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This blog post is about the research I have done into the history, microfilms and stories connected to the newspaper birth announcements of obama’s birth.

I realized quite some time ago that no one had done comparisons on copies from multiple libraries –personally collected– on a large scale.  I set off to do so.
My main goal originally was to look for any obvious anomalies.
Second, the frequency of the two papers posting the birth announcements in the exact same order within a day or two of publication.
Third, anything that jumped out as being out of place, or dissimilar between the copies from each location.

  There are a total of four different posts, and a “supporting” page of PDF’s titled “The Wheat and the Chaff”. (over in the far right hand column).

The links to the other three posts are below:

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The bulk of the rest of the research is located in links in “Pages”, over in the right hand column.  More in Archives.  Additional later updates to THIS post are attached at the bottom of this post.

First, the back story.

The History:

Shortly after obama’s “COLB” appeared on his campaign website, many people claimed that it was fraudulent, and demanded that he produce his original long form BC.  That never happened.  Instead, an intrepid PUMA doing research made the discovery of the now famous obama birth announcement that apparently appeared in the Aug. 13,1961 Honolulu Advertiser.  This was “discovered” by Lori Starfelt, who made the claim that she was sent the copy by the Hawaii State Library.

This is what I was able to find on our friend Starfelt, written by a columnist  :


“This announcement was not found by, as might be expected, the usual suspects (the “Obamania media” as they’re known by some), but by one researcher trying to prove that Obama wasn’t born in the U.S: Lori Starfelt, who’s part of a team creating an anti-Obama documentary for the pro-Clinton PUMAs.  It was posted by “TexasDarlin,” another person researching this issue.
I’ve got to hand it to these people.  Even if their effort is only to going to lead to the conclusion that he is a citizen (which, with this announcement, would seem to be closer and closer to the case), they’re pretty good researchers.  I think rooting out possible corruption and deception is not a bad thing.
So, the announcement was published.  To those who will question its authenticity, Lori (Starfelt), the researcher, explains:
“In 1961, the hospitals would take their new birth certificates to Vital Records. At the end of the week, Vital Records would post a sheet that for the news paper to pick up that contained births, deaths, marriages and divorces. The Advertiser routinely printed this information in their Sunday edition. This is not a paid announcement that his grandmother could arrange. This is information that comes from Vital Records – we know this because this particular section reflects those records. They didn’t have a provision for paid, one sentence announcement that would be included in the Vital Records. At the time, if a child was born outside a hospital, the family would have 30 days to apply for a birth certificate and Vital Records would expect to see prenatal care records, or pediatrician records of the first check up, etc. They’d also want the notarized statement from the mid-wife. Of course, they can apply later but that would noted as a different kind of birth certificate. I think TD has already addressed that. This information was received by Vital Records the first week of his birth = that suggests the hospital.”

Or does it?  One very notable thing going on in her “statement” is that she seems to have been able to effortlessly get answers that no one has been able to get since.  If you try to get this info from the newspapers, the hospitals or from the Department of Health in HI, you will not get a straight answer.  But Lori Starfelt got one.  And, she actually got an almost PRISTINE copy of the announcement.  Now,  we don’t REALLY know where she obtained it from, she claimed that it was given to her by the Librarian at the State Library in Honolulu.

Just a day or so after Lori’s discovery was published, along came the second birth announcement, this one was supposedly discovered by someone with the online nic- name Koa,  IN PERSON and also at the HI State Library.  Below was from a poster at the FreeRepublic blog who copied and pasted Koa’s account of the discovery:

Source of announcement: In posting that announcement, the user stated as follows:”

“Here’s a copy I made today of the August 14th (could have been the 15th or 16th), 1961 Star Bulletin newspaper showing Obama’s birth announcement stored on microfilm at the Hawaii State Library in Honolulu. I had to enlarge it to the point of losing the top of the page with the date and day in order to make it readable. The microfilm is stored in the basement of the library and was in the box marked Star Bulletin Aug 1, 1961-Aug 16, 1961. …”

This was the Aug. 14,1961 Honolulu Star Bulletin announcement-the one on the right above.  Just click to enlarge.

Honolulu Advertiser, closeup of original announcement thats posted above left (I note the bottom of the letters in “Obama” are cut off):

Now, you will notice that in this example (from a pro-obama google webcache) is the “same” ad as above, only it looks a bit different: No dotted lines, letters have been restored and do not appear “chopped off”, heavy line under Asing announcement missing, periods added to the “A M  Hatchle” announcement”. Nice and shiny.

In a Jan. 7, 2010 article in WorldNetDaily I found the following:

“The Advertiser and Star-Bulletin began collaborating on reporting birth announcements in 1961. On June 1, 1962, they signed a Formal Letter of Agreement to create the Hawaiian News Agency to jointly publish both papers, an agreement that remains in place even today.

A comparison of the Obama birth announcement in the two newspapers shows they are identical in every detail, including the order of other announcements preceding and following the Obama listing.

Birth announcements from the Star-Bulletin (left) and Honolulu Advertiser (right), with Barack Obama’s announcement marked


It has been advanced many times that there is more weight to this “proof” because the announcements appeared in both papers one day apart, presumably because both papers are thought to have always published the same birth announcements.  So, if it is in one paper it is in the other.

That erroneous presumption was corrected early on by other researchers who found that identical listing of these announcements was not typically the case.

Now for some more news,

I own a set of paper copies of both of these newspapers (copied from microfilm) that were personally collected for me by a close friend.  The copies that I own are from both the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star Bulletin, and were collected from BOTH Hawaii libraries that have the micro films, the State Library and the University Library.  These were collected early March 2010. I also own a set of these paper copies from the Library of Congress in Washington DC, that I personally collected in 2010.  The dates for each set are from July 23,1961  through September 8, 1961.  I wish to make it clear that I am not claiming to have the microfilm rolls-I have the paper copies made while viewing the microfilms.  The viewer has a printer that allows you to print the image on the screen.


In fact, the copies that I have from Hawaii are clearer and have less signs of wear in the Honolulu Star Bulletin of the same date, and SUPPOSEDLY from the exact same location in Honolulu.

But the Advertiser is definitely in much worse shape.  It has damage marks that run both diagonally and horizontally.  The diagonal marks are odd, the film only slides between two glass plates and is otherwise stationary.  I looked into the history of microfilms and found out that these are very tough films, meant to last “99 years”.

Where you see the dotted line above obama’s announ. in the first ever online posted image, on my copy of the Advertiser from the same location there are significant lines obscuring that area. Additionally, the bottom of the letters in”obama” are not cut off as they appear to be in the original image.  The “a” at the end of obama appears slightly tilted and lower than the rest of that letters in that line.

Aug. 13, 1961, announcement in the Advertiser appears on page B-6 of the Sunday edition-directly copied (in person) from micro film at the Honolulu State Library, 3/1/2010


Clearly, one would NOT expect these microfilms to morph in precisely this way.  I mean one gets better, one gets worse – by scratches appearing that cover an area that has repeatedly been pointedout as having a strange “dotted line” above the obama announ.  The copies from the University Honolulu Advertiser are in excellent condition.  Almost as clear as the Starfelt image.

I will say straight out that the stories from both “Lori Starfelt” and “Koa” are (at best) misleading and in the case of “Koa” a complete lie. 

The stories of the first “discoveries” are actually complete fabrications.  I do not know if Starfelt intentionally lied, but that copy she emailed to TexasDarlin could absolutely not have come from the source she claimed to have been told it had.  And Koa outright made that story of his/her discovery up.  The images from the copies we collected prove this beyond doubt.  Additionally, Koa seemed to know nothing of the process of viewing the film on the reader-in fact had no idea about the dates on the film he/she supposedly handled in person.

