I Write To Some Congresspeople

Here is the letter that I composed today, inspired by Dr.Kate.

[redacted name/address/email address]

September 7.2010

Dear Congressperson ………..(fill in the blank)

I will be brief as I know that you (and the staff person reading this) are very busy.

The State Department recently went on record stating that President Obama was born a dual citizen.

My first question to you is simple. Can a dual citizen be the President of the United States?

I had understood that only a natural born citizen was eligible, per the Constitution.

My second question is just as simple. Is a “dual citizen” the exact same thing as a “natural born” citizen?

Reason dictates that a persons birth status does not “expire”, it would be ridiculous to suggest that it does. Perhaps an option to select one of multiple citizenship’s that one was born with would expire, but not the CONDITION that a person was born under.

I am looking forward to your enlightened and illuminating response to my simple questions.



The message of this missive?

You Can’t Change History.

It is what it is.

feel free to copy and send to every politician you can think of!

I will explain that I kept this letter so simple for a specific reason.  I focused on the natural born citizen issue through the State Departments statement.  It is simple and straight forward, demanding a simple, uncomplicated answer.  I do not ask a politician to recognize obama as ineligible, rather I use the leverage that the State Department provided.  I do not provide them with a hint of “Birtherism” with which to dismiss my concern.  I hope to collect the answers and post them here.  How many will answer?  My goal is to send this letter to 150 Congresspersons, randomly selected.  I am looking forward to the responses.

9/7 update: Will be on the road in about 30 min.  Family visits first, then on to DC!  Lots of historical stops along the way.  I’ll find a computer to update this post tomorrow night…..I hope.


~ by ladysforest on September 5, 2010.

4 Responses to “I Write To Some Congresspeople”

  1. Good job G. Have fun at the upcoming events and be safe. God Speed!

    • Thanks Kathy!
      I have cookies, chips, brownies, and *rum* packed. I should have a pretty good trip! I’m not driving cause I did all the shopping and packing. I like to amuse my husband by singing (very, very badly) along with the radio. It keeps him alert, LOL.
      My mean child won’t let me borrow his laptop, so I can’t do near-real-time blogging. I’ve tried every guilt trip I can think of, but he has a rare vacation and figures he needs it more than I do. Pffft.
      I have friends and family nearby, so I will manage.
      I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated. I’ll even try to learn how to upload from my camcorder to You Tube-I’m bringing the instructions along.

  2. You go girl!!! I can’t wait for the photos and update! It should be real interesting to see how our lovely Congressmen and Senators respond to you. If you get a chance to confront Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma, I’d be real interested to see how he responds.

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