It’s Getting A Little Stuffy In Here

Have you and I been marginalized by our own?  Have we been cleansed of righteous anger and frustration?  Have our fears been shushed?

The Tea Party Movement has been in the process of shaming us all into a kinder, gentler, less controversial version in full PC mode.  They have made us sit with our mouths tightly closed so that we “don’t feed into the hype that the left is spewing” about the Tea Partiers.  WE. have to be careful not to give the left any ammo.


One of the last times that I troubled my eyes with the Kenyan Keebler Tree Glen Beck show he had on some “leaders” of the Tea Party.  One woman, a very well groomed, articulate person, shuddered in revulsion when Mr. Keebler Tree Beck mentioned the “Birthers”.

She said something along the lines that the “Birthers” would not be allowed unless they kept their conspiracy nonsense to themselves.  The Tea Party didn’t want to be branded with that because that’s not what they are about.


In the beginning of the whole movement many of the Party were also concerned about the eligibility issue.  They spoke out loudly in Town Hall meetings about it, they carried signs about it,  they signed petitions about it, they helped form the Tea Party because of it.

And Beck and his self-appointed “leaders” of the Tea Party movement sit there and smugly paint the truest of all the Constitutionalists as crazy “Birthers”.

Turncoats all.

The English word “turncoat” traces it origins back to 1557, and referred to persons who turned their coats inside out to hide the badge of their party or leader. The modern use, for someone who changes allegiance, is recorded from 1565.

How did they change allegiance?  They became more concerned about what the left thought of us than what we are concerned with.

Literally losing our country.

We have been taught since babyhood that that our elected officials are there to protect our rights and freedoms.  We were comfortable in believing such a lovely ideal, for how could anyone not love this country and it’s Constitution.

We have been sold down the river.

We are not to be blamed for believing in them initially, we are to be blamed for failure to verify.  We did not take responsibility for ourselves.  The Tea Party was born of the anguish our countrymen felt when they realized we have been betrayed.

The power is what they are after.  Screw the people, screw the little guy, screw the small businessman!  What use are we to them?  What can we offer them?  Nothing.  So, screw us!  Listen to the Blogo tapes, they tell it like it is baby.  These people are out for power and little else.  And they will do anything to keep it.  You think November is a lock?  No sir.  It is not.  Do you know why?  It is because you still believe as you did since babyhood, that someone will magically just protect us from the bad guys, because this is America and that is how things happen in America.  That is why and how we have been so cruelly betrayed.  Our natural trust was used against us.

Yesterday I was thinking about the very old days when people used to gather in barns, granges, churches and taverns to discuss and debate things political.  The Tea Party movement, prior to being hijacked, was like those times.  Fired up citizens wanting what was best for all, wanting what was fair and right.

Where are the town hall meetings this year?  Are there any-anywhere?  Oh sure, I know that there are some homogenized “Tea Party” meetings being put “on” by some aspiring politician, or backed by an incumbent looking for re-election.  Where are all of the fired up Patriots this summer?  The last Tea Party thing that I went to allowed for no one to speak  about why they were there….except the guy hoping to run for Governor.  No little guy got to stand up and share his concerns.  We were all like little ponies herded into a corral with the promise of food.  We left after awhile.

I say we get our own back friends.  How about we think like our forefathers did?  How about we have a meeting in a Town Hall Tavern.  Or Town Hall Church.  Or Town Hall VFW.  I bring a bottle of soda, you bring a bag of chips, the baker brings some cookies, and we brush off our “handlers” and get back to grass roots.

Lets find our commonality again.  Let us speak to each other again, not just sit in rows staring up at the next person who wants to “represent” themselves us in Congress.  We know what we want, we know what we need.  But first we need to begin to meet face to face and talk with each other.

We are running out of time.


~ by ladysforest on July 11, 2010.

15 Responses to “It’s Getting A Little Stuffy In Here”

  1. One thing that I want to say is that although I feel strongly that we need to keep our individuality and freedom to say what we want and the way that we want, I do feel that when it comes to the issue of obama’s eligibility words matter. Why do they matter a bit more here than on other topics? Because this has never happened before in our history. In something this unique it is critical that we are able to discourse on our position in a clear and concise manner. It won’t do to stand up and shout “he’s born in Kenya”.
    There are several differing opinions out there about where he may have been born, but we all know that the bottom line is (his) best case scenario is that he is a self acknowledged DUAL CITIZEN. Subject to British rule at birth, this alone disqualifies him for the office of POTUS.

  2. I was looking for info on Glen Becks August “rally”, which I have no interest in attending. I am curious as to how much, if any support it is getting. I found this link on the daily kos, the comments are the most hateful and racist comments that I have read yet. These people seem on the verge of attacking anyone that attends the Beck thing. You should read some of these comments and know how the racism problem in this country is growing and what a problem we face thanks to the Democrats promoting outright lies against the white middle-class, and all conservatives of every color. Read the comments, understand what is being encouraged to grow in this country.!-Black-Leaders-Unite-To-Counter-Glenn-Becks-August-Rally

    I will say that I do not think it was wise of Beck, in his self-promotion, to choose that day. That is a day not just for black Americans, but for all Americans to reflect on the PEACE that Dr. King was seeking. His (Beck) shock jock tactics are very misplaced in this decision.

