I Go A-Wandering

I was scrolling round through the news sources online today,  reading a few comments here and there – because I love to witness the convictions on both sides being exhibited in some pretty colorful ways.  But sometimes you run across a comment that just makes you pause and think a little.  Today I ran across one of those, it was something or other about reading stuff that is just preaching to the choir.  Heck, I thinks, yep – I do that.  I don’t enjoy reading lib sh*t because it seems so insipid and backwards to me.  I mean, come on.  The last few times I ventured into libland and read an article, then the comments..written by libs-it was mostly nasty, viscous and frankly delusional stuff.  Those people often weren’t even debating any conservative commentators, they were just responding with random intense animosity towards anyone who could have views opposite their own.  To be fair, I have noticed a similar thing in conservative comment threads, but not nearly with the same level of malevolence.  The conservatives seem more desirous to engage in debate, the libs, well….I decided to hold my nose and google HuffPo for a little field work.

I mean, why not step out of the pulpit, and have a little walk on the wild side?  I know why I don’t want progressivism in my life.  I spent my childhood in poverty.  My youth in learning how to work my way out of it.  I first had to understand that it was possible, but that I had to commit.  No one was teaching me that, I saw it in others.  So, although I had no role model on how to get out of poverty, I had a few on why I didn’t want to stay there.  Then I had to learn some people skills-those aren’t taught in poverty life.  I had to learn how to believe in myself, not just bluster around demanding ‘respect’ while having done nothing useful in my entire life.

Let me say, there are very respectable poor people.  I love them.  They work hard, don’t complain, don’t give up, and possess the most wonderful characters.  It isn’t a failure to have less money than your neighbor, not as long as you are self supporting.  Those people don’t want to be in some program or another.  They have pride that comes from being self-reliant, and to be treated as a “needy” person is considered a tremendous insult.  This progressive movement is doing just that.  Treating people of good character as “needy folk” regardless of their achievements.  I hate them.

Anyway, back to my project.  I went to HuffPo for enlightenment, but I confess that I needed to ease into the experience.  So my first selection was an article about the dude who made that famous obama poster with the “Hope” hype.


Apparently the artist is losing hope in obama.  Go figure Kittens.

I began reading the comments, hum, mostly from right wing people looks like.  There was a surprise.  But nothing  nasty stands out.

Found comments from the conservations to be fairly mild in tone, but when ya get to a lib comment…


“I agree 100% that Obama lost his spine once he got into office (as most Democrats do), but conservatives, teabaggers, and the Rethuglicans will run this country off the cliff if they get the chance. Conservatism is a mental disorder. You can find it in the DSM right next to Narcissistic Personality Disorder.”


“You people are all full-on nuts. This jingoistic “we the people” is pathetic and embarrassing -No wonder this country is sinking like a stone. Let the Republicans have it. When they screw everything up AGAIN I’ll just move to a social democracy where they give two cents about education and health care and the people don’t worship at the altar of anti-intellectualism.”

Then come the  predictable  few nasty comments for the artist.  I mean, geeze!  Can’t the man speak honestly without being taken to task for his opinion?  Is it non-progressive to speak the truth of a matter?

Now, on to the business as usual stuff for HuffPO.  An article on Christine

Click here to find out more!

Over 3800 comments so far.

Here’s where the progressives shine like the diamonds that they are.



capt ayhab 48 minutes ago (3:28 PM)
Youth need to be properly educated in having safe sex but not to be told that they can not have it[Forced abstinence]. Human beings are the only species who enjoy the sex while other species only do it for procreation, It is a gift and not a shame.

The same sort mandate that Ms. Ayatollah  40 Chaste is propagating was forced on people of Iran after 1979 Ayatollahs takeover. Was it successful? Read More… HeII no, it only resulted in rampant prostitution, triple and quadruple cases of sexually transmitted diseases and many other problems, including but not limited to increase rate of suicide among the young adults as a result of deep depression.

If we can not learn from other nations, let at least learn from Europe’s dark ages, the like of TIMES Tea Party headed by n@ts like this woman , Sarah Palin and alike like to take BACK our country to.



Hardyman1966 0 minute ago (4:16 PM)

As if it weren’t bad enough that conservatives approach sex the way the rest of us approach an airline crash (eyes wide shut, knees in your face, let me know when we’ve landed)…

Now EVERYONE is supposed to stop?

It hasn’t been that long and I’m betting whoever voted for this STAIN regrets it by now.



LMKay66 0 minute ago (4:16 PM)

It’s not like any of this is going to matter to the !diots who voted for her the first time. They will vote for her again. But it will serve as a good wakeup call to those who weren’t motivated enough to go out and vote AGAINST her before.  The polls look better and better for Coons.


obama20082012 0 minute ago (4:16 PM)

Poor Paylin, she must be feeling so ignored……..there is a younger cuter cr@zy in town now.


inorbit 0 minute ago (4:16 PM)

I can’t wait for the dirt on her lesbian love affair to come out.


sgraham59 0 minute ago (4:16 PM)

Don’t you just love how Tea Partiers Talk to hear the wind Whistle through their teeth


phillip finley 0 minute ago (4:16 PM)

Where the teabegger and trolls on this subject?……..need a time out for sex!….take your time!……. to think about this one!……

phillip_finley: Where the teabegger and trolls on this subject?……..need a time

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whiskeytangofoxtrot451 0 minute ago (4:16 PM)

I was going to make a snarky remark about the reason why she is chaste is actually because she’s one crazy lady.

Then I realized just how many guys I know who find cah-razee a huge turn on.


Jced 0 minute ago (4:16 PM)
Like my mother used to say..”Stupid is as Stupid does”! She was right again…

oceanofconsciousness 0 minute ago (4:16 PM)
Round about the caldron go,
All become chaste as driven snow.

Heed my call and heed this hex
All you Americans having sex;

No more touching, no blue pills,
Repression is the way to thrills.

Double, double toil and trouble,
No more Bristol baby bubble.


GaBu2 0 minute ago (4:16 PM)
Her eyes are big.
Her mouth is big.
Her derriere is big.
Hmmm.. I wonder.

GaBu2: Her eyes are big. Her mouth is big. Her derriere

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It is this weirdness that is being encouraged in the dem community.  I am so glad that I don’t have to lug around all of this creepy, nasty soul consuming wrath against anyone who wasn’t in complete agreement with me.  No wonder they behave so irrationally, being this encapsulated with such bitter poison and you are bound to be one step, one word, away from real violence.

Tea Party Patriots, consider this quote from George Washington ~

I walk on untrodden ground.  There is scarcely any part of my conduct which may not hereafter be drawn into precedent.


~ by ladysforest on September 24, 2010.

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