Where’s Sherlock Holmes When You Need Him?

Ahh, the final installment.

6/17 UPDATE :  Just got back from a research journey, and found some weird stuff, and had a weird experience.  Scroll down to the bottom of this post for the update 6/19.

My initial  post on this topic,  a MUST read:


Here are some of the additional oddities that I came across while doing my research.  Once again, I will do my best to keep my personal opinion to myself.

I apologize that this choice is upsetting to some readers.  I do this because, well, to be frank, I don’t want to make anyone’s mind up for them.  I do not want to diminish this research to a controversy.  It speaks for itself, but does require thought and attention to detail.  I did this part of it, now you all must mull over the material and find your inner detective.  Yes, I will point to obvious oddities, but I will not attempt to influence you all by feeding you my own conclusions.  It is of utmost importance to me that the material be judged by it’s own value.  Onward.

One thing about doing a cut and paste, is that it is best if one uses the same type from the same publication/typewriter/printer/ect.  With this in mind I decided to see if the street name of the address in the announcement appeared anywhere else in the paper near obama’s announcement.  Yes, I found it, it appeared on page B6, Honolulu Advertiser, July 29, 1961.  There is a “big smudge” ( I marked it this way) off on the right hand margin, down a ways, that marks the spot.  Now, I imagine it occurs in many publications in the paper, but I began my search for it on the first day that I have a copy for, and worked inward, with an eye to the font, until I found it.  I stopped there.  Good enough.

7-29-1961 University Honolulu Advertiser, pg. B60001


The ad below obama’s?  Norman Asing?  There was a birth announcement for his brother, Robert, at the same address, that appeared a few days before Norman Asing’s.  8/08/1961 Scroll down – it is between a Kaneda’s ad and a “Babies thrive on Carnation” ad.  I noticed also that an announcement five spaces above had no date for the birth of their child.  Tsk-tsk.

Not really unusual for siblings to have children born within days of each other though.  Just one of those little things that popped out as curious.

8-08-1961 University Hono. Adver., pg. B8, R Asin0001


However, there is an additional curious thing about the Norman Asing announcement, which is the misspelling of “Anianiku Street” (spelled Ani  Aniku in Norman’s announcement).  I had the 1961-1962 Polk (housed in the State Library, Honolulu)  checked by my friend, and it showed the following listing.  They did share an address according to the Polk.

Asing Polk listing 1961-1962 Honolulu State Library0001


Here is the Lefforge Polk listing for 1961-1962.  Sorry for the delay!

scanLefforge Polk Listing0001

Now, since it was Honolulu, with a ton of military stationed there,  there were many announcements where the address was listed as a “Barracks”.  Chop out an “r”, and you have Barack?  Just saying.  Same type from same publication is always best IF a person/persons were inclined to cut and paste/splice, what have you.  For the sake of saving myself time, I’m adding the PDF with the (nearly) full page wherein lie the Nordyke Twins and an ad over in marriages that has “Barracks” as part of the address.

8-16-1961 Library of Cong. Hono. Adver., full pg. N0001


Wait, let me get back to the Polks for a moment.  Something about those bugs me.  So obama’s grandparents move to Hawaii in 1960.  They appear in the 1960-1961 Polk at the Kamehameha Ave address.  I had that visually confirmed by my friend at the State Library in Honolulu.

Then they appear in the 1961-1962 Polk at:  6085 Kalanianaole Hwy.

1961-1962 Polk State Library, Hono. Dunhams0001


Stanley Ann appears in that same Polk at:  6085 Kalanianaole Hwy.  My friend did not take a copy of this.  There are lots on the internet already, so I figured that would be there.  I know, sloppy work.


Obama Sr. appears there also at his bachelor address.   All this is known.

So, Stanley Ann gets published (listed) as  Obama, Ann S at the Kalanianaole address in that Polk and she’s only married a few months.

WND article:

Polk listing for Ann Obama
An address different than her HUSBAND, which, allow me to point out, if they have her address AFTER she is married, then they would have also had Obama Sr. ((same time frame for collecting data)) IF they had shared an address.    Then she is also published (listed) in the 1961-1962 Seattle Wash. Polk where she moved after only having lived in Hawaii a short time (and what, six months after marrying?).   So, back then the info for the Polks was collected-according to what I’ve been able to find out- much like a census.  A combo of mailed forms and door to door info collectors.   So, lets get into the way back machine, shall we?  Hawaii collects some info over a period of months.  Then they mail it in to the mainland, likely be ship, but perhaps by air.  Then it goes in queue to be inspected and set to print.  MANUALLY.  Remember that this is 1961.  When did the Polk actually end up being printed?  For example, was the 1961-1962 Polk printed in early 1962?  How useful is a directory in which the info is already a year old by the time it could possibly have been printed?  I don’t know.  Just something that seems weird to me.  Stanley is in both the Honolulu and the Seattle Polks for the same time frame, 1961-1962.  Just how damn long did the data collection process go on for those Polks before they got around to the printing?  1961 style. One other thing about the Polk, if Stanley Ann had time to be published as Mrs. obama, why wasn’t Norman Asing’s wife included in his listing?