    The hateful and violent “progressives” that responded with such vicious suggestions to incite terrible racial unrest should take a deep look inside, because they sound far more intolerant and full of racist hate than any person I have witnessed at a Tea Party or on the news coverage of a Tea Party.

  3. […] Posted by tracmick on July 11, 2010 snippet from My Very Own Point of View Blog […]

  4. OHHHHH, I just read this snip in a comment on The Right Side Of Life (by misanthropicus):

    “Yet the vote on the third bill, i.e. the BURGESS BILL which will require presidential candidates/ campaigns to PRODUCE HARD EVIDENCE of eligibility in order to be placed on the Arizona ballot (apage Satana! this idea strikes terror in the, decayed as it is, liberals’ souls), was postponed for some reasons, to be re-introduced the incoming session –

    And this frightening prospect of having Obama to prove his legitimacy for the next presidential election is what has triggered the Democrats’
    assault on Arizona -”

    I had forgotten about that bill!

  5. I think more frightening then the democrat assault on the middle class is the real prospect that republicans are just as willing to cut a deal with whoever can pull this caper off, that is to completely strip us of our sovereignty. The level of corruption is staggering. The tea party may now believe they can cut a deal with the republicans who can cut a deal with the democrats, etc, etc. Exept for one thing, how can you cut a deal with the “devil”? That’s why I posted the link to Rod Class. I have been suspicious of the restore america plan but there seems to be real purpose behind this movement. In terms of the tea party the good thing is that the majority of the members do believe in the bc issue along with a host of other things that the tea party wont talk about. If the tea party is strictly about lower taxes so be it, I’ll take it. as for everything else they have no control over their members who can think for themselves. today on cavuto rick perry will be talking about/against(?) gov. brewer. this should be interesting since he is up for reelection and many suspect he uses beck to vet his platform. this totally backfired with medina which enraged conservatives. this is just one example of how republicans are going to screw up november. which goes to my first point, are SOME complicit?

    • Yes tdr, I wonder the same thing. Actually, the closer we come to the elections the more convinced I am of it. Both sides of the aisle are absolutely loaded with corruption. When you see that the Republicans are doing next to nothing to assure success in November, well, you know it’s not just because they got all cocky. One problem is that we don’t have time to “build” a strong third party. What I really think Americans NEED to do is to begin to work towards term limits, it may be the only chance we have going forward……if we can recover from what is going on right now that is.

  6. Thanks for the response. I will give the republicans one out on the eligibility issue ( and I’m not saying they deserve one) and that is I really believe there is a major quid pro quo regarding the eligibility issue. Not sure what it is, maybe conspiracy about 9/11 (notice how truthers are equally dissed by beck) or something equally as damaging which can bring down the entire party. well nothing is as clear as it looks and the republicans may leave it to the supreme court to resolve the issue so they can stay out of the fray. although most were discouraged by the quick decision of the third circuit court, i thought it a way to get it quickly to the supreme court.

    • I, and many others, feel that there was a sort of “gentleman’s agreement” about the whole eligibility issue. But the thing is rotten to the core. What kind of blackmailing went on? What kind of deals for future powers? Makes you understand how big the network of corruption is in this country. In that way we are already on par with a third world country. It is sickening.

  7. Dear Ladysforest,

    These are excellent thoughts with which I agree. Glenn Beck is controlled opposition and should not be trusted. He had these “leaders” on so people attending his rally won’t bring eligibility signs and embarrass him. I hope attendees bring lots of signs!

    Similar concerns to yours here about the Tea Party and Glenn Beck were voiced this week at Post & E-mail:

    A great site that takes on Beck and I think shares many similar concerns to your site is The Conservative Monster. As he notes, at least Beck has lost nearly half his audience since attacking the eligibility movement:

    Although Tea Party people have not been out rallying outside as much lately, I see them very fired up still on the web, and chomping for November.

    Although you are correct that Tea Party “leaders” have been trying to quiet the eligibility issue, it’s not working. Two quite recent polls show majorities of Americans 1) want 0 to produce all his hidden records, and 2) don’t think that he was born in Hawaii. I’d like to believe that you have something to do with the latter.

    Nor have citizens given up asking about 0’s eligibility at town halls. Just this month someone asked Vitter of LA about it and he gave more support publicly to the eligibility movement than any senator yet:

    The week of July 4, the national Globe tabloid had a well-produced, fact-filled cover-story saying 0 was ineligible, and calling the online COLB a forgery. I saw this mag jutting out on display at my local supermarket; many others must have, too:

    I’m pretty sure this ain’t over by a long shot.

    • Thank you for the comment and the links Larry. It’s uplifting to read your comments buddy!
      Rebel On

  8. PS. I don’t know where your other shorter comment went to…I approved it.

    Oh yes, I brought that Globe a few days after it came out. It’s the only time I have purchased one. 🙂

  9. Let’s keep working and praying until 0 is removed. God bless.

  10. please listen to the following when you have time.

    listen to the july 20th archive. very interesting.

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