It’s Official, “Evidence Could Be Embarrassing To obama”

Hey, don’t look at me!  The Judge is the one that said it….wonder what she knows?

American Grand Jury has a great article up about this, do pop over and have a read:


~ by ladysforest on September 3, 2010.

3 Responses to “It’s Official, “Evidence Could Be Embarrassing To obama””

  1. Can you believe it, the most powerful man in the word and there is concern that he cant handle showing his bc. God help us.

    • Crazy isn’t it? What is crazier is that anyone in this country think that it is reasonable that he is allowed to completely shield his entire history, except for his biographies, from the American people.

  2. Well, I’ve wondered this before, but let’s say that his grandfather is really his father instead, and that guy had a one-night stand with a whore, so to speak, what kind of embarrassment would that cause you as a person? First, kids can’t help how they were conceived, but maybe others made fun of him, or his family thought they would, so they made BO, Sr., his daddy instead.

    Well, that is just one scenario that I’ve thought of from reading an article at AT, but if that was even halfway true, it would seem that coming out in the beginning and saying this instead of covering it up would be the better way, don’t you think? Most people show mercy and are forgiving, and I’m saying most. A kid can’t be blamed for the manner in which he/she was born or who their parents are.

    Well, I’m just throwing something out there. If something like this happened to him, yes, that would be an embarrassed to him, but the better thing would be to reveal it to others who would show the mercy and an understanding. Now, as it is at this time, people would just be so totally ticked off and not listen for all the lawsuits and him not coming forward and him being a huge liar.

    If something like this were the case, I would forgive him, but I probably would just as well say that I don’t agree with your policies. That is fine. It’s just that he would have to be punished for committing fraud against the Americans, period. Because of his massive lies to everyone.

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