Snake-Oil Liniment, Rub Some In

My final thoughts on the Beck rally:

I’m just thinking about this turnout for Beck and the weird effect it has had on the media.  I mean even Savage said nice things and pretty much devoted his Monday show to talking about the rally and inviting people that had attended to call in and give their take on the experience.  Wow.  That’s….nice.

I think that just the fact that Beck could draw so many shook up the reality in DC and the MSM.  And that these people did behave just as politely and sweetly as could be expected (of course).  That the crowd were not “weirdo’s”, but were so dedicated to restoring America, they risked ridicule and being dismissed as being crazy Beck followers to be there.

There is something that seems to have unnerved the MSM and DC about this rally.  Something that wasn’t there last September after the big march, which drew at least as many people.  (My neighbor said that he feels last Sept. had more people ~ since he attended both events, I’ll trust his judgment.)  But there is something unique in who’s name drew these people to DC.  There is something unique in that it keeps happening ~ good, quiet, pleasant conservative people maxing out the resources in DC to show their love for this country.  It does not matter what names they are called.  It does not matter how they are bullied.  None of it matters, because they will keep coming.  I think that is what finally has begun to unnerve the DC people.  They probably thought that many people would not attend because they would be afraid of the threat by the Sharpton’s and the new Black Panthers.  They probably thought people would be less likely to attend because Beck has been so denigrated by so many.

Now, to be honest, Beck does bring some of that on himself.  He is a self-described showman, and that is what they do.  They make show, to make their living.  As with any showman it is tough as hell to determine who is straight up and who is a phony.   But boiled down, in the end the determination is how the people feel about their experience.  These people all loved their experience.  Sharpton had nothing he could complain about, no matter how hard he looked, there was no fuel.  The MSM are scratching their heads because they cannot understand what is going on.

Apparently Glenn Beck is kind of like a good strong cup of coffee.  The silent majority really has awoken at last.

Rebel On.

Thank goodness that the rally went through without any unfortunate confrontations.  They kept it, as far as I could tell, largely like a religious revival combined with a recognition of great debt we owe to our armed forces.  Whew.  Cause this could have gone all kinds of wrong.  Politics was largely left out, which was wise considering that the good Rev. Sharrrpton, was just a-hopin’ for anything to go on a rant about.  Sharrrrrpton brought up politics though, seems he just hates the very idea of the individual states having any say for themselves.  I’m pretty sure that very few people in his tiny crowd understood what the hell he was talking about as his speech wandered desperately around in angry aimlessness.  But to his credit, he didn’t say nasty things about the Beck rally tonight on Fox.  Cool.

I was just over reading Lame Cherry.  Lame Cherry rolled out some opinions, shall we say, about today’s Beck Bonanza.  I agree with that assessment.

Well, it will be in roughly nine hours.  I had no interest in going as I have felt all along that it is a setup of sorts.  I don’t trust Beck.  Hate me if you must, I don’t care because this is my very own point of view.

I developed a mistrust of Kenyan Keebler tree Glenn Beck back on 9/12/09.  I was at that march in DC, with all of my wonderful fellow countrymen.  Beck was not there.

I was sure that he had indicated that he had planned on attending, and I heard many, many other people all through the crowds wondering the same thing.

Then, after the march, on Fox, I heard Beck downplaying the march.  Downplaying the numbers in attendance.  Saying that he didn’t put in an appearance as he didn’t want the MSM trying to misrepresent the grassroots movement as something he had put together.  Basically taking back-door ownership.  You are all smart enough to know how I mean that.

I had wondered about him a bit prior to that, but as of that moment I knew what he was.  And when he degraded the “birther” movement, I knew what he was.  And when he stopped “outing” Czars, and started spouting region, I knew what he was.  When he began to plan this monumental mess, this set-up, I knew what he was.

Who besides me knows what will happen tomorrow?

Do you thing it could bring dishonor to the Tea Party?  Do you think the potential is there to bring dishonor to the Conservative movement, who are in large part religious?

Do you think that this man is sincere?  I do not.

I’ve got the cure for what ails you, and just today I can let you have two bottles for the price of one.

Kittens, I think we will all be tarred with the

Glenn Beck brush after this Snake Oil Sale.

Social Media Snake Oil

PS.  I do think the good people of the Tea Party know, many of them anyhow, that Glenn Beck is at best an imperfect “figurehead”.  But the citizens haven’t learned yet how to come together without the Beck’s herding them into a chosen venue.  They haven’t yet learned, or re-learned, that they have the meeting places and podiums in their own communities.  They are still uncomfortable in this taking responsibility, many for the first time ever, and seek to be led.