Some other observations that I personally am in the position of being able to make:

The films are on reels dated from the first of the month to the 15th., then from the 16th. to the last day of the month.

The Honolulu Advertiser published both an am and pm edition each day.

The boxes in the Library of Congress were in very good condition.  The boxes of the Honolulu Adver. in both HI locations were quite worn, while the boxes for the Star Bulletin in both HI locations were in very good condition.

The box containing the Aug. 1-15, 1961 Honolulu Star Bulletin in the Library of Congress in Washington DC. has the original reference numbers scribbled out and rewritten in black ink. (Taken with my cell phone)  The Star Bulletin films were in boxes marked: Micro Photo Inc. 1700 Shaw Ave. Cleveland12, Ohio.  The Honolulu Advertiser films were in a box marked: Recordak Corp. 444 Madison Ave. New York, NY.



The image below was provided to me a few days ago by GregNH – a reader here.  He was in HI, and doing research on an unrelated issue, but noticed a little something unusual:

Star Bulletin microfilm boxes at Kahului Public Library 90 School Street, Kahului, HI, early July 2012

Golly!  Another coincidence.

The Aug. 1 -15 1961 Star Bulletin microfilm at the Library of Congress has a slice down the center of the film, it begins at the identifying “LC” punch outs on the end of the film.  Sorry, my photo of this is not very clear.  The slice down the center is actually very straight and deep.  I ran my fingernail across lightly and it caught up in the slice.  UPDATE: I neglected to mention before that when I examined this film on site I did unroll it over a yard to determine how long the slice was.  It was on the entire portion that I unrolled, and did appear to continue-I didn’t want to be too obvious, so I didn’t unroll it further than that off of the spool.

At the University Library in Honolulu the staff delivers the film and also replaces it.  You are not under any observation while handling the film. No library card needed.

At the State Library in Honolulu you collect the film and return the film yourself.  Other than some rude staff members making snide comments about my friend, and presumably to him, as he was able to hear said comments (having the leisure time to do so may be one reason that HI has the Library staff on furlough days) he was unsupervised while making copies.  Copies at that library require inserting COINS into the viewer copy machine.  No Library card needed.

At the Library of Congress you must pass through security upon entering the Library.  You must obtain a Library card.  You must fill out a request form and the films are delivered to a table which you indicate on the form.  You return the films to a special area yourself.  You are unsupervised while making copies.  You must have any purse or bag/backpack glanced into upon leaving at he main entrance, otherwise you do not go through “security” again.


My friend felt it would be a very simple matter to make a switch of films in either HI Library.  I can confirm the same would be the case even with the Library of Congress in spite of the “security” checks.

Now that we have all of that out of the way I will put up the PDF links containing  images of the copies for Aug. 13, 1961 Honolulu Advertiser, and the Aug. 14, 1961 Star Bulletin that I have from the Library of Congress, both of the Hawaii Libraries.  You can do the math yourself.  These are kind of huge, so just adjust the size.  Some are copied in sections so that the top of the page including date, page number, ect. are included.


Library of Congress, DC, Honolulu Advertiser0001

Library Of Congress, DC, Honolulu Star Bulletin0001

Library Of Congress, DC, Honolulu Star Bulletin0002

University Library, Honolulu, Honolulu Star Bulletin0003

University Library, Honolulu, Honolulu Star Bulletin0001

University Library, Honolulu, Honolulu Advertiser0001

State Library, Honolulu, Honolulu Star Bulletin0001

State Library, Honolulu, Honolulu Star Bulletin0002

Honolulu State Library, Honolulu Advertiser -1 of 20001

Honolulu State Library, Honolulu Advertiser-2 of 20001

OBSERVATION:  The PDFs for the Library of Congress-Honolulu Advertiser shows no “periods” after the A M Hatchie announcement (two below obama’s).  At 400% blown-up there are no “periods”.  In the copy from the HI University Library they are crystal clear at the size the PDF opens in. In the HI State Library Honolulu Advertiser, the periods appears to be there as well, though harder to make out. Since that is the most “degraded” of the microfilms, if those are visible there, they should be on the Library of Congress copy also.  AND: in the first ever posting of the obama announcement-the last name is spelled Hatchle, NOW in every copy I’ve seen it appears as Hatchie.  So, again-clear differences between the copies at different locations.  All aspects of the text should be the same in all papers/microfilms.

Here’s where I throw a monkey wrench into the wheels turning in your mind.  I will post PDFs of these next images.  See how quickly you pick up what you are looking at.  This is page 23 from the Star Bulletin on Aug. 14, 1961.  Tip: obama’s birth announcement appears on page 24,  Aug. 14, 1961 in the Star Bulletin.

University Library, Honolulu, Honolulu Star Bulletin0002

University Library, Honolulu, Honolulu Star Bulletin 230001

Library Of Congress, DC Honolulu Star Bulletin-23-10001

Library OF Congress, DC, Honolulu Star Bulletin, 23-20001

YEP, you got it in one.  The film shows that page 23 was imaged twice.  What is most notable about this is that the same exact page was not imaged twice, but page 23 was laid out twice as you can clearly tell from the images in the copies.  It is this way on the Library of Congress copy and the University Library in HI, I do not know if the film in the other HI library has the same occurrence because my friend did flub that copy….not sure he was looking at the instruction page that day.  Sigh.  Now, remember that this is the page that appears immediately before the page obama’s birth announcement is published on.

Remember back when I highlighted this statement in the article from WND: A comparison of the Obama birth announcement in the two newspapers shows they are identical in every detail,including the order of other announcements preceding and following the Obama listing.” ???

I will explain why I highlighted that snippet.

It has been advanced that both papers printed identical lists as the general rule.  As I mentioned before, this was pointed out to add more “weight” to the “proof ” these newspaper birth announcements lend to obama’s birth story.  As it turns out it was done more or less sporadically.  I pulled a sample size of ten days from each paper.  I began the  tedious process of comparing the incidence of the same birth announcements being listed in both papers.  Mainly with an eye towards how often they matched in exact order. The only time this occurred in that particular way within the ten days that I researched, was on the dates that had obama’s birth announcements.

And I even took the extra steps of comparing editions to a three day range (edition before, same date, edition after) of the sister publication.  So, I tried to cover all the bases in a fair comparison.

So.  The ONE and ONLY time that the two papers published the birth announcement list, from the first announcement to the last, in exact descending order, was the editions that obama’s birth announcement appeared in.  This was indeed the only time that these announcements were printed this way, as the closest the papers came to doing this again never had all the same names listed in the exact same order.  I figured the ten day sample would give conclusive data as to if this was uncommon.

This also shows that the story Starfelt gave about how these announcements were published the newspapers was false.


I eventually finished comparing the two month range of birth announcements that I have, as well as Jan. 15 1961 – all of Feb. ’61- so a total of 3 1/2 months, and nowhere did all of the announcements match the next days announcements in the sister paper as they did on the days where obama’s announcements are listed.   

7/7/10  I added a new post with the images of the copies that were used in the early comparison process, there is also a “Page” in the column on the right with these same PDFs which will open to a much larger, easier to read size:

The Wheat and the Chaff

I didn’t forget the Nordyke twins birth announcement.  Recall that it was given to this blog by a Citizen Investigator, and this is the first blog that published that image for public view. https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2010/01/07   While I was looking at my newest Library of Congress copy of the Aug. 16 1961 (the date the Nordyke twins announcement appears) I happened to notice that off to the side a few columns over was what looks to be a fingerprint.  It’s in scale with the newspaper, not the viewer.  It’s NOT in the copies from each location.  The theory is that these came from a master reel-all of the microfilms.  When a “fingerprint” is in one, it should be in all.  Yes?

