Look Out For That Wave

You know, I don’t usually say an awful lot on “current events”, might mention ’em in passing.  Like this illegal, not lawful, prohibited act, of persons from other countries coming into this United States without having observed the proper, required actions necessary to live here as a legitimate US citizen.

How many of them take a job an American would take?  EVERY SINGLE DAMN ONE OF THEM THAT HAS A JOB.  Don’t let these corporate farm owners tell you otherwise.  It’s bullshit, pure bullshit.  And  these hotels?  Come on!  They are service based, and please tell me how in hell it is service to your customers/guests if the damn people working in these places have no idea how to communicate with the guests?  How do you request a service from a person who doesn’t speak a word of English, or may pretend not to understand you simply as a way to avoid work duties?  Hey, American workers do it, why not illegal, unlawful, undocumented workers?

I actually didn’t start this post to bring up these law breaking sponges.  I started it because of a conversation that I had with a co-worker at my last job.

She was soooo excited that obama got elected.  I listened to her carry on in a revolting simpering swoon.  OH!  How much it all meant that a black actually got elected!  OH!  How hopeful she was now!  I said to her, “what are you going on about?  Why is it really that important what his color is when you boil the rest away?”   I had expected her to try some of that “historic significance” crappola, but she went one further.  She said, “If a black man can be elected it means the next President could probably be a LATINO!!!”  All she cared about was this “opened a door” to get a latino in the Whitehouse.  Not who was best for America, not that at all.  Just to GET A LATINO IN THE WHITEHOUSE.

It’s gone past all these damn people that the OFFICE isn’t for political correctness, it is for the most qualified, most devoted to respecting and protecting our country, individual that we can elect.  Sadly we had been led around by our collective noses for years now and it has ended in our good country being handed into communism by our politicians.

But lets not let a pivotal point get past us here.  She voiced what a lot of people with latin American backgrounds believe-that electing a “black” man has opened the door to elect a Hispanic president to the Whitehouse.  They don’t give a flying f*ck about obama at all.  They want to wait him out to put a hispanic where he is right now.

There you have it.  And  this chick isn’t more than half hispanic.  But she kept going on about getting one of “her people” in the Whitehouse.

These obama freaks better look out.  Seems there may be a new wave of “change” headed their way.

“There is no restraining men’s tongues or pens when charged with a little vanity.” ~ George Washington


~ by ladysforest on May 9, 2010.

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