Totally random musings (may or may not add to this later):

The Library of Congress Star Bulletin reel had heavy wear/age marks (research trip Feb. 2010) from 8/01/1961 through 8/13/1961, BUT …8/14/1961 was comparatively pristine.  I did not image 8/15 as had no birth announcements.

In the 8/17 Honolulu Star Bulletin birth announcement for Mr. and Mrs. James Kinard, daughter, has a birth date of Aug. 31. ??  She was born two weeks after her birth announcement?  Tricky, that.  Just another typo.

And don’t forget that an associate and fellow blogger will be doing a piece on this soon.  I believe it will focus more on the technical side of things as well as her take on what we have all seen in my posts, as well as the many pages that are available to her that the vast majority of you have not seen.

6/19 UPDATE:

I went on this trip to gather some more copies first hand for myself and my fellow blogger, Butterdezillion, who is doing another research piece on these papers.  Different things than mine and with her own perspective.

I ordered 12 films while waiting for my assistant to show up from parking the auto.  Well I thought I had ordered 12 flims, but it turned out that one of the date ranges I had ordered had for some reason been filmed in four reels instead of the usual two.  And the Library of Congress has a limit of 12 reels per requester.  So, this staffer shows up with the cart containing the films just as my assistant arrives at the table. Middle-aged man,  starts telling me how I can only have 12 films at a pop, and so there were a couple he couldn’t deliver.  The interesting thing he was doing is that he was nearly shouting this info.  He was speaking LOUDLY.  Kept referring to “The Honolulu Advertiser”, ect.  Almost like he was nervous.  I have never had a library staffer stand in the middle of an area and holler at me so loudly that every person in the room was staring. I kept telling him, no problem, as my assistant can order anything else I needed on their library card.  Then he acted as though he didn’t get it, and went hollering again about “The Honolulu Advertiser” and a limit.  My assistant stated that he would order any others needed, and  the guy finally quieted down and went away.  It struck me as very weird in several ways.  One, the feller at the desk didn’t mention the 12 roll limit.  And the loud guy was SO DAMN LOUD, and also that the films he didn’t bring me were from the Honolulu Star Bulletin, and not the Honolulu Advertiser.  Why did he keep mentioning  the other paper?  I don’t know.  The two dates he “crossed off” my list were 11/16-30/93 and … get this… April 15-30, 1961 (Star Bulletin).  Some of you may recall a comment left by gregnh :

ladysforest, A friend who lives in HI went to the big island and came back with this report. Aloha Greg,

We’re back from Hilo.
What we found:

Honolulu Star Bulletin: Missing ALL microfiche for dates April 1961-September 1961 (convenient)
Honolulu Advertiser: August 14, 1961 Confirmation of Obama Announcement.

We had some extra time and took advantage of the link you forwarded. We took 30 days before and after on both
newspapers (Honolulu Star Bulletin’s sample was March 1961 and October 1961), taking “ladysforest’s” test a little further. What we found was NO matching birth announcements by order or names, in either newspaper for those months.

Hopes this helps, any questions just let me know.

Take care,

My premise was, or is, that there is another birth announcement at another time…would love to run that by you. Email me….

gregnh said this on June 10, 2010 at 3:38 pm

I responded back that the films in one CA location for April ’61  through and Sept. ’61 are now in “special storage” and require advanced notice to view.  So, this is one reason I went on this trip.  I wanted to check over the April ’61 films.  I got the films for April ’61 for the Honol. Adver., but only one on the Bulletin.  No worries, I had my assistant request it on his form, along with three others.

Imagine my surprise when I hear the loud talking man at the desk hollering at the man there about a limit on the number of films, ect.  I was working on a viewer at that moment so I sent my assistant over to the table to collect the films…..lo and behold….. again no film for April 15-30, 1961.  Now I’m thinking  this has ceased to be a coincidence.  Why of all the damn films we ordered, was this one film being kept in the stacks?

Missing in the Hilo HI, library (Star Bulletin).  In “special storage” in the CA library CONFIRMED it’s the Star Bulletin (will confirm directly at the source this week).  And this one film for this 2 week range in April ’61, also Star Bulletin was just not being delivered to me.  I had hoped to force the issue, but the copiers started to screw up and I had to change machines four times, and was unable to copy a splice that I found.  It was very clearly a splice that was on a copy from a master film.  I checked to determine if that film had a physical splice-it did not.  But you could see it very clearly – not very well done.  I’ll check my notes for the date and publication that was in.  I’ll add that here later – maybe  tomorrow.

And one guy INSISTED on sitting right next to my assistant even thought there were many machines open. He had us move all of our work and the films both viewed and un-viewed. Why he HAD to sit right there, in the middle of all of our stuff? I don’t know. There were at least twenty machines open that he could have used. Funny thing is he had two boxes that looked just like the old Star Bulletin boxes. I didn’t get close enough to see the titles though.

In case you are wondering, there is something in the 11/16-30/93 film I was particularly searching for – for Butterdezillion.  It was info that I also was interested in.  I am not going to post that for now at the request of my fellow blogger.  Sorry, but I promised. And I did find it.