Aug. 16 19610001

Ponder this:  No one can access the Certification Of Live Birth (COLB) presented as proof of obama’s birth in HI.  But they cannot restrict the public’s access to these microfilms.

It is truly remarkable how these are morphing since first being discovered, allegedly, at the State Library in Honolulu HI, is it not?

11/22/2010 Quick Note: A short summary of this post, combined with info from the most recent trip into HI at this link:

Round Pegs In Square Holes

I put up a You Tube vid showing a woman ordering her long form birth certificate in July 2010 ~ in Honolulu HI.  The Video Is At The Bottom Of That Post:

Some Tropical Truth Video  (Woman In Brown)

Special thanks to some  wonderful and dedicated  associates that have worked on this data as well.  Big thanks to Redpill for spreading the word.  The Network Of Knowledge.  Dig it.

Extra giant thank you to TsunamiGeno for his hard work on behalf of his old friend…me.  I know how difficult this had to have been, boy do I ever!



Here is a link to a fairly recent article about the archives housed by the newspapers.


Today (8/13/2013) I was looking over my post on the Birth Index Data books; It’s A Date   and I tried to click a link to a relevant “news” article in the Honolulu Star Bulletin which I had included at the bottom of the post.  There were some images in the article which I frickin overlooked before.  I ended up having to use the WAYBACK archive service, but I got to the article and pulled up the images.  The image of the obama HONOLULU ADVERTISER newspaper birth announcement in that article intrigued me, so I compared it to the one in this post (which was collected for me in March of 2010), of the same announcement – but from the micro film housed at the Honolulu State Library.  They HAD to have come from the same “vault” or master film.  You may not be able to see in my (“copy”/paint) image of these side by side pictures (below text) the matching scratch lines, but if you pull up the separate images at their current locations and compare them, you too can match scratch patterns.  

Why would the master vault copy have scratch marks? 

Link to old Honolulu Star Advertiser article

Also in the old article was a photo of the micro film boxes of the Honolulu Advertiser circa 1961.  The other thing I MISSED is that the box displayed for the Aug. 1-15 1961 film is different than all the other boxes.  The name of the Library appears to be printed on the box, but I cannot make it out.  I will include that image.  From the article regarding that micro film : 

The Aug. 13, 1961, announcement in the Advertiser appears on page B-6 of the Sunday edition, next to classified ads for carpentry work and house repair.(article gives photo credit to Marco Garcia)

Another odd box

On left, photo from 4/23/11 Star Advertiser, on right, image copied directly from micro film at the Honolulu State Library 3/1/2010

On left, photo from 4/23/11 Star Advertiser, on right, image copied directly from micro film at the Honolulu State Library 3/1/2010

Check out the scratch marks that run through the Andrew A M Hatchie announcement.  Those match exactly the ones from my copy collected at a different location.

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    • Hello, and thank you for the pingback Redpill! This project was something I felt was long overdue. I hope that if anyone has a question, they will leave a comment (comments are moderated), and I promise to respond to any **genuine** 🙂 questions that are asked.

  2. The ONE and ONLY time that the two papers published the birth list, beginning at the first announcement, in order, was in the editions that obama’s birth announcement appeared.
    Sorry but that’s not true. The HA for Aug. 6th appears in the HSB on Aug. 13th in the exact same order.

    • ED: Here is what I wrote in this post:

      You see, when I decide to research something I don’t do a half- assed job of it. So I pulled a sample size of ten days from each paper. I began the splendidly tedious process of comparing the incidence of the same birth announcements being listed in both papers. Mainly with an eye towards how often they matched in exact order.The only time this occurred in that particular way within the ten days that I researched, was on the dates that had obama’s birth announcements.”

      So, you are talking about a SEVEN day spread before they were published? How does that compare? I will check the two dates, of course-tomorrow. Understand this my friend, the parallel was, and still is, being made that the “fact” the two papers published the same announcements IN. THE. SAME. ORDER., ONE. DAY. APART., lent “weight” (support) to the “proof” this added to the obama online COLB. (Certificate of live birth). I did the ten day sample size to determine if this was the USUAL way that the announcements were published….because that is what was being claimed.
      I do not think that publishing the same list SEVEN DAYS APART disputes my findings at all.

      Are you picking up what I’m putting down, non-Kitten?

  3. What great information! It’s clear as day! Pictures are worth a thousand words. Clearly the films have been altered.

    • ED: I do not make assumptions. My intent was to provide the available information so that interested parties have a source of information.

  4. I can’t commend you highly enough.

    • ED: Thank you very much. I must say that I enjoyed the research, I found it to be fascinating.

  5. Texas Darlin – Did you used to post on WND. My ID there is bornintexas. I seem to remember we discussed getting the vital records on births in Hawaii from the health dept. You had a friend in Hawaii who was going to get records of everyone born during the month of August 1961 and then match up their birth characteristics. I think this could narrow down the potential that BHO is one of those recorded.

    Your work presented here is stunning. You should send this by registered mail to those who have court cases against BHO, including Lt. Lakin, Orly Taitz, Apuzo, etc.

  6. Hi! I am in Cleve and am familiar with Shaw Ave. If you can tell me (PM PLEASE) I will try to find a brave soul to venture with me to that part of town and see what I can find out. Just let me know what yo think .

  7. Repubx.com posted this link on his site and I had to come over and take a look! F A C I N A T I N G ! I am a true birther, and I am not ashamed at all to admit it!

    I sense something is about to happen. I have felt it for weeks, and my intuition is usually spot on. Some say that this will be the Summer of Discontent. I believe that also to be true. I see Humpty Dumpty’s wall falling all over the place.

    The more info that comes out, the more I believe that all the “birthers” were right all along and a Constitutional crisis is about to happen. (Think Nixon, we all got over it soon enough!) and this mess will be all cleaned up quit rapidly.

    Wonderful job and BRAVO! Cheers to you! Thanks to all of your work and determination..I will definitely twitter, blog and email the word out. Enquiring minds want to know what else you have 🙂

    God Bless you!

    • ED: Thank you for the kind comment. I have to confess that for the most part it never felt like “work”. I’ve “met” tons of fabulous people, traveled a bit, seen great sights, all while putting together this project. I’ve considered it a privilege.

  8. Interesting research, and I’ll have to read over it again. A couple of the PDFs wouldn’t open up for me, but I’ll try again. I used to post over at WND in the eligibility forum as Jewel777. I remember talking to someone over there from TX about the twins.

  9. Thank you this was so interesting. I think when they were plotting and planning they tended to forget that many people who viewed their work were not lawyers only, but others who worked in hospitals, or records departments and many other disciplines who would catch some nuanced work. Yes, what are the odds same exact order etc.? Maybe a mathematician could work that one out just for sport.

  10. I’ll have to go back and check. I tried one, then it wouldn’t open, but I tried again and it did. So I’ll go back.

  11. Might want to read this:


    • Thanks, I do visit jbjd. Excellent person, can be a tiny bit opinionated at times though. 🙂

  12. Well, I just tried and they are opening up now. For whatever reason a couple wouldn’t open up before, I don’t know why!

    Also, add this place to your list of must-read places: http://www.thepostemail.com/

    Many times they have excellent articles about BO.

    • Thanks kittycat! It may be the subject matter, ahem, is being viewed and disrupted by friends in Government. What ho?

