And The Communists Shall Lead Them

One Nation, United, under special interest groups, with communism and serfdom for all.

The national chairman of the Communist Party USA posted an urgent appeal for warm bodies.


National Council of La Raza

The Service Employees International Union



New Media for the Center for Community Change

National Urban League

“This march is about the power to the people,” said MSNBC host Ed Schultz. “It’s about the people standing up to the corporations.”

A total of over FOUR HUNDRED special interest groups put out a call to their congregations.

And there’s this:

one nation C

So, there was a decent turnout for the “Antidote to the Americans that attended Becks rally”.  How pitiful is it that these people had to bill this as a way to poke Glenn Beck in the eye in order to gin up attendance.  That and provide free rides, t-shits, boxed lunches and metro tokens.  And they had to have HUNDREDS of organizations gang up to herd up enough of their animals onto the free busses to get to DC and make some sort of a showing.

I would dearly love to know what the numbers would have been had theirs been a REAL rally, where people attend on their own, without being ordered, bribed, and begged to show up.

It seems that some of the images (except for close ups) they were using to show the crowd size may have been from Beck’s gathering.  OOPS!

Here is what the Sun times had to say:,CST-NWS-onenation03.article

“More than 400 organizations, including labor unions, faith, environmental and gay rights groups, joined together for the event one month after Beck packed the same space with conservatives and Tea Party-style activists.”

Organizers claimed they had as many participants as Beck’s rally. But Saturday’s crowds were less dense and didn’t reach as far to the edges as Beck’s crowd. AP

And, in most of the articles I’ve read, they refer to the Beck thing obsessively, Hehehehe.

HUH!  Even the Huffinton Post gives a small crowd count.  I think the sky is falling!!

One Nation Rally Draws Tens Of Thousands

The Huffington Post First Posted: 10- 2-10 07:37 PM   |   Updated: 10- 2-10 07:39 PM

Every article on this rally I’ve read so far, which aren’t numerous, are just basically the same article, re-printed.   That’s telling.  And they all mention Beck – every one.  See, I was right when I said that the Beck rally unnerved the “progressives” like nothing else could have.

Wonder if they’d like some tea to wash that antidote down with?


~ by ladysforest on October 2, 2010.

4 Responses to “And The Communists Shall Lead Them”

  1. “One Nation” Rally Web Site Scrubs Communist & Socialist References

    • WHOA!!!
      Thanks Redpill, I really didn’t expect them to scrub it – since it is so widely documented.

      HEHEHE, they are such weenies. Great job preserving that info.

      Once again you come through with the goods.

  2. Thanks, ladysforest. I think you made a great catch with the screen shot of the One Nation “Event Central” info, showing:

    Free Bus Ride
    Free Box Lunch
    Free T-Shirt
    Free Metro Pass

    Every single person who came to the 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally paid their own way to be there.

    Many who came to the 10/2 One Nation Working Together Rally were “strongly encouraged” by their union to come, and didn’t pay a dime out of their own pocket. Union dues were used to astroturf that rally, and even with that they had trouble even reaching 10% of the numbers of people who willingly paid their own way to come to the Restoring Honor Rally.

    I’m rather amused that some of the union members took the free trip to D.C. and used it to go sightseeing instead of attending the rally. Ha!

    • HAHAHA! I thought about “signing up” for myself and about fifty friends. 😉

      I knew that a sizable number of Free Loaders….I mean attendees, would veer off and do the sights. Consider the alternative of standing around at an event that you aren’t really invested in. The Dem sheep know that the Dear Leaders will provide for them regardless, and don’t need the sheep to be present to give them legitimacy.

      The rally ditchers, the rally litterers, the free loaders – this is what the Dems have given birth to.

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