Happy Anniversary


So, on the auspicious anniversary of the obama speech condemning the Cambridge Police for acting “stupidly”, prior to troubling himself to become acquainted with the facts, obama apologizes to the erstwhile Shirley Sherrod for her being fired over the issue of her racism, also without troubling himself to become acquainted with who this woman really is.

This after she does an interview where she offers to “help obama a little bit” to understand what it’s like.   Ahhh, presumably to be an average black person.  She went on six networks as a matter of fact, refusing to go on Fox, although they never even ran the story until she had been good and fired.

Let’s blame Fox!  Let’s ignore the absolute irrefutable fact that they never aired the “speech” (racial rant) by Shirley Do-Good, until that person had already been dismissed.

Click the link and listen :::


Good lord America.  Are so many people really this damn stupid?  So, in this particular racially motivated performance by this angel, she panders to the cracker-hatin’ NAACP crowd to solicit cheers and encouragement, then she rolls out, barely audibly, an admission that she realized that even whites can suffer poverty, and that is a condition common to both races, then she hustles the white farmer off to “his own kind” to be helped.

So, the poor lady gets outed and now is “deciding” if she is going to try and sue Breitbart.  Oh and she thinks Breitbart’s site should be forced to shut down.  Because he is bad for race relations……..ish.


This from BigGovernment:


Congressman: Sherrod’s Hiring Should Be Investigated

by Ben Shapiro

“Yesterday, I had the opportunity to interview Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) for my radio show, “The Ben Shapiro Show,” which broadcasts every Sunday 1-4 PM ET in Orlando, FL. The topic of Shirley Sherrod came up, and in particular, the topic of the so-called Pigford Farms settlement.

For background, the Pigford Farms case is a class-action lawsuit filed against the federal government on behalf of black farmers and black wannabe farmers, who say they were discriminated against in loan proceedings. The federal government settled Pigford Farms for an unbelievable $1.15 billion. An incredibly high percentage of those receiving awards under this settlement have done so fraudulently.

Shirley Sherrod was not only an initiator of the Pigford Farms case, she received a chunk of change for her company, New Communities, Inc. To be accurate, she received the largest chunk of change for New Communities — $13 million. New Communities was a bankrupt commune-type land trust held by Sherrod and her husband. She and her husband personally received $150,000 each to compensate them for “pain and suffering.”

I asked Congressman King about this, because he is on the House Agriculture Committee. He pledged that if Republicans won the House back in November, he would initiate an investigation into Sherrod’s hiring, which is deeply suspicious at best. Why would the USDA, which had been shaken down by Sherrod, hire her?”

In the words of the late Capt. Phil Harris, “Something ain’t addin’ up right here“.

Here is her racist rant that Breitbart wants blacks to go back to the time of slavery.  Where is heck does she pull that from.  She likes to dish it out but sure as hell has a thin skin herself.  That begins at about 1:50 in.

Now the lovely Anderson Cooper backpedals, but not far enough in my opinion:


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3 Responses to “Happy Anniversary”

  1. I read this comment on another blog and thought it was spot on:

    “”Before you backtrack, This White House doesn’t move that fast unless someone’s rear end is badly exposed. My advice is follow the money.

    Sherrod’s family got $13 million of the $1.15 billion distributed to date under the Pigford civil rights class action suit against the USDA for alleging refusing to help black farmers. Indeed, Sherrod was hired by this administration for her USDA post very soon after her family settled.

    Sherrod’s hubby was a 60’s radical, influential in the Student Nonviolence Coordinating Committee. Her background suggests she knows more about community organizing than about growing crops and raising livestock.

    What makes this really interesting is that in 2008 Congress extended the time for people to file claims in Pigford dispite evidence that many such claims are bogus. We are talking several times more claims than the estimate of the number of working black owned farms.

    Sherrod helped to scam millions of dollars for African Americans who are not even farmers. That is probably what the White House is trying to distract you from finding out.””


  2. I am sure breitbart will follow this. He has a pretty strong following and although he doesnt report the eligibility issue, he is standing against corruption and does expose things no one else will touch.

    • Yep, he’s one tough guy. I heard him speak at the April 15 Tea Party in DC and he cracked me up!
      I’m really glad that Breitbart is out there.

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