Like the people in the small towns of old, when had no doctors in the community, when a “traveling medicine show” rolled in with the cure for what ailed them they emptied their pockets all the while giving trust in exchange for smooth words.

If Beck does not pull this off just right ~ which depends largely on the coverage this event will receive ~ it will harm the Tea Party movement.  I do not like his choice of dates, for several reasons.  Most obvious is that it is the same date and venue of the MLK speech.  I frankly do not think it was by accident.  Come on.  Secondly, I do not like that he chose to have it just two weeks before the large marches planned on the 11th and 12th.  His explanation was that he didn’t think it was appropriate to hold it on the sabbath?  ??  I mean there’s praying and such, so why not?   I don’t like that this siphons off folks that would otherwise have attended the marches, which to my way of thinking are far more important.

You know why?  They show true grassroots, not a love-fest for one man.

They show people with a common concern, not people attending a concert.

And the date of 9/11 is sacred to all of us.


~ by ladysforest on August 28, 2010.

33 Responses to “Snake-Oil Liniment, Rub Some In”

  1. At best, Glenn Beck has come across to me as a mildly amusing entertainer, a harmless sideshow barking out a semi-pleasant drone of Leave-it-to-Beaver’s America pseudo nostalgia and of safely super melodramatic doomsday scenario thrills. I never dialed into his program on purpose and whenever I occasioned to tune in accidentally, after about a maximum of five minutes I was done.

    I guess Glenn Beck never really made it onto my radar screen until the day I read that he was using his piece of the airwaves to pointedly denigrate as “birthers” those of us who believe in following *all* the dictum of the Constitution. This is not the behavior of one who wants to conserve America and its founding principles. Even if his network-issued marching orders explicitly had Obama’s ineligibility as a “no touch” issue, he could have tweaked it favorably around the edges now and then (like Rush does) or simply let it lie.

    The guy is a televangelist huckster faking Conservatism for dollars instead of faking bleats of “Jees-suss”. I don’t trust anything he says as genuine. I hope he tanks.

    • I expect likely he will, it’s just a matter of time. While I respect the bulk of the people that still enjoy listening to Beck, I see a big disillusion heading their way. It’s a true shame as these people are simply looking for a leader to believe in, and even if Beck was told the Birther issue is off-limits, he has the option to simply ignore the issue. But both he and O’Rielly slam the Birthers, which are a large part of their base. It’s a un-necessary move, and simply degrading their viewers and the Constitution. Perhaps they were offered a “bonus” to do so.

  2. I’m just wondering if anyone else thought Beck towards the end almost said rule as in rule the world?


    This is somthing that could go horribly wrong, dominate the press and be a very ugly October Suprise for the Tea Party. Why then? Were being setup.

    I think Beck is basically harmless. It does scare me that he keeps looking for George Washington. Kinda like Obama and the Messiah. We can’t swing all the way…way…way…back right or we could be in trouble again. I wish the Tea Party would endorse only candidates that would push for Term limits in Congress and public financing of elections. I beleive that is the only way we have a chance of getting the corruption out and our government back.

    • I agree. If the man has it he should have it NOW, like join Dr.Kate in a week, or wait. The timing is just awful anyway. I mean, Beck had his thing ~ tons of people went ~ which siphoned off a lot of people that otherwise would have attended the 9/11 & 9/12 marches. After all, most of those people had to travel, and money doesn’t grow on trees.

      So, then we will have the four day march and ect. gathering, which will draw a ton of people. After all of that, who is likely to travel to join Berg? Not many. Which is good on the one hand, but also will give the appearance that hardly anyone cares.

      What’s weird to me is that a surprising number of the most prominent “Birthers” are PUMA Dems.

      • I was a PUMA Dem. in the last election, but I would not vote for Hillary now.

      • on August 29, 2010 at 9:29 am, ladysforest wrote:

        So, then we will have the four day march and ect. gathering, which will draw a ton of people. After all of that, who is likely to travel to join Berg? Not many. Which is good on the one hand, but also will give the appearance that hardly anyone cares.

        What’s weird to me is that a surprising number of the most prominent “Birthers” are PUMA Dems.

        Berg is flawed because he fails to recognize the most important of the many way usurper Obama is ineligible. If Berg fails to draw a crowd of supporters, this would be more of a reason than anything else, in my opinion.