I have checked through the Jan. 15-31-1961, all of Feb. 1961, Honolulu Star Bulletin and found no marriage application or announcement for Barack Sr. and Stanley Ann.  I’ll look over the Honolulu Advertiser for the same time frame later today.  This was one thing I went after as  I wanted to look for this myself.

6/21: Just went through the copies of the Honolulu Advertiser for 1/15 through 2/28 1961 and did not find any marriage application or marriage announcement.  There were four or five dates where the print was so washed out that the section was largely illegible.

I believe this supports the findings of earlier researchers.

6/25:  On Tues., 6/22, I sent an email to the newly formed StarAdvertiser to ask about their archived microfilms.  Short email, just mentions that the archives had previously been open to the general public, but it appears that the public can no longer access these as of a few years ago.  I asked if anyone (from the general public) could have access now, with or without an appointment?  Still no reply.  I did ask that my question be forwarded to whomever could answer if I had contacted the wrong department.  Nothing yet.


Thanks to all of the  bloggers, and readers who have spread the word of the research in this series of three posts.

Extra giant thank you to TsunamiGeno for his hard work on behalf of his old friend…me.  I know how difficult this had to have been, boy do I ever!

RedPill-special thanks go to you!

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  3. What is a Polk? Is it a business directory or a type of phone book? Odd that the address printed coincides with the birth address. If I remember correctly (?) is was an assumption that bho sr. used it as a residence because there was some type of carraige house out back. Interviews with the neighbors to this address never indicated that anyone associated with bho lived at that address.

    • Yes, a Polk is like a phone book-it is a directory. Sometimes I forget that not everyone knows these things! Sorry.
      There is a little something about that Polk date-range that I overlooked mentioning. I’ll update tomorrow.
      There were bunches of “assumptions” on the address for all of the characters.
      As to the other “question”, I’ll look into it tomorrow am if that’s OK?

      • I neglected to pop back and update the Polk thing.

        When I was putting together the list of things I wanted from the Hawaiian Libraries, I asked my friend to check the Polks. I warned that we had found out that the 1961-1962 Polk was “unavailable”, but to check for it just in case. Lo and behold, it was there after all! Go figure.

        As to the address of BHO Sr. “they” tried to pass off the idea that BHO Sr and Stanley A. lived in a “little cottage” behind the main house. Now it’s generally accepted that they never lived together as man and wife – that he kept the bachelor pad which was his address through the whole ordeal – and Stanley lived in the little cottage. The Polk **ahem** reflects this arrangement. I did not provide a copy of that as they are easy to find online. I think I’ll copy one into this though.

  4. The Post & Email’s exclusive interview with Eligibility Attorney Mario Apuzzo

  5. I am wondering if you have checked out the Lefforges’ location in the POLK directories for 1960-1961. A person on FR did quite a lot of research on Orland but was frustrated by the question of when exactly he began teaching at the University of Hawaii. She wrote to them about that but did not receive a reply. Based on her research I found a location for the oldest Lefforge child. I won’t post it here because I don’t want her deluged with calls but if you send Albertafriend a private post at Free Republic, I will tell you and perhaps if someone could contact her, she could clear up the mystery about the house. I also tried researching some of the other parents and children listed on 0’s page to see if maybe they were just made up names. There were a few that I was able to trace. There is a Tommy Asing in Hawaii that is the right age to be the child of one of the Asing’s in the announcements. He is the father of a gold medal surfer named Keanu and he is a surf team leader. He might possibly know if the announcement was placed by his parents or if there is a copy of the real paper tucked away in his baby book or something like that.

    • Yes, I did have my friend look in the Polk for the Lefforges’ for that year. I’ll double check and scan up that PDF.

      • I can not find the Lefforge Polk. Arrgh. I misplaced it yesterday, and still can’t locate it. It may have gotten tucked into a file of the newspaper copies. I’ll keep looking and add it as soon as I find it.

  6. content private.

    • tdr, I will provide cryptic answers that you will understand the meaning of.
      Just the time frame posted in the “Extra, Extra” post.
      She stated what she was instructed to say, as she was instructed to say it, is my feeling.
      Not electronic for the older stuff.
      Get that thing!

  7. private comment

  8. hmmm…interesting. let me chew on that for awhile. thx.

  9. Did you follow the Miss Tickly research? She had thought that there might have been an amended bc and possibly to a date. i would love to read her material but it is not available anymore to my knowledge. i think butterdezillion has some of the correspondence up.

  10. The 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy address had a main house and a small back house. Seems there something about the 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy next door neighbor saying that no Mr. and Mrs. Obama had lived at 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy. If that next door neighbor is still living, it would be a good idea to ask if the Dunhams had lived there (in either structure) as indicated in the polk. Do you suppose that the neighbor would remember Stanley Anne as pregnant?

    The neighbor was aged and may or may not be available for questions any longer.

    • I remember that. I believe it was a WND article. The neighbor never recalled a mixed race couple. She never recalled the Dunhams having lived there. That info never seemed to make a dent though.

