Trucks For Truth

Here is a screenshot, with the link provided.  I love that they are doing this, especially before elections.  Bravo!


~ by ladysforest on October 6, 2010.

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  1. Yes, I absolutely love those trucks. We need tons of them in front of the WH too.


    I have a question. Do you remember Justin Riggs who had a blog a couple of years ago? He’s the one who had the DNC certifications. Well, he was going to talk about something really important that he had found out, then he said he was going on a little break or something, then we heard nothing else from him. Sorry, but I can’t remember his exact words. I’m just wondering if you have seen any thing else from him since then.

  2. ladysforest,

    I know he was there blogging and shooting off questions to Leo, but my concern is that something has really happened to him. I was telling my husband about him, then there was kind of an abrupt period of time that he just vanished, poof, don’t know how to put it. I think that some of the Zapem people knew about him too, just because I heard one or two of them mention him.

    I’m kind of concerned about him to be honest with you. One day he stated that he had some other stuff to bring forth in the DNC things, and that there was something interesting, then he just vanishes. So something is really not right here. So many people are asking, “Where is Justin Riggs?”

    • OK, nothing recent comes up on google. I guess we need to ask questions on all the blogs where he might have last posted. I can’t do much tonight, but will start putting out feelers tomorrow. Have you tried the Post & Email today? VERY weird page comes up.

  3. Sharon Rondeau said that they are changing web hosting sites and it’s turning into a mess. It was supposed to take 24 hours. I hate them being down.

    • Thanks Kittycat. It IS weird not being able to just click and have them pop up. We get so accustomed to instant access.

  4. I don’t think The Post & Email is under any kind of attack. Sharon Rondeau wrote that she is changing to a less expensive web host and from the look of what has appeared, she is changing the publishing software to WordPress at the same time, as well.

    It doesn’t look like it is going smoothly. 😦

    Learning how to use the new software can be very frustrating. Probably some of the old features and page arrangements won’t be able to work the same way and there will be different, new possibilities she will have to discover and learn. I plan to give her another big donation when things are up and running again.

    I bet this whole process is way more trouble than she ever thought it could be and might take quite a few days to even get partially functional. She probably should have gotten the bugs worked out offline with all the new content loaded ahead of time, but live and learn (I am guessing here). Maybe those of you who have her email address should send her a kind word or two of appreciation, understanding and encouragement.

    Here’s what Sharon told me:
    Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 11:50:52
    Subject: Is your website blocked?

    Hi Sharon,

    No updates have appeared on The Post & Email website for over a day now. This is what I see (in case it is different than what you see):

    [snip text of stale articles from old site]

    You are seeing it exactly right. It’s not the same problem we had before. I am changing website hosts because I’m sick of being taken to the cleaners! However, there is a problem on the receiving end which I am checking into right now. I hired a web technician to do it because I have no idea about these things…wish I did!

    Thanks for your concern. I have six articles in the queue once I can get in!


    • Thank you Thinkwell,

      When I saw all of the WordPress stuff I thought she might be changing hosts. I’ll drop her a note of support today.

      And something a bit more substantial once the site is up and running. 🙂

  5. [redacted] 🙂

  6. ladysforest,

    I have a question. Was it you or your friend who went to Hawaii and in line waiting to get the index list, and saw a person near them in line get a long-form BC? I’m just asking because someone made a post at the P&E and said that no one can get one since 2001, I think. I’ll have to go back and look.


    • I never traveled to HI. The trip you are asking about was the most recent which I helped to fund and arrange. The person that went on that trip did an interview on P&E about that experience (in part) and yes, she did wait behind a person who requested a long form BC, filled out the paperwork, and was told it would be ready in about a week. I believe she was able to get proof of that exchange, but I can not yet go into details about that (I agreed to wait). It was lawfully done though.
      The first trip into HI was by my friend, TsunamiGeno. That was back in early March.
      The DoH is misleading people into assuming that the long form BC is not available by saying that they issue the abbreviated version. They play with words. You have to specify. The PI on this trip said that the woman wasn’t given a hard time about it at all.

  7. Well, I just think that some people don’t have their facts straight. Feel free to redact this because I’m quoting from the P&E. I don’t want to cause harm or tick someone off because I’m posting this here, okay?

    “4freedom says:
    Sunday, October 3, 2010 at 7:39 PM

    The Hawai’i C.O.L.B. (now called Certification of Live Birth) is the only “birth certificate” that the state of Hawai’i issues to anyone since 2001. There is no official purpose, including the issuance of a US passport that cannot be accomplished with a Hawai’i C.O.L.B.

    Access to Barack Obama’s original, vault copy, long form birth certificate without his permission for its release can be accomplished via subpoena.
    Under HRS 338-18(b)(9) a vital record can be released to “a person whose right to inspect or obtain a certified copy of the record is established by an order of a court of competent jurisdiction.”

    Here’s the thing, didn’t the lady from Oklahoma just get another copy of her child’s BC, a long-form BC? Is her name Booth? Can’t remember, but she’s been fighting also to have BO prove his eligibility, or is for him proving it.

    I just think that the other person doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

    • It’s OK to cross post a comment from another thread. There’s that word “issues”. And I’d guess that it would be up to any authority requiring a BC for any official reason to decide if that COLB was sufficient. I’ll bet there are a bunch that won’t accept it.

      Yes, I suppose that if, say, the Supreme Court subpoenaed the BC, it would be released. If Congress wanted it, I’d bet it would be turned over. They don’t want it out in the daylight – for whatever reasons they have. …. It’s not just obama hiding stuff from his past, the established Representatives are in on it, or whistling and looking the other way. That’s what I find most insidious.

      Miki Booth. I don’t know much about her – I have heard a bit, but very little.

  8. ladysforest,

    I don’t know if you’ve been to the P&E today, but when you get a chance, read this: Why BHO Cannot be a Legal President

    It’s a pretty good write-up.

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