    • What happened when I tried to open a couple up and couldn’t, it would act like it was fixing to open up, then a black screen. But when I tried again, they are working.

      Yep, maybe you have some “visitors” here now.

  13. That is additional information that we and the court system would have difficulty dealing with. However, for us:
    IF Barack Obama II WAS born in Hawaii as the son of Barack Obama Sr. he does not have two American presidents and is not eligible to be president according to the US Constitution.

    IF Barack Obama II was born in Hawaii as the son of Frank Marshall Davis, he would have been legally eligible to be president if he disclosed who his father was and his communist-socialist-Marxist ideology and connection. He probably would not have been elected. IF he has lied and misled the voters to gain control of the government, he is illegally the president and can be removed from office.

    IF Barack Obama II committed mail fraud, and was part of CREATING a false Selective Service Registration and HIMS history or the other things on my website, he is illegally president and should be in jail. Charges and evidences are in clear court evidence style.

    http://www.divine-way.com Barack Obama Fraud-Connections etc.

    • Marie, it is precisely because of all the “if’s” out there that I decided to become “hands-on”.

      P.S. Without a DNA test, FMD must be, well, a non issue I suppose. Anything that ethereal, and impossible to ever prove/disprove, must by it’s nature, remain a curious question mark.

  14. Hiya,

    Does it matter that in the https://myveryownpointofview.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/university-library-honolulu-honolulu-star-bulletin0001.pdf image , I believe it was, the names M & M Robert K. Kamalu appear 2 x’s?

    • Thanks KoolAid, I’ll look into it tomorrow.

    • ED: Sorry that I didn’t get back to you earlier. Trying to gets my darn stats done.
      Yes, after taking another look at the Library of Congress copies, I remembered having seen that and marking it as “special interest” on my comparison copies. It does appear across the different microfilm locations.

  15. I personally think that this is excellent work. Like I say, I’m going to study back over it just to get it down. Every little bit of fraud proven against the fraud helps. Regardless of what some think at CW’s or elsewhere.

    • The difference between this body of work and many others is that I do not attempt to draw any conclusions. It is hard for some to read a research piece that offers little to no chance to dispute the material.

      Go figure!

  16. Question I have always had is “Why have the original news papers from Honolulu Star Bulletin and Honolulu Advertiser not shown up from the parents who save the announcements of their babies from Aug. 14, 1961?”

    I count 25 names so one would think (Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A M Hatchle. 2420 Kauluaau St., daughter, Aug 4) has a copy from one or both of announcements from 1961. If they could be found and they still have the paper of their daughter’s announcement that would prove if the microfilm has been change.

    • I don’t think the newspaper announcements were a giant deal to the parents, I’m almost ashamed to say that I didn’t save them for any of my children. Everything else but those, LOL.

      • I was born in September 1961, 1 month after Obama and my parents (well, I have it now) kept a copy of my birth announcement. I’m not sure if I still have the whole paper, perhaps just a cut out of the announcement placed in my baby book.

        Would be interesting to contact some of those people and see if they kept copies!

    • I have also wondered the same thing. When my parents died, I saved their obits, and that was back in the early ’70s. Looks like someone would have saved a birth announcement.

      • Obits are generally more personal, and are commonly saved. These newspaper birth announcements are very basic, containing very little info, so not as “collectible”. Back then women kept “baby books”. If saved the announcement would likely have been pasted into the book.

  17. why don’t you see if you can run the fingerprint? Also do FOIA or equivalent requests for anyone accessing the files in the various libraries for 2006-2008. May get interesting information quickly? Any librarians, archivist or lawyers who have any suggestions on how to see if the info is available and how to get at it? Maybe ask WND OR POSTEMAIL TO HELP OUT.

    • I’m not convinced that WND’s reporting style is as thorough on this matter as it should have been. They had vastly more resources, PI’s on the ground in HI, many more $$$$$, and yet they found next to nothing???
      The P&E is doing a great job getting to the nitty-gritty, and reporting it fairly. However, there are so many walls in place for all of us to find a path around, up or over-and that makes for tough going.

      I don’t think the “fingerprint” would be clear enough to be run, and I have no contacts that could do such a thing. Believe me I would have tried already if I could have.

      • People over at Zapem might be able to help with fingerprint stuff. That is very possible.

  18. I just found your blog, thanks to the link on Repubx. Thanks for all the work. Very informative ! I’ll be back for more ~

    • My pleasure. Be sure to visit again-the stats on the ten day comparison sample will be up in a day or two (6/5 or 6/6).

  19. There should have been enough births in Honolulu to be printed every day or every few days. If you can show daily birth announcements, that destroys part of Starfelt’s claim that the Advertiser picked up a birth list at the end of the week and published on Sundays. (I believe the Nordyke announcements disprove this claim already.) It would be interesting to see all the births printed the day the Nordyke twins were published. I believe Obama’s birth certificate number (as allegedly photographed by factlack dot org) belongs to one of the children published that day.

    Also, I noticed ship announcements in the Star-Bulletin. It would be great to see what ships might have arrived in Honolulu on Aug. 4. I think Obama might been reported to be born en route, but the question is from where. Would like to see if any ships were leaving for Seattle during your covered time period too. Thanks for sharing all the info you’ve posted.

    • Yes, there are daily birth announcements. Sometimes there are none for a day or two in one paper or the other though. For example, in the ten day comparison I did, the Star Bull. published birth announ. on seven days, and the Honolulu Adver. published them on nine days.

      I do have the full page of the Honolulu Advertiser, Aug.16, Nordyke. From each library. I will likely do a separate “page” to place PDFs of requested dates into. Working on that.

  20. Like the BC (or COLB) the original paper document would be worth its weight in gold. Someone has original 49 year old copies. Maybe the parents or children listed in the announcments?

  21. I just sent this link over to the Post Email place. Actually I e-mailed Sharon there. This is too serious to pass up. I’m pretty excited about this work.

  22. Sharon just wrote back and thanked me for the tip. This is so important. I’m sure they will check it out.

  23. Please add a trackback in this post to:


  24. Lt. Col. is asking something very basic, and he is being stonewalled.

  25. On that A.M. Hatchie name, I have pulled up someone in a document on the Internet that has the name Andrew Hatchie. So it must be an “i.”

    • ED: I believe it likely is. I have a theory on why it appears as an “l” in the first “expose”. But as I’ve indicated before, I will keep my theories to myself and let the material speak for itself.

      • Yeah, one definitely looks like an “l” and not an “i.”

        Oh, come on, ladysforest, please say what you think. You can e-mail me if you can see my e-mail, I don’t mind.


        P.S. The suspense is killing me.

        • ED: LOL, you’re cracking me up. Nah. I made up my mind before I began the research that I would not “draw conclusions”, or interject my opinions (beyond when necessary) so that the material would have to be taken on it’s own merits. Other than to point out something that exists, but could be easily overlooked, I’m hands-off.

  26. That’s okay, I do understand, but this is really better than a good mystery novel, although it doesn’t seem to ever go away. It’s obvious to me that this had all been planned out by some individuals for some years. I’m not talking about when Barky was born. I’m talking maybe about 10 years or so, if that. Well, maybe a little longer, I guess that’s possible too.

  27. I know this is just the birth announcements, but a few judges have said, oh, we’ve got a birth announcement, so that must be important in their eyes. I was reading on the P&E that Lakin needs help. Too bad that your information can’t help him in some way, shape or form. I wish it was possible.

    • ED: Yes, I wish it could help also. The thing with obama’s “proof” is that these birth announcements have continually been touted as the “other half of the proof”. The “supporting proof”. Nonsense.