        Below is a summary of the numerous ways in which our putative “President” is disqualified from serving in the office he has so wrongly usurped:

        In general he is not a natural born Citizen as required by the Constitution. NBC means citizen by blood and dirt, i.e., no dual allegiance allowed. In other words, because of parents and place of birth, one must be born with no possibility of being anything but an American citizen, such that one is exclusively by Nature alone (i.e., not by artifice of law of man) 100 percent red-blooded all-American, something Obama, by fact and by his own actions clearly is NOT.

        1) Regardless of who actually may have spawned him, Obama’s legal father of record was never a US citizen, thus Obama was born a dual citizen of Kenya. FAIL by Blood (this by itself should be more than enough for anyone who holds dear the rule of law).

        2) As is becoming increasingly obvious with each passing day (for example, Google “Tim Adams + Obama“), it is very unlikely Obama was actually born on US soil. FAIL by Dirt (most likely he was, in fact, a Kenyan dirtball). Note that Mr. Adams was a Hawaiian democrat 2008 election official who has stated that all local hospitals answered at that time that they had no birth records for Obama.

        3) As a child, Obama was almost certainly legally adopted by his step father, Lolo Soetoro, who was a resident citizen of Indonesia his entire life. While this unto itself is not directly disqualifying (on the principle that a minor should not be held accountable for the actions of his or her guardian), it is very likely that Obama legally affirmed his foreign status both by renewing his foreign passport as an autonomous adult and by claiming foreign citizenship in order to obtain financial aid while attending Occidental College. FAIL by dual allegiance (or by felony fraud).

        4) As a young man Obama almost certainly did not register with the Selective Service, probably thinking (wrongly) that it was unnecessary (or that he could get away with it) because of his foreign student status. Not only was he thus an unpatriotic coward, but this was also a crime that specifically by statute disqualifies one from ever holding any federal office. FAIL by felony and foreign allegiance.

        5) Over the course of his life of deception, Obama has very likely used multiple Social Security numbers, perhaps never having had a legitimate one of his own. His current SSN (confirmed via the Selective Service registration employer check system) was issued out of Connecticut and originally issued to a man born over a hundred years ago. Legitimate SSNs are never recycled. With rare exception, no law abiding citizen ever has more than one legitimate SSN, let alone half a dozen or more (something only typical of identity thieving fraudsters or illegal alien sneaks). This qualifies under High Crimes and Misdemeanors. FAIL directly by felony fraud (and indirectly by Blood and Dirt).

        6) In 2006 as a US Senator, Obama visited Kenya and campaigned for his radical Muslim cousin, Raila Odinga, who was seeking national office at the time. Obama also openly criticized the Kenyan government. Obama’s actions in Kenya would seem to be a blatant violation of the Logan Act. FAIL by felony.

        It is simply unbelievable to me that this criminal charlatan is still in office (woe upon America for ever deteriorating to the point of being duped into electing someone like this).

        I must admit that some of the items on my list are only big red flags at this point, but that is only because Mr. Most-transparent-administration-ever has so far succeeded in blocking his employers (that would be us) from seeing information we should have every right to see.

        Wake up America. The guy is an arrogant fraud who doesn’t even like our Constitution (and/or Country) and thinks that the rule of law doesn’t really apply to him. We can do better. We must do better.

    • I wish the Tea Party would endorse only candidates that would push for Term limits in Congress and public financing of elections.

      That is one of my major fantasies as well, but no way would the “professional” politicians in Congress ever derail their own gravy trains (even though they were willing to cut off one of the Government’s other major branches, i.e., the two term limit on Presidents).

      As long as we are chasing phantoms, how about getting Congress to repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments (federal income tax and direct election of Senators). Naw, Congress would never willingly give up so much Federal power. The only way any of these could ever get consideration is via the other route to amendment by two thirds of the States. Hmmm…

      Well, it’s a nice fantasy.

  4. While I applaud your rambling work on the HDOH, I completely disagree with your views on Beck. For one thing, he has been repeating for months that this was NOT a political or tea party event, so get over yourselves. There is a grater power at work here & it is not Beck. I believe he is merely the messenger as put by Dave Roever, Vietnam Vet who gave the closing prayer:

    Romans 8 & 8:28 … read them!

