Shanksville And The Ground Zero Mosque

I mistrust that I am wide enough awake to be writing, but who cares?
Yesterday I was obsessively running around putting things together for the upcoming trip to DC for the tail end of Dr.Kate’s “Stop them cold” operation, followed by the 9/11 & 9/12 marches.
I gotta interrupt myself here because that just reminded me of the experience I had last night while watching TV. A commercial came on, and in it the film shows the first plane as it hit the World Trade Center. Mid way through the commercial I realized that I was sitting there with my fists balled up and holding my breath. I felt transported back to that day. It is a horrible feeling, and I didn’t just feel that way because I am a New Yorker (not City though). I recall 9/11, not having it sink in right away that the planes hitting the building were deliberate. I don’t know if it was as simple as just being naively unaware that such a thing could even happen, or if I couldn’t grasp such a horrible truth. I was at work, people were vigorously whispering about it in wonder, some began to leave their seats and rush to the break rooms to watch the news coverage on the two company issued TV sets. I left the building and popped over to the little Deli for a bagel. While waiting in line, a co-worker came in and announced that a third plane had hit the Pentagon. Ah, then the light came on, finally the truth hit – and it hit hard.
They let us watch the coverage in rotating groups and for 10 minutes each rotation. God, it was horrible. And just think of all the images that we were spared, all of the sounds we were spared.
When I heard about Flight 93, and that the passengers took over the fate of that plane, it steadied me. I was so proud of those brave people. Those were our Americans, those heroes, their act put the heart back in me.
I didn’t realize until today that the planned completion date of the memorial for Flight 93 is September 11, 2011. The exact same date that the Ground Zero Mosque hopes to be completed.
I didn’t start out to write about this topic this morning, I had planned to chat about the upcoming marches in DC.
I guess I did though, in a way. 9/11 is a day to remember what being an American means to each of us. Not just our buildings and people. But our way of life, our religion rights, our unique freedoms and history.
Yes, I remember 9/11 clearly, even the lace trimmed, fine linen hankie that I cried into. My friend busted my ass about that hankie, something about it being no surprise to her that a hard nosed little tough-guy like me would carry a lacy hankie.

Yeah, I’m gonna go march.

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~ by ladysforest on September 5, 2010.

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