      • Yes, at least you see this too. It’s the truth. And it is almost like they don’t want to look at anything because they will have responsibility. What weenies, crooks. They are also sinking our nation because they don’t have a backbone.

  28. ladysforest,

    How is the effort to get the word out going? Are you seeing a lot of hits on this post?

    • It is going quite well Redpill. I am such an unknown blog that I was afraid no one would find me! Thanks to you, and so many other kind people, this has taken off nicely. I’ll be posting the stats tomorrow. I feel like a heel….I overlooked a column on the last date I was doing comparisons on and it was just brought to my attention. = | . So that is being addressed now, stats have been promised for tomorrow.

  29. Hi ladysforest,
    Found you via http://theconservativemonster.com . Thanking that poster. Appreciate very much this good researching. Thank YOU!

  30. Dear ladysforest,

    Thank you for this excellent work. It already raises enough red flags to indicate that 0’s newspaper birth announcements are very probably fake–and there’s much more reporting to come!

    The strongest points to me that point to fraud are the missing periods in only some of the films of “A M” (when all the other periods in the vicinity are present), the l for i in “Hatchle”, the outstanding oddity of 0’s list of names being printed exactly the same a day apart in the 2 papers, and being able to cast serious doubt on the initial “claim” that the names were collected (only) once a week for publication together when you mentioned in the comments that they were published on various days throughout the week.

    But could I ask you to comment occasionally in your posts (when relevant) on the possibility of artifacts introduced onto paper copies by a microfilm photocopier? I recall my experiences even somewhat recently with microfilm photocopiers: although they make clearer copies than they did long ago, I still found that they could introduce stray marks, and that darkness settings also could cause problems if set too high (artifacts) or too low (drop out).

    Is a copy machine darkness setting relevant for the missing bottom of the letters in the name “Obama” in the initial post? There are other bottoms of letters missing in the lines immediately above and below “Obama” and in the Hatchle info a little further below. In the initial post, I find the horizontal dots immediately above the Obama listing and the horizontal line immediately after the Asing info very suspicious. Is it reasonable to ascribe either of these marks to a microfilm photocopier? I thought that I would raise these issues for the sake of thoroughness. I still think they also could be be signs of deception.

    Best regards.

    • ED: Hello Larry, and thank you for the kind words and the good questions.

      Microfilm copies are not always crystal clear, and I suppose it is not unreasonable to have stray marks introduced at the time of filming. My main focus on the “marks/damage/degradation” is that firstly, it will not affect the words or punctuation marks to the extent that they are clearly not in some films while being in others. If the name Hatchie was spelled with an “i” it should always appear spelled with an “i” regardless.
      The copy machine settings can only make the images more difficult to read by virtue of being very dark or so light it would wash out large areas. Not just a single announcement or minute area.
      As to those dots. After all of my scrutiny, and in comparing the cross-posting of the births, I do not recall running across anything similar to that at all.

      • Ladysforest,

        Thanks for your comments. I agree that differences in content (punctuation, spelling) should be decisive–and they’re here!

        I was just thinking that differences in clarity between web pictures when all else is the same might be attributed to the photocopier(s) used to make a paper copy being set at a different darkness setting (and then the paper copy was used for a web posting).

        Although in my experience, I might have had a copy machine add a horizontal line to a paper copy like that beneath the Asing info, I agree: I have never encountered anything added by the copy machine to my paper copy like the horizontal dots above the Obama listing in the initial post. The dots look to me like the very bottom or very top remnants of a listing (name/address?) that was not fully removed.

        Thanks again for your work.

        • Knowing that the material I eventually presented must be **ahem** properly vetted, else it could be questioned, I was very careful when doing the copies at the LoC to check as they printed that they printed true to the screen. With the exception of the center of the paper copy sometimes having a darker “shadowy” circle from the focus, I saw no marked difference.
          When I scanned these I set the scanner at the next to highest res.. LOL, it takes between six and eight minutes per page at that res. I wanted to make sure that came out as true as possible to the paper copies, and they do seem to have.
          Ya’ll have no idea what this has done to my eyes!!

  31. Wow, this is my first time here. Someone put the link on another site. Congrats to the researcher and thanks for the great read. Fantastic investigating! 🙂

  32. Someone from Zapem has a good idea. Offer a reward for a copy of this newspaper back from that time period. Could a newspaper from that time period be a collectible? Maybe so. But maybe friends, relatives of those babies born might have saved one. I know that they don’t say much, but still it’s an announcement to put in one’s baby book.

  33. Hi G. Marie.

    Have you tried Googling key words to find your site? I think Google is censoring you.

    • Thanks for the heads-up. Folks have mentioned having a hard time finding my blog unless they have a direct link. Hell, I can’t even find it if I try to Google it. I will contact WordPress tomorrow while I am schooling myself on “tech aspects” of this blog. I’ve never worried about it before-I am just a little blogger. This research is important though, so I will grit my teeth and learn myself sumptin’.

    • Friends don’t let friends Google.

      Try bing.com or scroogle.org.

      • I can’t be found on Bing either.

      • using quotes around “my very own point of view” and the word “wordpress”, your blog was #2 and #3 on bing.com

        it was not listed with “extra extra”, ladyforest or anything with obama and eligibility

  34. Very interesting.

    Gunny G


    Semper Fidelis

  35. […] Here are the graphs featuring the two sister publications, the Honolulu Star Bulletin and the Honolulu Advertiser,  showing the frequency of the two papers cross-publishing birth announcements.  This was done, as I stated in my last post, a must read, “Extra, Extra, Announcing obama’s Birth”,  https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/extra-extra-announcing-obamas-birth/ […]

  36. Would be so kind as to email me, or stop by my blog, when the graphs are complete? Thank you in advance for and thank you for this work. Great job!

  37. Hi, I’m sure this has been done but I have to ask.
    Has anyone checked out the other parents on that page?
    I know mothers will either clip their announcement or keep
    the entire page with date. Maybe someone has the original printed piece showing
    the lack of the infamous name. I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone did have this
    that they haven’t already been contacted and will refrain from any cooperation. Just a thought.

  38. You can watch the debate, and contribute if you wish, here. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/bloggers/2528961/posts?page=25

    I suspect this will get a lot of attention.

  39. […] https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/extra-extra-announcing-obamas-birth/ […]

  40. I found you thru The Conservative Monster, your work is inspiring. This may be your Goliath….

  41. If the only 100% match-up is on the day in question, wouldn’t there be some omitted and some duplicates on the page that was used to fake both papers? If the originals didn’t match up, there are some births not reported by one paper or perhaps duplicated.

    • ED: That is the theory behind the Nordyke twins announcements and has been since shortly after a proud Mama Nordyke told the newspapers that she thought she and obama’s mama were in the same hospital at the same time. It was then that some researchers ttried to find the Nordyke announcements and could not. The web accounts of their attempts have been scrubbed. Read my post on that:

      “Presenting…The Nordyke Twins Newspaper Birth Announcement”

      UPDATE: Trouble getting the link to that post. Just look over on the right hand column down at the end for the Archives. It’s in the Jan. archive.

      This blog is having all kinds of weird issues today. Now, I wonder why?

  42. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Necro, Morgan Dreadlocke. Morgan Dreadlocke said: https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/extra-extra-announcing-obamas-birth/ Who's fingerprint? Book 'em Dano! […]

  43. Found this site on hillbuzz.org. So, the theory is someone performed a cut and paste on the microfilm? I’m I on the right track?


  44. What’s a cut and paste on microfilm?

  45. Since I don’t really understand how it’s made, what about this. What if someone took a newspaper, typed it up on the births (maybe) and made their own microfilm and inserted it? Would that work? See, I don’t know enough about it.