  5. I think Beck is chasing a completely different animal. I believe he has discovered what a few discovered 20+ years ago. No one listened then and no one is listening now. The 912 project site was one of the few sites that posted the Restore America Plan aka the unfortunate acronym RAP. Those in the tea party know what this is about. This group headed by a few very knowledgable guys that debunked DC. They got to the core problem which is the USA is incorporated and thus controlled by various very powerful people that set policy and hold total control in DC. This corporation only has jurisdiction in DC not beyond the 10 square miles except in the territories like puerto rico. but hey who knows the difference. This corporation was set up to pay off debt to england and other debtors for the civil war. Well things went horribly wrong. They never kept the capacity of the dejure goverment. They were supposed to meet twice a year to address the issues of the sovereign people but guess what, they never did. Now you know why Nancy Pelosi laughed when someone asks her if this is constitutional or why GWB said the constitution is nothing but a GD piece of paper. These guys have no obligation to follow the constitution at all. Now you know why no politician will discuss eligibility or why they shut up after they shoot their mouth off. There was a blogger on puzo’s site that doggedly asked this question and mario never addressed it. WHY? Why wouldnt he tell this poor blogger that the constitution is on a dusty shelf and we are fighting for our lives? Mario is risking it all in getting the supreme court to hear this case and he knows what he is doing. Well maybe they are ready now. Alot has happened and although not everyone thinks RAP is cool enough for them to listen to, they did make it known what the real deal was and let me tell you alot more people know and alot more are listening after this illegal president took office. Maybe we should thank obozo for exposing the whole cabal. Well there’s no going back now. You cant put the cat back in the bag. I just wish more people would at least listen to what some of these people have to say. What rap tried to do was form a de jure goverment by electing a parallel group and forming a grand jury to hear the cases against the corporation and then restore the de jure goverment with real public elections. They were even infiltrated by the other side and it caused all kinds of havoc. Talk about false flags. Right now there is no goverment. Think about that. What these guys say, and I listen to Rod Class, That everything is illegal that was passed by this cabal.

    Almost every politician is incapable to fight this cabal as it would take all 310 MM people to be aware of what happened to this country in order for it to turn around. The false flag operation to debunk any real progress in trying to restore america to a republican form of goverment and return powers to the states would be very uccessful. If you really dig deep there is alot of contoversy regarding amendments 13 and above to the constitution.

    If you talk to those that follow this movement and you try to discuss the eligibility issue they ask why would any president of a corporation have to be a natural born citizen? Is the president of IBM a natural born citizen? Everyone is part of the corporation. It reads like a regular org chart. Among the ,lets call them, “sovereigns” they will tell you that no court has any jurisdiction over the corporation because they are only a department. Well BHO is very clever because he knows that there are so many ways to manipulate this corporation. WHy do you think he can go out and assign our tax dollars to rebuilding mosques or where ever else he wants to spend it? You see this is not a de jure goverment it is a de facto goverment and it is operating illegally according to everything I have read. The 14th amendment is not what you think it is. The 14th amendment actually made everyone a citizen of the UNITED STATES, i.e. the corporation. This is way different then being a citizen of your state which collectively is the united states of America. Those that are wanting sovereignty are not looking to renounce their citizenship, they are looking to reclaim their sovereign standing as existed at the founding of this country. It aggrevates me that no one will even consider the truth of the dba USA and yet they are mystified as to what is happening to this country and why no one is doing anything. You can forget republicans because they would love to continue the argument (except a few). It’s quid pro quo all the way. You’re in this year, we’ll carry on the next time around. We are totally screwed.

    Rod Class has three law suits against the corporation. He discovered the only means to bring the corporation to court is in the superior court in DC. This is the people’s court for protection against the powers of the corporation. Well no one knew about it, there’s a great story about how Rod found it and the clerks that actuall helped him get his paper work filed because they were so happy someone finally found it. Well guess what, Eric Holder never showed at the trial, which means he admitted guilt and thus the case should be ruled in Ro’s favor. But guess again, the judge is paralyzed, he doesnt know what to do. He’s in a real pickle. Rod is still demanding his just reward which is enormous and which he put in the name of the american people , he gets none of it.

  6. I’m not a Beck fan either. When he trashed those of us who question you-know-who’s birth, that really ticked me off. At least Rush says it, and occasionally says something about it. No doubt that they have been told not to talk about it since the beginning, but Rush, I think, can get away with a lot. Even if they kicked Rush off, he would still have a steady following some how, some way.