  11. I remember that also about the Dunhams not living there from a neighbor talking about it. That is just one strange family, isn’t it? Nothing seems to fit. It’s like it’s all made up.

  12. ditto kittycat. what a scene.

  13. Question: If the Obama announcement is a forgery, is it not likely that an existing birth announcement had to be removed and replaced with the Obama announcement? If so then there may be index data from Hawaii that lists all the births over the time period 1-10 Aug and the there must be a name listed in the index that does not show up in the paper. Just curious. And excellent work.

    • There were many births that were not listed at all in the newspapers.

      And, thank you.

  14. Please keep us updated some way to let us know about your friend posting their information on this.

    • I will. I’ll be checking with her later today.

      • It will likely be a couple of weeks yet. She said she is waiting on some key information.

        I will pop in a link on all three of my related posts when she has that up.

  15. starfelt stated.

    “In 1961, the hospitals would take their new birth certificates to Vital Records. At the end of the week, Vital Records would post a sheet that for the news paper to pick up that contained births, deaths, marriages and divorces….”

    I actually remember the exact opposite in that people would call the papers when they specifically wanted a birth announcement. i just dont see it happening without alot of work on the part of the paper. i mean no address information would appear on the index data as part of a vital record. this info would definitely have to be provided to a paper as part of a request to print the information. i know for deaths especially alot of families would specifically post the deaths so that anyone knowing the deceased would attend the services. people would use the paper as a type of format for an announcement but i never recall it being automatic.

    so strange that no one from the papers has come forward. these newspapers must keep the original microfiche and i cannot imagine that they would intentially destroy original microfiche for something like this. its one thing to go into a library and switch reels but i wonder if there isnt an original microfiche at the newspaper archives that has the real announcements.

    • When I had my children a “volunteer” came ’round with a little form and asked if we wanted an announcement in the paper. They wrote out a little form, I signed it, and it showed up in the local paper about a week later. I’m sure that if a person wanted to call in an announcement it would be permitted, just charged for, instead of free.

      I am not surprised in the least that a Hawaiian paper would not have employees come forward. How many people would likely know? Perhaps two at most.

      The on-site (newspaper) archives used to be open to the public. I believe that changed some few years ago. Still trying to get a clear official answer on that.

  16. i meant to also include a kudos to you for trusting your gut instincts. there was so much stuff flying around back then no one knew which end was up. i came in pretty late to the game and i had a lot of catching up to do and it wasnt easy trying to filter through all that was posted back then.

    • LOL, same here. That’s why I did my own thing.

      When it came to this project, some people tried to talk me out of it, some tried to insult me into dropping my research.

      I knew that no one had done what I wanted to do, so…I just went ahead and did it.

      I learned about/discovered, a lot of things that had never even been discussed. I had no idea what I might actually find, but it was a fascinating journey.

  17. https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/extra-extra-announcing-obamas-birth/

  18. These newspapers contain marriages and marriage applications. Would you be able to hunt for the announcements for the Dunham-Obama wedding in February 1961??

    • Obama didn’t just give his “Open, transparent, and accountable” shpiel in the U.S., he also gave it in Kenya, when he went there as Senator and violated the Logan Act:

  19. well i went back and read everything ever printed abt the birth and life of the one and none of it makes any sense anymore. none of it holds together and it never did from day one. there is absolutely nothing that backs up anything that has been printed except possibly the college records for SAD. what you and others have found cannot be disputed since it is backed by thorough research. i will be curious to see what is coming next. i suspect more discrepancies with printed material of that time frame and public claims.

  20. tdr and kj. I read the comments-just wanted you to know.

  21. lf, this is for you only. i did some checking of my own which is why i left the last comment. i found that the lefforge’s did not live at the kalanianoale address from 1993 on. he lived at 4990 Poola St honolulu. strange that the neighbor claimed that the lefforges always lived there??? there would have been no reason to lie. i started following the lefforge trail after the polk you posted listed the dunhams at the same address as the birth announcement. i could not find the address of the leforges during the 60-80’s. i think i read at theobamafile that the professor was away for some period of time but now i cant find it will keep looking.

  22. ladysforest,

    I hope that nothing bad happened to you. Are you okay? You mentioned a weird experience.

    • Thank you for thinking of me. I am fine, although this last trip was pretty rough and I needed a full day to sleep in! I’ll post the basics of the “weird thing” in a few hours. Getting dinner out of the oven right now.

  23. Glad you’re okay. This must have been one crazy research trip.

    • It was mostly very stressful. One of those times when things don’t go right and the journey itself was damn tough. Horrible traffic, horrible weather, no sleep.
      The library was just weird. Just me maybe, but it had a weird vibe this time. Anyway, part of the experience is now added to the bottom of the Sherlock Holmes post. It’s the main weird thing I encountered. I am just pissed that I didn’t have more time there that day. Only six hours, but two of us working like fiends the whole time. Still, it was tough, and I didn’t feel as though I accomplished enough.

  24. Why would he be yelling about films from a newspaper that you didn’t have? Well, there’s something more to this, obviously. And why so loud unless he wanted someone else there to hear besides y’all?