  46. Well, never mind. My husband used to be good at splicing stuff way back with tape recorders, and he says that splicing that microfilm would be just as easy. No problem!

  47. Thanks, ladysforest, I’m going to eat, and my husband taped “Old Yeller” for me to watch. So I’ll try to be back later.

    • OK kittykat. Splicing and cut and paste (physical) are both part of (ahem) adjusting a document or film. These techniques can be achieved in various ways. Just consider for a moment the forgeries of the famous Old Masters. Those are seriously difficult forgeries to pull off, but the forgers look on it as a point of pride that they can achieve something so monumental. Wouldn’t anyone? A film splice would be a cake walk in comparison. A clean cut married to a clean cut, and you have a beautiful splice. But on a film that can be examined by the GP, one would make a copy of the spliced, or cut/pasted/spliced, copy, so that the physical aspects of the alteration are not apparent. Or so I am told.

  48. Which Government Organization Was The First To Say, “Obama was born in Hawaii”?

    Is your answer, “The Hawaii State Department of Health”?

    Sorry, that answer is not a winner.

  49. The font of the birth announcements in both papers seems to be identical. There is a piece in the Star Bulletin (to the left of the announcements) in a different font. Have you compared the announcement (and other article) fonts for the two papers on various days?

    In 1961, pages should have still been physically typeset and printed. You might want to research the processes in use at that time. Could lines be artifacts from the plates that held the type? There is always the possibility of spelling errors (l vs i).

    Microfilm image artifacts can appear when the reader, imager, lenses, light flash is not “clean,” the glass plates are scratched/chipped/damaged, or the film is worn/damaged.

    Interesting analysis. Thank you for pursuing it.

    • From what I have observed, some obvious artifacts can appear. Example, a fiber, or a light scratch line. So, the copied image could have those. I did take care that the viewer was clean, and instructed my friend to do so as well. While one can expect some differences in condition of the microfilms from different locations, one can also expect that a microfilm housed in a library should not degrade so terribly in a matter of approximately less than two years.
      There are others who have looked into the printing processes for 1961, and I believe that info may be posted by a fellow blogger in the near future.
      As to the “l”, it was there, and now it’s not.

  50. Hey RedPill, I want to thank you! One thing though, could you please provide locations too? LOL, talk about your needles in a haystack! But I did find them.
    Again, thank you for the tons of help.

  51. Thanks for responding to me, Ladysforest.

    • Most welcome.
      MY final installment will be up tomorrow. It’s basically a lot of little things that made me curious – aside from the things that most people have focused on. It’s less research based, but is based on my research, if you get what I mean. 🙂

      I’m not sure when my associate and fellow blogger will have her work ready to go up, but I will check with her.

  52. Thank you for your efforts. You went the extra mile. Let’s get this phony out of office.

  53. Meant to have included:

    If the film should be older than 1980 but is not, then there is reason to believe its a forgery.

    • creeksneakers2, I’ll not post the other comment. It’s a tad lengthy. We are aware of much of that information. But consider that it is likely older, undeveloped rolls of the acetate based films can still be had.

      • Also, I doubt any Librarian would permit such a thing. 🙂 Seriously, older films of all types can still be had. I am not implying, nor will I imply anything specifically.
        But, in life, anything is possible.

  54. Why are you so paranoid you won’t let my posts stand?

    • Because you are not civil. There is nothing about race in this material or in my posts. There is not a single “conclusion drawn”. If you have an INTELLIGENT debate to advance on the material then do so. If you do not, go post somewhere where your poison is not moderated.

      • ladysforest,

        Ed Darrell has been fairly belligerent on my blog, saying things like, “When you blog with the birthers, you blog with Osama.”

        I take it he has been trying to use the very, very overused Alinsky attack of bringing race into this and claiming you are a racist. Yawn. That’s not only flat wrong, it’s also so 2008. That attack worked agains the Clintons in the primaries, and worked to get Obama elected, but the real racists are those who try to make everything about race.

        • I recognized his s**t. I’m old school in some things. I knew what he was doing, and I’ve seen him around.

          Not on this blog, not with this subject!

          I moderate because it is my prerogative, and deleting people like that is my privilege.

      • It is exactly this sort of inability of birthers (ED:my emphasis) constitutionalists to tell the facts, to tell a straight story, that gets you laughed out of courts nationally.

        It never occurred to you that if you acted civilly, politely, and as if you had a desire to find the truth, that people might treat you better, and listen to you?

        • Listen, I am, for my own reason , going to allow this to post.

          You are being combative, as you were in each of your four other attempts to post on this research.

          The facts are not being told? How are images that are available to YOU, and EVERYONE not telling a straight story? Can you NOT go and see the same thing for yourself? Am I attempting to force you to accept my unique conclusion on this material?

          No. I am not. I do not offer ANY conclusion. That is up to each person, no matter their political persuasion, to do for themselves. This is one reason why I did not post your other comments, because you attempt to steer people to your personal conclusions, which were not supported by the material. I mean come on, some dust landed on a place on the film and obstructed just that part of the text? More than once? Really? ???

          Additionally, I do NOT allow anyone, no matter the political position, to call names, to accuse, or to insult others on MY blog.

          Be civil. I am treated with absolute respect, with the sole exception of yourself, and have no interest in converting any person to “my very own point of view”.

          I respect that a reader has the capacity to reach their own conclusions.

      • Except when you yourself falsely accuse me of profanity and name-calling?

        You’ve obviously confused me with someone else. Posts come with identifiers on them. Perhaps there is another “Ed” posting? I’ll wager there is no one else with my last name — but if so, check the ip address.





  55. If someone ever gets the list of all births in HI in 1961, it would be very interesting to know how many had father’s who were identified as ‘African’ vs. the more common term from those days, ‘Negro’.

    • Actually, I think someone did work on that-they got shut down. In other words, they were denied the information.

  56. The Post & Email’s exclusive interview with Eligibility Attorney Mario Apuzzo

  57. By the time you read this, your blog hits will be in the 5 figures (over 10,000). Congratulations! I’m glad the word is getting out, but I look forward to that quickly going to 6 figures (over 100,000 hits). This info needs to get out to as many people as possible.

  58. ladysforest, A friend who lives in HI went to the big island and came back with this report. Aloha Greg,

    We’re back from Hilo.
    What we found:

    Honolulu Star Bulletin: Missing ALL microfiche for dates April 1961-September 1961 (convenient)
    Honolulu Advertiser: August 14, 1961 Confirmation of Obama Announcement.

    We had some extra time and took advantage of the link you forwarded. We took 30 days before and after on both
    newspapers (Honolulu Star Bulletin’s sample was March 1961 and October 1961), taking “ladysforest’s” test a little further. What we found was NO matching birth announcements by order or names, in either newspaper for those months.

    Hopes this helps, any questions just let me know.

    Take care,

    My premise was, or is, that there is another birth announcement at another time…would love to run that by you. Email me….

    • My blog is acting weird again.
      Comments are moving around and my replies aren’t saving.

      gregnh, This is indeed stunning information. I would like to get official confirmation of the situation with the microfiche, I’m assuming this was at the Star Bulletins’ own archive.
      Did they check for the Aug.13 Honolulu Advertiser? That is the date that had obamas announcement. Anything “missing” would be confirmation of tampering.

      Finding that the birth announcements do not match in the same way that they did in obama’s case is the least surprising thing they could have discovered ;), and I’d like to thank them for their time and the work they did… ’cause it sure is tedious work. It’s great to have the supporting research!