    Also, I totally love the P&E. I don’t have two cents to give to anyone right now because I have about $300 + or minus a little bit to make it through the week on. No joke! And I was going to have an ad put up this week by Sharon, who is wonderful. She’s the best. And we don’t even have savings, period. And we probably won’t have anything more with BO in office. I’m in my late 50s, so is my hubby, but what is the use in trying to get retirement? Well, first off, we couldn’t afford it right now. Secondly, BO would just take it. I’m still trying to figure out how the heck we’re going to afford his stupid deathcare insurance. Well, haven’t figured that one out yet. Personally, I don’t want anything to do with it.

    So be that as it may, I want to do something for P&E presently, I can’t until I get work again. I work from home. I should hopefully get some work in next week. And I feel guilty about it because they are great, which is about the only place talking truth right now.

    Also, I have a new blogspot. I have never blogged before, but I started one to help others and can’t even get it going. I’m selling a product, but the main goal is to help others.

  7. Sorry, I have a pissy attitude right now. I’m sick of this world and BO and his whining because he has to paste a BC over his forehead. What an absolute idiot! He goes on so many EXPENSIVE vacations. I never cared when President Bush went to his ranch. And the liberal media just gripped and gripped and gripped. He always had a working vacation anyway and …..AT HIS OWN RANCH! Yet Bo and Moochelle goes off and spends money (probably ours) in the hundreds and thousands of dollars.

    There…..I said it. I have reason to gripe about that.

  8. ladysforest, I apologize for losing my temper. BO is what he is. Hopefully we can get him out of there.

  9. Yes, I am sorry about my rant. I am actually not a beck fan but I do think he is following a different trail of breadcrumbs. I am copying this comment that was posted at wtpusa which was copied from citizenwells:

    “…Guys, if you were not on Plains last night, Steven P. told this story about a Barrack Obama that died in a plane crash in Pakistan in 1979. It was a private jet with a pilot, co-pilot, and two (?) passengers. After an investigation the plane was fine but the flight crew was overcome by nerve gas and that is the reason the plane crashed. One of the passengers on board was a Barrack Obama. Steve stated a number of times that he was not tying this to our Barrack Obama (wink wink)! FREAKY!…”

    I have never heard this…This can’t be real. Can anyone shed any light on this?

  10. i am putting a shout out for this blog. i just discovered it and I hope you can check it out.

  11. I heard about this some time ago, but I didn’t think they were able to come up with anyting concrete. I hope they have now. what am I saying, I’m sure it’s nothing. wink, wink

  12. Unless there was a new broadcast, I think they are reporting old news from 2009.

    kittycat77 | January 13, 2009 at 10:49 pm |
    Tim, they can all be opened to Yahweh’s truth, but the whole thing will be up to them. It has to do with “hearing,” and IF and WHEN one decides to hear. That was always the hardest for me to understand years ago, but a person MUST want to hear. Once they do, a light enters into their minds, the light of truth. Yahweh says to turn to him and he’ll turn to us. He always gives us the choice.

    Anyway, in the Days of Our Lives in the BO saga, have you read on Restore the latest? Wow, this is something and let me post it.

    She’s answering a person named Justice:

    “Justice, that is Dr. Orly Taitz! She is very tough and we are so lucky to have her on our side! She saw what was happening and I am sure it reminded her of her home country Russia! Glad to have you aboard!

    Ed is going to release the document either Friday or Monday. The document, according to Ed, is in a safe place but he does not have a hard copy as of yet. Steve apparently has the document. It states that S.A.D Obama’s (funny, her initials are SAD) port of entry was Miami six days after Obama was born and she arrived with a child. Ed gave us the document numbers in the room. However, you can not get to the doc on line due to it being that all records from that far back are on film. It sounds like the real thing. Globe is suppose to have the document as well so that they can run the story next week!

    Guys, if you were not on Plains last night, Steven P. told this story about a Barrack Obama that died in a plane crash in Pakistan in 1979. It was a private jet with a pilot, co-pilot, and two (?) passengers. After an investigation the plane was fine but the flight crew was overcome by nerve gas and that is the reason the plane crashed. One of the passengers on board was a Barrack Obama. Steve stated a number of times that he was not tying this to our Barrack Obama (wink wink)! FREAKY!

    Ok, I see now that you guys have somewhat covered the micro fishe thingy!


  13. tdr,

    Yes, I heard Stephen Pidgeon say that one night on Plains over a year ago about the plane crash and the Barrack Obama on board. Since then I have heard nothing else about it. Of course, I don’t listen to Plains anymore either.

