A Day In DC

Well, the turnout was about   1/8 or less (my estimation) of the numbers from last years 9/12 march in DC.  As I feared the Glenn Beck event being so close to this date siphoned off many, many people who would otherwise have attended this march.

The mood this year was more somber I’d say.  Last year people were defiant and optimistically upbeat . This year the marchers were pretty quiet.  A few tried to get the crowd going from time to time, but the mood was darker.  Everyone was still friendly as could be wished.  They, I think, were more aware after this past year, how far off track our government has gone.  They seemed, and I felt, rather grim.

This was less of a party and more of a meeting about serious issues.  It was a subtly changed group of people.  I suspect that even if the turnout had been much greater, the overall mood would has been about the same.  People aren’t optimistic any longer, they know just how serious this is now.  They know how dire the outlook is – and they have dug in to begin the hard work.

It is too bad that there were three events planned in the space of roughly three weeks.  If there had just been the Tea Party March, maybe with Glenn Beck thrown in for good measure, it would have been the most amazing turnout.  We need to focus, not fragment.   “Personalities” need to be team players.

I should take a moment to admit that I am NOT one of the “marching” type of people.  It is important to step outside of my comfort zone and do something that I believe in. So I do.  It ended up being a stressful trip, largely because of the two times I called a “time out” on my anniversary trip (planned out before the usurpathon) to drive into the city from lovely little Old Town Alexandria, only to miss meeting up with Dr.Kate (http://drkatesview.wordpress.com).   I thought I had missed her the evening of the 8th because she might have called it quits a little early, so I really expected to find her there on the 9th, but they called it a day after their am vigil and never went back to the Supreme Court building  for the afternoon as had been planned.

Since I didn’t meet up with her there as I had hoped and tried to do, I never had an opportunity to hand deliver any of my “letters”.   I know that in most cases one needs an appointment, but I had hoped to at least hand a few off to office staff if nothing else.  Traffic.  One flat tire.  Road construction.  Impatient husband (battlefields awaited his attention).  Forgotten city map.  No parking to be found.  STRESS dude.  On top of all of that I never met DrK.  So, that part of my trip kind of disappointing.

The 9/11 Unite in Action March was a little confusing in the am.  Seems they had a service/memorial early, then they walked back to where the marchers were to gather, then the march moved out back in the same direction they had just come from to the Washington Monument.

The 9/12 FreedomWorks March had a service in the morning, as was scheduled, then met up for the march, had some speakers, then moved out to march to the Capitol building.  We stayed only until around 3:00


as we had to travel to our next stop on our anniversary vacation trip….Gettysburg.

That is a place where a reverent hush hangs in the air, even through the roar of buses and the drone of tour guides.  It is a place that engages even myself who does not have a special interest in such places.  In Gettysburg I want to linger and listen to the monuments and memorials tell their tales.

It was the best of choices for a location to spend the last few days of this trip.


~ by ladysforest on September 13, 2010.

7 Responses to “A Day In DC”

  1. I am not trying to sound like I am being critical, I left this same message at dr.k, you have to be careful about expending alot of energy because when you dont see results you get discouraged. I am sure what people realize now is that there really is a hostile takeover of our country and believe me it didnt start with bho. Unless people understand what is happening you cant fight it. It isnt politics as usual and a two party system. There are people out there that know what they are doing but no one will accept the premise of where we are at in this country.

    • I don’t get discouraged for more than maybe a day. I sit back and think how best to be of use, then I keep going.
      I agree that this started a long time ago, but it was more subtle. That it suddenly came out in the open, and is undeniably leading to the utter ruin of of country, is why people finally got engaged.
      It will take more time, it will take sustained effort. I don’t think people are giving up when they hit a wall, not anymore. They did do that before, but now the mood of the average person has changed. They don’t trust politicans anymore…at all. This is good. It is the place to begin.

      • Now you’ve inspired me because I’m pretty down.

        • I hope you’re not feeling down because of the size of the march or Dr.K’s events.
          In the first march I think that people were more upbeat and were feeling the way everyone does at the beginning of a campaign. As time wears on it becomes more clear just how serious the work will be. I don’t think we’ve lost any of our numbers, I believe we have gained. Marches and such aren’t for everyone, and the cost to travel to DC is not small. Heck, look at the past year and how many times the patriots were called to come to DC, and the people went. This time they went to Beck instead, and his turnout unnerved the establishment more than any Tea Party march could have – and so there was a bright spot to his siphoning off the larger portion of the would-be 9/12 marchers.
          We have a duty. We can’t quit.
          Once, a long time ago, something terrible happened to a family member. We were told that there was nothing we could do, that anyone could do, to change the outcome. We must accept it and move on. I went into a small room, and putting my face between my knees, sobbed until I was gasping. Then I sat up, looked at the bearer of the news, and said, “Now, what other option is available?” I didn’t consider giving up. And I didn’t lose faith. And even though everyone said it couldn’t be changed, in the end it was.

  2. Dear Ladysforest,

    Sorry for my own sake that it’s been a while since I checked back here. As usual, I find insightful posts (i.e., the new one on credit).

    But I wanted to say that I last checked things out around Beck’s rally, and I thought that more than anyone else you had him pegged accurately. Basically a carny showman who would siphon off the 9/11 numbers for this year’s gathering in DC.

    Your pre-9/11 analysis has stayed with me day by day both before and after that weekend as I saw the crowd number fall off dramatically from last year.

    Keep up the great work.

    PS I have linked your work on the Newspaper Announcements in comments at The Conservative Monster and at Frugal Cafe Blog Zone. (I know, others do much more linking than that, and I respect them for it!)

    • Larry, you just made my morning.

      You know, I do wish I could view Beck differently. My hope now is that he doesn’t “crash land” and cause a lot of people to leave the Tea Party as a result. Although most of us prefer not being defined by a leader, some people will always feel they “need” one. Not that he’s a Tea Party leader, but I guess he is close enough for a bunch of people.

      Really, can you imagine the size of the crowds had he gone on the 12th instead of the 28th? Would have topped last years easily. Ah well, there’s always Nov. 2 !!

      I am very grateful for having your help with linking the research work, I wish I had the words to thank you properly.

      • Spot on comment, Ladysforest. I especially agree with you that the numbers this year would have been even larger. But yes, conservatives are very enthusiastic about Nov. 2.

        I plan to look in more often. God bless.

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