    When you’re there looking at the microfilms, are you around others?

    • Yep, that’s what I was wondering. Maybe he was very hard of hearing? If so, he ought to be somewhat practiced in speaking to those whose hearing is not impaired, especially in that environment. His speech was not that of a person who is deaf, or at least not compared to anyone I’ve ever spoken with that is hard of hearing. It was just bizarre. I did have some Advertiser films, but those were on a different slip, and he delivered all of those.

      • And yes, when you view the films there are others around you. This trip there were way more people there. And one guy INSISTED on sitting right next to my associate even thought there were many machines open. He had us move all of our work and the films both viewed and un-viewed. Why he HAD to sit right there, in the middle of all of our stuff? I don’t know. There were at least twenty machines open that he could have used. Funny thing is he had two boxes that looked just like the old Star Bulletin boxes. I didn’t get close enough to see the titles though.

  25. I’ve worked with a girl that was almost deaf, could hear just a little, and she could read lips too, but she never spoke loudly at all. She was soft-spoken. Something was going on there.

    I’m a little confused, though, by Greg’s email. Does he mean that they can’t find certain dates either? Maybe I need to go back and reread it.

    • I was confused the first time I read it. His friends went to the HILO library and asked to view the films for the two papers. They were told that the library does not have the Star Bulletin from April ’61 through Sept. ’61. So, they were unable to verify obama’s announcement was in that paper in that location, but they did confirm it was in the Advertiser for Sept 13. They made a typo in that comment in stating it was in the 14th, which gregnh later provided the comment for clarification.

  26. ladysforest,

    I don’t mean to sound stupid, but are there other branches of the Library of Congress across the US? I thought it was only in DC.

  27. I had asked my husband, and he didn’t know. I’m wondering, though, say, since I live in TX, could I go into a huge library and it have that information? Or does it have to be special ordered?

    • Only six libraries have both papers in that date range, that we have been able to confirm over the past year and a half.
      In some cases the libraries will do an intra-library loan. You would have to go to your librarian with the location, publication, dates, and type of medium (I think), and ask if they can arrange a loan. If not, the library that houses the publication will offer to “make a copy” of the pages that you want. For a fee. There is the rub. Because they may not do this as you would like, and you haven’t the option to handle the film yourself so that you control what you get…..and **ahem** that you are actually getting it from where you’ve been told. That is why I did this the way that I did. I needed to know. And since I was in the position to do this research the way that I wanted – controlled – I did do it the way that I wanted to. Not many people would have that luxury. I am lucky.

  28. Well, to have the interlibrary might not be a good deal either. I don’t know. I knew that you could do this with books, but who knows if you’ll get the correct films. It might be worth trying it, though. I’ll have to research that.

  29. I bet your blog has generated alot of interest and investigation. Does anyone know why FreeRepublic is down?

    • I just checked my stats, and have nothing coming in from FR yet this morning – and I ALWAYS have Freeper traffic.

  30. OK tdr.

  31. I guess no one’s heard any more about FR, have they? I can’t get in their site.

    • I haven’t heard anything, nor have I had any visits from there today which is very unusual.

  32. Gosh, I can’t believe they’re still down, or at least the last time that I tried them.

  33. Never mind. I just now got in.

  34. [redacted] Thanks.

  35. this still does not explain why the neighbors stated there was never an interracial couple at this address. the only explanation is that the neighbors are mistaken or SAD never had her baby in hawaii. odd that the neighbors would be so adamant about never having seen the baby given who we are talking about. they must have been sure to make such a statement. they could have easily have said they couldnt remember. i will look forward to your next post.

  36. just wanted to add that your investigation is bringing into question alot of what has been reported. thought i should clarify my comment above. thanks.

  37. Another good article that breaks down dates in “dreams” and the glaring contridictions.


    really looking forward to your next post.

  38. Please note the disclaimer added at the bottom of this post today.

    As follows:


  39. I just reviewed the Lefforge Polk and they did not live at 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy. in 1961???

    Am I missing something?

    I copied this from the Obama file:
    Now, look at the address on Obama’s birth announcement? According to the birth announcement, Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama, (Sr.) resided at 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy. There should be other links that connect their stay at that address. There is no documentation or corroborating evidence that they ever lived at that address or were associated with that home.

    The owners of the residence located at 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy, the alleged address of Obama’s parents when he was born, was Orland S. and Thelma S. (Young) Lefforge, both of whom are deceased.

    In 1961 the Stanley and Madelyn Dunham lived on Kamehameha Avenue. Obama Sr. lived on 11th Avenue. The Lefforge family, including their 3 children under the age of seven were residing at the luxury home listed on Obama’s birth announcement — 6085 Kalanianaole Highway.

    Beatrice Arakaki affirmed she was a neighbor of the address listed. She has lived at her current residence of 6075 Kalanianaole Highway from before 1961 to the present. Mrs. Arakaki said that Obama, his ‘mama,’ and his ‘papa’ never lived there. Arakaki told investigators that she had no recollection of Obama being born or of the family living next door having a black child born to a white mother.

