And hence, hecklers are born.


~ by ladysforest on October 12, 2010.

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