  14. kittycat,

    yes it is an old comment. should have clarified it but I think it was odd for him to bring it up. Do you think maybe he does have something and decided not to go further with it?

  15. tdr,

    It’s very possible. Even though it’s an old comment, I still think about it occasionally. It’s awful strange that a BO died in the plane crash.

    Maybe you can write Stephen P. and find out more.

  16. tdr, ladysforest,

    The other day I was reading an article from the P&E, dated July 21, of an interview with Dr. Polland. Have y’all read it?

    Something interesting is that Dr. Polland talks about he thinks that BO was born either in an Arab country in North Africa or Ghana.

    Look at this part where Sharon is asking him where his father might be from:

    “MRS. RONDEAU: Do you have any ideas of where that could be?

    DR. POLLAND: My first choice is an Arab country in North Africa. Second choice is Ghana.

    MRS. RONDEAU: Why is that?

    DR. POLLAND: Because of where this individual was who may be his father.

    MRS. RONDEAU: Have you done some research into that?

    DR. POLLAND: Yes, but the bulk of that research is being done by other people…”

    What got me to reading this anyway was something that someone posted in response to another article. I’ll see if I can find it.

    • Honestly, I don’t really have any thoughts on this. He’s vague and airily mentions that “other people” are doing the research. I guess I’m one of those people that’s chock full of healthy skepticism. 🙂

      • kc, lf,

        the one that really gets me is the chris matthews comments that he was born in indonesia. I mean where did that come from? Let’s play CLUE:

        The Father:
        BHO senior
        Stanley Dunham
        Malcolm X
        Frank Marshall Davis
        George Bush Sr

        The mother:
        Madelyn Dunham
        Ruth N.
        Princess Margaret
        Native Hawaiian

        The Place:

        I call SAD, Malcolm X, Canada

        • LOL. I think the Canada angle has some distinct possibility. I’ll just be boring and stick with the originally declared parents. Maybe we should take bets??

  17. kc,

    It’s life imitating art. I keep thinking I’m in some kind of nightmare and I’ll wake up soon.

  18. Yep, we’re in a nightmare, all right.

  19. Well here is a new perspective on Beck. Thought I would post it just for the sake of completeness. I guess we are at the stage where we need to define our own reality and live in it.

    The Glenn Beck rally is confusing people.


    He is aiming far beyond what most people consider to be the goalposts.

    Using Boyd’s continuum for war: Material, Intellectual, Moral.

    Analogously for political change: Elections, Institutions, Culture.

    Beck sees correctly that the Conservative movement had only limited success because it was good at level 1, for a while, weak on level 2, and barely touched level 3. Talk Radio and the Tea Party are level 3 phenomena, popular outbreaks, which are blowing back into politics.

    Someone who asks what the rally has to do with the 2010 election is missing the point.

    Beck is building solidarity and cultural confidence in America, its Constitution, its military heritage, its freedom. This is a vision that is despised by the people who have long held the commanding heights of the culture. But is obviously alive and kicking.

    Beck is creating positive themes of unity and patriotism and freedom and independence which are above mere political or policy choices, but not irrelevant to them. Political and policy choices rest on a foundation of philosophy, culture, self-image, ideals, religion. Change the foundation, and the rest will flow from that. Defeat the enemy on that plane, and any merely tactical defeat will always be reversible.

    Beck is unabashed that God can be invoked in public places by citizens, who vote and assemble and speak and freely exercise their religion. They are supposed to be too browbeaten to do this. Gathering hundreds of thousands of them to peaceably assemble shows they are not. But showing that the people who believe in God and practice their religion are fellow-citizens who share political and economic values with majorities of Americans is a critical step. The idea that these people are an American Taliban is laughable, but showing that fact to the world — and to potential political allies who are not religious — is critical.

    Beck is attacking the enemy at the foundations of their power, their claim to race as a permanent trump card, their claim to the Civil Rights movement as a permanent model to constantly be transforming a perpetually unjust society.

    He is nuking out the foundations of the opposition’s moral preeminence, the very thing I proposed in this post.

    Ronald Reagan said we would not defeat Communism, we would transcend it.

    Beck is aiming to have America do the same thing to its decaying class of Overlords, transcend them.

    Beck is prepping the battlefield for a generation-long battle.

    He is that very American thing: A practical visionary.

    See, simple.

    Restore pride and confidence to your own side, and win the long game.

    As Ronald Reagan also said, there are simple solutions, just no easy solutions.

    God bless America.

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