      Now we’ll see what we can do towards getting that official confirmation! Wheels are turning…..

  59. Thank you for the information RedPill. I did find one of my “saves” kept it all as original, so I will see about restoring it later.

  60. Greg,
    Our mistake here I apologize, the date on the Honolulu Advertiser is Aug. 13th (not 14th as stated below) as I recheck my notes.
    Confirmation on Star Bulletin remains; missing microfiche for dates below.

    Hilo Public Library in Hilo, HI


    (Drop me an email please..)

    • OK, I have it now. Sorry it took so long to get back and focus on this, because this is important.

      They (your friends) checked out the Hilo Library and found that for April – Sept. ’61 there are no Star Bulletin films. They did confirm obama’s announcement in a microfilm from the Aug. ’61 Honolulu Ad.

      There is something about the missing date range that corresponds with another Library here on the mainland. They aren’t missing though, just in **special** storage. I think that is the deal but I have to double check.

      • If the film is in special storage then its likely there because its original film that would degrade if left out in the regular climate. You may have a gold mine here. If the film has been in storage for years, then it would not have been available to be tampered with. If you could convince the library to make a copy for you of the birth announcements from the original film you’d know there was no tampering or you’d have proof that there was.

        • Actually, it has already been viewed by an associate. It was recently moved to “special” storage.

  61. RedPill! I just read your comment on MM, it is beautifully crafted. Well done!

  62. […] https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/extra-extra-announcing-obamas-birth/ […]

  63. […] UPDATE: It appears that it wasn’t just the COLB that was forged… new research strongly suggests that the newspaper microfilm was altered to produce the Obama “…. […]

  64. Hello. Look no further than WordPress to find why your blog is misbehaving. Their support staff has access to EVERYTHING on your site including password protected posts and they can access anything at any time without having to tell you. That means they have the capacity to access your blog and edit whatever they like – even after it has been posted. Set up a mirror blog somewhere and make a copy of everything you post. Keep up the great work. A fellow Citizen in the fight who has to remain nameless.

    • Thank you. I had suspected as much, so I’ve been backing up this blog almost from the beginning. These three posts are all backed up numerous times, and are with other people as well now. A girl can’t be too careful. I did panic because on of my zips didn’t have everything saved, but I quickly found that the others did.

  65. […] It’s a matter of faith that the “newspaper birth announcements” are authentic, even though the microfilms show signs of tampering. […]

  66. […] https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/extra-extra-announcing-obamas-birth […]

  67. That is some inspirational stuff. Thanks for all the enthusiasm to offer such helpful information here.

  68. Please note the disclaimer added at the bottom of this post today.

    As follows:


  69. Can you summarize what that evidence is, very briefly? I think one problem is that your case gets lost in the details presented above.

    • What specific evidence are you referring to?
      The data contained in this post and the related posts is just that – data. Data by it’s nature does have a lot of details.
      I provide the collected data and research materials, and the reader gleans from it what they may.

  70. I maybe phrased that badly. What I meant is, what is the point? What is the case made by your presentation above?

    • I do my best to keep my personal opinion to myself.

      I do this because I don’t want to make anyone’s mind up for them. I do not want to diminish this research to a controversy. It speaks for itself, but does require thought and attention to detail. I did this part of it, now you must mull over the material and form your own opinions and come to your own conclusions.

  71. It speaks for itself, but does require thought and attention to detail.

    For those of us who lack the proper hearing devices, can you tell us what it says when it speaks for itself?

    • Being irrelevant and gratuitously snarky is why most bloggers won’t post your “comments”..Gee, do you think if I insulted your convictions, ridiculed your ideals, and dismissed any position you had that wasn’t in lock step with all of mine, that you would suddenly “wake up” and turn over a new leaf? Would that be enough to turn you into a carbon copy of myself? We could think as one, and with one mindset we could insult and ridicule all the other people out there that don’t agree with us, soon they will all be in my power!!!!
      If I can’t change your mind by this method, I doubt you will have much luck trying to work that magic on other people. But have at buddy, let me know how that works out for you..

  72. […] MRS. RONDEAU: The announcement appeared in both the Star-Bulletin and the Honolulu Advertiser, within a day of each other, which I understand is extremely rare. […]

  73. Linda would be looking at your guide for 5 or so evenings now, it really has some pretty helpful writing!

  74. My team had been seeking for this data for 3 days days and nights now, it really has some remarkable written articles!

  75. […] https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/extra-extra-announcing-obamas-birth […]

  76. […] my post, “Extra, Extra Announcing obama’s Birth”,  https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/extra-extra-announcing-obamas-birth/ I uploaded […]

  77. Did Hawaii cities and towns publish a year end city/town report? New England towns do this? Up until about 15 years ago births recorded in the town were included.

    • Yes, I believe they did.
      Another researcher attempted to request that ( the official stats) and got a MAJOR run around, then totally shut out. I believe she was informed that it was now housed in Chicago IL. Her last requests were completely ignored.
      Over at the Post & Email an attempt was made to obtain the 1961 birth index data, per the information that was provided in a newspaper article by the DoH in Honolulu, and they were REFUSED.

  78. Why would a newspaper keep notes on a legal notice for two weeks? You expect them to keep that copy for 49 years?

    The record that would hold up in court is the newspaper itself. That was already published, is already on file — you simply prefer not to follow the U.S. Constitution on such matters.

    • Ed, what the hell are you asking about newspapers keeping notes for? I have not once ever suggested such a thing.
      Trying to insert controversy is stupid. Stop being stupid. Focus on something that I have in MY research/material.
      You are perhaps confusing me with someone else? Don’t try to insert some other persons conclusions into my work. That just proves how phony YOU are.

      I seriously doubt that a court of law would consider a newspaper announcement as PROOF. Especially since the newspaper misstates the Fathers address. It places the child’s Father and Mother at the same address – which has been proven to be false. Why would the courts accept such a thing? Which is it?

  79. Dear Ladyforest, my comments apply to this post, here. My apologies if it isn’t yours. Whoever posted it said:

    Over at the Post & Email an attempt was made to obtain the 1961 birth index data, per the information that was provided in a newspaper article by the DoH in Honolulu, and they were REFUSED.

    I’m not trying to insert controversy. I’m explaining to you the facts of newspapering and record keeping. No one is going to keep a copy of the information the newspaper used — once it’s published in the legal notices section of the newspaper, as it was in this case, that newspaper record becomes the official record of note. You may doubt that a court of law would accept that newspaper record, but that is the well-established law in the U.S. and England. Contemporary newspaper reports are presumed accurate. One could rebut that presumption, but one would need very, very solid evidence. No one has even an iota of a scintilla of evidence that the newspaper reports did not occur as printed and held in several libraries. The essential record is the birth, not the address. Misprints occur — but you’d have to provide evidence that the misprint somehow is out of the ordinary, and somehow nullifies the recorded birth.

    Why would the courts accept such a thing? Because it’s usually accurate. Absent a clear showing of error, that’s one more legal record of Obama’s birth in Honolulu.


    What in hell are you doing? Every time I make a simple explanation of what the law is here, you come unglued.

    If you don’t like Obama as president, campaign for somebody else. End this fool’s quest — it doesn’t help our nation.

    • LISTEN ASSHOLE, and I mean that sincerely, (no offense) do NOT presume to pull this horseshit on my blog. You have been warned multiple times.

      The reference was to the BIRTH INDEX DATA. Not the list sent to the DOH from the hospital for inclusion in the newspaper.

      The official BIRTH INDEX DATA, which is required to be maintained. And is still maintained, and I have images of for the obama birth entry. Collected this summer. Where have you been? You are trying to misrepresent what was said.