    Your research has shown that the Polk does list the Dunhams at this address but not the Lefforges. To me the Polk does not appear to be tmpered with, it appears original and easy to read. Can anyone can shed any light on this contridiction? I find this very odd in that why would the neighbor make such a comment? She certainly would have stated that the parents lived there (if they did). Does anyone know the source of this report?

    • I believe it was later “confirmed” by WND and a jackassfellow that they hired by the name of Baro, that the Dunhams lived at that “birth address”, prehaps in the small cottage out back, in 1961. There is a Polk listing that I posted that shows that as their address. I think that the Lefforges may have “moved into” their home on 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy in 1963. I’ll see about getting confirmation for that.

      I believe the Obama File just never updated that part when the “detective” Baro made this discovery?

      • Yes, I agree but it still doesnt explain the neighbor’s statements unless the dunhams never lived there but were only using the address for who knows what reason. I wonder if there is a way of easily finding the name of someone that lived at this address in the main house. If for example the dunhams did use this address and someone lived in the main house, it would appear that they knew the owners..who were they? Very odd indeed. Do you have the complete polk?

        • The neighbors statements have been puzzled over quite a bit, and I sure don’t have the answer.
          And to the second question, no, I don’t own the Polk. I had my friend make that copy – unfortunately, he isn’t exactly the curious type and just followed the minimum basic requests that I made. He is, however, now a convert. And so are many of his acquaintances after he spoke with them about his experiences in collecting this data.

  40. I am still curious about the actual birth date. According to enrollment information, SAD was enrolled at UH fall ’60 and did not attend spring ’61. Why? A young woman would have been able to attend college until May ’61 and then have the last two months off until the birth. Yet she does not attend college that spring but id enrolled at U of Wash two weeks after the birth??? Hello?? Something very wrong here. If you were so anxious to go back to school within two weeks of having a child and attend school in a different state then why wouldnt you be just as anxious to attend spring semester while in your 2nd trimester which would have been much easier.

    Look at the words used in this article from the seattle times about SAD


    “But shortly after high-school graduation in 1960 she vanished from the Seattle area, and would have been little more than a foggy memory to most — if not for a son she had just a year later: Barack Obama.”

    Vanished? That’s an odd description. Almost as if someone indicated in some short interview to this reporter that the decision to move was very quick and under short notice. I may be reading too much into it but why use those words.

    In the same article they have a picture of SAD from a 1959 high school yearbook. Why not 1960? And what about this statement from the same article:

    “As graduation neared for the class of 1960, Dunham had hoped to join many of her classmates at the University of Washington, and was also accepted to the University of Chicago, according to Obama’s memoir, the best-selling “Dreams from My Father.

    But her father was restless. He found sales work in Hawaii, then newly a state. He insisted his daughter, who wouldn’t turn 18 until November, attend the University of Hawaii, Soetoro-Ng said.”

    So he is a overprotective father. He insisted his daughter sttend UH and yet she attends one semester and is back in washington with a newborn child a year later. I seriously cannot believe that an 18 year old could attend college and take care of a baby while the parents are thousands of miles away in hawaii. There are no stories of how difficult this must have been and the sacrifices one would make.

    Another telling statement from this same article:

    “Now that Obama’s unique personal history has become part of his rising political profile, his mother’s formative years in the Pacific Northwest are a little-noticed chapter. Even Obama glosses over the chapter in a single line in his best-selling biography.” Hmmm.

    • I am sure of one thing, that back then NO very young woman who was pregnant would have attended classes once she had entered her second trimester. It just wasn’t done. And being married to a person of a different race back in the early sixties…..no, I doubt she would have continued classes once she tied the knot. Just wasn’t done back then.

      I don’t have any answers on the questions of why the family moved to Hawaii so suddenly, many theories have been advanced, but no actual proof of anything. Even the marriage itself-the only “proof” is the divorce decree as nothing else has ever been produced.

      Most of the “known” history has been provided by none other than obama himself.

  41. Hi lf,

    have you seen the post at the P&E:


    Look at this excerpt concerning place of birth:

    MRS. RONDEAU: Do you have any ideas of where that could be?

    DR. POLLAND: My first choice is an Arab country in North Africa. Second choice is Ghana.

    MRS. RONDEAU: Why is that?

    DR. POLLAND: Because of where this individual was who may be his father.

    MRS. RONDEAU: Have you done some research into that?

    DR. POLLAND: Yes, but the bulk of that research is being done by other people. If, in fact, the father wasn’t Obama Sr., whom could it be, and what about the timing and everything? The preponderance of evidence collected so far will allow us to say, with 95% certainty, that he was not born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961.

    Whoa…that was a shocker for me. obviously there are some people out there with some connections to some sources that no one has discussed yet. This is the first time I have heard any reference to this location. Funny no one mentions indonesia even though that can up by chris matthews in one of his interviews and was mentioned in a hawaii paper with a quote fron duckworth where she stated he was born in indonesia. The author of that article of course retracted that statement but you have to wonder how it got there in the first place. I wonder if RP thinks there is also a question with the date?

