Fact Check Clarifies Barack’s Citizenship

I was reading some comments over on the Legal Insurrection  blog several days ago.  One stood out and made me laugh.  The topic was “Obama’s “Birther” Strategy Has Backfired”, here is the comment:

August 6, 2010 1:13 PM

Kensington said…

“Put me in the “probably he was born in Hawaii” camp, but who knows, really? Who would truly be surprised if that turned out to not be so?

What I will never understand is why some on the Right feel the need to aggressively attack anyone who voices the remotest skepticism. I say leave the “birthers” alone, and if they ever unearth any evidence, then mazel tov!

Anti-birthers are far, far more irritating than birthers.”


And when I first became aware of all of the controversy, I noticed immediately how mindlessly vicious the supporters of obama were whenever the topic was written about.

You see, for me the issue never was where obama was born, but that he was born a dual citizen.  But the mindless supporters of this phony would have none of that.  Oh no!  It is simply ridiculous that the Pressssident be under any scrutiny.  “He was “vetted” by the Treason Queen, Madam Pelosi, so therefore he is legit and we are are just racisssssst haters”…blah, blah, blah.

I used to occasionally bait commenters on threads in “news” blogs and ask them that if they were to find out that obama was indeed born out of the country, would that make a difference to them?  Would they then call for him to be removed? I either got crickets, or they would shamelessly declare that that would make no difference to them whatsoever.

I was pretty damn troubled by this response from so many.  And it was so irrational and brutish in nearly every case that I was genuinely astonished.

Putting that aside, the blanket response to accuse, as a racist, every one who shares the concern about the lack of  established vetting procedures  our officials should be compelled to follow,  is testimony to how absolutely ignorant these “supporters” of obama are.

Additionally, it’s as if they can’t even grasp that there are different points of view among the Vexatious Verifiers.   You get the impression that as they typed in those comments their stomach was churning, their hands were shaking, their eyes were bulging and they were screaming at the screen.

Let’s see, we have those that think he was born in Kenya.  We have those that think he was born in Indonesia.  Those that think he was born on a ship.  Those that think he was born in Canada, then “his Mama, white as whipped cream”, popped back over the border and signed up for classes in Washington a scant two weeks after obama whelped.  That is actually the one I  think might be most likely IF he was not born in Hawaii.  But I find no need to trouble myself with where this critter was born.

He was born subject to his fathers British citizenship.  He was sassy enough to ADMIT IT to everyone that cared to wonder, and yet these obot countrymen of ours do sanction outright TREASON.



Looky here Kittens, treason galore:


~ by ladysforest on August 9, 2010.

8 Responses to “Fact Check Clarifies Barack’s Citizenship”

  1. I am glad you posted this discussion.

    People do believe in different theories. I hesitate to share mine. However, I think everyone can agree that he is not a natural born citizen. I also think its the easiest to understand which is why that fact must be avoided at all costs by the media. People understand the consequences for this nation if we don’t fix this now.

    I appreciate you turning the table sort of speak on the obots. And I am very shocked that they think it would be ok for the President to be born abroad. Perhaps that woudl not be so horrible as being raised abroad but our Constitution is clear on that. The problem would be knowing how much foreign influence did it have on the person without positively knowing when that young person came to the US. But the citizens of the US apparently have no standing to know that kind of information about the candidates.

    It makes sense then to eliminate that possibility by requiring Presidents to be born here by 2 US citizens.

    I think some obots and open border types are just too naive and are not as mindful as the founding fathers. There can be no doubt who a leader of a country is in their heart. Its just too dangerous to assume things about people. A good example of this albeit extreme are double agents and spys.

    The birth certificate is a great diversion for the press. I wish that had never confused the issue from the start.

  2. I live in a depressingly “progressive” city. I don’t dare put pro rule-of-law, anti usurper-thug bumper stickers on my car because I don’t want it keyed or its tires flattened if left unattended. But for my daily commute, I *do* rotate various messages printed on 11×17 paper and placed *inside* the rear and side windows. When I park my car in a public place, the messages can easily go temporarily face down until I return.

    Some of my previous messages have been “Who is Barry Soetoro?”, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” and “Foreign Father? NOT Natural Born!” (you can see a photo of this message in my car at the bottom of The Post & Email homepage). My current message rotation includes “Support the Constitution – Deport the Usurper” and “Honk! to Deport the Usurper”.

    Putting up these mini mobile “billboards” is is a little something we all can do to get the word out and let the already aware know that they are far from alone. If nothing else, it feels great either to get an approving thumbs up or beep, or even to see a helpless, angry scowl or two. 🙂

    PS: A month or so ago [redacted-classified information :)]

    • I know exactly what you are going through, although our area is fast becoming more conservative. A sign of the times!

      I think I’ll use your mini mobile billboard system, it’s a terrific idea and I’ll like being able to tailor my message.

      RE: The “PS” message, It is so great to know, and you have our gratitude! Thank you thinkwell.

  3. I would love to get one of those scrawling digital signs to put in my back window. They are about 100 bucks. I could never find out if they were letter limited and don’t know if they are good enough for daytime.

    • LOL, I’ve seen those a few times. Google for that info-it probably varies a bit by manufacturer.

  4. This is exactly why it IS very important where he was born.

    I am a liberal, I realize that other liberals believe that the Constitution (at times-ha ha), is OPEN to their so-called ‘enlightened interpretation.’ That means that to them, Obama is allowed to have a father who was not a U.S. Citizen until a judge, Oprah, or MoveOn.org tells them otherwise.

    However, Obama has *ahem* always claimed to have been born in Hawaii and if he were born elsewhere after racebaiting the American people on this issue for so long, not only would that single lie be the downfall of him credibility-wise, but few could argue that it wouldn’t disqualify him from being a NBC. With or without a judge, Oprah or MoveOn.org.

    What liberal would dare argue the claims of an African country to a person born on their soil. Talk about racist.

    Anyway, I think it’a ok for any and all of us to wonder where the man was born at this point. He’s fought a lot of people in court to keep from providing substantiation to an otherwise ‘iffy’ claim.

    I say, wonder where that ole critter was born all you want, Kitty Kat!

    • I understand the points you make, and yes, the left does seem bent on putting their own interpretation on the Constitution. So, it makes one wonder that even were he shown to be born in a different country would they then finally admit he is not a “natural born citizen”? I doubt it. I imagine it would be like the obots I used to bait saying, “it doesn’t matter at all where he was born”. And who can forget this classic, “his mama is a US citizen, that’s good enough to me!”
      But this is, in the end, precisely why the natural born clause as written is indeed the most important point. If that were followed to it’s original intent, as it must be since it was never amended, then this filth and his ilk never would have been installed in the white house. Then he would have to vacate. Being born in a different country would make things much easier, but if this was settled before SCOTUS it would end the debate. Born subject to his fathers British citizenship status should say it all.
      Yes, his fighting to keep everything hidden, records “disappearing” or being “destroyed”, people with personal knowledge about him suddenly dropping dead………..for the first time in my life I’m embarrassed to be an American. I’m deeply ashamed to have fellow countrymen who think it is fine for a person with no true birth allegiance to this country, and only one American parent, to hold the most powerful office. Just.because.he.is.Black. The man had and has no other qualification. These people were conned and they don’t even care. If obama had run as a mulatto, or as a white (because he apparently has a choice on what he presents himself to be) or was a straight up Caucasian, he would never have gotten near the gate of the white house. He hid his mis-qualification behind the color of his skin. He hides his history behind the color of his skin. Talk about racist indeed.

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