      This is why your comments are frequently pulled. I try to give space for the other side to share their point of view, but when you do such completely ignorant nonsense I lose patience with you.

      I don’t do it to your blog, and I won’t stand for you doing it on mine.

      Everyone has to take responsibility for their own stuff.

  80. […] https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/extra-extra-announcing-obamas-birth […]

  81. Hi Ladyforest,
    here is the archive of the “morning show”.
    I think YouTube clip was from the 24th of january.
    The person talking ab
    out Abercrombie could have been a caller.

    • Thank you very much !

      All I could tell of the caller was that he claimed to be a close buddy of Abercrombie, and that he sounded very sincere and very “natural”. He didn’t hesitate in his responses, as a bullshitter might, so it’s very compelling.

      Thanks again.

  82. […] https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/extra-extra-announcing-obamas-birth […]

  83. […] If you are looking for the research on the obama newspaper birth announcements, it is at this link:https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/extra-extra-announcing-obamas-birthIf you want the post on the weird anomaly in the public birth index with obama’s listing, it is […]

  84. Very well written post. It will be supportive to anybody who utilizes it, as well as me. Keep up the good work – i will definitely read more posts.

  85. […] https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/extra-extra-announcing-obamas-birth/ […]

  86. […] https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/extra-extra-announcing-obamas-birth/ […]

  87. […] https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/extra-extra-announcing-obamas-birth […]

  88. […] […]

  89. A belated heartfelt thank you for your investigative work and in getting this information out. to us.

  90. […] I have decided to scan and upload the copies of the ten day period for both the Honolulu Star Bulletin and the Honolulu Advertiser that I used when I was working on my research for “Extra, Extra, Announcing obama’s Birth”: .   https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/extra-extra-announcing-obamas-birth […]

  91. Reblogged this on Sally's Political Blog.

  92. Thanks! You are correct as old microfilm and fiches are hard to destroy. working in a govt office before the computer age; we had to destroy these every 6 months when new ones arrive. and managers ended up boiling them. has anyone check for birth records in Topeka, Ks as Daniel wayne Pope. ( his mother’s birth name.) I saw him in Topeka, in 8/61. with him behind the counter where she was working as the clerk in the catholic book store and living in a room at the back. Two fires occurred in Topeka earlier this year that may have been places where records were. Stanley ann Pope ( Dunham) was my second cousin. and she showed up at topeka hs 1/61 and registered as Pope as at the time records and documents were thoruoughly checked as many were trying to go to school there as it had been rated as one of the top 5 hs’s in the nation. linda Joy Adams, more on line about this. I’ve only seen him a few times in my life. the next time was 1/71 at cousin’s house near seattle on whose property was The little red church he stopped by with his grandmother.

  93. was it not common in those days to have immunizations? are there shot records avail at health dept?

    • Well, obama’s KINDERGARTEN records, which should contain his immunization record, are missing. According to the school that he supposedly attended, they have a record for each child that attended, but for some reason obama’s record is the only one that is missing. They have him as a student there, but no record. That record would contain a copy of his birth certificate, and his imm. records, among other benign information. I forget if it was late in 2007 or early in 2008 that this strange coincidence was discovered.

      Here where I live, our imm. records are kept by our physicians. I know that health dept. maintain stats for such things, but I don’t know if they can maintain the actual records due to hippa laws.

      • Here is one such mention directly from a Hawaiian source, in Oct. 2008, I’m sure there are plenty more:


        “Now, kids from Hawaii’s public schools can also claim ties to the Democratic presidential nominee. I acquired the picture below from Winifred (Wakai) Otaguro, who was in Ms. Sakai’s kindergarten class at Noelani Elementary School in 1967. Otaguro’s mother, Betty Wakai, had written the names of most of the kids in the class on the back of the picture. Her writing identifies the first little boy in the third row as “Barry Obama.” Obama’s sister Maya Soetoro-Ng confirms that the boy is Obama, however, the Department of Education has been unable to find his records.”

  94. unbelievable that you people spend so much time and energy on the birth issue, when much more imprortant issues are at hand. Ie. False selective service registration form, false social security card and more important the fact that he is commiting treason by aiding and abetting the entrance to the USA by foreign nationals. Wake up America, we have a person who is trying to destroy us from within.

    • Where did you get the impression that “you people” are solely focused on obamas birth certificate? Nothing here implies that. And if I recall, the Cold Case Posse leader, Zullo, has presented information on the draft reg. and the ss card, as well as the birth cert.

      Don’t jump to conclusions when you leave comments. Please do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with what is actually going on BEFORE you vent/rant. BTW, this is not a Birther blog, but we do certainly explore the topic here. I have always been most troubled by the lack of real requirements when it comes to vetting and certifying those in our most powerful offices. That being said, I am happy to help with any research in my power to do, and present that here on this blog.

      • My bad – I failed to notice that you didn’t know I posted this research TWO 1/2 YEARS ago! Geeze – really dude?

  95. I found that I had to edit this post by removing and reinserting the photo of the Honolulu Star Bulletin Aug. 1-15,1961, microfilm box. For some reason the image was “squashed” whenever I pulled up this post in the past two weeks. Weird.

  96. Interesting that several boxes for microfilm are newer. Newer boxes may imply more use of a particular microfilm roll; it might be interesting to review the microfilm in those boxes. Perhaps the people looking at *the microfilm* were looking at one or more of the other microfilm rolls in the newer boxes.

    Concerning the source for the Advertiser “clipping”, perhaps whoever retrieved the image went to the State Library for it. Perhaps the State Library had the more convenient option of “print to computer file image” not available elsewhere on the island. Two images made from the same film would match up.

    The service copies could be smuggled in and out for modification. The master is more protected and may not be modified. I wonder off a different version would be sent if a microfilm print were to be ordered? Do you know where the master is?

    Hope that your health improves. You are in my thoughts when you are absent for a while.

    • Thanks friend. I don’t think the micro film boxes in the 2011 photo are at the Honolulu State Lib. The name of the lib. is printed on the box but I can’t make it out.

      • And if they took pic of the BOX to show where they got the image of the announcement it would make more sense than taking a pic of a box in one library then getting the copy from the film in a different library. Besides, the State Lib. film was in worse condition in 2010 than that picture taken in 2011.

    • I may be wrong on that. That film may have been the State Lib. I found another pic, taken on April 20 2011, of the Star Bull. obama announcement – and that one was supposedly taken at the State Lib. – by same photog.

      And I can’t open any of the PDFs in this post or even in my media control room.

      • Again, after looking at the image run in that Star Advertiser article, I wonder if it was at the State Lib. Look at some of the similarities, then the lack thereof, and I would say it is from a different film/location.

  97. I wonder if an original hard copy of the newspaper exists somewhere? Probably in an attic in Hawaii. People used to save newspapers. There are as with most things people who collect newspapers as a hobby. A real original newspaper might be very revealing. It certainly sounds as if someone has tampered with these announcements. Perhaps prior to the Obama phenomenon the micro film did not show any announcements, but that some clever person set about seeing that they did. Nothing about this man is authentic. It is all an elaborate fantasy. Again how might one locate copies of this paper from the summer of 1961? You might try finding a hobby group that collects old newspapers for help. There are probably a few. Of course this paper is nothing special except that Pearl Harbor has some status around the world. My hunch is that an original would not show any Obama listing. Good work. Thanks for you hard efforts.

    • Big money has been offered for an original newspaper with the obama announcement in it. No one has come forward with one. Not even a clipping. Nada.

      And thank you.

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