    • Whoa…slow up my friend. 🙂 I personally take this sort of thing with a grain of skepticism. These are theories only and if pressed to provide any facts to substantiate, they will run you around and always say someone else is doing this or that part of the research. This sort of thing is exactly why I decided to do my own thing and on my own terms. I will answer for every single thing in my posts on the newspaper research-I know where it all came from, and it is not influenced by conjecture. Don’t get me wrong, I suppose I can roll out a conspiracy theory without much trouble, but I ain’t built that way. I do trust Sharon, she does try to make certain the interviews that she does are not colored by her own take on things. But some of these “experts” do want to remain relevant. That can be ……… um ………. a bit self promoting.
      There is not HARD evidence that obama wasn’t born in HI on 8/14. EVIDENCE is different than what even the most diligent and
      resourceful of us has been able to produce so far. That had been the problem. And even though Michelle the organic wonder has personally proclaimed Kenya as barack’s “home country”, those words are not considered proof. Or evidence. We need more than word-craft now.

      • it is odd to even drop that bomb but i might give him the benefit of the doubt based on how much time and effort he spent studying the colb. well we shall see. one thing is for certain, you never know who is feeding who information. he may believe he is working with a legitamate source who is only out there to discredit him. but i think people are getting wise to these tactics and they arent as effective as before. maybe we will survive an orwellian world.

        • LOL. I’ll reserve all of my opinions while he “develops” this story of his.
          The only way we will survive what is happening to our country is if we all get hands on with politics and stay that way. The average everyday person will have to get involved in a way that hasn’t been done in generations.

  42. Well tdr, I finally had a chance to read the whole article, and I see that every once in a while he says “buy my book”…well maybe not like that, but this is about trying to stay relevant and self promoting…and trying to make money. He has written a book on himself and mentions it frequently through the article.

    We’ll see, but I expect not a thing will come of this.

  43. Hello all,
    I just found this site, and you have discovered some very interesting things.
    Here’s a question – what other things happened there that day or week that someone may have an original copy of the paper from that day? What was on the backside of the announcment section? What about historical societies having a copy. They may not even know they have one.
    Just suggestions – they may have already been covered for all I know.
    Keep it up, we’ll find the truth yet.

  44. Hi cathy, I did not really have the time to do more than locate announcements, print, and move on. So I didn’t see much of what else is in the papers. It is a fairly time consuming process, and as travel was required for each collection, we couldn’t “look around” in the films much. We only had an average of six hours per collection day, and with the total volume (two months worth of announcements) of copies to be made we were hustling. I know that many other researchers have checked around at the most logical places where a paper (original) may be archived, and have turned up nothing yet. I do check e-bay and craigslist periodically to see if anything like that shows up.

  45. lf, i want you to think about this and post it if you feel it would be useful. Not sure why but after you verified the Polk addressed jived with the birth announcement I could not get over the statement by the neighbors who said an inter-racial couple never lived there. I kept thinking that the Lefforge’s lived there and somehow the dunhams rented the out building for a short time. So I did some research just to see if I could find an address for the Lefforege’s for that same year. Well I found some really strange stuff. First I found an ancestral document that is related to Lefforge’s family, a type of family tree, that states Orland was married to Thelma JONES and had the following children:

    Andra Lefforge (adopted)
    Mea Lefforge (adopted)
    Danial Lefforege

    Notice the spelling and the maiden name of thelma. Now in thelma’s obituary she is called “Young”? Also she is stated as a companion in Orland’s obituary. Is this the same Thelma? You see there is a Thelma Young listed as Hawaiian in some of the ancestry records. I could not find an obituary for a thelma jones. Also, when I saw that two of the girls were adopted I did some more research and I found that in 1949 Orland arrived in San Francisco from Japan on the Gen Hodges Ship and on Nov 13 1949 a thelma “lefforge” was on a passenger list on the Gen O darby ship from Japan that docked in Hawaii. Not that it matters but it does appear to me that the two adopted girls could have been asian which leads to the veracity of the neighbors statement that no interacial couple has ever lived there. Well maybe not, depending on your definition but it does appear a white woman lived there with a black baby and possibly a white couple with japanese children.

    • tdr-I’m gonna study this over carefully before I post your comment. And the data would be very much appreciated. If you don’t mind, I’d like to forward it to a research “group” to get their take on this. If that’s OK with you, just post the data as a comment here. We will not post any of your data without your express permission. You would be the “owner” of that, and we all respect those rules.
      Thank you for this work.

  46. Orland Scott Lefforge:
    Obituary: Orland Scott Lefforge, 91, of Honolulu, a University of Hawaii professor, died in Kaiser Medical Center. He was born in Pettisville, Ohio. He is survived by companion Thelma Young, son Daniel, daughters Andrea Harper and Mia Blake, brother Marian, three grandchildren and a great-grandchild. Services: 11 a.m. next Saturday at the courtyard of George Hall, University of Hawaii at Manoa. Casual attire.

    All data below obtained from ancestry.com
    1920 Census Data:
    Orland Lefforge
    Red River, Tillman, Oklahoma
    b. abt 1916
    Father’s Name: Lawrence
    Mother’s Name: Clara
    Household Members:
    Lawrence Lefforge
    Clara Lefforge
    Kenneth Lefforge
    Lynn Lefforge
    Orland Lefforge
    Ruth Lefforge
    Marion Lefforge

    1930 United States Federal Census about Orland S Leforge
    same data as above

    U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946 about Orland S Lefforge
    Name: Orland S Lefforge
    Birth Year: 1915
    Race: White, citizen (White)
    Nativity State or Country: Ohio
    State of Residence: Indiana
    County or City: Wabash

    Enlistment Date: 15 Jul 1941
    Enlistment State: Indiana
    Enlistment City: Fort Benjamin Harrison
    Branch: Branch Immaterial – Warrant Officers, USA
    Branch Code: Branch Immaterial – Warrant Officers, USA
    Grade: Private
    Grade Code: Private
    Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men)
    Source: Civil Life

    Education: 4 years of college
    Civil Occupation: Teachers (secondary school) and principals
    Marital Status: Single, without dependents
    Height: 74
    Weight: 159

    California Passenger and Crew Lists, 1893-1957 about Orland S Leforge
    Name: Orland S Leforge
    Arrival Date: 15 Sep 1949
    Age: 34
    Birth Date: Abt1915
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Scotch Irish (Scotish)
    Ship Name: General H F Hodges
    Port of Arrival: San Francisco, California
    Port of Departure: Yokohama; Japan
    Archive information (series:roll number): IMUSACA1907:130195

    Christian Nofziger Ancestry
    4-1 Clara Nofziger b. 1883, d. 1960
    married Oct. 3 1908 to Laurence Lefforge b. 1873.d. 1935
    5-1 Kenneth Lefforge
    5-2 Lynn Robert Lefforge
    5-3 Orland Lefforge b. 1915 Married to Thelma Jones
    6-1 Andra Lefforge (adopted)
    6-2 Mea Lefforge (adopted)
    6-3 Danial Lefforge

    Now for Thelma:

    June 28, 2008
    Thelma Young, 91, of Honolulu died. She was born in Trenton, N.J. She is survived by son Daniel Lefforge, daughters Andrea Harper and Mia Blake, three grandchildren and a great-grandchild. Private services.

    Honolulu, Hawaii, Passenger Lists, 1900-1953 about Thelma J Lefforge
    Name: Thelma J Lefforge
    Age: 32
    Gender: Female
    Birth Year: abt 1917
    Birthplace: New Jersey
    Port of Departure: Yokohama, Japan
    Departure Date: 3 Nov 1949
    Ship: General William O Darby
    Port of Arrival: Honolulu, Hawaii
    Arrival Date: 13 Nov 1949

    1920 United States Federal Census about Thelma Jones
    Name: Thelma Jones
    Home in 1920: Trenton Ward 13, Mercer, New Jersey
    Age: 2
    [2 10/12]
    Estimated birth year: abt 1918
    [abt 1917]
    Birthplace: New Jersey
    Relation to Head of House: Daughter
    Father’s Name: Thomas
    Father’s Birth Place: New Jersey
    Mother’s Name: Sophie
    Mother’s Birth Place: New York
    Marital Status: Single
    Race: White
    Sex: Female
    Neighbors: View others on page

    Household Members: Name Age
    Thomas Jones
    Sophie Jones
    Ellen Jones
    Thelma Jones

    Note: i did not see any children on the passenger lists with the names for mea and andra. Hope this helps. I do not care about the rights to the information. I can send hardcopies to the post and email if you want. they have a po box listed on their site.

  47. sorry hit send too soon. the reason i was suspicious is that the spellings seem to have been changed to make them more americanized. also, i am still curious who thelma young is and why she is called out as a companion in the obituary. is she thelma jones? is this a typo in the obituary? unlikely. the maiden name of thelma definitely appears to be jones. it doesnt mean anything relative to what you are investigating but isnt it odd that almost everything even remotely related to this guy doesnt hold together. makes you want to look at everything even more.

    • Thank you tdr! It will take me a little while to go over it all, I’ll hold onto your posts until I’ve had a chance to study carefully.

    • tdr, I’ll send your info on to someone who does a lot with the whole obit stuff. It may be a week or better before I hear back though. I’ll see what I can do.

  48. Curious if you have gotten the newspapers that were in special storage? Also, where can you view the polks?

    • No, I haven’t had a chance to view the ones in “special” storage – those are in CA, and I am not! The April SB reel that was not delivered to me the last time I went to the Library of Congress, well, I haven’t been able to go back since then. So,if – I’m saying if – there is anything weird about that film in that location, it might have been addressed by now.
      I know that the Polks are in HI at the State Library in Honolulu, I do not know if they would have the same copies at the Library of Congress. Could try their online “Ask a Librarian” service.
      I have some copies of the Polk from the last trip into HI. What are you looking for?

  49. […] https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2010/07/27/ya-cant-always-get-what-ya-want/ https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2010/06/06/graphs-and-stats/               … […]

  50. […] https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2010/07/27/ya-cant-always-get-what-ya-want/ https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2010/06/06/graphs-and-stats/               … […]

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